Romance: Duke Romance: The Duke’s Search for a Wife (Marriage Romance First Time Romance Historical Romance) (Royalty Wedding Regency Romance) (3 page)

BOOK: Romance: Duke Romance: The Duke’s Search for a Wife (Marriage Romance First Time Romance Historical Romance) (Royalty Wedding Regency Romance)
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“Did you just kill a rabbit?” I scream as I hear the voice of a gun.

He places his rifle aside and gives me an intense look.

“So? Do I have to ask for your permission to pursue my hobbies? You are going to be my wife Amelia, don’t try to rule me.”

“Yes. I can see that. I need to submit to you if we have to marry. Do I have the permission to exercise my free will after marriage?”

“Of course, but partly. It’s just that you must understand the culture and values of my society. I know that you have been making a lot of effort. But, you need to be more polished before you walk the aisle.”

“I know that. And I need your cooperation in becoming the one you want me to. Ms. Andy has been of great help but I still feel so empty from inside. My friends are gradually distancing from me. And you are also busy with your work and play these days. Is it going to be like this forever?”

He is still busy handling and cleaning his rifle. He does not respond to my question. I wonder what life is going to be after I marry him. Since the day we got engaged, he has been a totally different person I met at the night of the ball. And I do not see any trace of that child in Edward that I knew from the yesteryears. Childhood had painted a totally different picture of Edward in my mind. I had been longing for that child I guess, not this self-centered Duke.

I asked him again, “Edward, what have you thought about our future? Will I accompany you if you have to leave for the war? Will your officers allow that?”

“Not at all Amelia, you are going to stay here even if I leave.”

“Dear, please tell me honestly, why have you been behaving like this? You talk so coldly to me. I miss the same old Edward I met the first time. Is there something wrong? Can I help you in something?”

“He shrugged my hand and took a step forward to face away from me. He seemed to busy talking to himself before answering me, “Amelia, I have already mentioned that I may not be available to you all the time. You must utilize your accomplishments to entertain yourself.”

I feel so helpless at his answers. He seems a man similar to the Royals, who took pleasure in their own hobbies and kept mistresses. He would also leave me alone in the palace to live my life in the cage of gold. I must have listened to my instincts. But, I kept on dancing to his tunes.

Inside my brains, Ellen rose up and said, “Don’t be foolish Amelia. Do not even think of breaking up your engagement with him. He is the one because of whom the miseries of your family will vanish. You must do as he says. You are not the first girl in history who has to sacrifice yourself for the sake of her family. Think about the tender Lucky. She will also find a good match if you marry him. Just shed your ego and stop using your over the smart mind.”

Ellen was right when she convinced me as usual. Even after noticing all the flaws of his personality, I agreed to marry him. She was right when she said Edward was an “opportunity” for me. He is not the Prince I had always saved myself for. He was like a regular man of our male chauvinist society.

My subconscious does not allow me to hate him even if I want to. I believe somewhere in the deepest corner of my heart that Edward is a nice man. There is something, which is definitely disturbing him. I must be a true soul mate for him and find out what is troubling him.

A servant in uniform comes up to him with a letter in a tray. Edward opens it and suddenly drops of sweat emerged on his forehead. I cannot dare to ask who had sent it.

The servant leaves and Edward sit on the white metal bench in the garden with a hand on his forehead, lost in deep thoughts. A cold wind blew in the garden and he does not have to make much effort to clean the sweat drops. He signals the lady servant standing by to come. She comes to take the orders. He asks her to fix a meeting with the Duke of Mivart.

She leaves after saying thank you for bowing to him. 

I go up to him and sit beside him. “Will you have a cup of tea Edward?”

He looks into my eyes and nods. I bring the garden table closer and take up the porcelain teapot.

“I love you, Amelia. You must remember that at all times even when I behave oddly. There are some tough times when I might not be proper with you. But, such days do not make me love you any lesser.”

I see his face turning yellow. “What might have been written in the letter? Shall I ask him?” I decide to wait for him to tell me himself. I pour five teaspoons of milk and two teaspoons of sugar over the tea in his cup and stir.

