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Authors: Diana L. Paxson,Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Ravens of Avalon

BOOK: Ravens of Avalon
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CAPITALS = major character + = historical figure ( ) = dead before story begins [ ] =



(Note: Most of these names are attested from written documents of the period; however, I have left the British nominative ending “os” on some but not on others to provide variety and lessen confusion for the reader.)

+Adminios—middle son of Cunobelin, exiled king of the Cantiaci Anaveistl—mother of Boudica

Antebrogios—Durotrige chieftain defending the Hill of Stones +Antedios—High King of the Iceni Argantilla—Boudica’s younger daughter Aurodil—an Iceni maiden

Beric—son of Segovax, a young warrior in the rebellion Bethoc—an old woman from a fishing village on Mona Bituitos—bodyguard to Prasutagos

+Bodovoc—king of the Northern Dobunni, subject to Togodumnos

+BOUDICA—daughter of Dubrac, later wife of Prasutagos and queen of the Iceni

Bracios [Braci]—Boudica’s youngest brother Brocagnos—an Iceni farmer Calgac—a warrior in Boudica’s service

+CARATAC [Caratacus]—third son of Cunobelin, king of the Cantiaci and leader of the fight against Rome

+Cartimandua—queen of the Brigantes

Carvilios—a warrior in the rebellion

Caw—a freedman in the service of Boudica’s daughters

Cingetor—king of the Silures

+Cogidubnos—grandson of Verica, later, king of the Atrebates and Regni

+Corio—king of the Southern Dobunni Crispus—a Gaulish freedman in Boudica’s service

(+Cunobelin [Cunobelinos])—king of the Trinovantes and Catuvellauni, overlord of southeast Britannia)

Drostac of Ash Hill—a chieftain of the Iceni

Dubnocoveros—eldest son of Dubrac and brother of Boudica

Dubrac—father of Boudica, a prince of the Southern Iceni

Eoc Mor—bodyguard to Prasutagos

Epilios—youngest son of Cunobelin, foster brother of Braci

+Esico—goldsmith minting coins for Prasutagos Kitto—the son of a farmer near Manduessedum Leucu—an Iceni warrior in the service of Dubrac Maglorios—overking of the Belgae Mandos—an Iceni warrior Morigenos—an Iceni clan chieftain Nessa—an old servant in Boudica’s family

Palos—owner of the farm near the Horse Shrine, husband of Shanda

+PRASUTAGOS—son of Domarotagos, High King of the Iceni, Boudi-ca’s husband

Rigana—Boudica’s older daughter

Rosic—a farmer near Eponadunon, father of Temella

Segovax—an Iceni clan leader

Shanda—wife of Palos, of the farm near the Horse Shrine Tabanus—a Trinovante slave in Colonia Tancoric—king of the Durotriges

Tascio—son of Segovax, a young warrior in the rebellion Taximagulos—an Iceni farmer Temella—Boudica’s maid Tingetorix—a war leader in the rebellion

+Togodumnos—son of Cunobelin, king of the Trinovantes and Catuvellauni +Venutios—king of the Brigantes

+Veric [Verica]—king of the Atrebates expelled by Caratac


Albi—a boy in training with the Druids

Ambios—Druid attached to the household of King Caratac

ARDANOS—a Druid priest

Belina—a niece of Cunobelin and a priestess

Bendeigid—a Cornovian boy in training with the Druids, later husband of Rheis

Brangenos—a Druid bard from Gallia Brenna—a Brigante girl in training with the Druids Brigomaglos—a Durotrige Druid Caillean—an Irish girl fostered by Lhiannon (Catuera—a legendary priestess)

Cloto [Lucius Cloto]—an Atrebate boy in training with the Druids Coventa—a Brigante girl in training with the Druids, later a priestess Cunitor—a Druid priest Elin—an old priestess

Divitiac—chief Druid of the Durotrige tribe Helve—a senior priestess, later High Priestess Kea—a girl in training with the Druids

LHIANNON—a young priestess

Lugovalos—Arch-Druid at Lys Deru

Mandua—an Atrebate girl in training with the Druids

Mearan—High Priestess when Boudica arrives on Mona

Nan—an old priestess living at Avalon

Nodona—a young priestess, Helve’s second protegee

Rheis—daughter of Ardanos, later wife of Bendeigid

Rianor—a Trinovante boy in training with the Druids, later a priest

Sciovana—wife of Ardanos

Senora—a girl in training with the Druids


Calvus [Junius Antonius Calvus]—a Roman lawyer

+Catus [Decianus Catus]—Roman procurator in charge of collecting debts

+Claudius [Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus]—emperor 41 CE to 54 CE

Crispus—a Gallo-Roman freedman in the household of Boudica

+(Gaius Julius Caesar, imperator and leader of a successful campaign in Britannia in 54 BCE)

+Gaius Nero “Caligula”—emperor 54 CE to 68 CE

+Gallus [Aulus Didius Gallus]—governor of Britannia 52 CE to 57 CE

+Narcissus—a freedman and secretary of state to Claudius

+Nero [Nero Claudius Caesar]—emperor 54 CE to 68 CE +Petilius Cerialis—commander of Legio IX in 60 CE

+Paulinus [Gaius Suetonius Paulinus]—governor of Britannia 58 CE to 61 CE

+Plautius [Aulus Plautius]—commander of the invasion force, military governor of Britannia 43 CE to 47 CE

+Poenius Postumus—commander of Legio II Augusta, the legion that failed to come to Paulinus’s aid

Pollio [Lucius Junius Pollio]—a tax collector in Britannia

+Scapuola [Publius Ostorius Scapuola]—governor of Britannia 48 CE to 52 CE

+Seneca [Lucius Annaeus Seneca]—senator and playwright, one of the regents for the emperor Nero

