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aunt pulled up in her bright blue Mercedes. She waved and smiled at me. I
walked to her car and slid in the passenger seat. Where’s Uncle Carl?” I asked
as she set off.

you know, he has all those meeting with Luca and Kai,” she said smiling.

to keep the hunters in line I assume,” I said amused.

nodded. “Let’s just say not everyone is taking it as well as you are. There
have been little spats between the vampires and the hunters here and there, but
nothing major.”

good. I am sure Luca and Uncle Carl are happy,” I said absently as I watched
the scenery fly by.

nodded then smiled at me nervously. “So that vampire, Aubrey. Are you two

aren’t anything,” I said quietly.

well it just seemed like you were awfully friendly toward him. I just thought
maybe you two had something going on,” she said sounding a little disappointed.

a vampire, I’m a hunter. It would never work,” I said quietly.

have seen odder things happen dear,” she said optimistically as she pulled into
the driveway of the house. One thing I loved about my aunt was the fact that
she always looked on the bright side of things.

sun was starting to come up and I was starting to get tired. Everything that
had happened plus the lack of sleep was wearing me down. “Not to me they don’t.
I’m heading to bed. I’ll see you in a little while.”

nodded as I climbed out of the car and walked into the house. Colin was waiting
for me. He looked a little nervous. “Where have you been? I wasn’t sure what to
do. Someone saw the werewolf take you.”

was a misunderstanding,” I said slightly amused.

just wanted to make sure everything was ok,” he said quietly.

nodded. “I am fine, just a little tired. I will see you a little later this

nodded. “I was hoping you would come to the warehouse tonight. I want everyone
to get used to your presence. We also need to go over plans.”

didn’t really feel like facing all the people in the warehouse, but I had
agreed to it. “That sounds like a plan. I’ll see you later,” I said quietly as
I slowly made my way up the stairs.


was looking up into brilliant turquoise eyes. I relaxed a little. Aubrey’s
playful expression told me he enjoyed the fact that he was able to get so close
to me. He didn’t speak. He just pressed his lips to mine. His kiss was gentle
and playful. Part of me wanted to pull away and complain because he was in my
room again without my permission, but another part of me wanted him. I tangled
my fingers in his hair and deepened the kiss. He took my advance as permission.
His kiss became demanding and hungry. I closed my eyes as he trailed kisses
down my neck. His hands slid under my tank top, and I gasped as his fingers
grazed my heated skin. He pulled my tank top over my head and tossed it aside.
His mouth covered my breast. He gently teased my nipple. I gasped when he sank
his fangs into my breast. He looked at me and pressed his mouth to mine. The
metallic taste of my blood filled my mouth. My fingers went to the buttons on
his shirt. I quickly undid them and slid his shirt down his shoulders. I kissed
his chest slowly. His skin was cool to the touch, not hot like the men I had
been with before. He hooked my panties with his fingers, and slowly slid them
down. He looked at me trying to gauge my reaction. When I didn’t protest he
pushed me to the bed and covered me with his body. He disappeared, and I was
about to protest. Before I could, he reappeared over me. He was completely
naked and ready. He pressed his mouth to mine, and slowly filled me. I moaned
against his lips as he began to move against me. Feelings of pleasure raged
through me. My skin was on fire, he made me crazy with need. I tangled my
fingers in his hair, and cried out as he bit me again this time on my neck.
Pleasure flooded me and I cried out in excitement. He released my neck and his
moans of excitement filled my ear as he released.

woke up when I hit the floor. I looked around the room like I was under attack.
Aubrey was nowhere in sight. I felt and looked for bites, but I had none. It
was just a dream. I groaned in annoyance and climbed to my feet. Part of me was
glad it wasn’t real and another part of me was disappointed it wasn’t real. I
pushed the thoughts away. I didn’t want to think about Aubrey like that. My
feelings for him were already complicated enough. My dreams of Aubrey were
always so vivid. I almost felt like they were real. That was of course until I
would wake up on the floor tangled in my blanket. Someone was knocking on my
door and I was wondering if that was what woke me in the first place.

walked to the door, and opened the door part way. Tanner grinned at me. “I was
just checking on you.”