I hand over the tea cup placed on the saucer to him. It is always a pleasure to watch him doing anything and everything. His eyes stare in the emptiness as he sips his tea.

“Amelia, what if I die in the war?” the land slips from my feet as he said that. 

“What are you talking Edward? What happened?”

“Amy, I have been called for a dangerous mission next week. Will you still marry me if I do not live with you forever?” I can see fear mixed with other emotions in his eyes.

“But, not everyone in the war dies dear. Why do you fear…er…? I mean why you are so uncertain?”

“I want the answer, Amelia Beverly. Will you marry me even if you know that I am not going to live forever? Are you ready to live as my widow?”

“Edward, I have accepted you from the bottom of my heart. Every fraction of my body and belongs to you. I will definitely marry you.”

He held my face tightly and stamped a kiss on my lips. “Amelia, we are getting married tomorrow!” he blurts.


He holds me in his arms and took me to our room in the palace, decorated with white lilies all over with a few touches of red roses. The room is filled with passionate fragrance and a beautiful piece of the handmade statue is placed in a glass frame on our bedside.

Edward lays me down on the white mattress of the cushioned bed. The laced curtains surrounding the bed fall all around us. The rose petals underneath me cry with the pain of pleasure as I did!

“Oh! My darling! I have been waiting for this day since the day I saw you. You smell the same old Amy I have always kissed. You are so lovely my love.” He implants a kiss on my forehead. “You can’t stop me from eating you today, right?”

I could just blush and smile with a nod. “I am all yours Edward.”

“I want to tear you apart…do not shy away today, please.” He inserts his right hand in my dress from the front to open it without unbuttoning. “Amy, have you done this with anyone before?”

“What!” I cry with shock and get up immediately. “What are you saying, Edward? Is it a question to be asked on our wedding day? You know all about me. If you had any doubts, you must not have wedded me.” I turn towards the window and glare outside.

“I am sorry Amy. I don’t know what dawned on me that I uttered those words. Come on. Come to the bed, please. Sit with me.”

“Look, Edward, it’s not just a question of sex.  It’s a matter of dignity in the society where I come from. I do not want to say this again but I am a one man woman and I will die rather than sleeping with any other man than my husband.”

He holds my hand and we sit on the couch placed on the left side of our bed. It is huge.

He gazes into my eyes and asked, “Do you think you have taken the right decision, Amy? Will you be able to live with me and my family?”

“With your support, yes I will, Edward. If you are with me, I can face anything destiny has written for me.”

“After I meet the duke of Mivart, I have to leave for Flemings. There are chances of a battle coming up. And I might not even live…” his hands start sweating and trembling. “It’s not that I am scared of dying but I want to live my life with you. I want to grow old with you!”

The manliness did not allow him to say but I could see the child pleading that he did not want to leave his comfort zone and leave for a danger zone.

I lean over my new husband and try to relieve him from the tension that encompasses him every now and then. My hand behind his head takes him closer to my breasts and places his head on my bosom. He sits there with his eyes closed for a long time. I feel like comforting the 5-year-old Edward I used to see playing with his friends in the village ground. While he rests on my body, I cannot stop myself from thinking about living alone for the next few days. I reassure myself that he will definitely come back. He has to come back. Deep inside I know that I cannot live without him, but I cannot reveal my fears to him. He needs my words, my gestures, and my body to placate him.

When he wakes up from his thoughts, he gets up and takes my hand to take me to the bed. I sit there while he closes all the curtains on the windows and turned on the candles. The room looks mesmerizing. He comes to me and as he leans over me, I have to surrender my body to come underneath him. He wraps his arms around me and holds me tightly.

“Thank you, Amy, for coming in my life.” His chest touches my breasts and rubs my body.

His hand reaches my legs and flips my wedding dress upwards. He takes both my legs to clench me closer and kiss me harder. “Be mine, my love, I do not want to forget you ever.”

I moan into his mouth and my tongue timidly touches his. He gives a little bite on my tongue. “You do not have to answer anything to anyone tomorrow. I can eat you as much as I want.”

His hand caressing my legs come back to my breast again and unhooks the dress from the front. He flips open the cups of my bra and his hand encircles my breast. His hands gently press my breasts one by one and suddenly he squashes them harder.

