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Authors: Anya Byrne

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Reunited with His Werewolf Beloved

BOOK: Reunited with His Werewolf Beloved
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Reunited with His Werewolf Beloved

Lone Wolf Pack 4.2


Copyright 2014 Anya Byrne


All Romance Edition November 2014

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A few years ago, Bobby Cox lost the most important thing in
his life. Fearing the machinations of his pack leader, he broke up with his
mate, TJ.

Now, the Adler pack is free of tyranny, and the new Alpha
seems open to inter-species relationships. Bobby finally has hope. But will TJ,
a feline shifter, want to take a chance on Bobby again, or is their bond broken
beyond repair?


Warning: Gay erotic romance. The material in this
document contains explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences
only. All characters involved are adults capable of consent, are over the age
of twenty-one, and are willing participants.


6,460 words



Reunited with His Werewolf Beloved

Lone Wolf Pack 4.2


Anya Byrne

Copyright 2014






Chapter One


"Starting today, I don't want any more prejudice and
hatred here. We have left our past behind, and we've stopped being the Adler
pack. We can be so much more now, and we'll begin by welcoming all the mates of
our members here, no matter the gender or the species."

Alpha Nathan Stone spoke steadily and clearly, the speech
holding an honest decision that had been missing for quite a while in the Adler
pack. Bobby Cox stood there, listened, and wondered if the day he'd been waiting
for had finally come.

He had lost all hope that it would ever happen—and then both
his Alpha, and the Alpha's son had unexpectedly been killed. Now, they were
ready to start over. Bobby didn't like to think he was a ruthless asshole, but
he was glad they'd died. It gave him hope, and that was something he hadn't had
in a long time.

After the meeting, Alpha Stone waited for them to ask
individual and private questions. He stood to the side of the clearing, and his
human mate, Valentine Smythe was with him, which was another thing that had
surprised Bobby. Seeing them together made something ache deep inside him. It
certainly didn't help that, despite the loose clothes he wore, Valentine
couldn't hide that he was quite visibly pregnant.

Still, Bobby did his best not to stare as he approached the
couple. "I needed a word with you, Alpha," he said respectfully.

"Of course, Robert," Nathan answered. "What is

Bobby fidgeted, unsure how to approach this. He had never
talked about his secret with anyone, and he didn't know Nathan all that well.
Nathan's cousin, Mario, had made it his business to keep everyone in the pack,
and especially Bobby, far away from Nathan.

Still, this was important, so Bobby braced himself, took a
deep breath and spoke. "Does this mean we will be accepting humans and
other species into the pack? Will interaction with non-werewolves be

His tone must have come out a little more combative than he'd
have liked, because the Alpha frowned. "I would not hope to police the relationships
of my pack members, beyond the fact that I wish them to be peaceful. Do you
have a problem with that, Robert?"

Bobby winced, realizing Nathan thought he must be angry
because of the new rules. "No," he said quickly—possibly too quickly.
"Of course not."

Nathan's frown deepened. "I like you, Robert, but I
won't tolerate any dissension when it comes to this particular policy. I know
it will take some time for pack members to adjust to these new views, but I
hope you'll work with me on this."

Bobby would have tried to clarify the misunderstanding, but
he didn't get the chance, because his father unexpectedly manifested by his
side. "Greetings, Alpha. Congratulations on the speech. It was quite

Nathan acknowledged the praise with a barely there nod.
"Thank you, Elder Zachary. I appreciate the support."

"Would you mind terribly if I stole my son for a bit? I
wanted to discuss something with him."

"Please do, Elder Zachary," the Alpha replied.
"Family always comes first."

On cue, Bobby's father grabbed his wrist and pulled him
aside. Once they were out of earshot, he scowled fiercely. "What do you
think you're doing? You know better than to antagonize the Alpha."

"I wasn't trying to antagonize him," Bobby defended
himself. He couldn't exactly explain what he'd been seeking, and his father
didn't wait for him to find a way to elaborate. "Look, son. I realize
things have been difficult for you since Mario died. I understand that without
him, you feel you have no protection. But I am doing my best to change that.
Nathan is a good man. He won't allow anyone to hurt you."

Bobby bit the inside of his cheek so hard he tasted blood.
His father was right, in a way, but he was also way off the mark. Bobby had
always been considered frailer, inferior to other werewolves. His father had
never told him who his mother had been, but judging by Bobby's more delicate
looks and some of the abilities he'd never dared to use, he suspected he had a
Sidhe ancestry. Either way, it had led to some persecution in the pack. His
father's influence had helped some, but it wasn't until Mario, Alpha Adler's
son, had taken an interest in him that he'd truly been left alone.

That had brought Bobby little comfort, because Mario had been
worse than all of them combined. Mario's stalking had been the main reason why
Bobby had given up the best thing in his life. The man had never forced himself
on Bobby, but Bobby had no doubt that it would have happened eventually,
perhaps once Mario took over as Alpha. Or at least, he would have tried to do
it. Bobby would have never allowed it, even if he had to show them all he
wasn't quite as frail as they believed.

The lies, fear and pretending had become unnecessary now, and
Bobby didn't want to think about all the time he'd lost to it. He just wanted
to dream and hope that he could still mend what he'd broken. Yes, it would
probably lose him what little respect he had in his father's eyes, but Alpha
Nathan wouldn't push him to change himself. How could he? He had a human mate,
and he understood how it worked better than anyone.

