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Stud #1
Alexandra V
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Alexandra V
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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Meet Jackson
"Jax" Harding, lead singer of the rock band Dirty Louisiana. A
wickedly good-looking playboy with a mischievous smile, a body that
screams I’m-going-to-take-you-hard-against-the-closest-wall and
stunning blue eyes that make you think that he can see right into
your soul and impregnate it. He’s the kind of bad boy your mother
has warned you about. Obviously, the type that you fall for

Women throw
themselves at his feet and what kind of man would he be if he
didn’t treat them to a good time or two? Relationships are
perfectly okay as long as they are short-termed and there’s no
label put on them. All he needs is someone to share his popcorn
with, keep his feet warm at night and change body fluids with in
every wicked way he can think of.

Meet the first
trio of the Rockstar Stud’s Harem: Amy, Hayley and Alex. What can
you expect when Jax meets women who aren’t the easy groupie type
but whose panties fall off all by themselves anyway by the sight of
the sex-on-a-very-honorable-sized-stick rock god? A little bit of
wit, kink and smartassery. A hell of a lot lust, desire and

Welcome to the
sinful world of Rock ’n’ Roll. Enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a
bumpy one.

Please consider
yourself warned. If you are looking for a perfect fairytale-ish
love story with I dos, matching heart tattoos and innocent
second-base action, this book is so not for you. This book is
intended for mature audiences, contains hot, consensual sex between
people in insatiable lust with each other. Panties are

For those
who never stopped believing in me.

For my stud
muffin who I love to hate and hate to love.

Chapter 1

His skin is so
hot against hers. His touch sets her on fire. She has been waiting
for this for way too long. Ever since she saw him for the first
time, she knew exactly that this is what she wanted from him. And
now it’s all coming true. His body on hers. His lips exploring
every inch of her. The hunger and need in his eyes. He wants her
just as much as she wants him. So desperately…

A loud knock on
the door wakes Hayley and makes her sit up in shock. After the
second forceful knock, she turns to the bedside table and glances
at the clock. 3.30 AM.
’Who the fuck can it be?’
She slowly
gets up from the bed, disoriented and walks to the door, her head
still dizzy from the lack of sleep, her breathing still heavy
thanks to the dream she just had. What was he doing in her dream…?

and what is he doing in front of her hotel room in the
middle of the night? Again. Ridiculous.

'Do you know
what time is it?' she asks Jackson between two yawns when she opens
the door.

'I have no
idea. All I know is that it's working time.' he says, giving her a
stern look from behind his sunglasses. 'Sleep is for the weak.' his
eyes are wandering on her pj-clad body.

'Whatever, ever
heard of beauty sleep?' her voice not even trying to hide her

'Come on, you
look… Anyway, uhm… Could you just, I don’t know, put some actual
clothes on?' he says, eyeing her tiny short disapprovingly.

'Why the hell
would I do that?' she asks him, trying to pull her short as low
down her thighs as possible.

'Because…' he
can't seem to find the right words, from the way he's clenching his
hands together, it's obvious to her that he feels just as
uncomfortable as she does. 'If I’m not mistaken, I'm your boss and
I asked you to get dressed and come to my room.' he finally seems
to gather some confidence, impatience clear in his voice.

'Oh really,
boss? I can't remember the part of my contract that says I have to
play your sex slave whenever you're horny in the middle of the
night and when for once you haven't brought any groupies back to
your room after a show. Shall I put on something slutty but formal
for you? I’ll check my costumes, I could play your secretary, you
like role play, don't you?' she retorts angrily and tries to close
the door right in front of his face.

'Fucking funny,
Hayley, really. Excuse me for not appreciating your weird sense of
humour at this time of the day. Or night, whatever. I said…' he
keeps the door open easily with one hand. 'Get dressed. Be in my
room in 10. I’m stuck in work, it’s a fucking dead-end project, I
need your help.' he says with a look on his face that’s telling her
it's time to stop joking. Or being sarcastic and bitchy, even if it
means fighting her nature.

'Fine.' she
lets out a frustrated sigh. 'I'll be there in 5. Boss…' she adds,
saluting to him.

'I thought so.'
he says, the usual playful smirk that drives her nuts on most day
is back on his face as he turns around and walks back to his own

'You better
give me a huge raise for this. Jerk.' she mumbles after him and
can't help but check out his butt in those tight pants. Too bad
that the man is a narcissistic douche who hates her guts, otherwise
she would gladly break her own rule of not mixing pleasure with
business and get down and dirty with that hot piece of ass.



She gets
dressed quickly, changing her tight tank top to a baggy T-shirt.
The short can stay. It seemed to make him uncomfortable. Yes, the
short definitely stays. She doesn’t know when did things evolve
like this between. He was looking for a new personal assistant when
Bella, his former right hand announced that she’s getting married
and wants to take a few months off to enjoy the life of newlyweds.
Doing nothing, having sex 24/7. Understandable. Hayley got the job
and couldn’t believe her luck.

