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“I’m taking you to dinner tonight.
And you are going to work for me.
And you
do this.”

I put my hands on his chest and pushed him away from me, staring up into his eyes.
“You can’t always have everything you want, Alexander.
No one can.”

His hands went from my hips to my waistband.
He dipped his fingers in the top of my shorts and pulled me closer, staring me in the eyes but saying nothing.
He bent down slightly, and moved his hand from my waistband to the bottom of my shorts, near the crotch.
His fingers slid up inside them and into my panties, making contact with my slippery wetness.

I gasped at his boldness and with the sudden, erotic sensations he was creating.

“Yes, I can have everything I want.
And right now, I want you.”

I moaned, completely unable to control myself.
I could feel myself swelling down there, and I was ready to beg him to touch my most sensitive spot.

But I didn’t need to, because he seemed to know exactly what I wanted.
He unbuttoned my shorts and put his whole hand inside my panties, rubbing my clit and sliding a big, thick finger up inside me.

I clung to his shoulders, my eyes going closed in rapture.
“Oh, God,” I whispered, feeling the heat building inside me.
“You’re going to make me come.”
Why is this happening so fast?
What’s wrong with me?!

He leaned in and kissed me fiercely as I continued to hang onto him.
I couldn’t move my hands; I was clinging on for dear life.
My breath was coming faster and faster, and I pushed against his hand, needing to feel more of him.
I didn’t care anymore that he was older than me, that he was a rich politician I should probably run from.
All I knew now was that he had something that I wanted.

I pulled one hand away and let it slide down to his cock.
I wanted to feel him inside me again.

He grabbed my hand and stopped it before it got to his pants.
“No,” he growled.
He kissed me hard again and then pulled away entirely, taking his hand out of my pants too.

I whimpered, opening my eyes in confusion.
“Wha … where are you going?” I asked, my voice taking on a begging tone.

He stepped back towards the door, never taking his eyes off me.
“I have to get going.
I need to shower before our meeting.”

My daze turned into disbelief and then anger when I realized he was serious.
“Are you friggin

He smiled, looking every inch the devil.
“Why would I do that?
I have a serious business proposition for you.
I never kid about business.”

“I’m not talking about the meeting, you asshole.”

He lunged forward and grabbed me around the waist, jerking me towards him.
Our faces were only inches away.

“Don’t call me an asshole.”

“Then don’t get me all turned on and leave me hanging like that.”
I had no idea where my boldness was coming from - probably unsatisfied sexual frustration.
It was giving me superpowers.

He reached down and yanked my shorts to the floor and within a second had turned me around and pushed my back into the door.
His pants were somehow open without me even having seen him touch the button.

“You want me to finish this?
Let’s finish it.”
His mouth plundered mine again as he lifted up one of my legs.
With little effort and almost an athlete’s grace, he pushed his big, hard cock deep into me.

I had no time to react to any of it with anything but shock and surprise.
His rod went sliding in, my slick wetness making it almost sinfully smooth, and I screamed with pleasure, sounds coming out of my mouth I didn’t even know I could make.
Two seconds earlier I’d been ready to throw a tantrum over being teased and left hanging, and now I was being speared
between the legs by a ten-inch hard cock and pounded against my front door - and I was loving every moment of it.

I rode the wave of orgasm quickly to the top, wrapping my legs around him and opening myself as wide as I could so I could take all of him inside me, bucking against him in a frenzied rhythm that my body just somehow knew.
I reveled in the grinding he did against my most sensitive spot, making me beg him to do it harder.
I ignored the banging sounds we were making on the door and screamed as the pulses of my orgasm began to overwhelm me.

“Yes, Alexander!
I screamed, digging my nails into his back and hanging on for dear life.
“Oh my
I felt his dick grow larger and then his pace pick up even faster as he blasted his own orgasm into me.
My body and breasts bounced up and down with the heavy jolting motions.
I felt like a wanton woman and couldn’t help but smile at myself.

When he was finished and our bodies had finally come to a halt, we both leaned into the door, remaining still for a few moments, breathing hard.
One of his hands still held one of my thighs up around this waist.
The other was firmly planted against the wood next to my face.
I turned my head, and the material of his shirt tickled my nose.
Sweat rolled down my back, making me slide on the door’s smooth surface.

I dropped the other thigh he wasn’t holding, planning to try and extricate myself as gracefully as possible and go hide in the bathroom, but Alexander had other plans.
As soon as he got his breath back, he grabbed me under both thighs, stepped out of his pants, and walked over to my couch.
He gently lowered me down onto it, never letting himself come fully out of me.

I stared into his serious, almost angry eyes, lifting up a hand to brush his hair off his forehead.
Neither of us said anything; we just stared at one another.
I shifted a hip to get more comfortable and flinched a little in shock as the twinge of an orgasm’s beginning rolled through me.

