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Quiet Country (Satan's Sinners M.C. Book 2)

BOOK: Quiet Country (Satan's Sinners M.C. Book 2)
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Quiet Country

Satan's Sinners M.C. Book 2

Copyright© 2015 Colbie Kay


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Satan’s Sinners MC Series

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Quiet Country (Book 2)

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Saving Grace

Double Crossed

I dedicate this book to my husband.

Thank you for supporting me in this new journey I am taking and letting me vent whenever I needed it.


Also to my readers thank you for falling in love with my characters and loving them like I do.


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After everything that’s happened in my life, I live for me. I ride when I want, fuck when I want, basically I do what I want when I fucking want. That is until I met her. I swore after my parents I would never fall in love. I never wanted the responsibility of what goes along with love. It's me and my brothers, and it was that way for years until I met her. The club, that’s what was important until I met her. Now I'm chasing after this woman. I swear I don't know if she wants to love me or hate me. Shit, I don't blame her for hating me, I can be hard as fuck to handle. But I’m out to get what I want and what I want is her. I'm ready to break all my rules for her. Is she ready to break all her walls for me?


I may come across as a bitch, but that’s just to protect myself. My life was always planned out for me. I'm beginning to realize everything I was raised to believe may all be lies, and I’ve set out to find the truth. During that journey I fell for a man. A man I was never supposed to fall for. He goes against everything in that plan. I don't want to get hurt. If I let him have all of me, he will destroy me. This man sees who I really am. Can I let myself trust him, believe in him, and love him? Can I let him know all my secrets and everything I ran from, find out who I really am underneath?

It's crazy how one night could change your whole life. The night when Zoey almost died brought us all together. After that night, all of our lives were changed forever.

Here is our story.


I’m the Enforcer for the Satan's Sinners, which means I’m the muscle of the club. Don't get me wrong, all of us can handle our own in a fight, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm the biggest son of a bitch of all the Satan's Sinners, and no one would wanna fuck with me, so they call on me if someone needs to be scared or beaten within an inch of their life. I get the job done. Every. Single. Time. I know the limits, how much pain someone can endure before they black out or die, and I know when to stop it, if I want to. It wasn't always like that though.

The Satan's Sinners, along with the Cobras' MC, our allies, have been having problems with an Italian mob family. The Gremaldi's are trying to take both clubs down so they can take over. They’ve already caused us to lose one brother, Ripper, who was my best friend, my brother in and out of the club. Even though he wasn't blood, it didn't matter, he was my family. Now if shit doesn't start happening with this Italian business, I'm gonna start cracking skulls. Believe me, I can do it.

Hanger has invited the president of the Cobras to join us for church today. Since both clubs are involved in this shit with the Italians, Hanger usually goes to Snake. After they talk business, Hanger comes back, calls church, and then informs the rest of us what’s happening, but today’s different. Crazy Girl, Hanger's Ol' Lady, is getting further along in her pregnancy, so he doesn't feel right about leaving her, which is completely understandable. If anything happened to that girl it would kill him. They have been through their fair share of shit, enough to last a fucking lifetime. If Crazy Girl was any regular civilian, she would have died the night Hanger found her. She's not though, she was made for club life. The girl is strong, she is a fighter and fucking perfect for Hanger.

Her best friend Jacey is a different story. While she is strong and a fighter, the two girls are incomparable. Jacey is fucking intense, fucked in the head at times, and causes me a whole lot of problems. At the same time, she is fucking beautiful with a hot little body. The girl has perfect handfuls of tit and ass, along with a pussy made of platinum. Swear to Christ, just thinking about her has my cock straining in my jeans. If we didn't have church, I'd go back to my room right now and beat off to the thought of her.

