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My dark eyes widened at the inflection in his voice. 

“I tore the damn thing to shreds, and then watched it burn.”

  His body pressed against mine, and I instinctively moved away until I felt my back pressed against the mirrored wall.  He pressed his palms into the wall, as his body pinned me in place. My heart jumped in my chest by the overwhelming demand of his presence.  Then I saw the fire in his eyes as he watched the reflection of us in the mirror.

“Why would you do that to the contract?” I asked in a hushed voice.  My voice was haughty and defiant as I desperately tried to pretend that he had no effect on me whatsoever. 
What a joke.
I felt my panties dampen by the second.  My heart was hammering in my chest from the adrenaline and the raging desire I had for this man.

“You know why,” he answered me in a gravelly voice that was low and silky in my ear.  A lock of thick, black hair fell into his perfect light brown eyes. 
I’m so weak. And so fucked.

His face leaned lower, and I thought he might kiss me. 
No, no.  I need answers.
  I felt a sliver of composure return to me and I seized the moment. 

“Don’t touch me.  You don’t get to do that anymore!”  My voice was a low hiss. 

My heart was hammering in my chest from the adrenaline coursing through my veins.  I attempted to push him away from me.  I didn’t really have the strength to push him away, but he stepped back and I straightened my body.  I stepped away from the wall and smoothed my dress as I took a deep gulp of air.  I knew my face was as red as I felt hot all over.

Mason looked down at me, assessing me quietly with a smirk in his eyes.  He circled around me in one slow, quiet prowl.  I followed him with my eyes as I felt a shiver of delicious excitement despite my inner turmoil against him. 
Damn him and his confidence...

“On the contrary, Ms. Pryor.  You
me to touch you…”

I felt him behind me, moving my hair off one shoulder.  A single finger traced the quickened pulse in my neck. My skin heated against his feathery touch. I swallowed hard.  Tingles escaped down my spine and pooled between my thighs.

“In fact, you miss my touch…”  He spoke softly, but the words were commanding as though he was stating a fact and not an assumption.

He tilted my head to the side as he began planting a lustful, passionate trail down my neck with his mouth.  I closed my eyes, trying to maintain my composure.  Or perhaps it was because I was enjoying the pleasure of his touch. 
No.  I need my mind intact.

His hands skimmed down my sides, brushing along my hips and waist, nearly touching my breasts, trailing back down to my hips. 
Oh hell…


“You’re going to listen to what I have to say, Jillian.  I’ve waited two months for five minutes.” His tone was direct and I felt his warm breath in my ear. 

Those words and that tone weakened my defenses even more.  I felt like a traitor to myself for allowing him to touch me like this.

But God, I missed this. I missed him...  I can’t. He betrayed me.  He used me like a toy.

That fact lashed at me like the crack of a whip, and I felt myself become stiff and rigid again. 

“What do you want?” I asked, leaning back against the wall as I looked up at him. 

I needed some distance between us.  Apparently, he didn’t feel the same way.  He pressed his palms flat against the wall, one on each side of my head.  He wasn’t touching me, but I felt the heat radiating off his body. 
Oh my God…

He suddenly grabbed my arms and whirled me around, planting my front firmly against the mirrored wall.  His tall, hard body pressed against me.

The large, stiff bulge in his pants pressed against my ass as his lips grazed my ear.

I should feel assaulted… I should-

“Tell me to stop.”  His growl was a dare. 

I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t think clearly…

“Mason…”  My voice sounded more like a plea. 

He didn’t acknowledge my plea.  He planted light, sensuous kisses from my ear down to the nape of my neck.

“Come home with me.”
This wasn’t a request.  It was a demand.

“Why?”  I asked breathily.

“I’m going to have you in my bed.  Over my desk.  On my dining table. In the shower.”   He was stating facts, not assumptions.  His voice was husky as he tried to maintain his control, his composure in the dimly lit corridor.

