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Authors: Natalie Kristen

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Red And The Bear (Grimm Bears 1) (5 page)

BOOK: Red And The Bear (Grimm Bears 1)
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Jack stopped breathing and
simply stared at Rose. She kicked her chin up and folded her arms
across her chest, which had the unfortunate effect of pushing up her
delicious, creamy bosom.

Jack shook his head at her.
“You don't want to do this.”

Rose narrowed her eyes and
growled back, “I want to. Who are you to tell me what I want
or do not what?”

Jack looked away but Rose
stepped forward and captured his face in her hands. She stared
deeply into his eyes and whispered, “Do you want me, Jack? Do
you feel anything for me at all? I trust you won't take advantage of
me, but don't play games with me, Jack.”

“I won't ever toy with
you, Rose. You are not a game to me,” he said hoarsely.

Her eyes shone. “Then
you do feel something for me,” she breathed.

Jack bent his head to press
his forehead against hers. “I do. I feel very strongly for
you, Rose. I know that I'm just a stranger to you, but my bear knows
that you...are mine. Yet I've been fighting it and trying to deny
the pull.”

“You are not a
stranger, Jack. You are the man in my dreams,” she whispered.
She ducked her head to hide her blush and mumbled, “It is you,
Jack. I know it's you.”

Jack tilted her face up with
a finger under her chin and gazed into her luminous gray eyes.

He leaned in slowly, giving
her enough time to come to her senses and pull away. But she simply
blinked as her lips parted in anticipation.

Jack kissed her tenderly,
molding his lips to hers and gently stroking his tongue over her lips
until she moaned and quivered in his arms. Gradually deepening the
kiss, he pressed her to him and moved his mouth slowly against hers,
guiding her, coaxing her, tasting her.

Rose whimpered softly when he
pulled away at last. She swayed against him and touched her plump,
red lips with trembling fingers.

one,” she whispered. “I knew it.”

Jack could scent her arousal
and hunger. It was the fierce, unrelenting hunger of a mate. Rose
was half wolf, and the wolf in her recognized him as her mate.

She fisted his t-shirt and
pulled him towards her as she backed into her bedroom.

“Ease me,” she
hissed. “Pleasure me. Take me.” She pushed her hand
under his t-shirt to feel his thundering heart. “Make me

Jack could feel the heat
rolling off her lush body in waves. She was almost feverish with
need, and he knew that she would be driven mad by her own hunger if
he didn't ease her now. The thought that her mindless lust might
drive her into the arms of another male was just unbearable.

“Rose,” he
growled, tugging at the sash of her nightdress.

Breathing hard, she turned to
lock the door of her bedroom. With a soft growl, she came to him and
kissed him hungrily.

They tumbled onto the bed,
shedding their clothes as they rolled and wrestled on the mattress.
Rose was a virgin but she was a passionate and sensual woman. She
knew how to give and take pleasure, and she wasn't shy or inhibited
with him.

Jack explored and pleasured
every inch of her beautiful, luscious body with his hands and mouth.
He loved the way she moaned when he suckled her, and how she arched
her back to beg for more. He laved his tongue down her soft, sweet
skin and kissed and licked her hard, glistening nipples until she
cried out in ecstasy.

Spreading her legs, he kissed
the inside of her thighs and licked gently at her pussy. Rose gasped
and thrashed her head as he circled her clit with his tongue.

He licked her until her pussy
was dripping with her own juices. She was so wet and ready.
“Please...” she begged.

Jack pushed a finger into her
and felt her walls spasm immediately. He slid languidly in and out
of her, getting her used to the sensation and the rhythm before
pushing another finger into her.

Rose groaned and pushed
herself up on her elbows to watch him pump his fingers in and out of
her. The sight of him fucking her with his fingers turned her on and
made her even wetter.

“Jack,” she
rasped. “I need you inside me. Please...”

Jack flipped her onto her
stomach and pulled her hips up. Kneeling between her legs, he pushed
slowly into her.


Rose wriggled her hips as
Jack fed his rock hard, pulsating cock into her hot, clenching pussy.
He was huge, and she sucked in a sharp breath as he stretched her

Jack took her slowly, sliding
into her inch by inch. “More,” she panted.

Jack grabbed her hips and in
one thrust, he was fully inside her. Jack was completely still and
he ran his fingers down her back to soothe her. “You okay?”
he gritted out.

She gave a jerky nod.
Leaning forward, Jack kissed her on the neck and shoulders. He
cupped her heavy breasts and fondled them, thumbing her nipples until
she writhed and rocked her hips.

Gently, Jack began to move in
and out of her. He stroked deeply into her, massaging her most
intimate and sensitive spot. Rose stretched her arms in front of
her, loving the warm pleasure and sensation.

Jack rubbed her clit with his
fingers, smearing her juices over the hard nub. He kept touching her
as he took her from behind. He was gentle but firm, and he knew just
how to tease and tantalize her.

Rose felt her nipples rubbing
against the mattress as Jack increased the speed and force of his
thrusts. As he pounded into her, her breasts bounced and rubbed
deliciously against the mattress. Rose moaned and undulated her
body, her pleasure surging and spiking uncontrollably.

Her climax was forceful and
sudden. Her scream was cut off as another wave of explosive pleasure
crashed over her. She felt Jack's teeth sink into her shoulder and
grip her. The bite intensified her pleasure and she raised her head
and screamed as Jack jerked and released his hot seed into her.

She loved the feel of him
ejaculating deep inside her, and her entire body tightened and
spasmed, greedily milking every drop of him.

At last, she collapsed
facedown on the bed and slowly opened her eyes.

She felt Jack's strong arms
around her waist as he gently gathered her up. He arranged a pillow
under her head and kissed her.

