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She felt herself melt into his strength as his tongue slipped past her teeth. Greedily, Rose sucked, eliciting a groan from deep in his throat. Hamish’s hold on her tightened, but he still pulled back.

“Be careful, lass,” he said, his breath coming in pants. “You do that again and I’ll be carrying you off to the nearest bed.”

His words inflamed her. Did she dare provoke him? Rose dreamt of nothing but Hamish ever since their first kiss. She had thought of little else, but having his body covering hers, feeling his thick cock sliding deep within her. Those erotic fantasies had kept her on edge. No amount of pleasuring herself had assuaged the need. Could she act upon her thoughts? Would her passion once again be her downfall?

No, her past was just that, her past. No one ever need know the truth. She could have this man for pleasure’s sake without giving her heart in return. This time she was in control. She was no wide-eyed innocent miss. That part of her had died long ago. Rose decided to take a chance. “Perhaps your bed is where I long to be,” she said, suddenly unable to meet his gaze.

Hamish’s entire body clenched at her words. “You don’t know what you’re saying, lass.”

Rose took a step closer and reached up to his chest until she could lay her palms flat against his hard warmth. Muscles rippled beneath her touch. Power surged through her. She’d never controlled a man like Hamish MacDougall before, but she knew at that moment that she quite literally had him in the palm of her hand. “Actually, I do,” she said, looking into his eyes.

A tic worked Hamish’s jaw, then suddenly he turned toward a set of stairs leading to the garden and the road beyond. He had a firm grip at her elbow. “We are leaving now.”

“But what about the ball?” she asked. “What about Abigail? We’ve only just arrived.”

“Curse the ball,” he said. “There will be others.”

Rose hid her triumphant smile.

Despite his resolve not to touch her, Hamish couldn’t stop himself. His body craved her warmth like his fangs craved her blood. Richard’s words came thundering back to him. This woman would allow him to feed openly. Hamish shuddered. He wouldn’t allow himself that satisfaction. Too many things could go wrong. He’d learned that the hard way. But, that didn’t mean he couldn’t sate his baser needs by fucking her senseless. The thought had his shaft hardening.

He rushed her along a darkened path, taking care to avoid the stones. It may be night, but he could see as if it were day. The warmth from her flesh traveled up his fingertips and into his hand, sending an urge to take ricocheting through him.

Hamish imagined her moist opening welcoming him into her body. He planned to take her many ways this night, before the dawn sent him to sleep. They couldn’t reach his home soon enough.

Rose dug in her heels. “Hamish stop. This is madness. We cannot do this. I came here with Abigail. She will miss me if I simply disappear. She cannot control the whispers unless she knows what has occurred.”

“When we reach my carriage, I will send word that you fell ill and I volunteered to take you home. Abigail will understand. Besides, she has her hands full with that grot—Lord Lazarus,” he snarled.

“Oh, I have no doubt she will understand, probably far too much. You seem to have thought of everything.” Bemused, she cocked her head and stared at him.

Hamish winked. “Not everything, lass, but the night is young.” He waggled his eyebrows and Rose laughed. Not a feminine response, but a full-bodied sound that conveyed her love of life. He tugged her along and she followed.

Neither noticed the dark-haired man standing near the shrubbery watching them depart.


* * * * *


They arrived at Hamish’s manor home thirty minutes later. He ordered the carriage brought around back, then ushered Rose out and into a darkened stairwell. “Mind your step, lass.”

She nodded, but gripped his arm tighter as he led the way to his rooms. Hamish stepped forward and threw the door wide. Flame from a nearby fireplace enveloped her, sending shadows flittering over her alabaster skin.

Hamish clenched his hands to keep from reaching for her. He wasn’t some kind of beast in rut, even though his body felt as if it would explode at a touch. He wanted to take his time and savor every inch of Rose.

He watched her as her gaze drank in the room, widening ever so slightly as it fell upon his bed. Hamish’s fangs extended. He turned quickly from her and moved to stoke the fire, though it didn’t need it.

“You may sit if you like,” he said, pointing to a nearby chair without looking at her.

Hamish heard Rose lift her skirt and walk across the room. “Your room is lovely.”