I felt his hands rake down my body, and my silk dress inched higher up my thighs as Mason continued testing his boundaries.  I bit down hard on my lower lip.  His hand was strong and confident as it slipped beneath the lace of my panties.  I let out a soft mewl as I felt his breath in my ear.  He let out a groan as he felt how wet I was.

“Fuck, Jillian.”  His fingers rubbed my clit in soft, circular strokes.  I let out a deep breath, trying to fight the pleasure he gave me. 
Wait, why was I mad at him?

His perfect fingers applied more pressure as he rubbed me down there, teasing my slit.  I felt my desire pooling even more.  My breath was shaky as his body remained pressed firmly against my back, pinning me against the mirror.  I couldn’t see, but I know he was watching my face in the reflection.

“You’re so tense, baby.  We need to do something about that.”  His voice was sinfully seductive in my ear.  “Let me take care of you.”

He suddenly plunged two fingers into my pussy, thrusting at an agonizingly slow rate.  I let out a moan as heat flooded my body.  Without realizing it, I arched my ass into his fingers, giving him easier access.  He rewarded me with a more furious tempo.  I cried out softly as I felt his breathing against my neck.  The pressure built up within me as his fingers hit the perfect spot.  Then, he added a third finger.  Electric pulses of pleasure reverberated within my core.

“You like that, darling?  I knew you missed me.  You want my cock driving hard inside that tight, slick little pussy.  Long and deep.”

His fingers continued relentlessly within me.  In and out, in and out.  I could hear the slick, wet suction as his fingers worked their magic.  I couldn’t contain my whimpers as my face remained pressed against the glass of the mirror.  The pressure was overwhelming.  I was close.  So close.  I clenched around his furious fingers.

“I want your pleasure.  I want it all.  Give it to me, darling.”  He cajoled into my ear, just as he did that first time in his office.  “Now.” 

He growled into my ear, and I surrendered.  The climax was profound as it ripped through my body, sending tremors down to the apex of my thighs.  The erotic fantasies I’d been inhibiting for the last two months came alive at this very moment and I felt the aftershocks in my hyper-sensitive pussy. 

Mason circled my clit very lightly as I came back down from that intense orgasm.  He repositioned my panties, and pulled the silk of my dress over my thighs.  Then, he tenderly kissed the nape of my neck.  It was such a sweet, intimate move that it caught me by complete surprise.

The orgasm relaxed my body, but I was still hurt and angry with Mason.  After I’d calmed down, I remembered why I told him to stay away from me.  I caught a reflection of myself standing in front of him.  I was embarrassed by my state:  mussed hair, and my face was flushed crimson red. I couldn’t turn to face him, even though I caught his reflection in the mirror.  He was standing behind me, staring down at me keenly.


He’d given me a much-needed, intense orgasm and I could think more clearly now. I stared at him as he watched me through the mirror.

Are you going to let yourself become his pawn again?
  I asked myself this question silently.
He thinks he can have whatever he wants, when he wants it.

I sucked in a deep breath and pulled myself away from his body. An epiphany suddenly came to me; I didn’t know if I had it in me, but I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine.  All of my life, I’ve been labeled “sweet.”  I’ve become a pushover.  I was tired of being
, and I had reached my limit.

I smoothed my dress and raked my fingers through my hair.  I bit down on my lower lip as I glanced over my shoulder at him. 

“I haven’t had an orgasm like that since the last time you touched me,” I whispered softly.  I fluttered my lashes delicately and looked up at him with the best doe eyes I could manage.

Mason’s eyes were fiery as he looked down at me. His smirk was confident- too confident. 

“Imagine how your body will writhe against my cock,” he bent forward and wrapped his arms around my torso, pressing his hard groin into my ass.  I closed my eyes slightly.

“Oh, yes?  I can tell you need it, too,” I whimpered as my hips began to swivel against his raging cock.  I heard his groan in my ear. 

“You have no idea,” he responded as his hands pulled my body closer; I was now pinned against the hardness of his muscles.  I did my best to keep my mind focused as the scent of him enveloped me.

