Punishing for Pleasure

BOOK: Punishing for Pleasure
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Punishing for Pleasure
Number V of
Masters of the Prairie Winds Club
Avery Gale

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem
offensive.  Sexually explicit
content.  Ménage – MFM.

In book five of the Masters of the Prairie Winds
Club: Merilee’s life centered entirely on her career until she agreed to date
John Stevens.  Almost from the beginning,
United States’ youngest senator shows why his reputation as one of the most
ruthless is well earned.  When she
reluctantly confides her need for “something more” in their sex life, he
explodes in anger and she walks away.  When
she experiences a sudden surge of security problems, she wonders just what he’d
be willing to risk to silence her. 

Ash Moore and Dex Raines have been drawn to Meri
since the first night they met.  Finding
out she isn’t who they thought she was makes them wonder if they’d ever known
her at all, and they have no one to blame but themselves.  Coming to terms with the reality of Merilee
Lanham quickly takes a backseat to protecting her. 

Can the two former Navy SEALs keep her safe long enough
to find out if they have a future together? 
Will the beautiful submissive be brave enough to put her heart on the
line again?   


Punishing for Pleasure


Masters of the Prairie Winds Club

Book Five



by Avery Gale


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Artwork by Jess Buffett

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To my readers…I’m sharing with you the note I attached to the hand-embroidered handkerchief I gave my youngest son on his wedding day…





Four Weeks Earlier


Ash looked at the gorgeous submissive secured in the rope swing and marveled at her flexibility.
Yes indeed, there is a lot to be said for yoga.
Mary Dillon’s pussy was engorged with blood from her arousal and glistened brightly as her cream coated the sensitive tissues in preparation for them. He and Dex had blindfolded her during the time they’d stripped her naked and secured her open for all to see in the rope swing. More than one submissive had assured him the apparatus was actually extremely comfortable despite the fact it looked like some sort of Middle Ages torture device.

One of Mary’s hot points was her intimidation about public play and nudity. Neither he nor Dex had been able to figure out exactly what was at the root of her discomfort, but since it didn’t seem to be outright fear, they were determined to help her move past it. They’d kept her eyes covered during the first part of her flogging, but had removed the black silk mask when her soft moans had indicated she was well beyond caring. Since tonight was the first time they were going to fuck her together, it was important they be able to monitor her reactions closely. And as the ancients often quoted, "The eyes are the windows to the soul".

Sliding the silk fabric from her unfocused eyes, Ash smiled into her dazed expression, “Pet, you are doing so well, I’m very proud of you.” Her lips curved up into a sensuous smile that told him on some level she’d processed his words of praise.
God she is fucking gorgeous and submissive to the core.
He loved the way she responded equally to both he and Dex. So often the women they’d shared had seemed to connect with one of them more than the other, and they’d always known that would never work for them long-term so they’d kept looking. Finding Mary had been by pure blessed coincidence.

Bringing his focus back to the lush woman in front of him, Ash saw Dex step up to the control panel mounted on the wall. Ash cupped her chin to center her focus on him as he spoke, “Mary, Master Dex is going to move you into position now.” The controls were so finely tuned the movement was gentle and smooth, but he knew it was still disorienting for her when he heard her small gasp. They didn’t want to pull her back too much, so he leaned forward and covered her lips with his own. He’d taken advantage of that sweet gasp and slid his tongue deep without any resistance at all. Ash let the fingers of one hand slide slowly down her neck and over her shoulder. The intensity of the kiss seemed to morph from a casual attempt to distract her to full-on possession in the time it took his heart to beat. He could smell her arousal and moved his hand in a slow slide down her torso until his fingers were sliding between the slick folds of her pussy.

“Oh, my pretty pet, you are so wet and I can’t tell you how much that pleases us.” Sliding his fingers through the slick folds of her sex, listening to the wet sounds, and seeing her bright green eyes dilate so fully that there was little more than a tiny ring of color left showing, it was straight out of his hottest fantasies.
Fuck me
she is gorgeous.
“Are you ready, pet? Master Dex is going to start working the lube into your tight little asshole. You’ve done so well with the plugs, and now we’re going to show you all the delicious pleasures of a true ménage.” Ash paused for several seconds to let his words settle in.

He knew the minute Dex’s well-lubed fingers began rimming her tender tissues. Her eyes widened just before her eyelids slid down, as if they were chasing her soft moan. Her head rolled back, too heavy for her to hold up any longer. “Mary, look at me.” She struggled to bring her head back up but didn’t appear to have enough focus to make her muscles cooperate. “Now, pet, or we’ll stop right here. We’ll simply take you down and you’ll miss all the pleasure we have planned for you.”

Dex looked over her delicate shoulder and grinned. “Sweetness, you best follow those instructions because I’m going to be mighty unhappy if I don’t get to slide into this tight little ass. Feeling your body gripping my cock with the rippling strength you’re using on my fingertips is going to blow my mind.” Dex leaned forward and opened his mouth over the sweet spot where her shoulders and neck met, closing just enough to know his teeth would mark her tawny skin. They’d learned that spot and just above the dimples of her ass were particularly sensitive for their sweet subbie. Ash watched as Dex bit down and then laved the mark he’d left with his tongue. “Open those gorgeous green eyes, baby, because I’m not sure I could stop now if I wanted to. My cock is about to burst for wanting to sink into you.”

