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Her body stirred, pussy trembling as her body responded to his cum. She slowly came alive once more, aching for him despite her recent release. She was ready for him. Again.

Considering his dick lay soft against his thigh, she didn’t think that’d happen. Yet. She’d give him a minute to recover. Okay, maybe two.

“Cara…” He released her name with a whisper. “Come here, my mate. Remove your hand from between your thighs and let me taste you.”

She shivered and pulled away from her pussy, slipping free of her pants and then extended her hand. He immediately leaned forward and captured her fingers, his tongue and mouth licking and sucking on each one. He left them glistening with his saliva. He moaned as he completed the task, sending new shivers through her. She wanted him. Desperately.

Was the minute up yet?

“You are delicious.” He licked the heel of her hand. “So sweet.” He grasped her wrist and tugged, forcing her to rise. In moments he had them reclining on the bed with her half draped over him, his cock still exposed to the air. “Rest with me, czira. As soon as my cock recovers, I will take you again and again,” he murmured for her ears only.

She begged the fire in her blood to cool and was surprised when it listened. “If you’re making me wait, you’re going to talk to me.”

“Anything, czira.”

Anything? She doubted it. Not when he flinched with her first words. It’d be a buzzkill, but part of her demanded she get answers. For some reason, it was important she knew. So she asked.

“Tell me about Otta…”


Chapter Three


Rhal glared at those before him, the four males and three females, who would decide his fate—those who would have a hand in choosing whether he lived or died. He did not care for himself, but he
worry for Cara.

Tave was stoic, face revealing nothing to the gathered Ujal who filled the room. They were spectators, hangers-on, wishing to see Rhal brought low. Killed. Rina could not hide her worry, tears glistening in her eyes, and he wanted to assure her that all would be well.

It was a promise he could not make. Instead, he let his gaze travel over the rest of them. Sudal was cocky, proud, and an idiot if he thought Rhal would give in. He was arrogant and deserved to be brought low. He believed he knew the outcome of this preceding. He skipped staring at the king and queen, instead moving to his
. The hatred inside him burned hot and bright, scorching his nerves with a renewed intensity. He wished he could end their lives. If he was to be punished for murder, he wished to make it count. What were two more bodies?

Then there were his rulers. He loved the queen as a mother, her kindness shining from her eyes, and her unwavering gaze met his. The king… Rage. Fury. Hatred.

Why? Rhal was as the king had made him.

Two high guards—Niax and Thame—stood at his side though neither carried the tension of worry. No, they knew he would not attack, not when Cara stood at the base of the dais that held the king’s throne. Pompous ass.

Her eyes glistened like her heart-sister’s. She was the reason he had not destroyed everything in his path. She needed him alive and whole. To care for her, to love her.

“Rhal fa Adar,” the king’s booming voice drew his attention and silenced the low murmurs in the room. “You have been charged with the unlawful attempted termination of Kaag fa Melor.”

As his
would say,
no shit

The king was not done. “What is your response to these charges?”

Rhal opened his mouth to tell the king exactly what he thought of these proceedings, but his words were silenced by Tave’s movement. The prince drew his mate down the low steps and urged her to stand beside Cara before he continued walking to stand in front of Rhal.

“Tave? What is the meaning of this?” The king glared at his first son and then transferred that look to Rhal.

He was used to hatred. One more glare was nothing to him.

“My king, my
, I shall meet the charges against Rhal fa Adar.” Tave breathed deeply, drawing in air slowly and then releasing it.

Rhal thought it was an attempt to seek calm, but the tension in the male increased with the movement. Niax and Thame tensed as well, and that put Rhal’s nerves on edge. It had him searching for an additional threat, to discover whether something more than the king’s men posed a danger.

“Speak your words,” the king snarled. His highness was definitely enraged by the proceedings.

“I first call for the chambers to be emptied.”

What the…

“For what reason?” the king barked.

“Protection of the throne and its lords.”

That had Rhal rocking back on his heels and murmurs filled the air once again, speculation running like fire. Protection of the throne? Its lords? Perhaps it was due to Otta’s involvement in the events, but there was no reason to exclude the masses.

“The justification?” The king glared at his son.

“Unlawful termination of life, abuse of power, abuse of a lord.”

“And who is the accused?”

“Why, my
, you are.” Tave quieted after that, waiting for the rising voices of the crowd to quiet. “You knowingly trained a youngling in the art of death, you knowingly forced that youngling to assassinate innocents and criminals alike, you knowingly placed him in the care of a female who abused him. It is you who should stand trial this day.”

The murmurs became loud voices, shock and surprise traveling through the room in a rapid rush. Distantly he heard the king shout for silence, distantly he recognized the male’s rage and the reaction of his
. He noted the queen’s surprise and cold fury directed at her mate. He saw the confusion and hurt as Sudal stared at his
and then met Tave’s gaze.

Those reactions were observed in a single sweep, but the only one who captured his gaze was Cara.

Rhal’s mate, his one, his
had betrayed him.


To be continued in Rhal Part Five…





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BOOK: Rhal Part 4
4.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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