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A Novella

Book 1

The Belmont University Series


Sierra Rose


Copyright © 2014 by Sierra Rose


Edited by Autumn J. Conley


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Meet 6 friends who all attend Belmont University.

Each book is designed to tell their unique story.









Let’s start with Alexis, shall we?






My name is Alexis Young and I attend Belmont University in Los Angeles, California. I’d starred in so many high school productions, I’d lost count. So I decided to study acting at the college level. I’m a sophomore. The more I studied acting, the more I learned about the preparation it takes to breathe a character to life on stage or on film. Maybe one day, I just might make it. A girl can dream, right?

I swayed to the loud beat of the music and downed the rest of my beer. I simply couldn’t say no when my friend Juliet tried to drag me out to that frat party; I was ready for a good time—not to mention a date with a guy I’d been swooning over for weeks. He wasn’t there yet, but I couldn’t wait till he arrived. Today is my birthday so I wanted to celebrate on this wonderful September night.

Meanwhile, two tall guys danced next to me like they were competing in some sort of Dance Dance Revolution tournament. They’d spiked their vodka with Red Bull, so they were about as hyper as my little nieces. Maybe they thought they were being sexy, impressing us with their corny, klutzy moves, but Lori and Juliet and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

A short while later, another pathetically lonely guy wandered over and began unleashing his emotional baggage on me, talking about his broken heart. After three tequila shots, the sad sack was literally crying on my shoulder, like a baby. I didn’t know whether to burp him or offer him a fresh diaper, but I was really in no mood to play mother, therapist, or AA sponsor to a bawling, sniveling, drunken stranger.

Another guy spoke gibberish, slurring so badly that I wasn’t sure he was even speaking English. His actions, however, spoke loud and clear: He was ready and willing to take home anyone with a pulse—or maybe even someone without one.

I pushed the creeper away and patted the crier on the arm. “She’s so not worth it,” I consoled, trying to be polite. “It’s a party. You’re here to have fun.”

He burst out in more tears. “But I

“Where’s Sophie?” I asked in Lori’s ear, over the loud boots-‘n’-pants rhythm of the dancing music. “She’s the one who likes to listen to this crap and socialize at these things. I’m horrible at this kind of stuff.”

Juliet pulled a random girl over, a blonde wearing far too much eyeshadow in a far too psychedelic color. “Hey, this guy needs somebody to talk to,” she explained, then pulled me away from the crybaby.

Another guy tapped me on the shoulder as he stumbled over his own two feet like Bambi on ice, except not nearly as cute.

“Yeah?” I said.

“See her?”

He pointed to a brunette sitting on the couch. She wasn’t much too look at, but she seemed to be having a good time. “I’m drunk,” he said, as if it wasn’t obvious, “and now she finally looks like a blur with a vagina. I’m gonna tap that.”

“Loser!” Juliet pushed him and sent him tumbling over a table, knocking red Solo cups of beer left and right. “Oops,” she said coyly. “Oh well. He needs to sleep it off anyway. So…did you have a great birthday or what?”

Another blonde, this one with cleavage as bubbly and bouncy as her personality, walked by and handed each of us a Jell-O shot.

“Thanks,” Juliet said as the booty-shorts-clad girl walked away, and we downed them in one gulp.

“It was awesome!” I said.

Just as the words left my lips, two guys bumped into me, strumming air guitars as if they were some kind of rockers instead of just two drunks at a party.

“Sorry,” the redhead said.

I smiled, and the wannabe rock star darted off into the crowd.

“What happened to your original date, that guy you were gonna bring with you?” Juliet asked.

“Uh, he had to work and didn’t wanna come anyway. I was shocked when Brad came over and wished me a happy birthday after class yesterday.”

“Yeah. How did he know it was your birthday? You guys don’t even talk.”

“I guess he overheard me talking about it,” I answered with a shrug. “It was even more shocking that he asked me out.”

“Not so shocking. I mean, look at you, girl!” she said. “And he’ll definitely be the hottest guy here.”