Ash watched as her eyes slowly opened.
So fucking perfect.
She was willing to put forth the effort for her Master when she hadn’t been able to step back from the edge for her own pleasure. “Pet, we are going to send you so high you are going to swear you heard the angels sing.” He’d opened his leathers and rolled on a condom while Dex had been playing with her and now Ash heard the distinctive crinkle of a condom wrapper, watching Dex for his quick nod. When it came, Ash wrapped his arms around Mary, picking her up just a bit. Feeling the shudders rippling through her was just about the sexiest thing he’d ever felt. “Tell me.” When Mary’s eyes started to roll back, Ash gave her a quick squeeze and repeated the words, this time putting more command behind them. It fascinated him how she responded to soft and gentle outside of BDSM play, but during scenes, her submission was directly proportional to the Master’s ability to command.

“It’s so hot. I mean, it burns when he stretches it, but it’s more than that too. It’s naughty, but in such a delicious way.” Ash saw Dex set the lube aside and knew she was ready to take them both even if she wasn’t going to think so for a few minutes.


Dex pulled her lush ass cheeks apart so he could watch as the tip of his cock pushed against her puckered hole. Seeing a part of himself entering her most intimate place did something to his heart that he couldn’t even begin to understand. He felt her tighten against him and knew the reaction had been pure reflex, but he gave her ass a sharp slap anyway. “Don’t you dare try to keep me out, sweetness, it won’t work, and it will just rob you of the pleasure.” He didn’t mention it would just make his pleasure more intense, and when she relaxed, he softened his tone, "There’s a good girl, take a deep breath and push back just a bit.” Dex saw her back bow in a graceful arch as she pushed back against him, or at least as much as Ash’s hold would allow. He began working his way inside her ass with barely leashed control. The heat of her body quickly surrounded the tip and, for a heartbeat or two, Dex wondered if he was going to survive the next half hour. By the time he’d worked all the way in, she was squeezing him hard enough that he worried he might not be able to hold back his own release.

“Oh my God and Sister Gertrude. I have to come, please let me come. I’m fairly certain I’ll die if you don’t say yes.” Her words were almost a chant and there was no way Dex could answer her because he was fighting his own demons. The little devil on his shoulder who catered to his selfish side was shouting that he should take what he wanted…
it’s right there in front of you…take it…it’
s yours.
Luckily for Mary, his inner Dom was more in control, at least for the moment.

Dex felt Ash shift her up slightly, then her scream rent the air around them as Ash pushed inside in one long glide. They’d attracted a small crowd but he was sure Mary was beyond noticing. “Fuck that feels so good. If I died this instant, you all could tell my family I went to meet my maker a happy man. Pet, we’re going to start moving and I want you to hold off just as long as you can. The longer you wait the better it will be.

“Oh God. Surely it can’t get any better than this.”

Oh, sweetheart, you have no idea.
You’re going to see angels strumming their harps it’s going to feel so good.
They set up an alternating rhythm—when Dex pulled back Ash pushed in, over and over again until the room started to spin around them. Mary began moaning as her entire body trembled and quaked. Dex hoped his knees wouldn’t give out because his vision was already starting to blur at the intensity of the pleasure racking his body like pounding waves.

During their earlier negotiations for this scene, Mary had mentioned her work schedule was going to become particularly intense for a few weeks, and he’d gotten the impression she wanted to try a ménage scene before work began taking over her club time. The public play part of their planned scene had been a much tougher sell, but she’d finally agreed at least to try. He simply couldn’t imagine not repeating this because it was probably going down as the most pleasurable experience of his life
Feeling his partner’s cock sliding along the thin membrane separating them was also ratcheting up the intensity and, for the first time since he’d first shared a woman, he was already thinking about their next encounter.

Before Mary, neither Dex nor Ash had played with the same sub more than twice—hell, they didn’t usually take the same sub more than once. They had made a single exception before they’d met the beautiful woman between them and were still dealing with the disastrous consequences. They were also still dodging that woman at the club. The simple truth was Trish Jantz was attractive enough but she wasn’t a true submissive. She played the game, but her submission was an act rather than the core of her personality as it was with Mary.

No, there was no way he and Ash could give this up. Sharing Mary in the most intimate way possible had forged a bond between the three of them the instant he and Ash had both sunk into her sweet body at the same time. Returning his focus to the writhing woman in front of him, Dex promised himself they’d make it so incredible for her she wouldn’t be able to stay away. And if she did—they’d go to her, because there was no way he was waiting weeks to enjoy this again.

Leaning down, Dex opened his mouth over the soft curve of her shoulder, once again dragging his teeth along the peak until he settled along the curved junction where her shoulder met her neck. Biting down harder this time, he was stunned at the speed and intensity of her reaction. Her response to that small bit of control and pain was textbook perfect. Mary’s muscles locked down in a powerful squeeze that swept the last remnants of control right out from under him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Dex registered her scream of release and Ash’s groan just before he felt his friend pulse on the other side of the thin membrane separating them. By the time Dex’s vision cleared, he and Ash were both clinging to the chains holding the rope chair Mary was still secured in. They were no longer holding it to keep it from swaying wildly, their white-knuckled grips were the only thing keeping them on their feet.

When Dex finally managed to suck in enough oxygen to bring his muddled brain back on-line, he pulled out of Mary’s quivering ass. When she moaned at the loss, he stroked his hand soothingly up and down her spine until she settled. He and Ash both cleaned themselves up quickly and then set about caring for Mary. He couldn’t wait to set up their next scene and four weeks wasn’t even an option.

BOOK: Punishing for Pleasure
4.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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