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“I’ll tell you what you need,” he said though he moved to the other nipple. After several minutes of working her—and himself—up, he released the clasp on her bra and bared her tits.

“Fucking beautiful.” But he didn’t touch them. He moved to her tattoo and nuzzled it. She cried out but kept her hands overhead and her legs spread for him. What a good little lover she was, almost as if she’d been trained for him.

He kissed down her ribs and around to her lower belly, slightly rounded above where her panties rode. It took everything in him not to tear them off and look at her pussy. He’d spent dizzying miles of the drive wondering what it looked like, but by touch alone he knew she had a small patch of hair and tight lips.

He swallowed a groan but she cried out as he opened his mouth over her pussy. The minute his tongue hit the patch of satin, he tasted her need. The same flavor as those on his fingers. Stroking his tongue up the center to her distended nub and back down again. Up and down until her panties were wet from her juices and his saliva. He took long seconds to mold the cloth to her skin so each bump was outlined.

Leaning back to look at his art. “So fucking gorgeous.”

“I need to come, Ridge.”

“And you will, many times. But only when I say.” He dragged his teeth over her clit, making her cry out again. It was time to stop toying with her. She’d been patient and obeyed long enough.

Besides, he couldn’t deny his aching balls another second.

He grabbed the side of her panties and ripped them clean down the seam. A ragged gasp left her and her eyes were wide with shock.

He groaned at the sight of her pussy. Pink, wet and ready for him. A small patch of darker blonde hair above the slick nub straining at the top of her folds. That shadow where he wanted to bury himself begged for him to use his fingers on her and then his cock.

Moving up her body again, he kissed her, starting all over. She wasn’t so quiet or still this time—he’d pushed her to her limits, but he planned to get much more out of her next time.

Oh yes, there would be a next time.

* * * * *

Kashley’s mind raced and her body burned. Ridge was blowing her mind with every command. How did he know she’d craved this very thing from him forever? She started to move her arms but locked them harder to the bed to keep from touching him, from displeasing her master.

Yes, yes, yes.
This man owned her, and after all this time he was finally claiming her. The sun and the moon would collide at long last.

She shook as she fought to keep from demanding he take her to the peak, but a more twisted part of her wanted to see how far he’d go and how much she could take.

Pressure boiled in her core. His muscles flexed as he rocked into her, his erection straining against her bare, wet flesh. The denim rough on her sensitive skin. As he brushed across her clit, she felt the first thump of a rising orgasm. He’d driven her wild for too long, and she wasn’t going to last long enough to feel his fingers or mouth on her.

“Ridge, I’m going to come!”

His eyes smoldered as he stared down at her. “Like this?” He did another of those erotic pushups, his denim-covered cock brushing her clit once, twice. “You’re going to come with me only touching you this much?”

Another thump. She threw her head back. “Yes!”

“Come for me, honey. Come on three.” He jerked his hips, mashing her clit under his erection. She cried out and rose higher. “Two,” he growled, thrusting harder. Her orgasm hit before he reached three. Waves of pleasure pounded her body, and she barely noted she was screaming his name until it died on her lips.

She lay panting, trembling from the biggest orgasm of her life. And he’d only ground against her. She could say it was from the long hours of foreplay in the truck, but she knew it was more.

Ridge Calhoun had a fierce grip on her mind, body and soul.

His intense stare unhinged her. “Can I touch you?” she whispered.

“Wrap your arms around me.”

She threw them around his neck and clung, her face against his throat and the pulse drumming there. As he stroked her side, he murmured, “So fucking beautiful when you come for me. Can you go again?”

She nodded, her body immediately ready.

“Good.” He slid from her arms and shimmied down her body. When he flicked her wet pussy with his tongue, she thought she’d died. Floating on pure bliss as he licked and sucked the juices of her orgasm clean even while he pushed her toward the next.

Higher she climbed. He threaded their fingers together and locked her hands to the bed by her hips. And he grazed her clit with his teeth.

She cried his name again, her inner thighs shaking.

“Hell,” he muttered and plunged his tongue into her pussy. “You’re soaking for me. You like me using my teeth.”

“Do you?” she returned, flashing a look at him.

His wicked grin curled against her pulsating flesh. “We’ll see, little slave.”

Her heart slammed her chest wall. Slave? Fuck, yes, she’d do anything he asked her after hearing his playful tone. Visions of her on her knees, hands bound and his cock in her throat, pounded her system. Which only sent her flying higher.

He tongue-fucked her until she couldn’t think. When he withdrew and grazed his teeth over her clit ever so gently at the same moment he thrust two fingers deep into her pussy, it was all over.

She came harder than ever before. Shaking and crying out as ecstasy rolled through her. Her mind shattered and her muscles all clenched. Her pussy walls contracted around his fingers while her clit throbbed under his tongue.

“Are you dead?” His rumble roused her mind from the white haze of bliss she’d been floating in for a countless amount of time.

“Yes,” she answered, and he laughed. The rich tone made her remember how much she wanted him. Hands to muscles, lips to skin. “I want to taste you,” she said.

“Oh you will, honey, in time.” He climbed off the bed and stripped off the rest of his clothes. Her panties were still attached to one thigh after he’d ripped them with as much effort as he would pluck a dandelion from the field. She started to take them off, but he stopped her.

“You can move your hands, but leave the panties on. I’m going to fuck you in them.”

A thrill ran through her. In all these years of being Ridge’s friend, she’d never thought of him as anything but a regular guy. A guy she wanted to fuck until she walked funny and her voice gave out, but still, she’d never guessed at this side of him.