Ever since that first night, all I think about is how good she felt. Being balls deep inside that wet little cunt while it was gripping me so fucking tight as she screamed out my name with her sweet release. I haven’t seen her in fucking months, don't matter though, I have it drilled in my memory. I’ve jerked myself off to the thought of her a thousand times. Shit, even when I have a biker whore's mouth wrapped around my cock, I’m thinking of Jacey when I get off. It's not just that though, this girl has me so twisted up inside. I can't get it undone no matter what I do. Somewhere along the way I developed feelings for her, which never happens. I don't let it.

Taking our seats, Hanger starts the meeting. With our brother Writer, he has to sign while he speaks because Writer is deaf.

"Alright guys, you all know Snake,"
he says while looking around the room.

"We need to discuss when we wanna take those fuckers out."

Gunner, our Vice President, chimes in.

"I say we go in right now."

Since Ripper died, nobody has been thinking clearly. It would be fucking stupid to risk everything. We gotta be smart about it. I speak up. "We can't just go in right now, Gunner. We gotta get the other chapters out here first and then we do it. The more guys we have, the better and easier it’ll go over."

Then Hanger booms,
"Quiet down! I wanna give it some time. Why don't we let things settle down more so they'll think we aren’t gonna retaliate against them? I can’t leave Crazy Girl right now. I say, let’s give it six months and hit 'em when they least expect it."

Snake opens his mouth, "Hanger, I don't think we have another six months. My club can't take much more of a hit and I don't think yours can either. What if you sat this one out, get Texas and Oklahoma here, your brothers come with mine, and we all take ‘em out?”

Hanger hesitates.
"I don't know, Snake. I mean, don't you think I should be there?"

"Nah, Prez, we know what you got goin' on with Crazy Girl," Gunner says,"so let us do this. I’ll take lead with our guys."

I know Hanger hates this, but he also knows it's gotta be done. Hanger looks around, seeing we’re all okay with it.

"Alright, Gunner. If you’re sure about this, I'll let you start handlin’ it."

With a smile on his face, Gunner responds, "You got it, Prez."

"Okay. So is that everything?"

Everyone gives a nod, and with that, Hanger ends church.

"Let's get the fuck outta here."

It's about fucking time for shit to get figured out.

We all file out behind Hanger and Snake, when I hear Hanger ask Jacey what she's doing here. I've heard fuck all from her in months, now she just shows back up. I push my way through the guys until I’m next to Hanger and Snake. Fuck, she’s even more beautiful than I remember.

I hear Snake whisper Jacey’s name. The only thing going through my head right now is, what the fuck? Then this motherfucker mumbles it's you, like he knows her, as he walks up closer, staring at her the whole time. It's like I'm in a really bad episode of The Twilight Zone. Did she fuck Snake too? I look at her, my anger bubbling to the surface.

She's shaking her head, looking at Crazy Girl.

"Oh my God, I can't do this! I gotta go. Zoey, I'll see you later."

I can see her panic as she goes to get up. I’ve never moved so fast in my life as I did right then, grabbing ahold of her arm to stop her from leaving. I look between her and Snake.

"Snake, how the fuck you know Jacey?"

"Umm...I think she should tell you that,” he says, still staring at her. I'm fucking seeing red. I need answers. I turn my attention back on her.

"The fuck you here for? How you know Snake?"

"I came to see you, to talk to you. There’s something I need to tell you."

"You wanna talk to me now? It's been months since I’ve seen or heard from you."

I'm staring her dead in the eyes. I'm done with her disappearing act, leaving then showing back up when it's convenient for her.

"Please. Bear, just...I have so much I need to explain to you.”

She gets up, turning towards me, and that's when I see her huge fucking belly. She has my shirt on? It's the one she had to get from me the night I ripped hers apart. She never gave it back, and now she wears it here to cover her very pregnant fucking belly.


What I thought was rage before was nothing compared to what I feel right now. Right now, there is no name for it. I can feel the veins in my neck protruding. I feel like a wild animal being set loose to kill its prey.

Did Snake get her pregnant? I wanna start ripping shit apart, and fucking kill him. If I don't get some goddamn answers, that might be exactly what fucking happens.

"The Fuck!?" I yell, feeling my face heat up from the rage coming off of me.

