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He cracked a grin. “My best friend is in my band, and he’s not even in a steady relationship, much less married.” His hand slipped under the table, and then under the hem of her dress, his award-winning fingers circling behind her knee. “I’m friends with Julian Easton, and I believe you are Libby.” His hand moved higher, gliding up the back of her thigh. “I like that name. I want to scream it when I come.”

Libby’s stomach tightened with each swipe across her skin. This was the worst sort of temptation, forbidden fruit. She fought for air. “Ah, our dear Julian, rumors suggest he’s the owner of Level 69, which leads us right back where we started.”

The leg she’d once seen kick half of a drum set off a Miami stage brushed hotly against hers, and she imagined the strength in his thighs as he pumped into her. “Answer my question and I’ll answer yours.”

“It’s simple,” she shared a partial truth, since her entire life had turned into a lie. “I’m here to get laid, Stellan. Trey’s probably doing the same thing somewhere else, right now.”

“Hmm,” he groaned, his hand finding the side of her hip, his fingers toying with the lace of her thong. “Open relationship, huh?” He brought his opposite hand to her face, cupping her jaw. “As long as you don’t have a wedding band on that finger, I’m into it.”

“You’re into it after you answer my question.”

He shook his head and laughed. “Like I said, I’d already heard Noah Wyatt play at Evan Easton’s Club Saturday. In fact, I actually got the contact info from Evan himself — before Julian mentioned him to me. You can ask Evan.”

“So…Level 69?” she prompted, her mouth going dry as his fingers inched to her pussy. “No one pressured you into taking Noah to the sex club?”

“I’ve paid my dues a thousand times over.” A line formed between his black eyebrows. “No one presses me to do anything anymore. It was all a matter of fun on my part. Nothing more. I was fucking the Lovely, when Noah blasted out of the dungeon. Basically, we crossed our wires, and I was too into the Lovely to stop and chase him down. Later, I left a message on Wyatt’s voicemail, but he won’t return my call.”

“I bet that’s a first for you, someone not calling you back.”

He brushed his lips beneath her lower one. “You’re wrong.”

She could barely catch her breath, but she managed to say, “I think I can get Noah to call you back.”

He pulled her bottom lip between his teeth, tugging. “Then I’ll answer.”

A gasp of pleasure escaped. “What’s a Lovely?”

“You truly are candy sweetness, and you’ve just made me impossibly hard.” He reached for her hand, discreetly placing it on his erection. “Julian calls his subs Lovelys. Have you ever trusted a Dom, played a scene?”

Libby swallowed roughly, when he trailed kissed across her jawline. “I dabbled a little with an old boyfriend, but he got carried away.”

“Then he didn’t know what he was doing.” His fingers trailed away from her hip, sliding back down her thigh. “But, I do.” Stellan pressed a kiss to her naked shoulder and settled back in his chair, appraising her with a startling intensity. “I can go slowly, so exquisitely slowly that you won’t even realize you’ve reached that special place in your mind only I can touch.”

Chapter Six

A sudden panic gripped Libby as she followed Stellan Hudson into Level 69. “After my face was splashed across the internet today, people are going to recognize me, especially since you’ll be garnering attention.”

“You’re just figuring that out?” Stellan’s sexy lip curved in a half grin. “Don’t worry. I pay a small fortune for this private entrance and also private rooms.”

She looked around. “I thought this whole club was private.”

He grip
ped her hand in his. “There’s private and then there’s private. This way.”

As she followed close behind him in the dimness of the club, another startling thought worried her. How many Lovelys had Trey fucked?

When they entered the dungeon room, or what Stellan referred to as the playroom. He nodded toward a smoky, one-way mirror. “That’s for others to observe us.”

“Obviously,” she said worriedly.

“Relax.” He cupped her face in his big hands, brushing his thumbs across her cheeks. “If you don’t want to be seen, it’s an easy fix.” Stellan reached behind her and pushed a button. Smoke filled inside the glass, obscuring anyone’s view. Then he slowly, methodically removed his clothes.

