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Foley, Lizzie K.
Remarkable : a novel / by Lizzie K. Foley.       p. cm.

  Summary: Ten-year-old Jane Doe, the only student average enough to be excluded from the own of Remarkable’s School for the Remarkably Gifted, is joined at her public school by the trouble-making Grimlet twins, who lead her on a series of adventures involving an out-of-control science fair project, a pirate captain on the run from a mutinous crew, a lonely dentist, and a newly constructed bell tower that endangers Remarkable’s most beloved inhabitant—a skittish lake monster named Lucky.

ISBN: 978-1-101-57533-8

[1. Eccentrics and eccentricities—Fiction. 2. Ability—Fiction. 3. Secrets—Fiction.
4. Pirates—Fiction. 5. Community life—Fiction. 6. Humorous stories.]  I. Title.

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Designed by Jennifer Kelly

Printed in USA

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Table of Contents

1: A Remarkable Town

2: The Grimlet Twins

3: The Lake Monster Festival

4: The Dentist’s Lament

5: Wednesday

6: The Captain

7: A Pizza and a Pirate

8: Dangerous Deeds and Dastardly Intentions

9: Tea with the Pirate Captain

10: A Bit about the Jelly

11: Asta Magnifica’s Day at School

12: Trouble Comes to Town

13: Hmmm

14: A Bit More about the Jelly

15: Milk and Pizza

16: A Crash and a Splash in the Night

17: Never Ever Trust a Pirate

18: More about the Jelly and the Dentist

19: After School

20: A Disharmony in the Daylight

21: A Little Night Music

22: Captain Schnabel

23: Mediocrity

24: Crisis at the Library

25: Promises

26: Truancy

27: The Terrible Truth

28: Last-Minute Preparations

29: The Opening Ceremony

30: Grandpa Gets Noticed

31: A Captain Revealed

32: The Story of the Mad Captain

33: At the Jail

34: The Pirates Versus the Grimlet Twins

35: To the Mansion

36: The Science Fair Dance

37: The Storm of the Century

38: Jane Makes a Discovery

39: After the Storm

40: At the Dentist’s Office

41: The Return of the Captain

42: After the Aftermath


A Remarkable Town

igh on the top of a majestic mountain, in a spot where every view of the valley below was more breathtaking than the next, was a small town called Remarkable.

The town had not always had this name. It once had been called something rather ordinary, like Hoopersville, or Hill Valley, or some other name that no one could remember anymore. But whenever tourists came to visit, they couldn’t help but notice what a remarkably nice place it was. The air was always fresh and the weather was always pleasant. The parks smelled like newly cut grass, and unlike most local museums, the Museum of Remarkability wasn’t the least bit dusty
or dull. There was a beautiful lake known as Lake Remarkable, and nearby were three elegant glass-domed buildings that housed the world’s largest live butterfly collection. Additionally, Remarkable was home to the world’s two tallest trees, a celebrated science fair, and the best organic jelly that anyone had ever tasted.

As you might expect, the people who lived in Remarkable were pretty splendid, too. They tended to be terribly interesting and even more terribly talented. In fact, they were among the most terribly interesting and talented people in the whole wide world. The tourists felt lucky just to breathe the same sweet air as all of these important individuals, and the important individuals thought the tourists were lucky, too.

Long after the tourists went back to their drab little lives in the drab little places they had come from (and their friends and coworkers had grown sick and tired of hearing about their vacations) they just couldn’t seem to stop talking about how the town they had visited had been remarkable—Remarkable. Eventually, the town was called Remarkable so often that this became its name.

But this is not to say that everything in Remarkable was remarkable. It had a very dull post office, for instance,
and it had a Coffeebucks that sold coffee that was very good, but certainly no better than the coffee served at any other Coffeebucks in any other town. And then there was Jane, who was a very unremarkable girl, ten years old, of medium height, with eyes of no particular color, and hair that was not quite brown enough to be called mousy.

There was no reason that Jane should have been so unremarkable. She was the daughter of astoundingly brilliant parents. Her mother, Angelina Mona Linda Doe, was a famous architect who had designed the many spectacular buildings in Remarkable’s terrifically charming downtown. Her father, Anderson Brigby Bright Doe II, was an award-winning novelist whose thought-provoking books (and striking cleft chin) were discussed in depth at book groups all across the country. When they decided to start a family, everyone in town figured that their children would be geniuses. And everyone would have been right, too, if it were not for Jane.

Jane had an older brother named Anderson Brigby Bright Doe III. He was remarkably good-looking—so handsome, in fact, that people often stopped him in the streets to tell him about it. These comments always made him blush right to the roots of his wonderfully
wavy hair, giving everyone the impression that he was also quite modest—which made him seem even more handsome, since modesty is an attractive quality.

Besides being good-looking, Anderson Brigby Bright Doe III could paint pictures with such precision that they looked just like photographs. His parents were so proud of him that they couldn’t wait to have another child. Two years and two days after Anderson Brigby Bright Doe III was born, Jane entered the world, although hardly anyone noticed.

BOOK: Remarkable
11.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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