“I think I have some idea,” I cooed as my hips moved against his tented bulge.  I’d never been one to practice seduction, but my determination to come out of this in one piece is what fueled my moves.

“Mmm…”  I moaned as he thrust his cock into the crevice of my ass, through the silk of my blue dress. 

“Fuck, Jill,” he growled as I rubbed against him.  “One of these days I’m going to claim this ass.  Then I’ll have all your cherries.”

Those words were so hot, and I felt a rush flood south, but I wasn’t going to succumb to his smooth words.  Not this time. I can play my own game.

“It’s too tight,” I whimpered, grinding against his thrusting.  “You won’t fit.”

“Trust me, baby.  I’ll make it fit.  I’ll make you feel so good…”  His voice trailed as he became possessive, lost in the moment.

“Oh, Mason.”  I moaned softly.  “If you could choose one, would you choose my ass or my mouth?”  I swiveled my hips harder against his stiffness.  He was nearly unraveled, and I was enjoying this.

“Shit, Jillian,” Mason grunted as his hands fiercely gripped both of my breasts.  “If I only had to choose one, I’d choose that sweet, tight little pussy.  You need my cock.”

His dirty talk still drove heat through my body, but I had to ignore it. 

“Mm.  If only.”  

I stepped away from him, and it left him caught by surprise as I began walking away, and then I stopped and turned to look at him over my shoulder.

“Thank you
so much
for the orgasm.  That was such a thoughtful birthday gift.”  I smiled.  My heart was thumping in my chest.  Mason’s face was crimson; his gaze burned through me.

“What. The. Fuck.  Jillian.”  He roared.

Getting burnt like this was a first for him, obviously. I had to remain cool, even though my heart was raging in my chest. 


“Where have you been these past two months, Mason? Why now?”  I blurted as my glare met his scorching stare .

“... And where’s that slutty booty call I saw you with?   Does your honey in London know about her?”

Mason only responded with an agitated groan.  He raked a hand over his beet red face in severe frustration.


2.  Mason Woodward




Fuck the papers.  Fuck the gossip.  Bloody hell.
I was furious with my father for fueling the whispers of a non-existent engagement which have clearly reached the only woman I love.

I looked down at Jillian with blazing need for her. She was still flushed all over from the way my fingers made love to her needy cunt. My own heart was thumping wildly in my chest.  I had so much I needed to say to her, and thanks to her deliberate torment on my cock, I ached beneath the restraint of my denim. I couldn’t bloody think straight.  It was difficult to put any rational thoughts together when all I wanted to do was taste her and fuck her in every way imaginable. I appreciated the game she played at, and despised it all at the same time.  She needed a good spanking and a good fuck- to start. I saw the conflict all over her face.  She was still angry, and I noted the jealousy on her face regarding the half-dressed broad she saw me with at the bar.

As I stared down at her, I recognized everything Jillian didn’t understand. I thought back to earlier in the day when I had stepped off the private jet.   My phone buzzed with an incoming text message and I retrieved it from the inside pocket of my suit jacket.

Piper:  You should come tonight.  She misses you.

I’d just landed in New York after a long flight from London.  I was sleep deprived and conflicted.  As my luggage was loaded into the back of my waiting Benz, I sent  my cousin a quick response:  

Piper:  I find her looking at your pictures online when she thinks nobody is looking.

Well, fuck me.  Is that so?
   I couldn’t stop the grin on my face.  This was possibly the first time I’d cracked a smile in about eight weeks.  It had been a grueling two months, back and forth between Vegas and London. After Jillian’s accident, I became responsible for a pile of drama and complications that transpired within my family in London. I never intended to remain in London for as long as I had, but personal commitments kept me from leaving…


“Mason?”  Jillian’s voice broke me from my thoughts.  She was annoyed at my silence, taking it as confirmation to her speculation.

“I don’t have time for this,” She pushed past me to leave, but I grabbed her wrist.  “Go fuck yourself… or a thousand women.  See if I care.”