She starts begging, "Bear, listen. Please, just listen to me?"

I always loved hearing her beg, until now. I don't wanna hear a goddamn thing this bitch has to say. She sure as fuck is gonna listen to me though.

"No. You fuckin' listen!" I scream at her. "I don't see you for how fuckin' long? Then you come back here fuckin' lookin' like this.”

I motion with my hands to her body. “With my goddamn shirt on?!"

Her eyes fill with tears. Before she looked panicked, but now when she looks up to me, I see nothing but sadness on her beautiful face. As furious as I am at her right now, it rips my heart out to see her like this. Looking into her eyes, I see fear. Out of all the emotions I've seen from her, I've never seen this kind of fear. I can't let my anger go though. "Bear..."

I can't help the words that come outta my mouth before she gets to finish.

"Who have you been fuckin' Jacey? Huh? Who'd you let up in that sweet pussy of yours? Wait! Hold the fuck on! How the fuck do you know Snake? Did he do this to you?"

She takes a few quick steps up to me and before I can stop it, her hand connects with my cheek. My head snaps to the side. Fuck, she hits hard. I move my face back, staring her down. I probably deserved that.

Snake pipes up, "Bear, why don't you calm down?" If my focus wasn't solely on her, he'd be a dead man.

I catch Hanger saying, "You need to stay out of this, Snake."

"OH! MY! FUCKING! GOD!" Jacey starts to scream, her face scrunching up like she's in pain. She doubles over, grabbing her stomach. I can't do anything but just stare at her. I don't want her to be in pain. I don't know what to do with all these emotions that I'm feeling. Then Crazy Girl is there. She asks, "What’s wrong Jacey?"

"It hurts! God, it hurts so fucking bad! I think my water just broke!”

Did she just say her water broke? We all look down, and sure enough there’s a puddle of fluid on the floor. That's fucking disgusting. The prospects will be cleaning that shit up.

"Oh God, Jacey. How long have you been having contractions?" Crazy Girl asks.

"I don't know? I started having some back pain last night, I've been hurting all day.", she answers. I can't fucking wrap my head around all this shit.

"Shit, Jacey you know you should've went to the doctor." Leave it to Crazy Girl to be calm and rational at a fucking time like this.

"I know. I wanted to come here and talk to him first." She has tears pouring down her face now, while she flicks her wrist with her finger pointing at me. I have to know the answer to my next question.

"Jacey, just tell me who the fuckin' father is." I might just go kill the fucker. I was not prepared at all for her answer.

"You! Bear, it's your baby! STUPID!"

The fuck she just say? Now, I have a whole new set of emotions taking over, pushing the anger down, along with more fucking questions.

"What?! How?" I ask, dumbfounded. We always use a condom. I'm thinking back over all the times we fucked. Ah shit, there was the time it broke. Fuck me.

"I haven't been with anyone, but you! This is your baby! GOD YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUPID!" She screams, her face contorting, and she doubles over again in pain.

"FUCK!" she screams. I'm gonna chalk that up to the pain.

She tries to control her breathing. My list of questions for her just keeps fucking growing. It's never ending with this woman.

"Why would you keep this from me?" I turn my attention to Crazy Girl. "And you!” I point at her. “This is what you were hiding?"

"I'm so sorry, Bear. I was just trying to do what she wanted. I kept telling her over and over again to tell you. I'm sorry,” she pleads. I'll deal with that shit later. Now I wonder, did Hanger know?

"Don't you dare blame Zoey for this! It was my fault! I didn’t want to tell you,” she spits.

"We'll deal with that in time.” I look to Hanger, “Did you know Prez?"

"That you were the father, no." I give him a nod. He knew she was pregnant though. Getting back to her and my questions, I ask, “Jacey, how do you know Snake?"

"I can't deal with that shit right now, Bear! I'm in labor! I promise I will tell you everything, just not right now. Please!”

BOOK: Quiet Country (Satan's Sinners M.C. Book 2)
8.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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