Sand & Clay (Her Stolen Rock Star)

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Sand & Clay:

Her Stolen Rock Star

by Sarah Robinson


Copyright © 2013 Sarah Robinson

All rights
reserved. This document may not be reproduced in any way without the expressed
written consent of the author. The ideas, characters, and situations presented
in this story are strictly fictional and any unintentional likeness to real
people or real situations is completely coincidental.


Dedicated to Justin

My first book for my first love.



Chapter One


Everyone dreads Mondays and the
start of the work week, wishing they could go back to Friday night when the
weekend was just unfolding, everyone except Caroline Sanders. For her, Monday
morning was a happy event, it meant she got to see her coworkers and actually
be productive.

She enjoyed getting dressed in her
business professional wear and traipsing out of her luxurious Central Park West
condo heading to work at a famous New York City law firm, where she currently worked
as a paralegal.

Her father had gotten her this job,
just like he had also purchased her condo for her. Caroline Sanders couldn’t be
more of a country club, high brow young woman if she tried. Her wardrobe
consisted of polo t-shirts, pencil skirts, and ridiculously oversized hats. She
was raised on the golf course and never had to take care of herself much.

She was now 24 years old, but her
parents paid for everything and Caroline was just fine with that. She had
finished law school and was working her way towards becoming a lawyer but had
gotten stuck as a paralegal for awhile. She didn’t love her job but she didn’t
hate it either.

Caroline rustled through her
closet, trying to decide between four different shades of brown pencil skirts. She
finally settled on one and grabbed a blouse to match it. She held them up in
front of her body and looked at herself in the floor length mirror, currently wearing
only matching nude bra and panties, her typical practical style.

Caroline had dark brown wavy hair
that curled down to her mid back in perfect waves. Her skin was fair but she used
tanning sprays to make it a little less of a contrast with her dark hair. She
was about 5’5” and 115 lbs in all the right places. People often told her that
she had an amazing smile, her sparkling white teeth, bright pink lips, rosy
cheeks and hazel eyes were the first things people noticed.

She hurried to pull on her skirt,
blouse, and matching heels, scooped up her purse and keys, and headed out the
door for work. She was a woman of routine and schedules and was never late to
work. She stepped into the elevator and took it down to the lobby. The doors
opened with a pleasant ding and the doorman smiled and greeted her immediately.

“Ms. Caroline, how are we feeling
this morning?” Jeremy, the doorman, asked her as she stepped off the elevator.

“Just fine, Jeremy, how's the
weather?” she responded.

“It is a little breezy for July,
but it is still warm out there! Really brightens up a Monday for you.” he said.

Caroline laughed and headed out the
door as he held it open for her. She stepped onto the grey sidewalk and hopped
into the waiting cab the doorman had already called for her.

“4634 Lexington Avenue, please.”
Caroline told the driver.

He nodded in response and pulled
away from the curb. Caroline sat back and melted into the once-black fake
leather seats, and drifted off into a daydream. She always dreamed of the same
thing when she had time to herself, standing in front of a crowd at her first
gallery opening surrounded by beautiful paintings that she had done.

The crowd was clapping and tossing
flowers towards her, praising her artwork and talent. A silly fantasy, maybe. However,
Caroline loved to draw and paint and loved to spend her weekends sitting in the
park sketching things she saw. It made her feel less alone to create worlds,
scenes, and people on her paper that she could just get lost in.

“Ma’am, we're here. That'll be
$15.85.” the cab driver said to her, snapping her out of her daydream. Caroline
rustled around in her purse and pulled out a twenty dollar bill, handing it to
him through the opening in the plastic partition.

“Keep the change, thanks!” Caroline
told him, as she scooted herself out of the taxi and onto the sidewalk in front
of the Java Jolt, her favorite coffee shop that was just down the block from
her law office.

Java Jolt wasn’t a franchise brand
but it also wasn’t a hipster joint overrun with kids in baggy hats and skinny
jeans, which made it the perfect place for Caroline. She had breakfast here
every morning, which mostly consisted of lattes and warm blueberry muffins.