He must have sensed something, because he pushed himself into me, sending another pleasant tingle through my body.

I moaned a little, encouraging him to push more, not even sure what I was asking for or wanted, other than to feel more of what I was feeling.

He happily obliged.
I could feel him growing hard again, and I knew it was in response to my moans, which only made me more turned on than I already was.
We both began moving together in rhythm again, him getting harder and me getting wetter.

The heat that built this time was different.
It was a slow burn, intense but impossible to control.
It was coming from somewhere deep down inside me, a place I hadn’t known existed until this moment.

“What’s happening?” I whispered, almost afraid of my own body now.

“Shhhhh, just go with it,” he said, pulling his cock out almost all the way and then slowly, slowly sinking it in.
He stopped when fully inside and then moved his hips in small circles, rubbing himself up against me.

I nearly died when the second orgasm started.
“Oh, God, oh
I don’t know what this is!”
I was panting and crying and calling out, all at the same time.

He growled and picked up his pace, sweat coming down his face and dripping on me.
I glanced up in time to see him looking like a wild man possessed.
He was lost in another world too.

I pushed on his ass, forcing him against me as much as I could, finally pushed over the edge and into oblivion when he yelled out, completely out of control.
His war cry was like a surrender, and to have a man this determined and powerful give up to me, was a drug.
I lost my mind in that moment, caring only about the sex we were having and making plans to have more of it in the future.

I shut the door in his face, refusing to promise whether I’d go to the dinner meeting or not.
I still wasn’t sure it was a good idea - in fact, I was quite certain it was a
idea, but something about him or the magic in his hands, made it impossible for me to not be at least highly tempted.

“I’ll be here at six to get you,” he said through the door.
And then he was gone.

I went to the window and watched his car back out and drive away.
My hand strayed down to the front of my panties that I’d put back on.
They were damp and my body was still extra sensitive.
He had some kind of powerful magic in those hands of his.
Or maybe it was his other parts that held the magic.
I smiled thinking about it.

On my way to the kitchen for some water, fully dressed again, I heard the front door opening.
I went back out into the main room to greet my roommate.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked, throwing her purse down on the floor by the door.
“Anything good happen while I was gone?”

“Uhhh, not really.”

She stopped in her tracks and narrowed her eyes at me, pointing at my face with a manicured, painted fingernail.
“Guilty look.”

I frowned, trying to act innocent.

“Don’t even try it.
Something happened.
You look so guilty right now it’s ridiculous.
What’d you do?”

“Nothing, geez,” I said, turning back towards the kitchen, hiding my expression from her.

She followed me in and opened the fridge.
“I saw that Audi pulling out of our space on my way in.
Are you going to try and tell me that wasn’t Alexander Blackstone out there?”

I choked on my water.
“Oh, damn.
You saw that?”
I tried not to smile but it was impossible.

“Kind of hard to miss.”
She grinned back at me.
“So what was he doing here?”
She lifted the orange juice carton up to her mouth, arching an eyebrow as she waited for my answer.

“If you drink directly out of that carton again, I’m going to smack you,” I said, getting a juice glass out of the cupboard and handing it to her.

She poured her juice into the small glass and then lifted it up at me.
Here’s to hot cars and hot sex.”

I sighed, giving up on playing coy.
“He came here because he wants to talk to me about a job tonight over dinner.
In Palm Beach.
Working for him in PR, I think.”

Rosie, that’s so cool!”
She grabbed me into a quick hug around the neck.

I’d call it more a disaster in the making.”

He’s hot, rich, and looking to employ you.
And you are hot,
rich, and in desperate need of a job.
The math totally works.”

“Yeah, except he has a lunatic ex-girlfriend, and he’s a friggin politician.
I’m a college student.”

“Not for long.
Pretty soon you’re going to be an unemployed graduate looking for a job in one of the worst economies the world has ever seen.
Soooo, yeah.
I think you know where I’m going with this.”

“You think I should talk to him.”

And take the damn job!
, Rose, you won’t take money from me or my parents, and you have almost no money left in your bank account.
What other choice do you have?
You’re not going to drop out of school right before you’re ready to finish.
I won’t let you.”

“I always have a choice,” I mumbled, looking down into my glass.

Jessica moved over and hugged me again, this time more gently.
“Listen, roomie.
He’s not a bad guy.
My parents say he’s the real deal.
You know, honest guy trying to do the right thing in politics.”
She pulled away and looked me in the eye.
“If he were a bad guy I would be telling you to run, but from what I know, he’s okay.
I mean, as far as those kind of guys go.
So just talk to him at least.
Maybe he’ll make you an offer you can’t resist.”

BOOK: Red Hot Rose Boxed Set
2.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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