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A Black Ice MC Novella

by Rayna Bishop

Crash -
A Black Ice MC Novella

© 2014 Rayna Bishop

All Rights Reserved

This story is a work of fiction.
All characters are products of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.

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I would like to thank my amazing friends and family who supported me through the writing of this story and continue to support me every single day.
I would also like to thank
Davida Lynn
who’s constant teaching and understanding has helped me reach the place where I can write stories like this.

I also want to thank each and every one of you for reading this story.
Writing is a lonely process and I keep my spirits up knowing there are folks in the world that appreciate what I do.
Thanks for supporting an independent author.
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he little town came into view as Mercer crested the hill on his motorcycle.
As he made his way, buildings started to replace the trees, and soon he passed a sign that told him he was entering Harrisburg.
He wondered if this was Illinois or Indiana, but he didn’t really care.
He had been riding for days, finding little towns like this to grab a drink and a bite to eat, then getting some sleep. The next morning, he’d be off again.

He wondered if he had been riding for four or five days.
Again, it just didn’t matter.
He wasn’t going back and he had no actual destination in mind.
At some point, he’d probably have to find something more permanent, but for now he had enough money to keep riding. That would have to do.

He drove a couple more miles and slowed down when he saw the stop sign coming up, reflecting red from his headlight into the surrounding darkness.
Mercer was at a crossroads.
The signs told him he could go straight and stay on Highway 47, or he could go south on 160.

He shook his head.
He suddenly had a better idea of where he was.
If he went south on 160, he’d eventually be home.
His original home, the place he’d left over ten years ago and never looked back.
It might take hours, maybe even days, but he if drove south on that road, he would be there.

Mercer didn’t head south. He peeled out and went straight, continuing east towards the center of Harrisburg.

anni wrapped her legs around Ben as he slammed into her hard, just the way she liked it.
She squeezed him with her legs and dug her nails into his back.
He was on top of her but she wished he were pinning her down.
His cock entered her and pulled out, then entered her again.
She moaned loudly and slapped his ass.
Instead of reciprocating her aggression, he took that as a sign to be more tender.
He took a breast in his mouth and sucked on her nipple.
Sex with Ben was nice, but she wanted him to take more of an active role, to make her feel like a real goddamn woman.

She liked Ben well enough and he knew how to get her off, but she couldn’t convince him to be more forceful with her.
Still, his hands on her body felt nice and his penis was big enough to make her feel good.

“Oh yeah, baby.
Just like that,” Ben whispered.
“You feel so good.
Keep doing that.”

He crashed into her again and again and she came, digging her nails harder into Ben’s back.
Her orgasm pushed him over the edge.
His cock jerked and shot a hot load, filling his condom.

He stayed inside her for a full minute, unable to move after the orgasm.
He pulled out, rolled to the side of the bed, and pulled the condom off, throwing it into the trashcan next to the bed.
He moved closer to her and put his arm around her.

“That was a good one,” he sighed.

“Yeah, it was,” she murmured, distantly, and didn’t say any more.

He squeezed her shoulder and got up, found his underwear, and pulled them on.

“You’re leaving?” she asked.

I told you I have to go to Nashville tomorrow for work.
I have to be up at six in the morning.”

“Fine,” she said.
Her voice was chillier than she meant it to be, but didn’t apologize.

“Danni, don’t be like that.
We have a good thing going.”

She pulled her knees up to her chest, bringing the sheets with her.
“You mean you call me and I fuck you?
You’re right, you do have a good thing going.”

Ben pulled his shirt on and looked at her.
“Do you want a relationship?
We talked about that in the beginning.
No strings attached, that’s what you said.
Your words.”

“No, I don’t want a fucking relationship.”

Ben got his boots on and opened the door.
Before he left, he turned back. “Then let me know when you figure out what you want.”

He shut the door and was gone.
Danni ran her fingers through her hair and fell back on the pillow.
She hadn’t meant to treat Ben that way.
He was OK.
She didn’t want a relationship with him—he was just a great lay and that’s where it stopped—but she was feeling lonely right then.
It confused her how she could fuck a guy and be lonely when he was still in the room.

She got up from the bed and walked naked across the room.
Ben had left his cigarettes.
She didn’t smoke, not usually, but she grabbed one and struck a match.
She inhaled the smoke into her lungs and sat in the threadbare chair, feeling the rough material against her bare ass.

Danni sat smoking, trying to get to the bottom of her feelings.
It was like loneliness, but something else.
She wasn’t a lonely person—she had always been independent—but lately she’d been feeling restless.
She had lived in Calumet, Tennessee, her entire life and had been mostly happy, but lately she’d started wondering if there wasn’t something more outside of her town.

BOOK: Revenge
8.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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