Russian Enforcer's Royal Engagement (Russian Enforcers Book 7)

BOOK: Russian Enforcer's Royal Engagement (Russian Enforcers Book 7)

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Diana is in the kingdom of Montinia for the wedding of her brother Mike when all hell breaks loose: a gang of terrorists takes the entire royal family and the Petrovs hostage. Their target: Diana Petrov.

In the nick of time Diana is whisked away to safety by a mysterious stranger. Locked up together in the palace panic room, she discovers her wickedly handsome savior is none other than the king’s youngest son, Prince Jacques.

Soon things start to heat up inside the safe room, for even while Diana tries to uncover the motive behind the attack, the flames of passion threaten to engulf her as she succumbs to a burning desire and aching sensual need the likes of which she’s never before experienced.

18+ only.


Russian Enforcers 7 (Diana & Jack)

Nic Saint


Diana didn’t know how long she’d been staring at the man. He was tall and handsome and had a hulking quality that lent him a predatory aspect. He could have been a Roman centurion back in the day, or a linebacker for the New York Giants. He was sinfully attractive in a brooding way. He’d been standing there with a scowl on his face for a while now, as if he would rather be anywhere but here, the chip on his shoulder about the size of the State of Colorado.

He clearly felt out of place. Just like she did.

He was darkly bronzed, his black hair long and descending to shoulders the shape of a battering ram. Even beneath the smart tux it was obvious he was all hard muscle, and the thought of him between her thighs made her pussy clench. It had been a long time since she’d reacted like this to any male. The last boyfriend she’d had, Jim Murgatroyd, had been the cerebral type, though his body had been sculpted like a Greek God courtesy of Gold’s Gym. He’d dumped her with a terse breakup text when he’d found someone more compatible, an associate at his law firm. The humiliation and the hurt still stung.

She’d effectively sworn off men, but seeing Centurion Man reminded her that her body had needs. Though her mind said no, her body desperately craved. And what it was telling her now was that she hadn’t been fucked in weeks, her pussy keening to be rocked by a real cock not a latex substitute.

Her breath caught in her throat when he glanced over, studying her from beneath long dark lashes, his piercing amber eyes raking over her, his expression fierce. Then his gaze flicked away, as if dismissing what he’d seen. It was enough to give her a jolt of anticipation. This guy was infinitely more alive than anyone else at this stuffy royal party. Except for her brothers, perhaps.

She looked around. They were all standing in a circle. Alex and Laura, Erik and Jackie, Mike and Emily, her three other brothers Rob, Dave and Denis, and Mom and Dad. They’d all been invited to Mike’s wedding in the small kingdom of Montinia in the South of France and had flown in from the States for the happy occasion.

Only briefly had she considered to stay home, but this was her oldest brother, and he was only getting married once. So even though she wasn’t in the mood for a wedding so shortly after her own love life had suffered a crushing blow, she simply had to be there, if only to meet the woman who’d managed to snag the illustrious Petrov bachelor.

And Emily Fox was everything she’d expected. She was beautiful, smart as a whip, and perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

She took a sip from her bubbly, and found her eyes irrevocably drifting back to the stranger. Unlike her, he stood alone and proud, his eyes incessantly scanning the room. He looked up when a man approached him. It was King Francois himself, square-faced and carrying his white beard like a banner. The king clasped a hand to the man’s shoulder, and they exchanged a few brief words. She frowned. So he was friends with the king, was he? From the looks of him she’d pegged him as security. Ultra-vigilant, not missing a thing.

As the head of security at Lighthouse Casino in Brooklyn, she worked with guys like this every day. Well, maybe not guys like him,
. Only in her wildest, hottest dreams.