Rose smiled up at him and
whispered, “That was amazing.”

amazing,” he said, stroking her cheek.

She rested her head on his
shoulder and traced lazy circles down his chest. When she walked her
fingers down his abs and moved lower, he caught her hand and snarled,
his green eyes gleaming wickedly.

She giggled. “I'm glad
my first sexual experience was so awesome.”

Jack frowned at her. “Are
you planning to go out and gain more experience after this?”

“Well...I've discovered
that I like sex. A lot.”

He growled and gripped her
wrists in one hand. He covered her body possessively with his and
said through clenched teeth, “You are not having sex with any
other male.”

“Oh?” Rose gave
him a wide-eyed, innocent look. “Who will ease me when I go
into heat then?”

Jack tightened his grip on

“Are you going to stay,
Jack?” she asked softly. She felt the sudden sting of tears in
her eyes. “Or will you forget me once you go home?”

Jack held her face and
thumbed away her tears. “Rose.”

“You're leaving,”
she mumbled, turning away sharply.

“No. I'm not leaving.
You are my mate, Rose. I've found you, and I've come home,” he

“Home? But...”

“I will protect you and
provide for you. I will never leave you and Nan. I promise.”

“But you promised your
brothers that you'll go home. And you have your business to attend
to. You can't stay in Redcape Grove. don't belong here,
Jack, in this tiny, quiet town...”

“I belong with you,
Rose,” Jack answered simply.

When she frowned, he kissed
her nose and grinned. “I'll get a job here. I'll earn my
keep. Really! What are you looking at me like that for?” He
began to tickle her. “You don't believe me? Well, I'll show


At the first light of dawn,
Jack felt Rose stir in his arms. She disentangled herself carefully
and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Jack tried to pull her back
under the covers but she giggled and swatted his hand away.

“I have to prepare
breakfast for Nan,” she whispered.

Jack got up immediately.
“Let me do it.”

But Rose was already dressed
and on her way to the door. “I'm an early riser,” she
smiled. “And I like pottering in the kitchen first thing in
the morning. It's a great way to start the day.”

Jack threw on his clothes and
followed her out of the room. The house was quiet, and the first
slivers of faint sunlight were just filtering through the curtains.

Jack put the kettle to boil
and started to make the sandwiches. Rose fried the sausages, eggs
and bacon, and the whole kitchen was soon filled with the joyful
sounds of sizzling food and easy chatter.

Rose talked while she cooked,
telling Jack about the people and businesses in town. Redcape Grove
was a typical small town, with its usual quirky characters and quaint
shops and businesses.

Jack loved hearing Rose's
voice and laughter. She spoke animatedly and passionately about the
town she grew up in and she told him some funny stories about Nan and
herself. Jack saw that Rose had indeed enjoyed a loving and happy
childhood, and she had grown up to be a warm-hearted, secure,
vivacious young woman.

When she asked, Jack
gradually opened up about his son. As he talked about Alex and
recalled every memory, every detail about his beautiful little boy,
he found to his surprise that he could smile, and even laugh, when he
recounted Alex's pranks and antics. The tot might be tiny, but he
was bursting with life and energy.

“I was the same when I
was his age,” Jack grinned. “Unstoppable and

Rose's eyes sparkled. “I
bet you were adorable.”

“My youngest brother,
Derek, was the adorable one. He was so chubby and cheerful. Hans
was rather quiet as a kid, but he was a feisty little thing. When we
were cubs, he almost bit my tail off once when we were fighting.”

Rose laughed. “I'd
love to meet your brothers.”

“You will.” Jack
pulled out his phone suddenly. “In fact, I'm going to call
them right now. I promised to let them know where I am.”

Jack dialed Hans's number.
His brother picked up on the second ring.

“Jack!” Hans
yelled into his ear.

“Woah.” Jack
rubbed his ear. “You almost burst my eardrums.”

“Where the hell are
you, Jack?” Hans demanded.

“In Redcape Grove.
It's a real nice town. I think you and Derek will like it here,”
Jack said, winking at Rose.

“Where are you putting
up? At an inn or hotel? What's the name of the hotel?” Hans
rattled off the questions.

Jack quirked a smile. No
wonder his brother was the Chief Operating Officer. Hans was
meticulous and organized and he was great at logistics. He zeroed in
on the details and he had a photographic memory.

“I'm staying with a
very beautiful, special woman and her equally amazing
great-grandmother. They have so kindly opened their home and their
hearts to a stray, broken bear.”

Hans began.

“Her name is Rose,”
Jack said.

His brother must have heard
something in Jack's voice. There was a long pause.

“So...when will Derek
and I get the chance to meet Rose and her amazing great-grandmother?”
Hans spoke calmly but Jack heard the barely contained excitement in
his brother's voice.


“Jack, you old
scoundrel. You've found her!” Jack could picture Hans
grinning from ear to ear. “I'm going to call Derek now.”

“And he'll call me
right away,” Jack groaned.

“Of course. In fact,
we might just drive down to Redcape Grove straightaway. We want to
meet your mate!” Hans said gleefully.

Jack laughed. “I
promise you you'll meet Rose and Nan. Don't drop everything and come
roaring out here in your fancy suits and cars.”

“We won't embarrass
you,” Hans huffed.

Jack chatted for a while more
with his brother. He knew his brother was relieved and happy to hear
him laughing and joking again.

Finally, he ended the call
and turned to see Nan coming into the kitchen.

“Your brothers are
coming?” Nan asked.

She'd obviously heard
everything. “Not right now.” Jack chuckled. “But
they are excited to meet you and Rose.”

BOOK: Red And The Bear (Grimm Bears 1)
12.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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