She pulled open the front door to
the shop and the aroma of coffee swirled around her head, bringing a smile to
her face. She practically pranced up to the register, greeting the baristas who
knew her well by now.

“Caroline! Have a good weekend?” George, the barista, asked
her as he started ringing up her usual order.

“Same old, same old, George. Just spent some time in the
park, the weather was beautiful! What about you?” Caroline asked.

“The wife and I actually went to that bed and breakfast that
you suggested. It was wonderful, so nice to get out of the city for a couple
days and just relax.” he told her.

“That is so wonderful, tell Marcy that I said hi!” Caroline
smiled at him as she collected her blueberry muffin.

She looked around for an open seat to start enjoying her
muffin while still waiting for her coffee, but every couch was occupied. She
spotted a couch in the corner which just had one man sitting on it. Even though
he had spread his things across the open seat, half the couch was open.

He was clearly a tall man, since his legs were bent to fit
between the couch and coffee table. He wore an army type cap that was worn out
gray and tipped down over his face, keeping him directly from view. He had wavy
brown hair flowing out from beneath the cap, longer than most men would wear
their hair, but not long enough to look feminine or hipster. He wore a black
v-neck t-shirt partially tucked into faded jeans.

Caroline walked over to him and put her muffin down on the
coffee table.

“Excuse me? Do you mind moving your things so I can sit
here?” she asked him, pointing to his books and papers.

She noticed that most of it was sheet music and what looked
like scratched out lyrics. The mysterious man glanced up at her briefly, then
looked back at his papers where he continued to write. Caroline stood there a
moment awkwardly, waiting for him to respond but it quickly became apparent
that he was clearly ignoring her.

“Okay, well it looks like you must have some difficulty with
moving your arms, so I'll help you out.” Caroline said haughtily as she started
picking up his papers and putting them on the coffee table.

“Hey, hey, lady, don’t touch my things.” he said to her
angrily, jumping up from his seat. He grabbed the papers out of her hand and
put them down on the coffee table.

“Jeez, couldn’t you find another place to sit? I like my
privacy and I don’t need to be sitting here with some woman and getting my
picture on TMZ because of it.” He growled at her.

Clearly still angry, he sat back down in his seat, this time
leaving enough room for her to comfortably sit down. Caroline stared at him,
confused, but then sat down next to him.

“Well, I don’t know what you're talking about, it’s not like
people walk around ending up on TMZ every day. That’s a bit dramatic, don’t you
think?” She said to him.

“It’s not dramatic, it’s life. Paparazzi are everywhere. I
don’t need some scandal right now.” he said, going back to his writing, and trying
to give her every nonverbal signal in existence to leave him alone.

But now he had piqued Caroline’s curiosity. What was he
talking about? Was she sitting next to a celebrity? She stared at him for a
bit, but couldn’t place his face.

“Sounds dramatic to me. Am I supposed to know who you are or
something?” she asked him.

He turned to look at her with a very puzzled look on his

“Are you being serious?” He said, staring at her like she
had dirt or something gross on her face.

She pulled back a little bit and then scoffed at him.

“Of course I'm being serious. Jeez, who do you think you
are? God’s gift to the world? I don’t think so, buddy.” She said, turning her
face away from him.

George walked up to Caroline and handed her the latte that
she ordered.

“Thank you, George.” Caroline said smiling at him.

She noticed George looking nervously over at her couch mate
with an excited smile on his face. Then she noticed him whispering with
coworkers behind the bar, pointing in the man’s direction. She turned back to
her coffee and picked up the newspaper in front of her, scanning the front

“At least you're nice to some people.” The man beside her
said, somewhat mumbling under his breath.

She shot him an angry look but didn’t say anything and went
back to reading her paper. The two ignored each other for a while and just went
about their business, Caroline reading the newspaper and enjoying her latte and
the strange man writing his music. After about fifteen minutes went by, the man
abruptly slammed down his paper, took off his cap, and turned his body to
completely face Caroline.

“Do you seriously not know who I am? Have you never heard
the name Logan Clay before?” he said to her, determined and slightly irritated.