If he really was security, Mike would know who he was. He and Emily had recently been put in charge of security in the kingdom so that would make Mike Centurion Man’s boss. She glanced over to her brother, dying to find out. She noticed their company had just been joined by Yulian Gornakov and his wife Julia. The Russian billionaire was accompanied by his right-hand man Roman Loginovsky and his wife Dora, the Broadway actress. She returned Roman’s cursory nod in her direction. He was

Once deemed the head of a criminal empire, Yulian had gone to great lengths to turn his business legit and was still working to accomplish that lofty goal with the aid of Roman.

Her eyes swiveled back to the darkly handsome man who seemed to do something to her insides each time she laid eyes on him. To her disappointment, she noticed that he was walking toward the door. When he disappeared, she heaved an inward sigh. Now there was absolutely nothing left to lift the tedium she always felt at these kinds of occasions.

“How are you holding up, sis?” a voice asked beside her.


She smiled into Mike’s worried frown. “I’m fine, Mike, just fine.”

He eyed her with that typical penetrating look of his. “You don’t look fine.”

She shrugged. “Must be the jet lag. I’ll be okay.” She gestured around the ornate ballroom. “A couple of days in paradise and I’ll be right as rain.”

“You stay as long as you like,” he stressed, repeating what he’d told them earlier. They were the king’s guests and could stay here as long as they wanted.

“Thanks, Mike, but I’ve got stuff to take care of back home, so…” She didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but late night parties weren’t what she needed right now.

Mike’s eyes raked over her face, and she knew he could see right through her. Mike always could. It was impossible to hide anything from him. “Why don’t you stay a little longer?” he suggested softly. “Who knows, the change of scenery might do you good.”

She nodded. “Thanks for the offer.”

Then he grinned, and his face lit up. “You might even find a decent guy down here.”

She gave him a quick smile. “I just might,” she replied noncommittally. She hated discussing her love life with her brothers, something they were all too keen on in her opinion. She was the only sister they had, and to the last man they were fiercely protective. When Jim Murgatroyd had broken up with her, they’d all offered to break the bastard’s face in return. She’d declined, but the support had warmed her broken heart.

Rob ambled up, a grimace firmly in place. “Great party, bro,” he said under his breath, “but did you really have to get married on the other side of the fucking planet?”

“At least I’m getting married, little brother,” Mike scoffed, clapping him on the shoulder. Rob winced under Mike’s death grip.

“I’ll never get married,” he informed them soberly. “Not if it involves dressing up in a monkey suit, and having to go through an ordeal like this.” The three of them stared at the ornate ballroom and the hundreds of guests, most of whom Mike didn’t even know himself. They were all invited by the king, who thought his newly appointed heads of security deserved the best wedding possible.

“I’m with you there, buddy,” Mike grunted. “If I know even a dozen people here it will be a lot.” Then he gave them both a pointed look. “That’s why I’m so glad you guys decided to show up. I don’t know what I would have done without you. And that goes for Emily as well.”

Emily’s family had broken all contact with her when she ran away years ago to join the Russian Mob. She’d invited only one guest, her best friend Laura. Even her former employers, the Demiakov family, had decided to skip the happy occasion, pissed off that she’d decided to jump ship and marry a Petrov.

She gestured to Yulian and Roman, who were engaged in a lively discussion with Dad. “What is that all about?”

Mike glanced over. “No fucking clue. Since I moved to Montinia, I haven’t kept up with news from back home.”

“Uh-huh. This got nothing to do with us,” Rob knew. “I overheard Yulian talking to the king. Apparently something is cooking right here in Montinia.”

Mike arched his brow. “That so? I wonder why they haven’t told me. I’m supposed to be in charge of security around here.”

“I guess they don’t trust foreigners,” mocked Rob.

“We’ll see about that,” Mike growled, and stalked over to Yulian and tapped the big man on the shoulder. Yulian looked mildly annoyed at the interruption but then included him in the conversation. That was her big brother for you. If he wanted something, he went after it, consequences be damned.

“What do you think’s going on?” she asked Rob.