I’m fine. Is there something wrong?” I asked a little worried. Normally Tanner
didn’t come find me unless my uncle needed something, or he was upset.

dad and Kai just made Colin leave. They said he is part of some renegade group.
They said he can’t be one of us if he is with them. Now they are worried about
what the group will do,” he said nervously.

wondered how they found out, but I had to be careful not to say anything to
Tanner. “I am sure it will be fine. I will find out what I can,” I said being
careful to keep my tone neutral. I didn’t want him to suspect I was working
with Colin. Technically I was, even though I didn’t understand why they would
kick Colin out for being a part of the renegade group. The hunters were very
strict. I was beginning to think they were too strict myself.

nodded. “Let me know.”

will,” I said and smiled reassuringly. He turned and walked back the way he had
come and I closed the door. I didn’t realize the hunters were so against the
renegade group. I never heard much mention of them until now. I would have to
find out why my uncle banned Colin without arousing his suspicion.

showered and dressed quickly; then I hurried downstairs to my uncle’s office. I
knocked and went in without waiting for an answer. My uncle looked up at me
from his desk. “Do you need something Lillian?” he asked. His tone was clipped
like he was annoyed. I knew he wasn’t annoyed with me. I at least hoped he

was wondering what happened with Colin. Tanner said you and Kai made him
leave.” I was hoping my questions wouldn’t arouse his suspicion. Colin used to
be my friend, but as soon as I realized he was a vampire I had kept my distance
and my uncle knew that.

is a renegade. They do not believe in our ways,” he said annoyed.

don’t?” I asked confused.

glared at me like he wasn’t interested in talking to me. “No, is there anything
else you need because I am busy Lillian.”

I said trying to keep my tone even. I didn’t like how he was treating me. I was
going to assume he was just having a bad day. I turned and walked out. I would
have to go directly to Colin and hope he had the answers I needed.


rarely drove my car, but the warehouse district was a good distance so I
decided to drive. I stepped into the renegade’s warehouse and immediately
spotted Colin. He walked over to me. He looked like he was in just as bad of a
mood as my uncle.

am glad you came. I have been banned from the property,” he said sounding both
annoyed and amused.

I don’t understand why the renegades are so bad,” I asked quietly.

don’t conform to the rules,” Drake cut in as he approached.

we aren’t openly causing problems,” I said confused. It wasn’t like we were
running around wreaking havoc.

yet,” Colin said amused. “Drake was telling me you would go after the death

smiled. “I might if I had good enough reason.”

nodded. “Come with me. I might be able to give you that reason. It would be
better if we go after them before they come after one of us.”

was intrigued now. There wasn’t much that would get me to go after a death
marshal. They were a big no, no when it came to the hunter rules. I followed
Colin into an office in the back. He opened a drawer and handed me a leather
bound book that looked like a journal. “That was your father’s. It details
everything he did within the group. He made many enemies including the death
marshals. It was a death marshal that killed your parents, and only a death
marshal would know which one if them did it,” he said as he took a seat.

flipped through the book. It was a very detailed journal. I never even knew
anything like this existed. My parent’s house burned down the night of the
attack, so I had nothing of theirs. I sat down in one of the chairs and started
to skim the last entry. Colin was right. His last encounter was with a death
marshal, and he killed the marshal. Normally if you kill one, they send more.
“How would I find out who did it?” I asked quietly.

would have to talk to one,” Colin said matter of factly.

looked at him confused. “How the hell would I do that?”

get them to come here for some reason. Set a trap and convince one to talk.” He
said it like it would be simple.

thought about it for a minute. I wouldn’t mind finding out who killed my
parents. It was one of the things I planned to accomplish before I died, but it
would put everyone else at risk and I knew it. “It’s too risky,” I said

nodded and stood. “I agree. We have eyes and ears everywhere so if they do
happen to show up looking for Aubrey like expected we can get them then.”

nodded. “Give me a little bit. I would like to look through this.”

course,” he said and smiled, then he walked out leaving me alone.

was both nervous and excited about reading my father’s journal. I didn’t
remember much of him and the journal would give me an idea of who he really


was a knock that forced me to look up from the journal. It was Drake. He smiled
at me. “You going to sit here all day?”

straightened. “What time is it?” I asked looking around for a clock.

nine in the morning,” he said as he took a seat on a couch across from me.

