Rock Your Body: A BWWM Romance

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When he sets his eyes on a woman, he always gets what he wants....

World famous musician Colin Brennan is tired of sleeping with easy women and groupies. He wants to meet a woman who can challenge him in more ways then one.

So when he meets curvy African American Tamra who is the owner of a security firm he is impressed by both her intelligence and her feisty attitude.

He knows he has to have her and will stop at nothing till he does.

So much so, that he hires her security firm to keep him safe from his crazy fans.

Little does she know this is just a ploy for Colin to get closer to Tamra and closer to her body.

Is she set to be just another notch on his bed post or has this ladies man finally met his match?



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Tamra Johnson looked at the stack of letters on her desk, allegedly from a stalker.  Larry Byrne sat across from her in her corner office that overlooked the Delaware River. Larry was the agent for a rock star named Colin Brennan. Colin had been receiving these letters. Larry didn’t want to involve the police.

Tamra had heard of him but had no idea what type of music he played. She didn’t listen to a lot of music.

Just not her thing.

Especially not anything from current artists. She leaned back in her butter leather chair and rubbed her chin. This could be an important client to take on but she wasn

t happy doing a stalker case. She hated them.

“It’s clear that something is going on,” she said finally.

Larry was also an old friend from high school. They’d had a fling but then stayed friend afterwards. He’d come to her for security for his client. She was torn. She didn’t like stalker cases because of something she’d experienced but this gig could launch her company, Security Solutions, into the big time.

Brennan would be high profile client that could make the company high profile. She tucked her leg underneath her then jiggled her foot. As long as she remained low-profile. Hopefully this was a case that she could be involved in only tangentially.

She would have no patience for a spoiled rock star.

“Please don’t turn me down, Tam. If for no reason then old times’ sake.”

She swallowed. Old time’s sake? Of course Larry would use their friendship to get what he wanted. Larry was a mover and shaker in the music industry. His client list coincided with the A list of rock stars and celebrities.

“Why me?” she wanted to know.

“Because I trust you and you are not in the music business at all. I need someone on the outside.”


Colin Brennan, if he was as huge a star as Larry said he was, could hire anyone. Why her? Why now?

“Because I think it could be someone in the industry. Someone who is jealous of Colin.”

She picked up the top sheet. It had been made with letters cut out of a newspaper. No way to trace anything on it but the paper. And that would probably a dead end. It was probably basic printer paper that came from Staples.

Anyone could buy it at any of their stores. She frowned at it. The message was crude but the sender had gotten their point across. Someone was unhappy with Colin.

“Is that why you risked driving out of the two one two to see me?”

Tamra didn’t keep an office in Manhattan. She had no need as she always conducted her business at the person’s office or house. She liked to get the feel of where she would be setting up a security detail. Most of the time it was the job or at home but she feared that Colin would also be touring.

Larry nodded. “Not many people know this office and no one knows I’m here.” He cleared his throat. “Not even Colin.”

She swiveled in a chair a little. Her gut told her not to take this case but her brain screamed that this was too good to pass up. “Will he be on the road?”

“He isn’t scheduled to tour again for three months. Hopefully you can get him secured and figure out who the stalker is before then.”

Her turn to nod. Security on a moving target would be harder. She could secure a house or an office but multiple hotels and venues would be a nightmare. She wasn’t the Secret Service.

She sighed, weighing her options. She wished Kelly, her best friend and partner, was in the office today. She’d be able to help her with this decision.

She stared back at Larry who was now sporting a little gray in his black hair. He dressed for the success he had. He’d done that before this success. He had always been ambitious. Tamra had never doubted he would be good at whatever he chose to do.

He was also smooth and charming but Tamra knew that going into this conversation. She had her guard up against it. “Can I have until tomorrow?”

“If you must but I’ll feel better about Colin the sooner he’s protected.”

The threats had escalated only slightly from the first letter to the last. Tamra didn’t think that the danger was imminent but she would do what the customer wanted or what she thought the customer needed. “Where is he now?”

“He’s recording some new songs at a  studio here in Jersey. I’ll reveal where when you take on the job.”

“I’ll think about it. That’s the best I can do. I need to talk to my partner and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“That’s all I can ask.” He stood. “Thanks Tamra.”

“Don’t thank me yet.”


Colin’s fingers rested on the keyboard, his eyes closed, as music played in his head. Not a complete song yet but he’d get there. He wished his muse didn’t visit him when he was in the middle of recording an album.

Couldn’t the fickle wench wait until he was done?

He sighed then moved his fingers to recreate what was in his head. The other musicians he was recording with had taken a lunch break.

Or a drug break, he wasn’t sure. He didn’t want to know. He didn’t do drugs, but if he found them doing them, they were all out. No time for that.

The door to the studio, located in a house in Drysdale, New Jersey, opened then closed. Were they back already?


He opened his eyes to see Larry, his agent, standing by the side of the baby grand piano. Larry had been the one man who had believed in him when he left home for the Big Apple. Over the years the two had become friends. Not always a good thing, but Colin trusted Larry implicitly.


“Got a minute?”

The music had left him but he knew it would come back. It always did. He would have liked to get it on paper or recorded before it faded out of his brain. Nowadays he couldn’t keep the songs in his head so easily. He sighed. “Sure.”

He closed the piano lid then rested his elbows on it. Larry would not be deterred. Best to let him have his piece then go away.

“I went to see someone about those letters you’ve been getting.”

Colin resisted rolling his eyes. He really didn’t think that someone who would send letter made from cut out words could possibly be a threat. He’d gotten odd fan mail in the past, but this time Larry had assumed this was worse. Colin had an album to get out that already had too many delays. He had an obligation to his fans to get more music to them.

