Saved By The Alien (Sci Fi Alien Invasion Alien Romance)

BOOK: Saved By The Alien (Sci Fi Alien Invasion Alien Romance)

Saved by an Alien – Jenni Smiles

“I was so scared and so alone, until he came for me.  He saved me totally and completely.”

When traveling the long road home, Shena is abducted by aliens, surprised that they looked just like us and even more surprised at what they did to her.  What she received from them was more pleasure then she could ever remember happening.  On another night, she finds herself on the same road she was originally abducted and the panic sets in.  The craft has returned.  Out jumps her knight in shining armor who saves her from a possible abduction. 

She finds out later he is part of a very sexy species of aliens at war with those who originally abducted her.  She also learns that the way this species relates to each other is the best part of being human or alien.

When her alien savior is called into action for an ongoing war, he leaves Shena, perhaps to never return.  Would she ever see him again?


This book is a work of fiction and a second edition of Alpha Alien, any resemblance to actual persons living or dead or actual events is entirely coincidental.   Any names, characters, places, businesses and events are strictly from the imagination of the author.

2015 by Jenni Smiles

              “What the hell is that?”

              A bright light immersed my car as I drove home from my friend’s cottage.  The light was so bright that it was almost impossible to see the road ahead.  At first I thought it was nothing sinister, maybe a helicopter, but then my car began to slow down even though I was pushing hard against the accelerator.  No matter how far down I pushed the accelerator, my car continued to slow. Fear began to invade my senses.  I was alone on a country road, driving home and something was happening to my car, I was being stopped by some unknown force.  I didn’t know what it was.  I picked up my phone to dial my father to come and save me, but there was no signal, in fact there was nothing at all on the screen even though it was plugged into the charger.

              My car slowed to a crawl and eventually stopped.   The car was still bathed in the bright white light that prevented me from seeing anything outside of the windows.  Putting on my sunglasses and looking out of the windshield at the sky I could make out the shape of a large round craft that was rotating.  If I didn’t know any better I would say it was a UFO. 

              “That’s crazy I laughed to myself.” Trying to convince myself that this was not happening.
              I was so scared, I grabbed onto the steering wheel like I was holding on for dear life, I looked at myself in the mirror and began to speak,

              “OK Girl, keep it together, there is some reasonable explanation for this.  Let’s just work it out.  Your car is bathed in light, which could be from a Helicopter or some other unknown source.  Your car stopped on its own, without any help……….

              Just then, the door to my car opened, I didn’t open it, there was no one outside that opened it.  This was all getting very strange, but what was I to do.  Peering into the forest on either side of me I could see neither hide nor hare.  My breath was fast my heart felt as if it was going to burst out of my chest.  There was only one option, I had to step out of the car and take a look. 
Remember, there is a logical explanation for this.

              Stepping out of the car, the light seemed to dim a little and now I could make out the craft that was above my head.  It was enormous, and this was….really happening.  The craft was circular and surrounded with lights on the outside.  It was completely silent, but rotated on its axis. This was a UFO in every sense of the word!  There was an eerie silence that I was surrounded by. No electric hum, no animals, no cars.  It was as if I was the last person on earth. 

              BANG!  I was struck by a light which emanated from the middle of the craft, it hurt and I felt myself being lifted off the ground, it was pulling me in a way I had never felt, I was so frightened I blacked out.
                                                        *                            *                            *


              I awoke to be in a sterile room, there was again a tremendous amount of light, it was cold in the room and completely metallic.  Everything around me looked like stainless steel.  I did not quite have all of my faculties and the room twisted and spun.  I could faintly make out a blurry figure standing over me.  As my vision began to come back to me my true horror was confirmed. I was secured to the table, not by rope, but by heavy purpose build metal clamps.  Each of my arms were held out to the side by a heavy steel, firmly affixed to the metal table.  My ankles were also in a similar metal clamps and my torso was secured at the waist by a cold metal bar. Struggling at my bindings, I realized that there was no possible hope of escape.  In another situation this may be something that I would surely enjoy.  I had often fantasized about being bound and unable to move, the heat began to build inside me as I realized I was completely naked.   The figure became clearer in my sight and now I was staring at a very attractive man.  His eyes were bright blue and he wore no shirt.  His muscularity was impressive and I wanted to touch him. 
              “We are not here to harm you, we are here to understand you.  Please hold still while we examine your body.”

