ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: Bad Boy Biker's Baby (Bad Boy Alpha Male Motorcycle Club Romance) (Contemporary MC Biker Pregnancy Romance) (180 page)

BOOK: ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: Bad Boy Biker's Baby (Bad Boy Alpha Male Motorcycle Club Romance) (Contemporary MC Biker Pregnancy Romance)
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“Gracie, shut the hell up.  We’re tryin’ to hash this out without people getting’ killed and you’re just makin’ things worse,” Connor said.

“You’re takin’ his side, instead of your own sister,” Gracie said, “what the hell is wrong with you, Connor?”

Connor turned and gave her a good smack across the cheek. 

“You heard me, Gracie.  Stop talking,” he said.

Gracie panicked.  She started pounding her fists into Connor’s chest, but he didn’t budge.  She cried and wailed, then collapsed to her knees a crying mess.

“Connor, I got no beef with you or your gang.  I just want us all to walk out of here and forget any of this happened,” Buck said.

Connor thought for a moment, looking to his sister crying on the ground.  I could see his embarrassment at having her by his side.

“Gracie, get up,” Connor said.

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her from the loose gravel.  She didn’t resist, and just seemed to have lost all interest in what was happening. 

Connor pulled her back and sat her on his motorcycle.  She sat without a sound, motionless.  Then Connor turned back to Buck and me.

“Buck, I got nothing against you.  I was just tryin’ to do right by my sister.  When you said you were gettin’ married to Tara, I thought you were joking.  I had a feeling you were just saying that ‘cause you didn’t want to end up with Gracie.  I don’t blame you; if she weren’t family, things would have been different.

“Get outta here, Buck,” Connor said.

He backed up and eased back on his cycle, and kicked it started.

“You got a hell of a girl there,” Connor Added.

“I really do,” Buck said.

Buck turned and started walking back towards me.  I was glad things ended so easily and without a fight.  Then again, I did miss watching Buck get ornery.

“I’m the only one you should ever love,” shouted Gracie, then she turned her gaze toward me, “he would love me if you were dead!”

Gracie held up a revolver, taking aim straight at me.  I started to duck, and I felt everything start to move incredibly slowly.  I looked at Buck, who had a horrified expression.

I could remember the first time I saw him.  He wasn’t as big then, but he was scrappy.  I wondered if he ever thought about me when we were younger.  There are worse ways to die; I wouldn’t be able to dodge at this distance.

I closed my eyes as I heard the shot, and I waited for the pain that would follow, but it never came.

I opened my eyes a second later to see Buck hovering over me.  Blood poured from an open wound in his shoulder.  I stared into his big eyes and he in mine. 

“I love you,” Buck said.

“Don’t die,” I squeaked out.

“Ugh, it’s just a shoulder shot,” he replied, “I didn’t like that tattoo anyway.”

He collapsed on top of me.  I didn’t realize how much he really weighed until then. 



Everything was a blur for the rest of that night.  We ended up at a hospital where he got his shoulder sewn shut.  I stayed with him the whole time, and we exchanged knowing glances. 

He wasn’t the man I remembered at all.  I wanted to hold him and never let him go.  I knew he would always be there to protect me, and that was a feeling I never wanted to lose. 

Connor turned in his own sister for what she’d done.  I think he knew that if Buck decided to come after her, she wouldn’t have made it far.  Connor even visited him in the hospital to make amends.

The next morning the hospital released Buck.  He was built like a tank, and it would’ve taken a lot more to do him in. 

I met him out front with his motorcycle, the old hand me down he received from father.  With his arm still in a sling, he hopped on the cycle. 

“I think I’ll take the lead on this one, Buck.  You can’t brake with only one arm,” I said.

“This is my bike; I’m the only one in this saddle,” he said.

I cocked and eye, the same look my mother gave me a million times.  It always worked on my father when he was alive, and it looked like it might just work with Buck. 

He let out a drawn out sigh and scooted to the back seat of the bike.  I hopped into the driver seat, and he threw his arm around my stomach. 

I finally felt like I was home.



Thank you for reading this book. I hope you enjoyed it.



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BOOK: ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: Bad Boy Biker's Baby (Bad Boy Alpha Male Motorcycle Club Romance) (Contemporary MC Biker Pregnancy Romance)
3.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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