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“Please, let me suck you, Daveed.” They were inside the penthouse now.

“You want to now?” He wasn’t teasing. It seemed the idea inflamed him. “You’re already mine, Joy. If you do this now, you will be fully committed to the binding, lost in the thrall of my
. We can stop for a moment. Eat. There won’t be time again for quite a while.”

“No. There’s only one thing I want to eat, and that’s you.”

He didn’t release her immediately. Instead, he unzipped the back of her dress. “Take off your dress.”

He took a step back, his expression hot in promise while she accomplished that task. Daveed pushed his trousers away, letting them fall to his ankles. He toed off his shoes, then kicked his trousers away.

“Unbutton my shirt.”

His tone of command caused a pleasant clench of her sheath. Joy stepped toward him, wearing only her heels, feeling sexy. She undid the buttons, sucking at his chest as it appeared in the opening.

“That’s right,” Daveed urged her. “Feed yourself on my musk.”

“It’s an aphrodisiac. Isn’t it?”

“Not as much as the pure
from my secondary is.” As if in demonstration, he reached down and massaged the base of the long, slim secondary cock, bringing more of his sex pheromone up. It trickled down the head, thick and creamy.

She pushed the shirt off his body, letting it fall to the floor. Daveed brought up one foot and then the other, pulling off his socks, leaving them both nude, save her heels.

Come fuck me heels. Oh yes, come fuck me, Daveed.

He stood there, every muscle taut, his blue-gold gaze stroking her body like a physical caress, both cocks swaying her direction, as if begging for her touch. Joy reached for him.

“Be still a moment. I want to look at you.”

To look at what is his.

Screw that. I want more.
“Daveed, please.”

“Very well. Suck.” There was a challenge in that.

It was a challenge Joy intended to take him up on. She went to her knees between his ankles, the thick rug cushioning her. She didn’t question that he wanted her to suck his secondary, in specific. “I want to suck the primary later,” she informed him.

“Anytime you want.” His hand cupped the back of her head and guided Joy closer to his body.

She didn’t want to suck the primary right now. The scent of spice and musk from his secondary was too enticing.

Joy sucked in the head, gasping at the acid burn against her lips and tongue. It went to her head and her slit, increasing her urgency while it scattered her thinking mind. The only thing that was clear to her was the idea that the sooner she sucked him off, the sooner he would be inside her body again.
Where he belongs.

Another spurt of the
filled her mouth, and she swallowed it. Then another. It took Joy a moment to realize Daveed was massaging it up for her, getting her drunk on his aphrodisiac fluids.

It’s mine. I want it.
Joy sucked him deeper, reveling in Daveed’s groan, in his hand tightening against the back of her head. He thrust into her mouth, testing her ability to take more. She tensed for the gag reflex, but it didn’t come.

Joy pushed her face to his hairless body, groaning at the feeling of his secondary pressing deep into her throat. She started to pull back, but Daveed held her there. He roared, his body tensing. His musky cum filling her throat and setting off her instinct to swallow it.

Her muscles went lax, and Joy crumpled into Daveed’s waiting hands. He scooped her up and bolted for the bed. Everything around her was disjointed, blocks of color and snips of sound and sensation.

The burn against her nipples had her arching off the bed. Daveed pinned both her hands to the mattress with one large hand.

His secondary trailed up and down her sensitized core, between her widely-spread legs. She gasped at the sensation of it turning and stroking, snakelike. The burning came a moment later, his
coating her. She dimly noted that he wasn’t just massaging it up for her. He was stroking himself off to provide a full climax of the pheromone on her body. That accomplished, he started rubbing it into her, heating her blood further.

Her breathing went choppy, and her body burned. She need him inside her. Now. Now.
Joy climaxed, screaming, then begging him to take her.

The secondary scorched a trail up her vaginal walls, and she bucked. The need for his primary hit her hard, and she tried to ask for it.

Daveed pressed her hard to the mattress, his body a delightful weight on her. “Soon, Joy. Let me anoint you with my secondary. Then you’ll be ready for my primary.”

