Repent: A Very Bad Boy Romance

BOOK: Repent: A Very Bad Boy Romance
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A Very Bad Boy Romance
Mercy Faulk
About This Book

, sacrilegious and completely over the top…and I LOVED every filthy word!” ~R. Tryon

I’m a good girl, I swear. It’s not my fault he makes me want to do things to myself — and him — that would surely send me to hell.

But the temptation is too great. So when Pastor Randy says “Get on your knees and repent,” I do. I’ll do anything for him.


Pray for me.

© 2016 by Mercy Faulk

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

**This book was first published as the Pastor Randy series.


a bitter pill to swallow, my children, but the fact of the matter is that most of you will be spending eternity in Hades. Many of you, I'm sorry to say, have had premarital sex. You are condemned as a FORNICATOR!"

Pastor Randy Wade's deep voice boomed across the congregation, bouncing off the stained glass windows and echoing through the enormous hall. Behind him, a crucified Christ's head was lowered in despair, as if the painted tears on his face were for us, his beloved, doomed children.

"Idolators are CONDEMNED! Drunks are CONDEMNED! Sodomites are CONDEMNED!"

The crowd was being whipped into a frenzy of despair and joy. Yes! We were saved because we weren't any of those things!

Pastor Randy's voice dropped to a whisper, forcing us to quiet down so we could hear his prophetic words. His dark blue eyes scanned the crowd from under a lock of blond hair that had gone astray while he was trying to pound salvation into us.

"But they aren't the only ones, you know. Have you ever had impure thoughts about someone you weren't married to? GONE from the sight of God are ye! Have you divorced and remarried? ADULTERER! Not only have you doomed yourself, but you've ensured your children will suffer the flames of hell for ETERNITY!"

Wails of horror and grief filled the air. Everyone was rocking back and forth, holding their hands in the air, praising the name of Jesus. The tension in the room was intense, thrilling. I was short of breath and it was all I could do to not touch myself...down there.

I shook my head hard, trying to rid my brain of the impure thoughts I was having. But Pastor Randy was so frigging cute, especially when he worked himself up into a lather during a sermon. My nipples responded to his passion by hardening to diamond points.

Technically, he was our church's youth pastor, but he'd been subbing for Reverend Stevens since the old guy got sick. Pastor Randy -- he insisted on the less formal use of his first name -- was brought on as a replacement for when our elder statesman finally took his place at the Lord's table, and from the looks of things, that would be soon.

I guess since he was so young himself -- probably only about ten years older than me -- the deacons of the church decided he should get to know the church's youth before taking on the whole congregation. All the girls were very happy about that decision.

"God, he's hot," Lena whispered into my ear as we watched Pastor Randy stalk across the stage, railing against sin. He was so charismatic, so powerful, that no one seemed to mind his harsh words. If old Reverend Stevens had been saying those things, half the congregation would have stormed out in a huff. But Pastor Randy held everyone's attention. They couldn't get enough.

I could barely nod in response to Lena because I was so worked up -- and not in a spiritual way. I'd never so much as kissed a boy in my entire 18 years, but more than anything, I wanted Pastor Randy between my thighs. What was wrong with me?! I was thinking of giving my flower to this man who wasn't my husband at the very moment he was preaching about hellfire and damnation for having such thoughts!
I'm nuts!
I thought as I flipped through my well-worn Bible, hoping to read something that would cool my ardor.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth--

for your love is more delightful than wine.

Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes;

your name is like perfume poured out.

No wonder the young women love you!

Take me away with you--let us hurry!

Let the king bring me into his chambers.

Argh! The last thing I needed was to read the Song of Solomon! I slammed the book shut and picked up my program to fan myself. A lot of the ladies were fanning themselves. It seemed Pastor Randy wasn't popular with just the girls. Several older women looked like they would swoon at any moment from his animal magnetism.

Even the men looked as if they would obey his every command, though a few were glaring between him and their wives. My hand shot up to my mouth to cover my snicker. Lena saw me and followed my glance and started snickering, too.

My mom eased her hand over so slowly that I didn't notice until she pinched my arm...hard. "Ouch!"

She leaned over and hissed, "Keep it down, Stacey. I don't need the deacons wondering if a woman who can't control her daughter should be the church secretary. We can't afford for me to lose this job."