“Ouch”, I scream.

“I am sorry my love.”

I can feel his erection way above my belly, just near my breasts. He pushes himself inside my abdomen. It feels painfully great. I so want him inside me. I want him so badly. But, I let him do whatever he wants. I was told not to show much excitement on the first time.

“Do you feel good Amy?” he enquires and I nod with my eyes closed.

He comes down and kisses me again, this time even harder.

I grip his arms and feel his muscles. They are a little less hard than his erection. He takes my hips in his hands and clenches me closer. I do not even feel the need to take any kind of initiative. He is so perfect at everything. I lay on the bed on my back, flying half in the air and lying half below my legs in his hands. He kisses me on my belly button and gave me a bite right there to leave a mark. My hip bones start aching in his hands and I shudder a little.

“This is just the beginning baby.” He is so seductive in his words. He takes off my dress and I lay there in my bra and panty in front of my husband. Even being naked did not make me feel ashamed. Only my body felt shy, my soul was already bare in front of him.

He takes off his coat, along with his cravat and throws them on the floor. It takes him longer to unbutton his shirt. I offer my hand to help him and he gives me a wicked smile.

He takes off his shirt and unbuttons his pants. He comes over me in his underwear and his erection feels even harder with just a single piece of clothing. Caressing my legs and my upper body he inserts his hand inside my panty and touches my clitoris.

“Ah,” I groan.

“That’s where I want to be a baby.” and goes down to kiss that small part down there. All the energy of my body is concentrated down there only. He takes off his underwear and I see him really big down there in the candle light. I cannot take my eyes off his erection. This is going to be a weird adventure for me today but I somehow look in his eyes.

His hardness touches my softness and he gradually gets up and then quickly comes down to enter me.

“Aaahhh” I groan very heavily and he places his hand on my mouth to keep me from screaming. I pull my knees up to be a little comfortable and he moves slowly.

“You are completely wet Amy, my darling. I am going to give you a part of me inside you today. Do you want it? Do you want to bear my child?”

“Yes." I groan heavily.

He moves inside and outside slowly at first and then quickly.

“Oh! My! What was that? Did I just come?”

“Yes sweetie, you just came.”

He releases inside me and moan a breath of relief. He is still inside me when he leans over and kisses my forehead.

He comes out of me carefully and lies down on my side.


It has been 5 months since my pregnant body had been waiting for my husband. The letters arrived for the initial few days. But, they also stopped after the third month. I am living alone as well as together with two babies in my world- one inside me and the other on the war zone. The little one inside me is growing bigger day after day to come out and I want his father to take the first look at him and take him in his hands.

But, I have no information about Edward since the last two months. My reassurances have put me into doubt. “Will he come back? Will he hold his baby ever? Will he hold his wife in his arms ever?”

As I paced heavily on the terrace, I hear a lady servant asking me to drink the glass of juice.

“How many times have I told you that I do not want any food?”

“Please have it, Madame. It’s good for the baby.” She pleaded. Obviously, I have become rude to everyone after Edward left. Even his parents are nice to let me behave as I want. They understand my longing for my husband. They are also undergoing almost the same pain as I am experiencing. They are even worried about their grandchild and his future.

I take the glass from the servant and somehow drink it.

As I take the last sip, I hear, “Amy!”

I turn around and see Edward panting heavily as he climbed the terrace to meet me. The servant also smiled widely and steps back immediately.

He comes to me and I cannot hold my glee as I see him. I feel so glad to be in his arms again as he holds me gently and touches my bloated belly. He implants a kiss on my lips and then kneels down to place his ear on my stomach.

“Hi, champion! Your father is here to live with you forever.” I cannot stop blushing and well as weeping. I cannot believe my fortune. My husband is back from his mission and will be here with me forever!

“Come, Amy, Let us go. I have so much to talk to you,” we move to our room as he holds my hand and escorts me.

I have the same chill running down my spine as I had on the day of my wedding!




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BOOK: Romance: Duke Romance: The Duke’s Search for a Wife (Marriage Romance First Time Romance Historical Romance) (Royalty Wedding Regency Romance)
4.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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