I lost track of time,” I muttered as I stood.

can stay here, many people do,” he said amused.

shook my head. “My family will worry. How is the pack?” I asked figuring I
would be polite.

far so good. You would be the first to know if there was a problem.” He watched
me as he spoke like he wanted to say something.

nodded. “I will see you a little later,” I said then hurried out. I was sure my
uncle would be even more annoyed at me then he was before.


was surprised no one was waiting for me when I got home. I was guessing they
were all too preoccupied with everything that was going on. I walked to the
kitchen to get something to eat before I went to bed. I was always so
preoccupied sometimes I completely forgot to eat.

hesitated when I saw Kate in the kitchen. I really didn’t want to talk to
anyone, especially not her. “Hey Rayne,” she said and smiled, as she caught
sight of me before I could leave.

I was just going to get something to eat,” I said as I walked to the fridge.

made a lasagna that is really good. You are welcome to it if you want some.”
Her voice was far too chipper for me. It would definitely take some getting
used to. Luca seemed to like her so I was at least going to make an attempt to
be nice to her.

I said as I forced a smiled.

I haven’t seen you around much. Is everything going ok with you?” she asked.
She sounded like she was genuinely interested which didn’t make sense. I had
only spoken to her briefly.

nodded. “I am fine. I have friends around the area that I check in with.” It wasn’t
much of a lie, but it was all I had. I definitely wasn’t going to say anything
to her about the renegades. For some reason after reading my father’s journal I
was starting to feel protective of the group. My father loved them, and I was
going to do my best to lead them like he did. Luca and my uncle wouldn’t be
happy about it, but then again they were taking my job as a hunter away. I had
to find something to do.

well if you want to hang out sometime, let me now,” she said smiling.

grabbed a bowl of grapes to take with me and nodded. “I will,” I said forcing a
smile. I hurried out of the kitchen. I didn’t feel like discussing anything
else with her. I hurried up to my room hoping to finally get some sleep.


woke up right at sunset. I was suddenly full of energy. The renegades were kind
of a rag tag group, but with a little time they would become useful. I showered
and dressed then hurried downstairs. I hadn’t seen Aubrey in a while. I decided
I was going to stop by his club before I went to the warehouse. I didn’t want
him to think I was just checking on him, so I would have to come up with an

parked just down from the alley that led to Aubrey’s club. It was still early.
The night owls were just starting to come out. I stepped into the bar and
looked around. The female vampire I had encountered on a couple occasions
walked over to me. I wasn’t even sure what her name was.

seen you in a night or two. Are you here to cause problems?” she asked as she
looked me over.

am just here to see Aubrey,” I said trying to keep a hold of my temper. She was
the one that put my knives through my palms the first night I was here. I was
pretty sure her and I would never be friends.

in the back,” she said indicating the door that led to the interior of the

I muttered as I slipped by her and walked to the other door.

stepped in the door and looked around. The foyer split off in three directions
and I wasn’t sure which way to go. I decided to go toward the room I saw him
disappear into the last time I was here. I walked slowly toward the room. I was
a little nervous about being in a place where there were numerous vampires. Soft
classical music was coming from the room, so I was guessing I was in the right

took a deep breath and knocked gently on the door.

in,” Aubrey’s light playful tone said from the other side of the door.

slowly opened the door and stepped into the room. It was a large room. It was
like an apartment all in one. There was a bed on one side of the room, and
couches on the other. I looked around and Aubrey was nowhere in sight. The door
to the bathroom stood ajar. The soft music came from that general direction. I
had a feeling he was in the bath, and I immediately considered leaving. Curiosity
got the best of me, forcing me to walk toward the open bathroom door.

stopped just outside the door. The scent from his bath soap or cologne lingered
near the door. I could smell him, and I immediately felt my cheeks flush at the
thought of the dream I had. My heart started to race, and I was seriously
considering forgetting about the whole thing and walking away. My fingertips
touched the door handle. Feelings rushed over me like I never felt before. I
was excited and anticipating what would happen next. I didn’t want to feel this
way for him. Going in that room would change everything, and I knew it. I
wouldn’t be able to say no. I couldn’t put myself in that position. I let my
hand drop to my side. I couldn’t go any further. I had to get out of the room
and out of the bar completely. I turned and walked out of the room before I
could change my mind and do something I would regret. I walked quickly through
the bar. The female vampire looked slightly amused, but she didn’t say
anything. I had a feeling she knew exactly what had happened. Vampires were
linked which made their covens hard to bring down. The master communicated with
his underlings quickly with his mind. I had no doubt Aubrey had already
contacted the others when he heard me walk away. Once I outside I felt a little
better. I leaned against the alley wall and closed my eyes. The cool air felt
good against my heated cheeks.  