He hoped they would like the different direction he was going in. “From my supposed stalker.”

He frowned, leaning on the piano. “I wish you’d take this more seriously,” Larry said.

How could he explain this to Larry who should already understand? An artist cannot please everyone. Not matter how hard he tried, no matter how much of himself he gave to others, some people were going to be unhappy. “I will always have some irate person not lik
something I’m doing.”

It was the nature of the business. There were people who could complain about sunshine.

“I know, but I have to make sure that you’re safe. It’s part of my job and I’m going to hire someone.”

The last thing he wanted was someone following him around. He hadn’t even let his assistant move in here because he wanted the place to himself. On the road he was always surrounded by people. The rest of the time he wanted to be alone.

Having some large man with him at all times was not what Colin would do willingly. He rubbed a hand down his face. “A bodyguard?”

Colin shook his head. He didn’t want big goons standing between him and his fans.

“Not exactly a bodyguard but some more security. And someone who can find the stalker.”

“You really think I need this?”

Larry put a hand on the piano, stepping closer to his client. “Yes, I do, Colin. You’re not just my client; you’re my friend. I don’t want to see anything happen to you.”

Colin mulled that over. He could humor Larry. “I guess that’ll be okay. When do they start?”

“As soon as I get the company to agree.”


Tamra made the coffee since she was in first to the office. The break room was on the same side of the building as her office so she watched some Canadian Geese float on the waters of the Delaware River.

Across the water was Pennsylvania. Why would anyone want an office in Manhattan when they could have this view every day? She agreed with Kelly when she told her she wanted an office away from any cities.

Now she had an easy commute on back roads. She had to buy a house out here but she hadn’t had time yet. Maybe she’d never have time. She vacillated on wanting to buy a house or not.

Kelly was probably going to look for one also, but she had her daughter to think of.

“Hey, Tam,” Kelly said as she entered the break room.

Kelly was everything Tamra was not - white, blonde and tall. Despite that, they’d become good friends the instant they met as roommates in college. They stayed friends though jobs took them to opposite sides of the country. They had reunited a year ago to open the firm.

Tamra could not have imagined going into business with anyone else.

“Hey, Kelly. We might have a new client. ”

“Let me settle my stuff in my office and I’ll be in.”

“Pour you a cup?”

“You bet.”

Kelly bounded out of the room as Tamra poured them coffee.  Back in her office she only had to wait a few minutes before Kelly joined her.

Her friend sat in the chair opposite her with a notepad in hand. Kelly was always making lists. “Who is this new client?”

“Colin Brennan.”

Kelly’s eyes widened. “THE Colin Brennan? The rock star?”

Kelly leaned forward.

“You’ve heard of him.”

“You haven’t?”

Tamra waved her hand. Guess she was the only one who didn’t know who he was. “The name seems familiar. I’m not a music person.”

“Yeah, I know. You only listen to audiobooks when you run.”

“That’s right.”

“What’s the skinny on Brennan?”

“He apparently has a stalker. Someone has been sending him letters. The last one had no
on it and no stamp so it went right to his agent’s office.”

“That’s creepy. Who is his agent?”

“Larry Byrne, who happens to be an old friend of mine from high school.”

“Is that why we got the case? Imagine how we could grow the company if we took on this gig.”

“Only if we’re successful.”

“We will be. No one is as good at catching stalkers as you are.”

Tamra shrugged. She’d hoped that part of the business would stop and the security details would continue. She was little but she could take down a man twice her size and shoot his balls off at one hundred yards.

Stalkers made her uncomfortable, reminding her of the one ex who had done it to her. She still shuddered at the thought of it. Still, business was business. “That may be, but are we too small to do this job properly?”

“We have plenty of staff, Tam. What’s the problem?”

She sighed. Kelly knew her too well. “Just not sure I want to get involved in another stalker situation.”

Kelly reached across the desk to squeeze her friend’s hand. “He’s dead, Tam. You need to remember that.”

She sighed. “I know, but sometimes he still lives in my head.”


Larry was driving the congested roads of New York City when Tamra called him back. He didn’t mind. This was the life he preferred.  “Hey, give me the good news?”

“Hi, Larry. We’ll take the job. I’ll fax you our contract. It’s not negotiable but you can add or subtract services,” Tamra said.

He would have done a happy dance if he could have but he was driving. He knew Tamra would come through for him. “Thank you, Tamra. I feel so much better about this now.”

“I still have to catch this person.”

He switched lanes and a taxi beeped at him. He flipped them off. “You will. I’ll talk to you when I get to my office and read the contract. I can’t imagine there’s anything in there that will bother me. When can you start?”

“Assuming you get the signed contract back to me today, and make sure I get a meeting with Mr. Brennan today or tomorrow, we can begin within a day after that. I just need some time to gather the security detail.”

“No problem.”

He disconnected the call then dialed Colin’s number. He wasn’t sure his client would answer since he was knee deep in recording. Colin picked up on the third ring.

Larry could hear some music in the background, then Colin must have left the studio because it ended.


“Yep. I’ve hired you a security detail that is also going to figure out who your stalker is.”

“Okay. When do I get to meet the gorillas?”

“The company owner is not a gorilla at all.” Larry almost laughed. Tamra was the smallest person he knew but he would never have messed with her. In fact, if asked in an honest moment, he was afraid of her. “Can you be free either this afternoon or tomorrow morning?”

BOOK: Rock Your Body: A BWWM Romance
7.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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