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Save Me From the Dark

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Réna Edward



When looking ahead to your eighteenth birthday, many are excited to be free. However, for Isabella Harris being free had a whole new meaning. Condemned at school because of a situation that she can’t control, Bella fights to stay alive everywhere she turns. Lost in the dark, she meets someone that could change her world forever.

“It has only ever been me against the world, but it’s turning out to be more the world against me.”

Ace Jergens was tired of the over scheduled life he lived. He wanted a change, something to make him look at life differently than the whirlwind it’s become. Meeting after meeting, town after town, nothing felt right for Ace. He wanted someone to come home to at night. He wanted what Gary had told him he once had.

That’s when he met her.

Saving each other at their times of loneliness wouldn’t be enough to keep their fragile bond from breaking. Ace brings his own obstacles, but nothing nearly as trying as what Bella is running from. With obstacles everywhere they turn, will they be able to save each other from the dark?



Thank you so much for all those involved making this venture a successful one for me.

My girls who have been by my side listening to my crazy talk about these characters and this story, you kept me strong.

To the incredible people at Books in Picture Designs and Wordplay Services, thank you for making this experience a little less stressful and guiding me in bringing my baby to life.

To all of you that fall in love with these incredible characters, you are the reason I wrote it in the first place. Everyone needs an Ace.

Thank you everyone for helping realize a dream that I never thought would come true.


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.



Réna Edward, 2015



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Six months ago…




“I heard she’s a prostitute.”

“Ew, that’s gross. She like never showers.”

“Well, I hear she likes it rough.”

Shaking my head, I continue walking down the hall. Since reaching my senior year, I never stay for the final period. It is only a study hall. If I use it to do homework, then I’d have nothing to distract me at home. As I continue down the hall, more kids are talking about me as if I’m not even there. Normally, I always tune them out, but today I’m having a hard time accomplishing that.

“Hey, you dirt bag!” A guy hollers.

Ignoring him, I just continue to walk toward the exit. It is the same thing every single day. The sad thing is that I never feel like I get a break. It always feels like I am in the middle of something all the time. My will to keep pushing through each day is getting harder and harder to find. After all, they didn’t care how alone I feel. Nor did they care that all I want is for just one person to notice that I’m hurting, one person to show me that they care for me, maybe then my life would change. No one cares because to the world, I don’t matter.

Just then a book hits me in the back of the head, causing me to stumble forward.  Someone then pushes between my shoulder blades. As I try to regain my balance, another kid sticks his foot out, tripping me. My books scatter across the floor as I fall to my hands and knees.

“Ah! Now there’s the proper position for a whore.”

Everyone around begins to laugh while I frantically try to gather my belongings. Each time I would reach for my last book, someone would kick it to another person. Their laughing continues at my expense. Tears sting the back of my eyes as I continue to crawl to try to collect my book. If it wasn’t for what the notebook was, I would have just stood up and walked away. That notebook is the last gift my mother ever gave me. It isn’t
notebook, specifically, that she gave me, but the reason for it. I wouldn’t walk away without it.

“Look at the whore on her knees!”

“Come here piggy, piggy work for your supper,” said another person.

When I finally am able to reach out for my book, the guy kicked my other arm out from under me. My face hit the floor with a sickening thud. Flashes of light filled the darkness behind my closed eyes. Their laughter fading in and out for a moment before I pull myself up, grabbing my books and run from the building as fast as I can. The tears start falling even before I reach my car. Looking in my mirror, I see that my nose is bleeding and a lump is already forming on my forehead.

As I start the car, I am beginning to contemplate just why I even bother moving forward. No one out there cares and no one ever will either. It has only ever been me against the world, but it’s turning out to be more like the world against me.

“Would it be too much to ask to have just one person to talk to? Just one person to care if I was around or not?” I cry in my empty car.

All too soon, I am pulling my
in the driveway. Gathering my books, I head inside. It was an old white house with painted wood siding and a brick porch. As I walk inside, I stand in the dining room. The kitchen is straight ahead and to the left. The living room is directly to my right. A little further forward and to the right is the study. Straight ahead from the door is another door that hides a staircase leading upstairs. Once at the top of the steps, an almost ‘U’ turn to the right and down a short hall is my room.

In this room, I spend a lot of time. Actually, whatever time I’m not at school, I am in my room. Today, I feel overwhelmed by the sadness, by the loneliness. Dropping my books on my desk, I start up my computer. Today’s my final straw. No one ever stops them from picking on me, not even the teachers. It is very obvious to me that I just don’t matter to anyone so why be here. Why? Even people online, who can’t see me and didn’t know me, didn’t want anything to do with me. I sigh.

A month ago, I joined this website called
It Started with Hello.
It’s a site that connects busy people that are too occupied to meet people otherwise, well something like that anyway. I placed an ad on there in the hopes that maybe through this miraculous thing called the internet, I might be able to finally gain a friend, an ally. Someone that would notice if I was gone,
if I was gone.