sound of a man shouting caught my attention. “FBI! Stop!” a man yelled as he
chased a dark figure into the alley. I immediately realized it was a vampire
the guy was chasing. The vampire was in familiar territory now. He turned to
strike the unsuspecting FBI agent. The vampire knocked the agent backwards into
the brick wall. I ran toward the two as the FBI agent slid to the ground
obviously dazed. The vampire had the guy pinned, and was going in for the kill.
I tackled the vampire knocking him off the guy. The vampire lunged at me. He
was no one I was familiar with so I quickly retrieved my knife and drove it
through the vampire’s heart. The vampire turned into ash as my knife hit its

the fuck! Get your hands up!” the FBI agent yelled as he quickly got to his
feet. He was holding a gun on me.

just saved your ass,” I growled as I turned to face him with my hands raised in
the air. I was surprised because he was actually hot for a human. He had short
close cut brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He obviously went to the gym, and
took care of himself. He was tone and fit like he worked out on his spare time.

just dusted that guy. How the hell did you do that?” he asked keeping the gun
trained on me. He was keeping his tone even; which surprised me. Normally
humans freaked out when they found out about our world.

wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Just be glad you get to live and get the
hell out of this ally,” I countered.

just turned someone into ash I think I might believe you,” he snapped.

watched him for a second debating on whether I should tell him. “He was a
vampire,” I said simply.

narrowed his eyes at me. “Bullshit,” he growled keeping the gun aimed at me.

sighed in annoyance. I hated humans. They refused to believe anything even when
they saw it for themselves. I moved quickly and knocked the gun sideways. I
went in to hit him and knock him out, but he dodged me. He was actually pretty
quick on his feet. He caught my wrist and spun me around. He pinned me face
first to the wall, and latched hand cuffs onto my wrists. “You just attacked a
federal agent missy. You are coming with me,” he growled in my ear as he cuffed

don’t have time for this. Next time I’ll think twice about saving a damn
human,” I growled as he pulled me toward the alley entrance.

think you need a trip to the happy house. You aren’t making any sense. I am
beginning to think I got hit harder in the head then I thought,” he muttered as
he led me toward the street.

didn’t speak. I didn’t need this. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with law
enforcement. It was a waste of my night. He led me to a car and pushed me up
against it. He started to search me. He removed five of my knives and set them
on the trunk of the car. “What the hell do you need so many knives for? Do you
go around dusting people often?”

my job, I’m a vampire hunter,” I said sounding bored.

scoffed. “Ya and I’m Hugh Hefner I just masquerade as an FBI agent,” he said

know, you would be cute if you weren’t such an ass. You saw the guy turn to
dust what other proof do you need?” I asked annoyed.

don’t know what I saw,” he countered.

don’t want to know what you saw. You would rather remain oblivious like the
rest,” I countered.

spun me around to face him. “Ok I give what’s your game. Who are you? Why don’t
you have an ID?”

already told you, you just don’t believe me,” I said watching him. I could see
the confusion and uncertainty in his eyes. He knew what he saw, he wasn’t an
idiot. He was just refusing to accept it.

shook his head like he was trying to forget about it all. “You know what, I am
going to release you, and you are going to disappear like I never saw you.
There is no way I am going to my superiors with this. I’ll be tossed in the
looney bin next to you,” he muttered as he turned me back around and un-cuffed

rubbed my wrists as I watched him. “Thanks, you saved me a ton of time.”

watched me like he really didn’t want to let me go, but he didn’t want to
explain what he saw either. “What’s your name?”

Rayne, everyone calls me Rayne. What is yours?” I asked deciding to play nice
and talk to him. He looked confused and uncertain like many of them did when
they ran into something supernatural.

Agent Nick Carter, you should get the hell out of here,” he said nervously as
he glanced around.

nodded and hurried over to my car which was only a couple parking spots down
from his. I wasn’t going to waste my time with him. If he just wanted to deny
everything that happened that was fine by me.

BOOK: Renegade: Volume 2
7.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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