I nodded, and bowed my head in shame. Mom had raised my little sister and me alone, and had been forced to work some pretty horrible jobs until the church hired her as their secretary. The pay wasn't quite as good as some of the other jobs she'd had, but she got home early enough to meet my sister's school bus and she wasn't completely exhausted at the end of the day. The job really was a blessing for my family.

"Let us pray," I heard Pastor Randy say, his voice once again reaching deep inside me to places I didn't even know about. I squirmed from the wetness forming between my legs as his rich voice boomed out the Lord's Prayer.

The moment he released us, I bolted up and headed for the door. I needed some fresh air to cool down.

"Hold on there, missy." Mom grabbed my arm and pressed her keyring into my hand. "Could you run to the office and grab my purse? I need to talk to Pastor Randy for a few minutes before we leave."

I was so heated up that speech was futile, so I nodded meekly and moved toward the back of the church. Mom had about a thousand keys so I had to try several before I found the one that fit the office's door. It had one of those automatic door closer things, so it shut behind me with a snap when I entered, making me jump.

I'm so tense
, I thought as I looked around Mom's desk for her purse. I found it in a drawer and was about to leave when I noticed that the door to Pastor Randy's inner office was cracked open. I'd never been in there before -- only out here when Mom was working. Did I dare?

I knew he'd be busy greeting his parishioners, and then Mom would bend his ear for who knows how long. The risk was totally worth it just to get a glimpse of his inner sanctum. I eased the door open and stepped in, wrinkling my nose at the musty odor...but it had an under layer of spice that made my core clench.

A glance around revealed that most of Reverend Stevens's belongings were neatly stacked in a corner -- the source of the musty smell. I walked around the small room running my fingers across every surface, as if I was touching Pastor Randy. The slick surface of his desk soothed and stimulated my burning fingertips. The rough fabric of his chair tickled them. His long, black woolen overcoat was hanging on a coat rack next to the window, and I ran my hands up the sides as I buried my nose into the collar, breathing in his spicy scent.

A shudder ripped through me and before I knew what I was doing, I was shrugging his coat onto my shoulders. I was drowning in it. Pulling the collar up around my face, I took another whiff of his musk. Cologne mixed with the unmistakable smell of man...
man. My knees nearly gave out!

Pulling out the chair from his desk, I sank into it, grateful for someplace to sit for a moment so I could somehow gather my wits. The scratchy wool rubbed against my bare neck, heightening the sensitivity there. Suddenly, I was very, very hot. I needed out of this coat,

As my fingers fumbled with the buttons I didn't even remember fastening, my hand accidentally ground one of the half-round, leather-covered buttons into my lap. I jumped at the sharp jolt of electricity there that spread into a warmth throughout my lower abdomen.

"What the...?" Did I just accidentally masturbate? It felt really nice, after I got over the initial shock.
I wonder if I'll go to hell for that.
Panic set in for a moment, but then I figured, heck, if I'm going to hell for accidentally doing it, I might as well go all out and try it for real.

I got the coat opened but didn't take it off. Pastor Randy's scent was so strong, and it was obviously turning me on something fierce, that taking it off wasn't an option. Instead, I snuggled down into it, breathing deep and feeling myself heat up inside of it.

I closed my eyes and clumsily slid my hands up and down the front of my body. I'd never done this before and suddenly wondered why. Oh yeah, I shared a room with my little sister, Hannah. And I'd certainly never had a boy ever touch me because Mom wouldn't let me date until I graduated from high school. It had been two months since graduation and no one had asked me out -- they'd given up trying years ago.

Nervously, I spread my legs a little. The thin fabric of my dress yielded easily to pressure from my fingers as they pressed on the sensitive spot between my legs. The clitoris, I remembered from health class. After that class, I'd touched it a little while I showered but nothing major really happened. It felt okay but I'd been too worried about Mom or Hannah walking in since there was no lock on our mobile home's bathroom door. I'd never bothered again.

But something was different. The more my fingers pushed, the harder my hips pushed back. I was getting uncomfortable so I shifted my arm, and that's when I discovered a whole new level of pleasure. Rubbing! That's what I needed to do.