For a second, she was star struck speechless. Stellan’s face had often replaced Stephan’s during sex. Now her fantasy was standing in the same room completely and gloriously naked. His long black hair spilled over his muscular shoulders and hard-toned biceps. It was far easier for her to find a tattoo on his sleekly muscled body than to locate a bare patch of skin, and he was truly flawless in her eyes. Boy, she thought, all those times she’d imagined him naked hadn’t done him justice. Then her eyes dropped between his legs, where his sculpted cock, fully waxed and sinful, pointed straight at her. Libby inhaled slowly, clutching her hands at her sides. She was never going to walk straight after she took him. Never.

He tilted his head to the side, flicking his eyes to her breasts and back. “Still up for this?”

Was she up for this? She’d been raked over the coals by all the shit Trey and Drake had drummed up at the firehouse, had been asked to leave the man she’d considered her boyfriend — though she’d reluctantly admit Trey had done her a favor there — and because of the nutty Easton history, her best friend was nearly killed. Oh, yes, she would enjoy herself tonight with a man voted the sexiest man alive three years running. She found the courage to study his gorgeous cock. “Hmmm,” she threw a little Marilyn Monroe in her voice, baby whispering, “I’m as up for it as you are.”

Stellan chuckled beneath his breath as he closed the distance between them. “Beautiful Libby, I can’t wait to taste you,” he whispered, pushing his cock flat against her stomach and molding a hand beneath her ass.

“Then taste me.”

“You will remove your clothes.”

“Yes.” She dropped her eyes to a table nestled against a mirrored wall, studying the erotic toys on display, many unfamiliar to her, but all awaiting Stellan’s masterful hands. Libby brought her trembling fingers to her shoulder straps, tugging down her summer dress. His cock jumped between them, and she wondered if she could take all of it. But wouldn’t it be fun trying?

She finished removing her dress, and even though she was freaking out, she could sense a quickening in her vagina right before moisture coated her walls.

“You’re crying out for attention. I can smell your need.” He held out a hand, waiting for her dress. She handed it to him with sweaty palms. Carefully, he placed it on a wall hook and stared at her, his eyes walking up and down her body. “Very nice. Now your bra.”

Libby swallowed a fresh wave of nervousness. She’d never had hang-ups about sexual relationships, but Stellan Hudson, a man who slept with models and movie stars regularly, had his unwavering attention focused straight on her. She hesitated at the clasp of her strapless pushup bra, mentally coaxing herself, when he shook his head in dismay.

“What’s the holdup?”

Her body had never bothered her before…but she’d never been with a rock star. “I don’t have implants,” she muttered stupidly.

“And you’re assuming I like implants?” Stellan grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back. He leaned down, his lips a hairsbreadth from hers. “Did someone tell you that you needed implants?”

Her stomach clenched again, forming an internal knot of need. “No.”

He placed his mouth on her throat, inhaling sharply, his firm lips brushing her heated skin when he said, “For your hesitation, I will spank your pussy.”

Her clitoris pulsated. She flicked the clasp free and he leaned back, watching in rapt fascination as she exposed her slight mounds tipped in pink. The same as with her dress, he opened his hand for her bra. After she handed it over, he hooked it on the wall.

She stood in her heels and a thong, her vagina clenching before releasing, pulsating in the same rhythm as her clit. And she realized it was a pattern, her heartbeat thundering throughout her body. If he would simply touch her, she would explode.

As if reading her mind, Stellan ran his hands over her breasts, flicking his thumbs once over the distended tips. “Perfect for my mouth.” He moved flush against her, threading his cock between her thighs, the heat of his flesh pressing against the thin barrier of the silk. His dick jumped against her as he wrapped the mouth she’d seen croon to millions around her right nipple. Drawing the flesh across his velvet-rough tongue, he spared no mercy. The pleasure-pain hit her like a blast of a thousand needles, all barreling straight to her womb.

“Oh!” Her head came back, and her thighs started shaking. She lifted her hands, combing her fingers through his long hair, gripping and pulling. He moved to the next nipple,
biting and tugging as his hand worried the saliva-soaked nipple he’d left. Toeing apart her feet, he spread her legs and released her breast with an audible pop. He looked down, admiring his obvious mark. She followed his gaze, her eyes blinking in and out of focus. Oh, yeah, that was one hell of a love bruise.

“When you look in the mirror, you won’t forget.” His hand, so hot and strong, fondled her ass. Stroking the globes, first the left and then the right, he brought the masterful fingers she’d seen strum guitars beneath her folds. “Your lips are so soaked,” he groaned, “I can feel them sticking to your thong.”

