Rescued by the Billionaire (Billionaire Romance Novel)

BOOK: Rescued by the Billionaire (Billionaire Romance Novel)
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Rescued by the Billionaire



Rescued by the Billionaire

By Aubrey Michelle


Copyright 2015 Aubrey Michelle


All Rights Reserved


This book is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people, places, or events is strictly coincidental. This book may not be reproduced or distributed in any format without the permission of the author, with the exception of brief quotations used in reviewing the book.


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Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter One


“I’m so worried about my baby girl,” Kelly said to Heather as they bussed the table.


“Oh God, what weird thing has she done now? She hasn’t tried microwaving another can of Mountain Dew, has she?” Heather laughed, recalling the story as she’d heard it a few months back.


“No, no. It’s nothing like that, but I’m worried about her. At first she complained how much her knees hurt her, but she can be so goofy. After a few days, I took a peek and they were both swollen.”


Her coworker nodded, “What do you think happened to her?”


“I have no clue. It started off with her knees and then she began complaining that her back was also sore, so I thought she fell and must have injured herself, but I think it’s something else.”


“How come?” she asked.


“Because she ran a fever two days ago, but it’s been intermittent. There’s nothing wrong with her, she’s not ‘sick’. She doesn’t have a sore throat, runny nose, cough or other cold-like symptoms.” Kelly said as she sat the tub of dishes near the dishwasher. “Let me grab that table. Sarah just seated a customer in my section; I’ll take his drink order real fast.”


She headed toward the gentleman placed in her area. She couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. His piercing green eyes stood
out against his tanned skin. She approached the man smiling as she did with all of her customers.


“Good afternoon. What would you like to drink?” she asked as he looked over the menu.


His glance turned to her and returned a warm smile, “I’ll have a Dr. Pepper, please.”


“I’ll go grab that for you.”


Kelly headed into the kitchen as she motioned Heather over to her.


“Do you see that guy in my section?”


“Yeah! Talk about a hunk! You should so get his number!”


“No way! I don’t want another relationship. I don’t have time for that.” Kelly said, rolling her eyes.


“If you didn’t work so much, you’d have the opportunity! Think of little Emma, doesn’t she deserve a daddy?” Heather joked.


“No, she needs her momma.” She stated as she left the kitchen with his drink.


“Here you go, sir. Are you ready to order or would you like to look over the menu longer?”


“Yes, I’ll have a grilled chicken salad,” he remarked as he returned the menu.


“You got it, and my name’s Kelly. I’ll be your server today. Just call if you need anything else.”  


As she served the gorgeous stranger his lunch, she and Heather spoke near the counter, where they couldn’t be heard.


“What are you going to do about Emma?” her coworker asked.


“I have no clue. I think that maybe she fell, but it’s hard to tell with her. She does the strangest things.”


“Yeah, she does.”


“When I go on break, I’ll call to schedule her a doctor’s appointment. It sucks because ever since we had to get healthcare coverage, my paychecks have been horrid.”


“Mine too,” Heather agreed.


“Well, after paying insurance on both of us, my last check was a whopping $18 after all of my deductions and taxes. It hurts we’ve been so slow.”


“Tell me about it!”


“Oh, be right back again. I think he needs another drink.”


Kelly walked over to the table. It was impossible take her eyes off of the man sitting in her section. He was so well dressed. She wondered why he was sitting alone. He had to have a girlfriend or wife—didn’t he?


“Hi sir, would you like a refill?”


“Yes, please. It’s been so hot outside, I was dying of thirst. Tell me your name again?” he inquired.


“Kelly,” she smiled at him. “And I’ll return with your soda. Dr. Pepper, right?”


He nodded his head. A few moments later, she returned with his beverage and headed to the counter to continue chatting with Heather.


“Okay, where were we?” Kelly asked as they rolled silverware inside of napkins.


“Oh, we were just bitching about how we work for peanuts.”


“Right. You better hope that kid of yours doesn’t pop out soon. He needs to stay put until business picks up!” Kelly teased her friend.


“Well, he’s still got eight more weeks,” Heather commented as she rubbed her belly. “I
can’t wait to meet him. I hope he doesn’t have his dad’s big ears,” she laughed.


“Hold on again, he’s leaving. I need to clean that table real quick,” Kelly said, nodding her head toward the place where her customer was.