I spread my legs a little wider and used all four fingers to rub up and down on my mound. Ooh, that felt good! My breaths were coming in little pants, and I felt some strange heat and tension building in the lower half of my body.

I didn't want to wrinkle my dress so I hiked the hem up to my waist and rubbed around on top of my silky blue panties. They weren't a thong, like all my friends wore, because Mom wouldn't buy them for me. At least they were pretty little bikinis, not granny panties.

My legs spread wider on their own the more excited I got. The grunts I heard from a million miles away were mine, I knew that, but I also felt disconnected from them. As my right hand petted my pussy, my left found a breast. I gasped at my own touch. I found that grabbing it like I imagined a boy might didn't do much for me, but when my fingers clamped down on my nipple, I nearly shot out of the chair. God had seen fit to give me small but apparently very sensitive breasts.

Pastor Randy's smell enveloped me and visions of him danced before me, striding across the stage, preaching hellfire for sinful thoughts. My fingers only worked harder at the memory of his words. "ADULTERER!"

My fingers slipped down past the elastic of my panties and I dipped one finger into the wetness that had pooled there. I groaned and tipped my head back in delight. Why had I never done this?!

I needed better access so I hooked my thumbs under the elastic and slid my undies down my slender legs, letting them dangle from one ankle as I propped my modest heels up against the edge of the big oak desk. I pushed the chair back just enough to get good purchase and went back to work.

Taking one more deep breath of Pastor Randy, I explored my dripping folds, amazed at the amount of liquid there. It was also amazing, and a little frightening, how engorged my lips and clit had become. This was a revelation, no pun intended!

A finger slicked up and down my entrance for a moment before I finally summoned up the courage to dip it inside. I gasped and arched against my hand. The sensation it made as it slid in and out of me was mind-blowing. But it wasn't creating the thick heat that I knew instinctively would end in something amazing.

I slipped it back out and up to the now-throbbing nub, circling it. I tried adding a second finger and rubbed both across and around the top of it."Mmm," I moaned. Tension was building inside me, pushing me to press harder, circle more. Like the good little virgin I was, I obeyed.

Pastor Randy's scent was stronger now, as if the heat of my body inside of his coat somehow activated it. It made my nipples tighten and pucker against the soft silk of my bra. Head tipped back and eyes closed tight, I slid my fingers back up to a nipple, first rolling one between my fingers, then pinching the other. Groans of pleasure escaped my lips.

As the pressure inside me built, my butt raised up off the chair, pushing into my hand harder and harder until
Lights and color exploded behind my eyelids as convulsions wracked my small frame and heat coursed through me. My entire body was pulsing but especially my pussy. My clitoris was so sensitive I could no longer touch it without jerking in something close to pain. Yet my hand wanted to return to it, soothe it.

As I relaxed myself back into the chair, someone cleared their throat right in front of me. My eyes flew open and widened in surprise to see Pastor Randy standing directly in front of me at the edge of the desk, just staring down at me.

"Oh!" I flushed red and scrambled to pull my dress down and my panties up. Tears of shame and embarrassment pricked my eyes as panicked hands fumbled to get my stupid foot through my stupid panties. I finally gave up and ripped them from my other foot and stuffed them in my pocket.

"Oh goodness! Pastor Randy! I...I..." There were no words that could save me from what he'd seen. It wasn't as if I'd heard him in time to cover up what I'd been doing. He'd been standing there for God only knew how long and had witnessed, not only my very first time masturbating, but my very first orgasm. Oh, the humiliation!

"I don't know what to say." It was lame, and I cringed at the quaver in my whisper. But I couldn't help it. My hot pastor had just witnessed me committing the very sin he'd been preaching against just minutes ago. I was going to hell for sure.

Pastor Randy's face gave no hint at what he was feeling. He just stared blankly at me. "Stacey, your mother is wondering where you are. You'd better go find her."

"Yes, sir," I whispered as I scurried toward the door.

"Stacey." His voice was thick and low. I thought he'd be angry, but it almost seemed as if there was no emotion there at all.


"Please leave my coat."

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I..." Flushing again, I slipped out of the coat and hung it where I'd found it. Glancing at him from under my lashes, I slunk past him like a puppy who'd just piddled on the carpet.

BOOK: Repent: A Very Bad Boy Romance
3.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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