Because of the overload from the kids at school and all the shit going on at home, if there is no one out there today, then I’m done. What is the point in continuing to live a life like this? Being alone isn’t even close to describing how I feel and how hard it is to just open my eyes in the morning.

Seriously, I mean, who wants to continue to suffer the pain and humiliation I do at school and then the pain and abuse I do at home. Looking at my books, that sit piled next to my keyboard, my chest tightens. For the millionth time today – as I do every day – I think about just ending it all and saving all the energy, time, and the burden of all those that suffer because of my presence.

When my email loads up, I about fall out of my chair when I see an email that isn’t junk mail. No, it was a response from the site. This had to be a sign. Maybe I might matter after all. With a shaking hand, I click the mouse, opening the email.


Hello B.trustworthy,

I saw your profile, but if I’m honest it was your name that caught my attention. I’d really like to chat. Check out my profile. It seems we have quite a few things in common. I hope to hear from you soon. Always looking for a new friend. My ID is Dreamnsong.


A possible friend in waiting =)


Sitting back in my chair, I stare at my screen a moment in complete shock. A smile spreads across my face and my chest feels like there is less weight pressing down on it.

“Okay, that’s an answered prayer if I’ve ever seen one,” I mumble, as I log on to the site to look at his profile.

As I browse his profile, I am pleasantly surprised that we do have many things in common. My heart starts racing in my chest. My head is spinning out every possible horrible ending this can have for me, but my heart tells me just one. It tells me that it’s worth its weight in gold for even a small amount of conversation. So with shaking hands, I email him back.


Hello Dreamnsong,

After looking over your profile, I have to agree. It seems we’d definitely have plenty to chat about, if nothing else. I have sent you a friend request from my messenger. I look forward to talking to you more.


The reasons aren’t always clear until they appear ;p


Pulling out my homework, I set out my books. Looking through my notebook at the assignments I need to focus on, I put my books in order that I need to do them in. My Trigonometry book landing on the very bottom to be completed last, I didn’t want to do it at all. That class is throwing me for a loop. It downright pisses me off because I’ve never had an issue in math before. It bothers me when I can’t figure things out.

My messenger dings about twenty minutes later causing me to jump in my chair. Quickly looking at the clock, I shut the sound off. After listening for a minute, not wanting the noise to be heard downstairs, I open the chat window.


Hey there! I’m excited to hear from you.

Wow, nice to hear from you as well.

How has your day been?


Suddenly, I am lost for words. I’ve never had anyone ask that question before. A simple question and it stuns me mute.


It was long and stressful. How was your day?

Hahaha Funny such a simple question and I find it hard to answer. It was busy. LOL

LOL You know, I was thinking the same thing when you asked me.

You know what they say about great minds ;)

No, what do they say?


No, but if you want to explain it anyway, I’m a good listener (or in this case reader :P ) LOL

Oh a joker, huh? Good, because I love to laugh.

Me too, just not much reason to laugh these days.

That doesn’t sound good. Well, I guess I’ll just have to make sure you have plenty of reasons to laugh.

Aww, that’s nice of you. I’ll do the same.

I loved how you ended your email. I’ve always lived by the motto that everything happens for a reason.

I’m not sure that I agree with that or at least not at this point in my life.

Why not? It’s kind of like a cause and effect. You know, if you really look at it.

I just don’t see a reason for anyone to suffer at all. There is no reason to justify that to me.

I can understand where you are coming from there. I don’t know. Well, another oddball question. What do you do during the day?

I go to school.


Just then, I hear the front door slam shut. I know I have only a matter of minutes before he is up here and in my room. My brain is stalling at a moment I can’t afford for it to do. Quickly, I type that I have to go and log off. It is Friday. I know I’m not getting back on tonight for sure.

Shutting off my monitor, I start working on my Biology homework again. I can hear his footsteps thudding on the stairs as he climbs them. Each thud hit me almost like a physical blow. Panic began to bubble in my stomach, making it too hard to concentrate on my homework before me.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

The steps, stop and the slow taunting slide of the lock echoes inside my head, breaking off another piece of my heart and soul. The click of the door, releasing from the closed position causes me to hold my breath. The wind from the door opening carries in the man that keeps me living in a nightmare.

The air is forced from my lungs as his hand hits my chest knocking me backwards. The clanging of the chair and the sound of my head bouncing off the floor as I land fills my ears. A punch to my stomach makes it impossible to get any of the breath back into my lungs. Just as I gasp for breath, his foot connects with my ribcage expelling the air I just got back.

A small yelp escapes my throat before I can reel it in. His hand wraps around my throat as he pulls me up close to his face.

“What was that I heard?” He growls, spit landing on my face.

Before I can even think to respond, my head is hitting the floor over and over again. It is like a lightning storm happening behind my eyes. Each hit brought more flashes that fill the darkness for a few moments. One last hit to the floor and it stays dark…



Three months later…


BOOK: Save Me From the Dark
2.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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