              “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!.”  I let out an immense scream.

              The fear inside me was so deep I could not prevent myself from screaming.  I continued to scream until he began to rub my pussy, his hands were masterful.  I tried to move my pelvis up to meet his hand as the feeling welled up inside me.  I had never felt as good as he made me feel.  I came hard against his hand convulsing and shaking to a stop. 

              “Now don’t be frightened, we are going to give you a small needle so you forget everything that has just happened.”

              I was too relaxed to move, it was as if he had paralysed me with my pussy and then, darkness.


*                            *                            *

              It is now night time, I am driving my car back to the city after visiting friends up north.  My body ached with a dull muscle soreness and I could not remember why.  It was the sort of feeling you get after playing a game of soccer or running for a while.  I searched through my mind to figure out what I had done this weekend to cause me to be so sore.
Saturday we sat around, had some drinks, lounged in the lake and then welcomed the morning while dancing and singing.  I was surely not sore from that.  Sunday which is today we just sat on our asses all day.  I know I was not in the best shape, but there is no way that lounging around all weekend could make me sore, not this sore anyways.  I don’t remember being sore until this moment.  I left the cottage at about 4pm and now it is 9pm.   9pm??  How is that possible?!  What is going on here?!  The cottage is only one hour, maybe one and a half hours north of my place. 

              That is where the memories began flooding in.  I began to hyperventilate, I became dizzy and tried to pull the car over almost sideswiping a car beside me.  The driver honked and gave me the finger as he sped by.   Reaching down, I put on my hazards and more carefully proceeded to the shoulder. 
              When I stopped I clutched my head in my hands and began to cry. 
Did this all really happen and what did they do to me?” 
I began tearing at my clothing to try and figure out what had happened, as the memories flooded in.  There were no marks on my body with the exception of one red dot on my arm.   That was the place the Alien had inserted the hypodermic needle.   I began to cry heavily, there was no one I could turn to about this, no one would believe it.  Furthermore, I had no idea what was done to me, no idea what harm it would cause.  This was all so terrible.  
              I drove home after taking some time to calm down and resolved that I would go online and see what I could figure out
. “I
was after all an abductee now and sure to make all kinds of new friends,” I sarcastically to myself.  Now I will be a part of a whole new class of people, living in trailer parks and eating spam out of cans. 
              I was thankful to finally get home, as I was as tired as someone could be.  I fought my luggage out of the car and made the way up to my apartment. 

              “Hold that door”, I yelled to a well-dressed man in front of me.  He was surprisingly good looking and though I don’t remember seeing him before, he had a familiar face.  His sharp features made him look like a model, but his suit made him look like a government employee.  He was dressed all in black with the exception of his white shirt.  Black shoes, perfectly polished, black suit and a black tie.  His eyes were strikingly blue and seemed to glow against the dark colors he wore.  HIs face was very calming to me and his demeanor was quite stoic.

              “No problem, can I help you with your bags?”

              “No that won’t be necessary, holding the elevator is enough.”

              I rushed to get to the door more quickly so he would not have to wait any longer, I hated to keep people waiting. I felt very self-conscious and watched due to his glaring stare.  I am a person who feels self-conscious a lot.  I am not a skinny woman by anyone’s standards, but I do take care of myself.   People would describe me as an Irish beauty, my hair is a fire colored red with blonde highlights and waves that cascade down past my shoulders.  I am a full figured woman, but I believe I carry it well.  My eyes are light green and I have full succulent kissable lips.  My lips and my breasts are probably the only things I like on my body, hence the self-confidence issues.