He glanced at the blue and gold swathing his bed and imagined her pale body spread wide and welcoming. A siren’s smile on her face. Her red hair would be like fire next to his covlet. Hamish swallowed hard and poked the coals with a bit too much strength, sending sparks flying into the air. He had to get control of himself before he touched her.

“I think the fire is built up enough. I’m quite warm,” she said, before allowing her shawl to slip to the ground at her feet.

Hamish’s eyes followed the movement, then his gaze shot to her face. He watched as Rose’s hands moved to her gloves. She peeled them off seductively, exposing the creamy flesh below. It took effort to swallow, but somehow Hamish managed. He stood, his cock miraculously tenting his kilt. He truly didn’t think he had it in him.

Rose’s eyes fixed on the heavy material. She smiled widely, then turned so he could reach the buttons at her back. “I need you to undo me,” she said softly.

Hamish stepped forward, his fingertips trembling as he bent to kiss the side of her neck. Her pulse fluttered. He closed his eyes against the silken temptation and then swiftly moved away until all he touched was her gown. “Lass, you’re far too tempting for your own good.”

Rose looked over her shoulder and her lips twitched, before facing away once more. The buttons took more effort than Hamish would’ve liked. He was tempted beyond reason to simply rip the offending material off her body, but he didn’t think Rose would appreciate him ruining her gown.

He inhaled her flowery scent, drawing it deep into his lungs. No one could ever smell this wonderful. He licked his lips. Or taste this good to him again. Hamish slipped the last button from its eyelet, then slid the gown over Rose’s shoulders. He may be a vampyre, but he was also a gentleman.

Rose turned to face him, pushing the gown to the floor in one swift motion. Her chemise did little to hide the attributes beneath the flimsy material. The air rushed from Hamish’s lungs as his eyes latched onto her flushed hard nipples. Now that she was free of the gown, he could smell the wetness gathering between her ample thighs.

He dropped to his knees before her and pulled Rose into her arms, his nose buried in her coppery curls. The material was of no hindrance. Hamish started where he knew her hidden treasure began and swiped his tongue along the seam of her sex. Rose shuddered in his arms.

“Lass, I cannot wait a moment longer to taste you. My cock is
bursting.” Hamish reached for the bottom of the chemise and slowly worked it up Rose’s legs, revealing inch by tantalizing inch of her skin.

He didn’t bother to move to the bed. Instead, he slipped the material over her head and then pulled her down onto the rug beside him. The firelight danced upon her skin, teasing her erect nipples, stroking her growing heat. Suddenly, Hamish found himself jealous of the light. He knew the thought was absurd, but nonetheless that’s how he felt.

He tugged at his shirt and coat, throwing them across the room. He needed to feel her, skin to skin, soul to soul. One flick of a wrist sent his kilt onto the floor, releasing his cock to the warm bedroom air. He heard Rose’s breathing deepen as her eyes latched onto his throbbing shaft. It seemed to grow, thick and impossibly heavy, as she gazed at it enticingly.

Her small hands reached up and encircled him, drawing him down toward her body. Rose stroked his length, feeding his need, fueling his desire.

“Oh, lass, you
know how good that feels.”

She grinned. “I have a pretty good idea.”

Hamish mirrored her smile, taking care to hide his fangs. “Let me show you.” He pulled away from her, kissing his way down her body. His lips nibbled on her breasts, while his tongue flicked the crinkled flesh, teasing it into hard kernels.

Rose whimpered, her body burning from the inside out. Everywhere Hamish’s mouth touched, flames erupted. She reached for his head to anchor herself as he licked his way closer to her aching center. She needed him to touch her there, taste her. Drive the throbbing need right out of her body, only to build it up once again.

“Please, Hamish,” she begged, urging him lower with a roll of her wide hips.

She heard his strangled laugh as he paused to circle her navel with his tongue. Sensation shot from his mouth straight to her clit. Rose’s body rippled. She couldn’t seem to stay still.

Hamish’s big hands latched onto her, holding her down. “Not yet, lass. I have not had my fill of ye. I need a taste. I want you to flood my mouth so I can drink deep. Can you do that for me?”