“Because I want you,” she whimpered, wanting to shut out the world by losing herself with him.

He met her gaze, his eyes fueled by lust’s fire. “You’re going to have me.” Stellan’s face hardened into an edge she could only label as a Dom’s. “Right after I spank you.”


“Feel free to scream,” he explained evenly as he molded her nether lips beneath the silk, heating her unbearably. A slight waft of air met her thighs as he reared back, and then the first hard smack landed right on her pussy.


He wrapped his free arm around the back of her waist, holding her in place. The second slap came even harder. Strangely, her mind started moving on to a place that separated her from everything and everyone. His sharp smacks were firing one after the other, her lips swelling not from impact but from arousal.

“Feel the fire spread?” he whispered in a whiskey-smooth voice against her mouth, flicking his tongue over her bottom lip. His fingertips brushed her soaked thong, barely touching her, but inciting a wicked burn.

“Yes,” she whispered raggedly, a wildfire working out from her core, heating her legs and torso. “I don’t think I’ve ever…been this…wet.”

He easily found her clit, and, to her horrified surprise, he pinched the tender bud mercilessly. Her legs gave out at the erotic assault, the wicked touch nearly detonating her orgasm. He backed off right before she came, and lifted her easily in his strong arms.

He reached above him, yanking something down, but Libby was lost pressing her lips across his shoulders and throat. The feel of him against her mouth, the taste, there was nothing she could compare this need to, nothing at all. The need for escapism was all she knew, and he was delivering it right to her. Her hands were drawn high over her head, secured by padded manacles. Tugging, she stretched out.

He stood back and ran the backs of his knuckles over her nipples. “Anything cutting into your wrists?”

“No.” She licked her drying lips, wishing he would kiss her again.

He bent and secured a brown leather strap beneath one thigh, and then the other. Around her waist, he secured a thicker band equipped with stiffer stays. With another crank over her head, her legs lifted off the ground in a spread frog position, the knees slightly elevated. But her feet dangled freely. Thankfully, she’d recently waxed, because his eyes would miss nothing at this angle.

He stood back, stroking his magnificent cock, pacing slightly in front of her. “Are you comfortable?”


“You’re testing my restraint. I want to eat your cream, but this,” he said, squeezing the head of his cock until it tinged blue, “wants to fuck you right now, until I feel you drip down my balls.”

“You’re making me crazy.” She could barely breathe, watching him watching her. But Libby certainly wanted Stellan to skip the good stuff and get to the better stuff, which, by the size of his cock, would be a mind numbing fucking.

He circled her, making slow movements with his hands, roaming them up and down her body. She heard the telltale sound of a condom wrapper, but he made no move to fuck her. In fact, for long, silent minutes he touched her entire body, even her ears, but completely avoided her sex. Meanwhile, she’d completely saturated herself, arousal even leaking down her dark crevice. Libby nearly screamed out in need right when he moved in front of her, her eyes dropping to his thick cock now donned in a condom. He stroked her with one finger from clit to ass, twirling around her rosette. She felt her body tensing, fighting what he was about to do.

“You are so red between your legs, so ready for my cock.” His finger pressed inside her anus, and she immediately clamped down on it, pushing against his invasion. “Anal virgin?”


“Well,” he said as he pressed another finger inside her tight ring, swiveling his wrist, “it’s been a while.” With all the juice dripping from her pussy, he needed no lubricant. “By the time I work my dick into this tiny, pink ass, both of us will be screaming.”

She moaned harshly. It pinched and burned, but she wanted this touch and tried to relax under his skillful fingers. Her hands clenched above her restraints, her desire to stroke her clit nearly overwhelming. He plunged his fingers in and out of her, going deeper with each stroke. Her head was spinning, and she realized she was thrashing it back and forth, her mouth forming incoherent sounds as she pleaded with him to take her over the edge, to release this orgasm that just wouldn’t go over passion’s cliff.

He kept two fingers deep in her ass and finally aligned his cock between her sopping lips. “We have all night to play, but I want to take off the edge right now. I’ll start here, but I’ll end,” he said, wiggling his fingers, “here.”

“You won’t start or end anything,” Trey barked, the door slamming against the wall as he bounded in with Julian close behind him.

BOOK: Sarasota Bride
6.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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