Luck, right.
Ask her about that now. In the past few weeks that they have been
working together, she could never really figure out what kind of a
relationship is there between them. Professional, of course, but in
one moment he’s funny and flirty with her, two minutes later he’s
all cranky, dissing her work, no matter what she does or how hard
she’s trying to measure up to his high expectations. Probably he’s
just missing Bella, they’ve worked together for many years after
all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to dislike her
so much. Moody bastard.

Lost in her
thoughts, she hasn’t even realized that she has reached his room.
She softly knocks on the door and enters without waiting for his
answer. She finds him sitting at the desk in front of one of the
editors’ laptop, his eyes fixed on the screen.

‘You are quick.
Good.’ he says, pulling a chair next to his. ‘Get me a hot
chocolate before you join me, will you?’ he asks, not even
bothering to look at her.

‘Are you
fucking kidding me, Jackson?’ her jaw drops in shock by his
crudity. ‘You woke me up in the middle of the night to get you a
fucking hot chocolate? You got to be kidding me!’ she steps in
front of him, anger suffusing her. ‘You are unbelievable. You are a
big boy, solve your urgent problem alone!’ she tells him, shaking
with rage and turns on her heels to leave.

‘Jesus fucking
Christ, woman! Calm down, okay?’ he says between two chuckles. ‘I
was just kidding, okay? Sit down. Please…?’ he adds with a dramatic

She turns back
to him, confused to say the least but finally sits down next to him
after a moment of hesitation.

‘Fucking funny,
Jackson. Excuse me for not appreciating your weird sense of humour
at this time of the day. Or night. Whatever’ she says and hits his
arm playfully. ‘Now tell me what was so important that you had to
wake me up in the middle of the freaking night.’ she asks, her eyes
trying to focus on the screen while his are fixed on her face
before he turns back to the laptop too.

‘I have been
working on the new video with the editors for weeks now. There’s
just something that doesn’t click, I can’t tell you what is it.
It’s just not good enough. I thought someone who hasn’t seen it yet
could tell me. Since you’re not unexperienced in editing, I was
thinking about you.’ the way he said those last words turns her
gaze to him and every possible witty comeback dies on her lips when
she looks into his glowing blue eyes.

‘So, uhm… You
did read my CV, huh?’ she tries to turn the conversation into a
joke instead. ‘Okay, show me what you’ve got.’ she says, her voice
serious but she can’t really tell anymore what are they talking



Three hours of
work. Empty cups of coffee and hot chocolate everywhere around
them, but they are finally done. Hayley tries to hide a yawn while
Jackson is saving the work they have just finished. Maybe they
don’t like each other much but noone could deny that they make a
great team.

‘So are we done
here?’ she asks him, resting her head on the table, exhaustion
completely taking over her body. ‘Not like there’s any point in
going back to bed now.’ she adds, her bare thigh accidentally
brushing his as she’s trying to seperate her skin from the leather

‘Yeah, I think
so. You did a good job, thank you.’ he says, looking down at the
little space between them with narrowed eyes. ‘Not perfect but
it’ll have to do.’ he adds, making her lift her head up in

'What the fuck
is wrong with you, Harding?' she jumps up, not quite believing he
really just said that. 'Not perfect? Seriously? I'm working my ass
off for you, asshole!' she shouts, tiredness and anger taking
control of her words. 'No matter how hard I try, nothing I do is
perfect enough for you. Who do you think you are? You could just
tell me what the hell is your problem with me! I didn't do
anything, still, it’s like you can’t stand me for no reason.' she
finishes as she runs out of breath, her body shaking in fury.

'Calm the fuck
down!' he says, grabbing her arm, forcing her to sit down. 'Do you
really want to know what is my problem with you?' he asks, his jaw
clenching as he can hardly control himself from shouting back at

'Yes, I'm
obviously a brain dead Barbie doll, that's why you hired me, right?
So, by all means, please enlighten me, boss.' she says with all the
sarcasm she can squeeze into one sentence.

'I don't hate
you. I hate how much I want you.' he says, his face only a few
inches from hers.

'What…? I… I
don't understand.' she manages to mumble in confusion.

'I shouldn't
have hired you in the first place. Ever since I met you, I can't
think about you just as my assistant.' he loosens the grip on her
arm. 'All the girls I bring to my room? The only reason why I do
that is because I know I can't just go over to your room and show
you how badly I want you. I can’t stand that.' his hands brush
through her arms, from hands to shoulders. 'When I have to be this
close to you? It makes me weak and I can’t stand being weak.' she
shivers when his fingertips dance across the soft skin of her
collarbone. 'When you accidentally touch me? I feel like I can't
control myself. I can’t stand not being in control.' he says as one
of his hands gently grabs the back of her neck. 'So yes, if you
look at it like that… I can’t stand you, Hayley.' he says before
crashing his lips to hers.

His kiss is
surprisingly gentle, his lips are so soft on hers. She can’t deny
she has imagined this moment a thousand times before. Hell, like
fantasizing about her boss while being around him during the day
isn’t enough, he invaded even her dreams just a few hours ago. But
it has never been like this, she’d have never thought he could be
like this. Even more perfect than she could have ever imagined.
When she finally kisses him back, he turns his head to deepen their
kiss, his tongue slowly sliding in, tempting hers to meet him.

BOOK: Rockalicious
2.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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