She looked up from her paper at him and couldn’t help but
notice how handsome he was without the cap covering his face. He had a chiseled
jaw line and sparkling blue eyes that seemed to be shimmering even in the dull
light of the coffee shop. His skin was the perfect amount of tan under the
stubble of his five o’clock shadow.

She kept her composure though and quickly shook the thoughts
of attraction out of her mind. She turned back to her paper, flipping to the
next page nonchalantly.

 “Nope. Should I have?” she said, still looking at the
paper, although not really reading it.

“Do you never turn on the radio or read a magazine?”

He stood up off the couch and walked over to a set of
adjourning couches and ruffled through a pile of magazines, found the one he
was looking for and pulled it out. He marched back to her and showed her the
front cover of the magazine. Sure enough, there he was plastered on the
magazine wearing jeans and a button up shirt that was undone and open, exposing
a set of amazing abs and tattoos.

In big letters at the top it said ROCKSTAR LOGAN CLAY ROCKS

“Well congratulations to you.” She said and went back to her

He stood there for a bit longer holding the magazine and
then sat down with an angry grunt. He couldn’t understand why this beautiful
woman was just ignoring him. Women were always throwing themselves at him. He
wasn’t sure if it was because of her indifference or because of her beauty and
spunk, but he couldn't deny that he was attracted to her.

The way she held her newspaper and was purposely avoiding
looking at him infuriated him, but it also intrigued him. How is it possible
that this woman could be so irritating and so irresistible at the same time?

Caroline was doing her best not to look at him but she could
feel him staring at her now. She didn’t know why she was acting so stand offish
to him. He was really handsome and she was definitely attracted to him, but she
didn’t like his entitled attitude. That was the one quality in the world that
she just couldn’t tolerate, probably because of her own background.

Caroline didn’t like to think about it or admit it, but she
didn’t like living such a privileged and cared for life. She wished she would've
rebelled more and picked her own future, rather than following her father’s
dream for her to become a lawyer.

Her mind started to drift back to her love of painting and
then she thought of painting him. This man next to her would make a great
subject of a painting with his chiseled features and handsome looks.

  She shook her head and quickly removed those thoughts and
went back to scanning the newspaper and enjoying her latte.

Realizing she was still trying to ignore him, Logan decided
to leave. He just could not stand sitting next to her another moment. He was
beyond irritated and confused, and felt slightly rejected. He gathered up his
music sheets and notes and headed up to the counter to order a coffee to go.

Caroline glanced up as he started to leave and couldn’t help
but feel a pang of regret in her stomach, as if she had just missed out on a
potentially great opportunity. To be honest she had heard of Logan Clay before and
recognized him once he showed her the magazine, but was too stubborn to admit
that to him.

Caroline put down the newspaper and sighed, Logan had
already left the store. She took the remaining sips of her latte and stood up. As
she did so, George the barista, rushed over to her.

“Caroline! You will not believe what just happened! Do you
know who you were sitting next to?” George said excitedly. He suddenly looked like
a star-crazed fan with his wide smile.

“Yes, Logan Clay. What about him?” she responded to George.

“He was completely interested in you! You were sitting next
to him for like half an hour, and I saw you guys chatting. Are you going to go
out with him?” George asked excitedly.

“What? Of course not, plus he wasn't interested in me at all.
He was a little full of himself, if you want my opinion.” she said, brushing
her hair over her shoulder.

“Oh, really? Well then why did he tell me to give these to
you?” George said as he pulled three tickets out of his apron pocket and spread
them open in front of her face.

“Concert tickets? For this weekend’s show, front row at
Madison Square Garden? I heard that those shows were all sold out.” Caroline
said, astonished as she looked at the tickets.

She secretly was excited and wanted to go, after all she did
love music and loved concerts, especially free ones.

“Not just concert tickets, Caroline, THREE concert tickets.
You know what that means, he definitely likes you.” George grinned at her,
practically jumping up and down like a young child.

BOOK: Sand & Clay (Her Stolen Rock Star)
6.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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