As she reached the area, she spotted a business card on top of cash. Curious what it was, she began to examine it. There was a $40 tip underneath it! She couldn’t believe that he was so generous after just ordering a salad. She stuffed the money into her pocket as she examined the card.


David Carr

President and Owner

D.C. Commercial Properties

(555) 555-7289

[email protected]


She noticed that there was an arrow drawn on the bottom of the card, indicating he’d written on the other side. She flipped it over to read what was on it.



I loved meeting you today. Please call or text me. I can’t wait to hear from you.





Kelly’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his note. This wasn’t her typical kind of guy. Most of her exes were flakes; nothing like this man. She was lucky if most of her ex’s even held a job as a fry cook.


Once, she dated someone who worked at a hamburger joint—for six weeks. When he lost his job, he came up with a reason they should “take their relationship to the next level” and ended up living on her couch for three months after she broke up with him. Then there was Adam, who was Emma’s dad. He was a piece of work. The relationship between the two of them started out great until she discovered he had anger issues. The couple had been dating for about a month when he became angry with her for not being home when she said she’d be there. He kicked in and dented her screen door. After a few apologies and his excuse of having a bad day, she forgave him. A few months later, she wound up expecting—with Emma—and that’s when everything grew ugly.


Knowing that Kelly was pregnant, he could tell he had her on a hook and that she’d want him to
stay; his true colors came out. Sometimes she would come home to her living room all smashed up and other times she’d find her dog beaten. She tried to work things out for Emma’s sake but decided that this was not the environment she wanted her daughter growing up in. Kelly mustered up the strength for a restraining order and kicked Adam to the curb. After the sheriff’s department removed him from the residence, she never saw him again.


Kelly didn’t bother filing for child support since Adam hardly worked. She also knew that he was the type that even if she applied, he’d likely quit his job to elude making payments. Additionally, Kelly worried that he might feel a sense of entitlement to their daughter if he paid and try to weasel his way back into their lives. She wanted no part of that. As a result, she worked
full-time hours as a waitress and picked up extra shifts as much as she could.


Dawn, her life-long friend, helped her; they’d been best friends for almost 20 years since they were nine years old. Kelly was particular in who took care of Emma—she wouldn’t let just anybody watch her baby. Her daughter was her pride and joy; her whole world. Dawn, and her husband Derek would babysit any chance they could to help them out. They loved Emma and would do anything for them. The couple was superb to the little girl, treating her as if she was their own child. He even built a swing set in the backyard for Emma during the times she was there, which was practically every day.


Kelly took the card and showed it to her co-workers Heather and Sarah. “Check out what he left on the table!”


“Let me read that,” Sarah said, snatching it from Kelly’s hand.


“Oh my God! He wants you to call him!” Sarah squealed. “He was cute! I think you should.”


“I tried talking her into getting his number, but she wouldn’t do it.” She explained to Sarah before turning to her and saying, “But it looks like you got it anyway!”


“Quiet you guys. It’ll never happen.”


“What? Why not?” Sarah challenged.


“Because I can’t.”


“Yes, you can. Why can’t you call him?”


“I’m busy.” She announced.


“Doing what?” Heather contested.


“Working and taking care of Emma.” She paused for a minute, “Oh wait. Hey, I’ll go make her a doctor appointment real quick since I have no tables at the moment. Will you keep an eye out for me?” she asked her friend.


Heather nodded that she would. Kelly dashed into the manager’s office to use the phone. As it rang, she wondered how she would even explain these symptoms. What would she say? My daughter has swollen knees and a fever that’s been coming and going for the last few days? Those hardly seemed like reasons to call, but being her child, it was every reason.


“Dr. Hinton’s office, Wendy speaking. How may I help you?” his assistant answered the phone.


“Hi Wendy, this is Kelly Hall. I was wondering if the doctor could examine my daughter Emma this week. She’s been complaining that her knees hurt, and she’s been running a low-grade fever the last few days.”


“Okay, um, let me check the schedule to check if I can fit you guys in. Do you have any idea why they might be swollen?” Wendy asked as she tried to shift around the appointments to make room for them.


“No, I thought maybe she fell, but she keeps complaining about them. The real reason I wanted to bring her in is because of the fever; that concerns me.”

BOOK: Rescued by the Billionaire (Billionaire Romance Novel)
8.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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