Rush (Billionaire Bared: Rush) (Erotic Romance) (5 page)

BOOK: Rush (Billionaire Bared: Rush) (Erotic Romance)

I couldn’t control my moaning; I cried out for his name while my breasts bounced up and down. Eric placed his mouth on my nipple, lightly biting and playing, drawing me closer to climax.

And then his pace quickened, in sync with my own.

Our enthralled panting turned into an intense mixture of kissing and crying out for each other; his arms held me close as I came for him, climaxing so hard that my entire body felt totally void as the rush of the moment overcame me. Then Eric came, and I felt his seed burst out of his throbbing cock against the back of my vagina in a moment of euphoric frenzy.

For a moment, we floated in each other’s arms; still entwined with the rush of the moment.

My adrenaline slowly faded.

 Eric kissed me again and then carried me from the pool to the pool house; I was too weak to move. He laid me down on the bed I had claimed as mine, and then lay down beside me, his wet tangled hair still dripping.

“So do I get that promotion then?” I asked, with a wry smile.

“I wonder what story they’d make up for you. I wonder if it would be anywhere near as incredible as what actually happened.” Eric laughed, and tenderly brushed my hair from my eyes.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” I confessed to my billionaire, staring into his powerful brown eyes.

Eric kissed my forehead.

“Are you going to sleep here tonight, Eric?”

“Yes, if you want me to, I would love to.” He pulled the sheets over us. “How drunk are you right now?”

“I was drunk when I got naked. And I’m sober now.”

“Fair enough.” He laughed.

As I cuddled my head onto his shoulder, I asked him, “is this ever going to happen again – or was this a one-time kind of thing? Because either way, I’m fine, it’s okay.”

“Anytime you want me, turn the pool light on. And I’ll come around the back. But you better be naked in the pool.” Eric said and laughed again.

I smiled, thinking of the next time I’d leave the pool light on. I pictured myself in Eric’s office, fully naked but for Eric’s button-down, sitting on his desk, my legs spread open. He would walk into the room, close the door, and take me right there – with everyone outside the door none the wiser.

The End.

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