              “Looks like you have had quite a weekend.”  The stranger remarked.

              “You have no idea!”

              “Haha.” He laughed “I won’t ask too many questions.  Listen, I hope you don’t think me too forward, but I am new in the building and I don’t know a lot of people.  Would you mind having a coffee with me sometime?”

              Was this good looking man coming on to me?  This is not the sort of thing that happens to me.  It was probably something that would go nowhere anyways, the conversation felt just like words in the air. 

              “Sure.” I responded

              “Great, let me take your number and I will call you.”

              “How about an email, I am a little careful about these things.”

              “No problem.”

              I gave the stranger my email as I walked out of the elevator to my apartment.  I felt like a real heel for not giving him my number, but a girl has to protect herself these days. 

              A few days went past with no email from the stranger, I knew it would be like that.  I began to get down on myself as I usually do,
see there was no way a man that good looking was going to call you.
it was OK though I was pretty busy at work and did not have time to think of the things that transpired over the weekend.   I was going to an engagement for my job which would take me north of the city again.
              I worked late sometimes because I was an event planner for a big corporation and this was to be one of those nights.   The even went great, everyone had a wonderful time.  After the long trudging hours and the cleanup, I began my long drive back to the city.  The drive took me along the very road my abduction happened.  I was a little freaked out so I tried to convince myself that it didn’t happen.  Looking down at my arm I was reminded by the little red dot that it did indeed happen and that was the proof.   Now I was scared. 

              My breath quickened and I could feel myself starting to panic again. 
Don’t do this now Izzy, you know that nothing is going to happen again.  You are fine, just breathe.
Then all at once, the light was back.  There was no mistaking it, it was the same overly bright light.  I slammed on my brakes to try to evade the light, but it was like it was glued to my car.   I heard the noise of screeching tires behind me and braced for impact, but nothing happened.  In the blinding glare of the light I saw a man in a suit run past my car, point a gun at the sky and shoot a red beam at what I assumed was the alien ship.  A burst of sparks showered down on the roadway as the bright light disappeared.  Then the craft speed away at an alarming rate. 

              The mysterious man watched it leave, pulled out what looked like his phone and began speaking into it.  All the while never turning around to look at me.  He was wearing a black suit, with black shoes.  When he turned around to my shock, it was the man from the elevator in my building. 
What the hell was going on?

              I began sobbing and shaking uncontrollably from fear. 
This whole situation was crazy and there were too many strange things going on. Aliens, lazers, men in black!!! None of this could be real.  It just couldn’t.
The stranger walked over to my door and instinctively I locked them to prevent him from getting in.  I did not want any part of this, I just wanted to go home. 

              “Listen,” The stranger began. “I can explain all of this, just open your door.”

              Still scared, like a child I shook my head and hid my eyes. 
              “Come sweat heart, let me talk to you.”  The stranger continued. 
              I decided that I needed some answers and this was the guy that saved me, so if I was going to figure anything out I needed to speak to him. I cautiously opened the door. 
              “Now take a deep breath,” The stranger handed me a tissue, “Use this to dry your eyes.  I am going to have someone bring your car home to you and I am going to take you home.”

              “I don’t want to go home, I want an explanation, right now!”

              “Ok, here is the short version.  You were indeed abducted by aliens, they are harmless and just interested in the physiology of the people of earth.  I am part of a secret Intergalactic Organization to protect the people of the Earth.”

              “Just like that?  That is how you’re going to explain it”

              “I know it is a lot to take in, but you asked me for answers, those are them.  Now come with me, I will take you for coffee and explain everything in more detail.”

              His eyes were kind as were his words, he wasn’t that hard on the eyes either.  I could go for coffee after all, he did just save my life. 
              “How will my car get back?”

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