He realized he hadn't replied to his father's words when the
man gave him a concerned look. "Robert? Are you all right?"

"Fine," Bobby quickly said. "Don't worry about
me, Father. It was all a big misunderstanding. I'm very happy about Alpha
Stone's leadership. I'll speak with him later and clarify the issue."

He'd have done so now, but there were already other members
of the pack crowding around the Alpha, and Bobby couldn't stay here anymore.
"Please make my apologies, and let him know I'll explain as soon as I see
him again. You know I'm not very fond of crowds."

His father sighed, but nodded. "Very well, Bobby. Go on.
I'll see you later."

Bobby took advantage of his father's goodwill and fled. He
made his way through the forest, trekking toward his car as he mused over what
he was about to do.

There were no guarantees that his mate would even want to see
him after the way things had ended between them. For all Bobby knew, the man
could have a different lover now. But Bobby had to try. If there was the
slightest chance that he might be able to rebuild their relationship, he needed
to make the attempt.

In no time, he reached his car and slid inside. As he revved
the engine, the memory of his mate popped into his mind's eye. His breath
caught, and he set his hands on the wheel, close to hyperventilating.

The last time they'd met, Bobby had hurt his mate so badly.
He'd been afraid of what Mario would do if he found out Bobby's secret, and he
hadn't wanted to risk his mate's life. But that didn't change all the pain he'd
caused, or the fact that he no longer had any right to his former lover's

Bobby shook himself and started the car. The drive wasn't
long, but it still took forever, and it was difficult for him to focus on the
road. Paradoxically, he also seemed to get there too soon for him. As he parked
the car in the same spot he'd used for quite some time—even in the past years,
when he'd never gone inside the building—he mentally flailed, wondering how in
the world he'd ever muster the courage to face his lover.

He could see TJ now, through the windows of the store,
talking to a customer. TJ held a small item in his big hands, and the way he
moved reminded Bobby of better times, of moments when he'd been the recipient
of both gentle touches and harsh pleasure-pain.

When the customer left the store, purchase bag in hand, Bobby
finally stepped out of the car. He crossed the street and stepped into the
antique store, moving quickly so he wouldn't have time to change his mind.

His mate was behind the counter, seemingly setting some
papers in order. "Hi, Jay," Bobby greeted him.

TJ didn't turn toward him, not that Bobby expected him to.
The man had most likely felt Bobby's approach ages ago. His senses were just as
acute as Bobby's, and they'd always been good at finding one another.

"What are you doing here, Robert?"

Bobby winced. TJ had never called him Robert in the past.
From the moment they'd met, he'd been Bobby, or, at times, TJ's little robin.
He swallowed around the knot in his throat and forced himself to speak despite
the pain. "I came to see you."

At that, TJ turned and looked toward him. His gold eyes
seemed to pierce Bobby's soul and Bobby froze, torn between the urge to get
closer and the agony he felt at TJ's enduring anger.

"That's not an answer," TJ snapped at him.
"When you left, you made it quite clear it was over. You're not welcome
here anymore."

"I know that," Bobby whispered, miraculously
managing to find his voice. "But things have changed."

"Changed?" TJ sneered. "Please. Some things
never change."

"There's a new Alpha now, Jay," Bobby blurted out,
"and Mario is dead. It's safe for us to be—"

"That was never the problem and you know it," TJ
interrupted him. "I would have fought for you, for us. I would have taken
both of us far away, where they could never reach you. But you were ashamed,
ashamed of having a mate who's not even a werewolf."

Bobby's face flamed. It was true that Jay's nature had made
the entire issue more complicated, but it wasn't because of Bobby's
embarrassment. Despite his father's expectations, Bobby would have left it all
behind, ignored all the sneers that would have undoubtedly come—if he hadn't
been worried about what his then-Alpha would do. "I could never be ashamed
of you, of us," he whispered. "I love you."

"No, you don't," TJ bit out. "If you had, you
never would have given up on us in the first place."

Bobby opened his mouth to protest, but TJ wasn't done yet.
"Besides, it doesn't matter anymore. I have someone else now."

Something inside Bobby cracked at TJ's words. The spark of
hope Nathan had given him fizzled and died. "Oh."

It was as he'd feared then. His cowardice had permanently
alienated TJ. Even if both of them knew they were mates, sometimes it simply
wasn't enough. It was clear. Because of what Bobby had done, TJ hated him, and
he'd taken refuge in the embrace of someone else.

"I see," he murmured. "I'm sorry to have
bothered you then. I'll... just be on my way."

Without looking at TJ, he turned on his heel and fled the
store. He half-hoped TJ would call out to him, but of course, that didn't
happen. Bobby got in the car and drove off, cursing himself for a fool. He
should have never come here.

When he entered pack lands again, he found the first
reclusive spot and parked the car. By now, it was noon—his Alpha had chosen a
peculiar hour for their meeting, possibly to point out things would be
different from now on. Bobby didn't care.

He hid behind the large trees and hastily took his clothes
off. Once he was naked, he allowed the change to flow over him. The wolf came
bursting out, and as Bobby fell on four paws to the ground, his instincts
flared inside him.

Bobby released a mournful howl, grieving the loss of the bond
he himself had cut off. And then, he started running, moving through the
forest, letting his mind fade away within the instincts of the beast. Too bad
that, despite his speed, he could never outrun the pain.

BOOK: Reunited with His Werewolf Beloved
6.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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