Rose groaned. She’d never been so aroused in her life, not even with Lord Richard Lyon. She felt feverish. The only person who could soothe her now was kneeling between her spread thighs, staring at her sex and licking his lips like a ravenous beast. For a moment, she almost thought she’d seen his eyes glow red. A trick of the firelight, nothing more.

It seemed to take a lifetime for his mouth to descend upon her, but when it finally did, Rose arched from the floor. Hamish’s fingers tightened and he deepened the connection by plunging his tongue into her sheath.

Rose couldn’t think, could barely breathe as his lips and teeth embraced her clit in an erotic kiss. He worried her flesh until she thought she’d go out of her mind. There was a slight sting, then he sucked even harder. Rose cried out and reached for him, her nails sinking deep into his hair as her body convulsed beneath him.

Hamish didn’t let up. The taste of Rose’s blood exploded across his tongue, making him drunk with desire. He hadn’t planned on biting her, but he’d been unable to resist. Her sweet nectar flowed into his mouth, making him lose control. He needed to be inside of her. Now! But first he planned to take her over the edge again. Sucking and licking he devoured her, demanding her surrender, while desiring her fight.

Rose’s skin flushed a delicious pink as he teased her nipples with his fingertips, plucking and lightly pinching until she writhed to meet his touch.

“Not again, Hamish,” she pleaded. “I don’t think I can do it again. Not so soon.”

He laughed, but it held little humor since he was in so much pain. “You’ll do it again and again for me until your voice grows harsh from crying out my name.”

Her hips undulated with each word. Hamish smiled, then slid up her body until his hard cock rimmed her entrance. “Open your eyes, lass and look at me.”

Rose mewed and blindly reached for him.

“I said, open your eyes,” he demanded.

Her lashes fluttered and then she met his gaze. Hamish felt as if he were falling into their brown depths. He adjusted his weight and then nudged an inch inside of her quim. Rose’s eyes widened.

“You’re so large,” she murmured in appreciation.

“I was thinking that you were perfect.” He heard Rose’s heart skip a beat. He smiled down into her face, then groaned as he slipped another inch deeper.

Hamish grit his teeth as he slowly rolled his hips. The feel of her would be the death of him. He realized at that moment that he could live with those terms as long as he could fuck her just this one time.

Rose’s fingers slid from his hands up the length of his arm until she grasped him. Her touch was light, but confident as her breathing deepened and her pupils dilated. She was close, so close to exploding. Hamish thrust, sending his entire length surging into her. She gasped, her nails biting deeper.

Her lips found his. The soft brush caused his fangs to ache. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth and he growled, his movements turning frenzied. He rode Rose hard and she met him thrust for thrust. He couldn’t seem to get deep enough. He wanted to crawl inside her and never come out. Hamish felt his balls draw up close to his body and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He slipped a hand between their bodies and found her clit.

He rasped the fleshy pearl once, then twice with his thumb. Rose bucked and cried out as her orgasm hit her. Hamish captured the sound in a kiss and continued to plunder her moist sheath. Mindless he fucked her until the pressure inside him could no longer be quelled. He tore his mouth away and bellowed as his release poured into her body in a rush that he felt all the way to his heart.

His hips continued to move as he emptied himself into her welcoming heat. Their bodies dripped with sweat as their breathing began to return to normal. Hamish leaned down and kissed her tenderly. “Thank you, my dearest Rose.”

She smiled, her lashes lowering over her eyes. She was already drifting off to sleep. Fierce possession swept through Hamish as he gazed upon her tranquil face. He wanted this woman for more than a quick roll in the sheets, for more than a night or two. He wanted her for an eternity, and that thought terrified him.


* * * * *



Lazarus was tired of playing cat and mouse with Abigail. He’d caught her watching him when she didn’t think he was looking. She had flushed every time their eyes met and actually looked angry when he was approached by hopeful grand dames in their search for a good match for their daughters.

Although it pleased him to see her jealous, he did not want to waste precious hours with games. His time in this form was drawing near. He needed her acceptance, her love, her utter surrender.

A man drew close to her and Lazarus saw Abigail’s brow crinkle into a frown. He wasn’t near enough to make out what they were saying, but he could tell by her stance that she didn’t welcome the man’s company.

BOOK: Rose's Rapture: Lords of the Night, Book Two
3.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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