And that it matched her needs so perfectly.

She went still as she watched him strip off his clothes. His black boxers fitted to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination. He was hung like a beast.

Still, she wasn’t prepared for when his cock sprang free. Long and thick with veins riding down the shaft and a plump tip that was purple and glistening with pre-come. He rolled a condom in place.

She wet her lips and he groaned.

So she held a little power too.

When she smiled, he returned it. Everything was going to be all right between them, and she relaxed a little more.

“Get up. I want you riding me.”

She flashed to her knees and watched as he rolled onto the mattress, all sharp cuts of muscle and ridged abs. He grabbed her by the waist and swung her to straddle him. Her eyes widened as her pussy met his hardness.

They stared at each other. “You’re going to do exactly as I say, honey.”

She nodded, heart racing.

He skimmed her tattoo with his fingertips and gave her a smile. “Slide over me nice and slow.”

When she centered herself over his cock and slowly sank downward, his flared head parted her. She gasped, and his gaze intensified.

“Fuck yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

“I need you stretching me.” With one quick move, she rooted him balls-deep in her body. Heat licked at her insides. Their gazes clung as he rocked his hips, sending his cock deeper.


“Don’t move yet, honey. Just feel me for a minute.”

This was far from a quickie, and seated atop Ridge with their gazes locked as she felt him pulse inside her definitely was more intimate than most of the sex she’d had. What was he doing to her? God, she wanted to move—the prize was in sight.

She shifted a little, and his jaw bulged at the crease. “Don’t move,” he said softly.

“I’m burning up,” she grated out.

“That’s exactly what I want.”

Great, she’d landed in bed with a sadist. She settled her hands on his chest and leaned back, which allowed him to sink another millimeter into her. He gripped her hips hard, holding her in place at the same time he pinned her in his gaze. She couldn’t move if she wanted, but oh she needed it—bad.

The fire blazing through her system had no outlet, and perspiration broke out on her body. She shivered.

“Your eyes…fuck, so beautiful,” he rasped and bucked his hips upward. She cried out, her head falling back. He gathered her long hair in his hands and twisted. The prickle on her scalp only heightened her need, but at that moment he said, “Fuck me, Kashley. Move!”

She didn’t hesitate. Pushing up on her knees, his cock slid out of her almost to the tip before she jerked back down atop him. Once, twice… She lost count as her body took over. With every squeeze of her pussy, Ridge’s face shuddered in pleasure. He may be in control, but she had a grasp on him as well, and she loved this power.

Pressure built and their bodies created a slapping noise. When he spread his hands over her spine and pulled her down to kiss him, the new angle stole her breath.

With his lips against hers, he said, “Can you come right now? I’m getting damn close, honey.”

She whimpered, sinking over his cock again and again.

“We’re going to try the countdown again. In ten I’m going to lose it and so are you. Count for me.”

His command stole her sanity. She jerked her hips against him, taking his full length as she began to count. “Ten, nine, eight—”


Oh God, she loved and hated this man right now. Didn’t he know how crazed she was for release?

“Seven…six…” She wasn’t going to make it to one. No way.

His eyes smoldered up at her, and a wild look took control of his features. Could the man really come on command?

“Five, four, three…”

She burst with a throaty cry, her pussy clamping and releasing around his length as a huge orgasm stole her breath.

Two, one,
her mind said for her just as Ridge clutched her hard, threw back his head and roared his release.

She’d fantasized many, many times about how he’d look when he came inside her, but her eyes were pinched shut in ecstasy. Liquid heat spread through her core as her final contraction ended. She opened her eyes into his, and he kissed her hard and with all the passion of early foreplay. There was no downtime for this man, it seemed.

Cradling his jaw, her torso glued to his, she kissed him back with every ounce of love inside her. Did he know she’d been mad about him for years? Had he been harboring a secret love too?

No, he’d been prepared to marry Anna and if she had shown up that day, he’d be making wedding plans right now.

Kashley was just sex for him, but she was okay with that because it was
sex. Better than anything she’d had, hotter too. He knew exactly what buttons to push, and she was primed for more.

She moved again, and he stopped her with a hand on her spine. “Don’t move. I don’t want the condom to slip.”

“I’m on the pill.”

“Jesus, honey, you’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” He kissed her lingeringly. Then he carefully pulled free. She rolled off him, and he tipped onto one hip, half-covering her with his body and hovering over her. “I’m not done with—”

A pounding at the door made them jerk apart. He leaped off the bed as if a bull was about to stomp him. “That’ll be my family.”

“I figured it was unless it’s the police and you’re wanted in this city.”

He gave a quick shake of his head. “C’mon. Hide in the bathroom while I get rid of them.”

A little hurt by his wishes that she hide, she got up and hurried into the bathroom. He grabbed a towel and swathed his hips, used condom still in place over his hardness. Then he flashed her a grin. “Don’t move.”

As he closed the bathroom door, all she could think was how fond he was of ordering her around. In bed, it set her on fire. But right now, not so much. She wrapped her arms around her nakedness and crept to the door to try to hear the exchange with his family.

“What the hell’re you doing? We’ve been here for hours and you know we need to film a family dinner right before the event.” Was that Ryder speaking? All their voices were so close.

“I just got in. I was showering.”

“You’re not wet.” That was Wynonna.

“I was about to step in when a herd of elephants started pounding on my door. Start without me and I’ll be down in ten minutes.”

“Where’s Kashley?” Another brother, but she couldn’t make out which.

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