He thrust the narrow column inside her, filling her body with the stinging pheromone. Joy screamed in the mixture of pleasure and pain. Her muscles failed her again, and she lay boneless beneath him, half-hearing Daveed’s soothing words.

“Again, Joy. Once more. Then we move on.”

He was thrusting again before she regained use of her muscles.

Deeper than she’d ever felt someone before, she was sure.

He climaxed again with a growl.

Joy whimpered at the sensation of the burning spreading out, lighting up her abdomen in the sublime pleasure-pain. Then the muscle-numbing sensation overtook her again.

Daveed left her body in a rush. The sting at the ring of her anus made Joy want to protest, to move, but none of her muscles were responding yet.

He didn’t tell me this was part of their mating.
It was an intrusion.

He stretched her, pushing just inside her body. The spurt of
caused the iris to loosen, and he pushed deeper, withdrew until only the tip breached her, and thrust deeper again.

Her muscles gained strength slowly, but Joy didn’t move to unseat him. There was something about him fucking her ass, something possessive. He owned all of her, and Daveed could make even this appealing to her. She’d never allowed a man to do this to her before, but she wanted to let Daveed finish. She was sure even this would be mind-blowing.

As if in confirmation of that, his primary pressed to her seam. He held there, teasing her with double penetration. She wiggled against him, urging him on in movements when words deserted her.

“Are you comfortable with this, Joy? I can anoint your ass and leave it. It’s only required this once.”

“More. Please. More.” It was the most coherent thing she could manage.

He pressed deeper, filling both holes together. His primary and secondary brushed on either side of the barrier between the channels, crowding each other, filling her as she’d never been full before.

Joy moaned, raising her hips to play the two cocks inside her. That was all the encouragement Daveed needed. He pounded hard and fast, his noises rising. It took her only a moment to realize this was a particular sexual pleasure for him, something he liked to do but feared she wouldn’t permit him to.

The end came quickly, and his cum was soothing against her burning tissues. Again, her body went weak beneath him.

Daveed didn’t withdraw. He lay inside her, his secondary stirring slightly against her. He waited for her muscles to recover before he questioned her.

“Tell me what you want, Joy.” There was near plea in that.

“Release my hands.”

His brows went up in surprise, but he complied. His muscles tensed as if in expectation of some sort of attack.

Joy ran her hands down his chest, around his lower rib cage, and to his ass. She grasped at his buttocks and pulled him tight to her body, forcing her hips down to meet him with a groan.

He didn’t take the hint. “Tell me what you want, Joy.”

“Don’t you dare leave my body, Daveed.”

“Both cocks?” he asked, seemingly employing the last of his self-control. “Do you want both?”

“Oh, yes. Now.”

He thrust deep, moving minutely inside her, a gentle rocking that had her digging her short nails into the meat of his buttocks. She wanted him like this. Deep, hard, and filling all of her.

In moments, his heat and soothing cool were playing counterpoint inside her, forcing Joy to another climax with him. She was recovering from the stunning effects of it faster each time now, as if she was becoming accustomed to his effect on her.

“More,” she begged. “Daveed, please. Give me more.”

“Until you beg me not to, you’ll have both of my cocks, Joy. Both of them making you mine.”

“I am yours.” There was no question of that.




Daveed thrust into Joy’s body, more alive than he’d ever felt.
She is mine. Mine.
Topped off by his secondary a half dozen times already, there would be no separating them. Andy Daahn had proven that, and Daveed reveled in it.

He couldn’t wait until the first time she woke from sleep. He already knew what he wanted. Her mouth, moving from cock to cock, maybe even taking both into her heat for the climax, her tongue pressing to the sensitive underside as she swallowed.

But for now, he’d promised to give her both cocks and nothing less.

A tickle on his chest brought his gaze down to search out the cause. The riotous sex had opened the liquid stitches a bit, and a trickle of blood wound down his chest. Daveed ignored it. His mate was in a frenzy and would be for the next three days. His wound would wait.