+Silanus [Lucius Junius Silanus Torquatus]—senator, son-in-law of Claudius

+Vespasian [Titus Flavius Vespasianus]—legionary legate in command of Legio II Augusta during the invasion (emperor, 69 CE to 79 CE)


Bogle—pack leader of Boudica’s white, red-eared hounds Roud—Boudica’s red mare Branwen—Boudica’s white mare


Andraste—battle goddess of the Iceni

Argantorota [Arianrhod]—Lady of the Silver Wheel

Arimanes [Arawn]—ruler of the Underworld (or Arihausnos)

Belutacadros, Cocidios, Coroticos, Lenos, Olloudios, Teutates—war gods

Brigantia—goddess of inspiration, smithcraft, and healing, also territorial goddess of the Brigantes

Cathubodva—“Battle Raven,” see Morrigan

Dagdevos [the Dagda]—the Good God, a god of fertility, mate of the Morrigan

Epona—the Horse Goddess, patroness of the Iceni

Lugos [Lugh]—the many-skilled, honored at the harvest

Morrigan—“Great Queen,” a title for the battle goddess, also called Cathubodva (“Battle Raven”) and Nantosuelta (“Winding-One”)

Sucellos—“the Striker,” a Gaulish equivalent to Dagdevos, mate of the Morrigan

Taranis—god of thunder


An-Dubnion [Annwyn]—the Underworld Briga/the Brigante lands—Yorkshire and Lancashire River Brigant—the Braint, in Anglesey River Brue—near Glastonbury

Camadunon [Cadbury Castle]—a hillfort at the edge of Somerset that in the sixth century was to be refortified as King Arthur’s Camelot.

Camulodunon [Camulodunum, Colonia Victricensis, Colchester]—chief dun of the Trinovante territories, capital for Cunobelin, and later administrative center for Britannia Superiore

Carn Ava [Avebury]—a stone circle north of Stonehenge

Danatobrigos, the Hill of the Sheep [Sedgeford, Norfolk]—Boudica’s farm Deva [Chester]—home fort for Legio XX and IV

Dun Garo [Venta Icenorum, Caistor St. Edmunds, Norfolk]—Iceni capital, just south of present-day Norwich

Dun of Stones [Hod Hill, Dorset]—hillfort defended by the Durotriges

Durovernon [Durovernum Cantiacorum, Canterbury]—dun of Caratac, the Cantiaci capital

Durovigutum [Godmanchester]—a Roman fort at the edge of the Iceni country

Earth-ring—Arminghall Henge, south of Norwich Eponadunon [Warham Camp, Norfolk]—King Prasutagos’s dun Eriu [Ireland]

Garo—river Yare, Norfolk

Gesoriacum [Boulogne]—Roman port in Gallia

Great Road [Watling Street]—an early Roman road bisecting Britannia from London to Wroxeter

Horse Shrine [Sedgeford, Norfolk]—local offering place near Danatobrigos House of the Hare (near Teutodunon)—home of Boudica’s parents Isca Road [Fosse Way]—Roman road from Exeter to Lincoln Isle of Vectis [Isle ofWight] Laigin [Leinster, Ireland]

Lake of Little Stones—Llyn Cerrig Bach, Anglesey Lead Hills [Mendip Hills, Somerset]

Letocetum [Wall]—a Roman fort on Watling Street in the Midlands

—the border between the pacified and unpacified lands, running roughly from present-day York to Usk in Wales

Londinium [London]—administrative center and trading town on the Tamesa

Lys Deru (Oakhalls) [near Brynsiencyn, Anglesey]—the Druid community on Mona.

Lys Udra [near Aldborough, Yorkshire]—Queen Cartimandua’s home Medu [the Medway]—in Kent

Mona [Anglesey]—an island off the northwest tip of Wales, the Druid sanctuary

Manduessedum [Mancetter, near Nuneaton]—site of Boudica’s last battle Narrow Sea [English Channel] Noviomagus—Chichester, Sussex

Rigodunon—Venutios’s hillfort at Stanwix, near Carlisle Sabrina [Severn River]

Sacred Spring—Holy Well at Walsingham, Norfolk Salmaes Firth [the Solway] Tamesa [River Thames]

Teutodunon [Thetford, Gallows Hill]—dun of the Iceni clan of the Hare, home of Boudica’s family and site of Prasutagos’s great hall

Verlamion [Verulamium, St. Albans]—Catuvellauni capital

Vernemeton, the Forest House (near Chester)—sanctuary to which the surviving Druid priestesses are moved after the fall of Mona


(Borders Approximate and Shifting)

Atrebates—Hampshire, Berkshire Belgae—Wiltshire, Hampshire Brigantes—York, Lancaster Cantiaci—Kent

Catuvellauni—Oxfordshire, Hertshire Deceangli—Flintshire (north coast of Wales) Demetae—Pembrokeshire (southwest Wales) Dobunni—Gloucestershire Durotriges—Dorset, Somerset Iceni—Norfolk

Ordovices—western Wales to Anglesey Regni—Sussex, Surrey

Silures—Glamorgan and Monmouthshire (southern Wales) Trinovantes—Essex, Suffolk


Lhiannon Speaks

t Samhain, we open our doors to the spirits of those who are gone. These days I find it easier to remember the dead than the living. I recall the most insignificant details of dress and habits of the women who were priestesses when I was young, and forget the names of the girls who serve me now. Even at this season of chill winds and falling leaves the house they have made for me beneath the trees of Vernemeton is comfortable, but when I remember our sanctuary on the Isle of Mona, it is all one golden afternoon, for Lys Deru was a place of magic.

BOOK: Ravens of Avalon
8.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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