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BOOK: Sassy Ever After: Kiss My Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella)
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Her coat was a velvety, rich chocolate color and combined with the whiskey brown of her eyes, she was a real stunner. They’d ran the woods surrounding their home any chance they got, which ended up being pretty often, since Lilly’s new uncle Benson couldn’t get enough of spoiling her.

Now he was enjoying being a father, something he’d not imagined doing so soon, but he fell into the roll with ease. With Lilly safely in his arms, Ashe was up socializing and making new friends with some of the girls Ellie had insisted on introducing her to.

“You’ve got yourself a fine family, Luke,” Barbara said, coming to sit next to him. “I’m very happy for you. Matt’s daughter couldn’t have ended up with a better father.”

“Thank you. Both of them are amazing, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve got my mate, and Lilly is the daughter of my heart, even if she’s not mine by blood. And now with her first sibling on the way…yeah, life is good.”

She chuckled at him. “Yes, I imagine it is. Have you eaten yet?” she asked, gesturing to the large buffet style set up they had going on for the party.

“I have, thank you. I’m considering heading over to the little bar you guys have set up and grabbing a cold beer though.”

“I’m sure you could talk your mate into passing you one.”

“What?” He looked over, and sure enough, there was Ashe, flipping bottles and mixing drinks like she’d been slinging bar her whole life. She had a big smile on her face, her long hair pulled back in a high ponytail, her face glowing in the sunlight and her belly just starting to show in the tank top she was wearing. “That woman could teach Nathan’s bartenders a thing or two about showmanship,” he pointed out.

“You don’t think he’s taking notice?” Barbara pointed, and he saw Nathan and his mate Karla watching Ashe as she did her thing, passing out the finished drinks with a flourish. “I’ll bet he tries to put a bug in her ear about moving here before your visit is through,” she warned.

              Luke could tell she was thinking the same thing, but he gently pointed out that he and Ashe were happy in Honey Hollow. They had friends and Benson and his mother had become like family. Though Cretia was more like the crazy grandmother. The one you never knew what to expect from.

With Ashe almost two months pregnant with their first child together, he’d been so overprotective, it was a wonder she hadn’t clobbered him yet. In truth, she was very patient with his constant hovering, casually reminding him that she’d been pregnant before. 

Not that it mattered to Luke, because he would always be protective of all the members of his family, no matter the circumstances. For now though, he enjoyed watching her blossom with new life.

Before long she came traipsing over and took a seat on his lap, her arm around his shoulders as she leaned in for a kiss. “Hey, handsome. Ready for me to take her for a while?”

Lilly was down for the count, and snoring softly on his shoulder with her face turned into his neck. “Nah, you know I love holding her while she sleeps.”

“She’s going to be spoiled into being held while she sleeps all the time,” she warned.

“Well, princesses are supposed to be spoiled,” he replied, sticking his tongue out.

“Now, now, don’t be sticking that thing out unless you plan on using it, mister.”

“Oh, you know I will.”
, he loved this woman. “I’ll have you howling at the moon by midnight if I have my way.”

And he did, several times over, until she was nearly mindless and grinning like a fool. Not to mention how she giggled every time he took her up on the offer to kiss her sass.





















































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BOOK: Sassy Ever After: Kiss My Sass (Kindle Worlds Novella)
2.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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