Ouch, darling.  That hurt.
  I kept my grasp on her wrist and watched her turn to look up at me.  I knew she didn’t mean it, not entirely.

“Are you referring to the woman who was hanging on me earlier?  I didn’t come here for her.  She picked a bad time and place to try to pick up business.”   

Jillian blanched.  “I saw your hand on her waist, Mason.”

My brow furrowed.  “You spotted me half a second after she took my hand and placed it there.  Don’t worry, love.  She’s been escorted out of the premises.  Jackson has never tolerated solicitation in any of his businesses.”

I leaned forward, and caressed her ear with my lips.  “As if she could remotely compete with you…”

Her body careened into mine as I whispered those words into her ear, but it was fleeting.  Her dark eyes looked up, and locked with my own.  Her hand
brushed across my throbbing cock.  She smiled coyly.

“The gossip papers are having a field day with your new romance in London,” she cooed bitterly. 

I didn’t like that tone coming from her.  I wanted nothing more than to bend her over my knee and spank it out of her, and then fuck her sore.  I kept my composure, however. I had a great deal of frustration from personal conflicts that had nothing to do with Jillian, and I could not displace that on her. I was determined to bring her home with me tonight.

“Oh, indeed they are- but that’s all it is, Jillian.  Gossip.”  I assessed her keenly.  “Tell me, darling.  Are you

Her face suddenly contorted into disgust.  “No, I am not
, Mason.  I still remember what you tried to do to me.”

“Oh, I remember very well what I just did to you, not five minutes ago.”  I could only smirk.  “If you truly hated me, you wouldn’t have creamed all over my fingers.”

I watched her suck on her lower lip.  She looked so fuckable with that flushed face.  I watched her chest heave up and down heavily as she struggled internally.  This scenario was difficult for me as well. With women, I never had to work so much.  They have come too easy and I’ve become proficient in the art of seduction.  I enjoyed fucking with their minds and watching them melt around me.  I enjoyed bringing them to the peak, and then witness them come undone.  It had always been so easy.

With Jillian, not so much.  Sure, she melted at my touch and let me finger fuck her to orgasm, but she didn’t bend as easily as I anticipated. She has changed in the last two months, and I only have myself to thank for that. She’d turned the tables on me and I was frustrated.  She was playing her own game of payback.

I refused to lose.

“Come home with me,” I prompted. 

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.”  She answered casually.



“Why the fuck not?”  I demanded an answer.

Jillian smoothed her mussed waves behind her ear.  “I won’t fall back into being another plaything for you.  Excuse me.”  

She pulled her wrist away, and I removed my grasp.  I watched her take a few steps down the hall.  The show on the front stage must have ended because the hall began to fill with people headed to the restroom.

I moved through the crowds and stepped in front of her, blocking her path to the main floor.  “I’m not giving up on you, Jill. You will see that I have never stopped loving you.”

She blanched at my words, and the gesture was painful to watch. 

“Have dinner with me.” I prompted, forgetting the speech I’d practiced earlier in the evening.  I hated feeling so bloody out of control. 

Jillian blinked a few times at my offer, completely caught off-guard.  “Are you asking me on a date? Or is this an order?”

“We’ll talk and then you can decide once and for all.”

For a fleeting moment, Jillian seemed to have softened, and then she rolled her eyes.

“Decide what, Mason?  Should I decide whether I want to keep letting you toy with me?  You’ve been a real wake up call.  Thanks for that.” 

She moved away from me, and I felt what was left of my heart walk away with her.  She’d left me like a fool, standing in the hall.  I was at a loss.




An hour had progressed and I couldn’t help myself.  I couldn’t take my eyes off Jillian.  I watched, from a distance, as she laughed and talked with Piper and Elyse over drinks. Jackson was especially kind to them, showering them with endless drinks and appetizers of their choosing.  I didn’t approve of Jillian’s third cosmo.  Then Elyse took Jill’s hand and I watched them dance together under the violet lights.  The girls moved their bodies together and I watched Jill bite her lower lip as she tried to keep up with her saucy friend. She caught my gaze briefly from the dance floor, and then casually glanced my way every so often to check if I was watching.