I smiled. “I guess birthday wishes do come true.”

“Be careful though. I heard he’s a sneaky one. Loves to get girls drunk and can’t keep his dick in his pants. He’s sorta famous for one-night stands, and he can’t call a girl the next day to save his life. Now that I think about it, why are you going out with him anyway?”

“I can handle myself. This isn’t my first time around the block.”

“You got that right, girlfriend.”

“I’ll be sure to keep him in the friend zone for the first few dates. I just couldn’t resist those beautiful eyes of his, and he seemed sincere when he asked me out.”

A few minutes later, Brad approached and handed me a beer. “There you are,” he said.

“Speak of the devil,” Juliet said with a wink.

“We’ve been here a while,” I said, looking up at him. “I was just waiting for you.”

“Well, I’m here now.”

Juliet winked. “And so it begins. Watch out, Alexis.”

“Watch out? What’s up with that?” Brad asked, staring at her ass as she walked away.

I sipped my beer. “Nothing.”

“No, tell me. What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I repeated.

He made a gesture indicating he couldn’t hear me, then grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.

“Let’s go somewhere quieter,” he shouted over the loud music.

I wasn’t falling for that line. “Brad…” I said, hesitating, fully aware of why he was leading me to a secluded part of the house. We hadn’t even had a real conversation yet, and he seemed ready to bang my brains out. Part of me hoped I was wrong, because I really liked the guy. We’d been stealing glances at each other during class, but when he actually asked me out, I was floored. Three other girls in my class were actively trying to date him. I, on the other hand, had never been one to chase a guy; that just wasn’t my style. Then again, neither were one-night stands. I loved sex as much as any girl, but I needed my partner to actually know a little bit about me before he dived into my sweet haven.

“I just wanna talk somewhere quieter,” he said. “I can’t hear you over all that blasting music.”

“We could just sit on the porch,” I suggested.

“Are you kidding? I can’t hear a thing out there either. Besides, those guys are peeing off the balcony. No golden showers for us.”

I laughed. “Whose house is this anyway?” I asked, glancing around. “We shouldn’t be up here.”

“No worries. It belongs to a guy I grew up with.”

“What’s his name?”

“Jerald Mulcher. He won’t mind.” He looked into my eyes and smiled. “I have a gift for you, but I want us to be alone when I give it to you.”

I smiled as my heart skipped a beat. I was touched, and I only hoped the gift wasn’t just something from inside his pants. “How romantic. I can’t believe you remembered my birthday.”

“How could I forget? I’ve been dying to give you this gift all day.”

I smiled coyly. “What is it?”

“You’ll see.”

My eyes lit up with excitement and relief as he handed me a pink box with pink ribbon.

“Open it,” he said, eagerness in his voice.

I ripped off the paper and lifted the lid off the box, only to discover a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs.
Hmm. Kinky…and so not appropriate for this situation.

“Happy birthday,” he said.

I bit my lip as I pondered his gift-giving ability or lack thereof. “Seriously?” 

He cocked a brow. “What? You don’t like it?”

I knew then just how right Juliet was; I never should have accepted his invitation to go on a date. A zebra like him would never change his stripes, and I’d been an idiot to fall for his gorgeous looks. “This is, like, our first date and you’re giving me handcuffs? Gosh, Brad. While you were at it, why didn’t you just throw in a blindfold, some massage oil, and a freakin’ bullwhip too? What makes you think I’d be into this stuff…or that I’d want it?”

“What’s wrong with handcuffs?” he said, shrugging. “It’s not like I’m some serial killer, and we both know I’m not going to rob you. They’re not even real.”

“I know you’re not going to rob me because everyone knows I’m flat broke.” I blew out a breath. “Listen, I don’t mind a little fantasy, a little submission and domination role-playing and whatnot, but not like this. It just… It feels trashy, and trashy isn’t me.”

“This is just part of what I’ve got in store for the birthday girl. I say we get down and dirty, and I’ll have you screaming my name over and over. Surely you can’t ask for a better present than that. Any girl would consider herself lucky to—”

“Lucky, huh? My whole birthday present is about you getting your freak on. How is that lucky for me?” I asked, aghast. “I’m drunk but not that drunk.”