Joy pressed up to him, her body releasing against his primary again, her hair in disarray on the pillow, her cries echoing off the walls. Anything but the woman beneath him could wait.

Daveed climaxed, and a pinch announced the wound widening slightly. Joy wrapped her arms around him, seeking out his mouth for a kiss, and the drive to sate them both kept him hard and ready for her. He cycled his hips, thrusting into her. Though he knew a change of position—like Joy on top—would be less stressful on his healing wound, he wasn’t ready to abandon the Dominant position yet.

A growl brought his head around, and he glared at his
. He’d known coming here was a good idea. At the nest, Raashh would have forbidden him from binding them in his state. Now that they’d progressed so far, there was nothing Raashh could do to stop it.

“You know Rayn ordered you not to strain yourself. I only allowed—”

“Out!” Daveed pulled the sheet around Joy, attempting to shield her from his

She grasped at his now-still hips, her breathing harsh. “
Daveed, please.

Daveed pushed deep inside her, and Joy cried out in pleasure. She moved a little beneath him, rocking her hips to ride the dual lengths buried inside her.

The old buck’s eyes widened, and he stood there, tongue scenting. He turned his back with a series of curses. “Bring her,” he ordered.

“What?” They were in the midst of mating. Surely he’d scented that much.

“I will bring you to SLAL.”

“My mate is in no need—” he started to rage.


Daveed wanted to argue it but couldn’t. He’d already decided he would risk himself to finish mating with Joy.
Putting myself at risk is no longer an option. We are bound already. If I die, Joy dies shortly after me.

“Withdraw for a few moments. We will follow.”

“A few moments,” his
reminded him. He left the room.

Daveed focused all his attention on Joy, driving them both over in heartbeats. When her hands loosened against his hips, he left her body, aching at the loss, momentary though it was. He wrapped her in the sheet and lifted Joy into his arms.

nodded at them as they reached the elevator. “I will get you there safely.”

They entered the elevator and took it to the roof. Halfway there, Joy pulled Daveed into a kiss that promised more.

Raashh hurried them aboard his shuttle, and closed it up in a rush. He paused to look down at Daveed and Joy, seated together on one of the plush oversized seats in the passenger compartment. She was trying to work her way out of the sheet already.

“Let her take the dominant until we reach SLAL,” he ordered.


disappeared into the cockpit and closed that door as well. The engines ramped up.

Joy pushed the sheet away and straddled him, standing on tiptoe in her high heeled shoes. She lowered herself over his secondary with a gasp, her back channel accommodating him. Daveed positioned his primary at her seam, then eased her down both cocks. Before they cleared the rooftop, he was back inside Joy fully.

My mate.

The trip to SLAL passed in a blur of sexual congress. At last, his
called out a warning that they’d arrived. Daveed wrapped her in the sheet again and growled his

Damn, this is not the way a mating is supposed to progress. Too many interruptions.

Raashh led them off the shuttle, Daveed joining and parting from Joy in kisses. He promised he would be back inside her with as little delay as possible.

Joy pressed against him and gasped. Daveed raised his head, growling a warning at Rayn. The human doctor was far too close to Joy for his safety.

Her eyes slid shut, and Joy collapsed in Daveed’s arms. He roared, showing his hunting teeth in warning. Whatever Rayn did to Joy, he would pay for it.

Raashh restrained him lightly. “A sedative. It will allow Rayn to tend to you without your mate suffering the wait.”

He wanted to argue it, but he couldn’t. He had to be tended to, and it might take hours for Joy to succumb to sleep of her own accord. Daveed glared at the doctor. “Do not attempt to do so without my permission to again.”

Rayn tipped his head in agreement. “It won’t last long. If you would give her to your

“No one touches my mate but me.”

“Mating,” his
grumbled. “Get them into a room. He won’t leave his mate until the cycle is complete. Perhaps not even then. She has already been endangered once.”

BOOK: Raashh Decisions (Xxan War Book 3)
9.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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