Oh, yes, I’m taking it all in, darling.


he caught my gaze as I watched her body move with her friend.  She was buzzed from the two cosmos, and I fought to control my wits.  She smiled at me like a sly fox and began to move her hips in a slow, circular motion.  It reminded me of the way she used to ride my cock.  She was fucking with me, and there was something spectacular and incredibly arousing about this side to Jillian.

Fuck. Me.

A few blokes came up to them and danced with Jill.  She was completely uninhibited at this point, and moved her body, sandwiched between the two bastards.  I fought my horrendous struggle to not storm over there and drag her away from those pricks. 
She was Mine.  My tormenting vixen.
I had no one to blame for this, but myself.  I was the one who stirred something within her.  I saw it in the spark within her dark eyes when she looked up at me, just before she left me in the hall.

After toying with me for some time, she left the dance floor to get some water from the round bar.  I seized the moment and approached her as she waited for her order.  She was sweaty and flushed crimson. 

“You tease,” I murmured to her amongst the other patrons who were lost in their own conversation.  I still expected her to acquiesce at any moment.

She looked over to me but said nothing.  The bartender handed her the ice water and she took several sips.  She watched Elyse continue dancing under the lights, distracting herself from conversing with me any further.

At that moment, Jackson approached us at the bar.  He slapped his hand on my shoulder and gripped too firmly.

“Glad to see you show your face tonight, cuz.”  Jax gave his typical smirk.

“Yes, well, I can say the same for you.  It’s good to see that you’ve descended from your estate in New Rochelle to mingle with humankind.”

“I had personal matters to attend to,” Jackson gave a cryptic response but a knowing grin.  “I’m sure you can understand.”

“Not quite to that degree,” I answered.  I looked down to Jillian, who watched the exchange between us quietly.  She looked at Jackson with a puzzled expression.

Jackson leaned in slightly.  “... Speaking of, I should have taken your advice.” 

“Didn’t quite work out?”  I murmured, feeling Jillian’s eyes on us.

“We’ll discuss later-”  Jackson mumbled, and then his eyes fell on Jillian as she continued assessing our conversation.

He cleared his throat and then grinned.  “Are you enjoying the evening, Ms. Pryor?”

She nodded with a grin.  “I had the best cosmos ever.  I’ve never been to a nightclub before so this has been a fun first for me.”

“You can come back anytime.”  Jackson gave her his professional business grin that he reserved for special patrons or business investors.

His eyes suddenly caught Elyse on the dance floor.  At this point, she was dancing against another drunk brunette.  Jackson’s gaze became fixated on her.

The brunette who Elyse had been dancing with suddenly moved off the dance floor and joined a group of friends she must have accompanied.  A random man suddenly began dancing with Elyse and she immediately moved away from him.

Jax quirked a brow.  “I see your friend is having a good time.  Does she prefer women only?”

Jillian nearly choked on the water she’d been sipping.  Jackson was never one to dance around any subject, and his straightforwardness caught Jillian by surprise.

“No, she’s had some bad experiences with men… things haven’t been easy for her,” Jillian responded pointedly.  She frowned slightly, but said nothing more about Elyse.

I caught the lustful, icy stare my cousin gave Jillian’s friend. 
Christ.  Not this one, Jax.
  Jillian mentioned that Elyse had trust issues; she should be the last person on his radar.  And yet, there he was, blatantly studying every inch of that girl’s body.

I leaned in and whispered to him.  “NO.”

Jax only grinned and ordered the bartender to get me a gin and tonic.

Jillian looked between us and then moved off the stool she’d been sitting on.  Without a word, she moved to the dance floor and fetched Elyse.  Together, the girls returned to their table, where Piper had been in a deep conversation with another woman.  I’d leave Jillian alone for the rest of the evening, but I was determined to ultimately have her to myself.


BOOK: Queen In Play (The Manhattan Tales Book 2)
3.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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