Rob shrugged. “From what I can tell King Rudolph is going into business with Yulian, and in exchange they’ve got Roman shoring up security.”

“Shore up security? Why? Is there a threat?”

“Just rumors. Some nutcases making threats. I wouldn’t worry about it. Who the hell would want to attack this sad excuse for a country?” He turned to a gorgeous woman drifting by. She batted her eyes at him and he grinned. “They do have some interesting natural resources, though.”

“I just hope Mike and Emily will be all right,” Diana muttered, biting her lip. She and her brothers had been called out to Mexico only a few short weeks ago, when Erik had run into some trouble with a gang of corrupt cops. She couldn’t imagine something like that happening in Montinia. “It’s such a fairytale country, and so peaceful.”

“Yeah, it’s a genuine Disneyland,” Rob agreed. “Though if you ask me, Mike will be bored out of his skull in weeks.” He spread his arms and made a comical face. “I mean, there’s only so much you can do in a place like this.”

“You mean like going to the beach every morning for a swim in the Mediterranean? Partying with Europe’s jet set every night? Chatting with celebrities and getting on a first name basis with all your favorite movie stars, pop stars, royals and sports heroes? Yeah, I can see how that might get old after a while.”

“Smart-ass,” he grumbled.

Diana arched an eyebrow. “Jealous much?”

“I’m not jealous,” Rob declared vehemently. Then he sighed. “Though it is true that Mike really found a great little place here.”

“And a great woman to share his life with,” Diana added softly as she let her eyes glide over the bride. Her brother’s bride looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, and was positively glowing. Her new sister-in-law, also known as Stiletto Tonya, had been a contract killer when she and Mike met, but right now looked like a genuine princess.

“Yeah, Mike’s one lucky guy,” Rob said with a sigh, then caught himself when Diana gave him a knowing smirk. “Well, for a marrying man, that is. Guys like me, who aren’t into that kind of stuff, obviously don’t care one way or the other.”

“You’ll find the one for you one day, Rob,” she assured him.

“The day I get hitched is the day I die,” he solemnly declared. “Marriage is an outdated institution only fit for fools and old people.”

Diana had to laugh at that. One day the notorious bachelor would meet his match. She was sure of it.

“What about you?” he asked, his voice suddenly soft, his eyes searching. “When are you going to get hitched up?”

“Never,” she declared without missing a beat. “Like you said, marriage is for fools.” And she’d been played for a fool when her fiancé had dumped her, she silently added.

He nodded, then extended his hand. “Kindred spirits,” he declared.

“Kindred spirits,” she agreed.

“When all of the Petrov brood have fallen prey to marriage, we will stand alone, defending the honor of the bachelor.”

“Sounds about right,” she agreed, but a thrill went through her when she suddenly noticed the hulking male had returned. He was scanning the room. Then his eyes fell on her, and her heart skipped a beat when he started making his way over. Christ. He was coming!


Surreptitiously, she brought a hand to her hair, pushing back errant blond curls from her brow, preparing for impact as he homed in on her with all the intensity and focus of a cruise missile.

Her breath hitched and her throat was suddenly parched.

Then he stood before her, easily a full head taller, scowling as if she’d just offended him.

“Diana Petrov?” he called out in a gravelly voice that melted her bones.

She merely nodded, wondering if she was under arrest or something.

“You’re coming with me,” he grunted, taking her arm and propelling her along.

She threw a panicked gaze over her shoulder at Rob who stood staring after her with a bemused expression on his face.

Finally, she found her voice again. “What’s this all about?”

He didn’t deign to respond, but merely held her arm in a viselike grip, escorting her out of the ballroom. As they passed the dozens of smartly dressed wedding guests, she noticed they were attracting a lot of attention. Her face now thoroughly flushed, she felt her temper rising. Though she’d been taken by surprise, she was no pushover, and she jerked herself free before they reached the door. “If you don’t tell me what the fuck is going on here—”

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