He smiled. “It’s just a way to spice things up.”

“We’ve never even fucked, never even touched or kissed or anything. How can you spice something up if you haven’t even started cooking?”

He shoved me up against the wall and began roughly groping me, sliding his hands down the curve of my hips as if he owned me. “C’mon! Surely you wish your sex life was a little bit more…exciting. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little more oomph to your orgasm.”

“I’m not having
Fifty Shades of Grey
sex with you, Brad.”

His lips pressed into a grim line. “So you’re really not into it?”

My gaze narrowed. “Maybe I’m just not into it with you. If I am into anything, I prefer it to be during a relationship, not on a first date at some wild party, where a bunch of drunks are peeing off a stranger’s fucking balcony!”

Ignoring my rage, he began kissing my neck. “I wanted to give you the best birthday present ever. If you turn me down, you’re going to miss out on so much fun tonight, an unforgettable night you can’t even imagine. You’ll be sorry if you don’t—”

“Fuck off!” I demanded, trying to squirm loose.

He pulled me closer. “You know you want it just as much as I do,” he said smugly, “and as for all your screaming and yelling, I know that’s part of the act too. I’m totally fine with duct-taping your pretty little mouth shut. What’s a little bondage among friends, huh? You have no idea how hard it makes me just to think about that.”

A quiet place to talk my ass
! Clearly, Brad truly thought I was a whore, a friend with benefits, and he needed to be taught a lesson. I shot him a seductive smile as I ran my hands down his chest. “Hmm. I guess this could be fun,” I said sweetly. “Get on the bed, baby.”

His eyes lit up with lust. “Ha! I knew it! Under all that prim and proper bullshit, you really are a dirty girl who likes to have a good time. I knew it from the second I laid eyes on you.”


“Oh yeah.”

! I wanted to kick him in the balls, but I refrained and batted my eyelashes. “I’m gonna give you everything you deserve, baby. You got any fantasies?”

“Hmm. Well, can you grind your ass into my crotch, like a stripper?”

“Let’s get you undressed, and I’ll see what I can do.”

He smiled, hurriedly stripped out of his shirt and pants, then jumped over the puddle of clothing and landed on the bed. “I knew tonight was gonna be awesome. Any chance Lori or Juliet would join us? I’ve got no problem if you wanna invite some other chicks to our little play date.”

“What a great idea! I know Lori would love a piece of this action,” I said in a sexy voice, stepping up my acting game. The fuzzy, obnoxious handcuffs dangled from my hands. “I heard you’ve been a bad, bad little boy.”

“Just take off your clothes,” he demanded. “I want you on top…now.”

“What about Lori?”

“Go get her. She can be on top next, after I watch you two make out.”

“Sure, right after I handcuff my naughty boy. I don’t want you getting away.”

With a sickening grin on his face, he willingly held out his hands.

I slowly handcuffed him to the bed frame, licking my lips for effect, as if he was the most delicious thing I’d ever seen. It was almost too easy; I just had to think about chocolate brownies and ignore the fact that I was staring at a real dirt-bag that I was just about to blue-ball. “I’ll be right back, baby,” I said, smoothing my hair.

I quickly found Lori and Juliet. When I told them everything, they almost literally rolled on the floor in laughter.

“The classic jerk,” Lori said.

“Narcissistic, selfish, and chauvinistic,” Juliet chimed in, “as if he’s God’s gift or something. Handcuffs? Really? And the idiot let you use them on him! Gosh, I love it! It’s nice to see Brad’s living down to his reputation.”

Lori pulled her camera out of her pocket. “Ladies, c’mon. We’ve got some dirty pics to take.”

I laughed as they followed me back to the room.

Brad’s eyes lit up like a kid’s on Christmas morning as I entered with my friends in tow. “Whoa! A foursome, baby? You act like it’s

BOOK: Revenge
7.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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