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We stumbled into the bedroom, mouths still locked and I tweaked the drawstring of his pants. There was a dull thud as they hit the floor at record speed. Cell phones could be useful after all.

“Stop!” Tan wrenched his mouth from mine and tried to pull away.

Stop? I growled my displeasure at him. I couldn’t form words right now so there was no way he should be able to either. Particularly nasty, evil, cruel words like ‘stop’.

Tan wriggled out of my arms and turned around quickly. He bent at the waist to put his chest on the bed which left his ass high. Good. He spread his legs, kicking one foot out of the pants puddled around his ankles. Getting better. He spread his feet a bit wider, wriggling his beautiful golden ass at me in the process. Even better. He reached both arms back and spread his cheeks to reveal a glistening, ready prepped asshole winking at me.

“Go!” Tan moaned, thrusting his ass back toward me in a blatant invitation I wasn’t going to resist.

I hesitated a moment to identify the nagging feeling that there was something I should do before sinking into that waiting, beckoning heat. My hand was already lining my cock up with Tan’s hole. Something I should do? Something not quite right? I glanced down. My cock was already sheathed in a dark blue condom.

Dark blue? Never mind. Not important. That was what I was missing. Needed a condom. Got one. Hand on rubber different to hand on skin. Sorted.

“Hard. Fast. Right now!” Tan begged, wagging his ass and spreading his cheeks wider.

I shuffled forward making last second adjustments to angle and height. The dark blue tip of my cock nudged his hole, which flexed trying to pull me in.

“Now!” Tan howled thrusting back as I thrust forward.

My hips slammed into his ass in one smooth motion. My balls swung, bumping his before they drew up too tight to swing. I thrust forward a bit more trying to get even more of my cock into the fluttering, grasping heat of his channel.

“Move!” Tan demanded breathlessly trying to work his hips from his position face down on the bed.

Moving sounded like a good idea. I grabbed his hips and pulled out, then sank back in. Yes. Good. Very good.

“Hard. Fuck me through the mattress!”

I could do that. I pulled out again and slammed back in. Pulling his hips back as I thrust forward. Push. Pull. Thrust. Hard. Fast. Yes!

I was a little way behind Tan. Just enough to enjoy the moans and groans he made and the high pitched grunting whine as he came. The scent of his come and the pulsing of his channel turned my thrusts ragged and I could feel the pressure build and release in burning pulses down my cock. I might have screamed, it felt that good.

I collapsed onto Tan, panting heavily. My tongue slipped out to sample the smooth golden skin of his shoulder blade. Mmm. Tan seasoned with fresh sweat. One of my favorite flavors. My eyes slipped shut as I savored the really good feelings pumping around my body.

“Fuck that does look good!” Tan’s breathless words made my eyes open lazily to see what had his attention. His head was curved at an uncomfortable looking angle as he stared at something behind us.

I tilted my head a bit more to follow his gaze. The full length cheval mirror that Tan had insisted on getting had been moved. Not only moved, but carefully positioned to reflect us. The view was mostly of my ass and legs, which didn’t do a lot for me, but Tan seemed to appreciate it. The tail of my shirt covered most of my ass. I was more interested in the golden legs framing mine and the shadowed space between.

“Now that looks even better.” Tan murmured as his free hand moved down to flip my shirt out of the way and curve possessively over one cheek of my ass. I studied the new arrangement and had to admit that it was an improvement visually; the large golden hand was a stark contrast against my scrawny, lily white ass and it hid half of it. It felt very good, too.

I absently noted the carefully positioned towel hanging down the side of the bed, one of the new black ones we had bought. Tan had a thing about me and black. Things began to come together as the power of thought returned slowly. I lifted my head and looked around. There was another towel spread near the pillows with essential things lying on it, not particularly neatly. The careful positioning of the mirror coupled with the items on the towel gave me a very clear visual of Tan bent over the bed, as he was now, waiting for me to get home. In my vision he was fucking himself slowly with the glistening dildo that was now on the towel, watching it slide in and out of his body in the mirror.

It was one hot visual. Maybe I could get him to reenact it for me. Soon. My cock twitched in anticipation and I became aware of the full condom still clinging to it. I sighed and pulled out reluctantly, making sure the condom stayed with me. I wasn’t entirely steady on my feet.

Tan started to lift up and reach for the pack of wipes conveniently placed on the towel next to the dildo and the lube.

“Stay there!” I smacked his ass and he subsided, turning his head awkwardly to look at me with a clear question in his eyes. “Just a couple of minutes more,” I told him. Stepping to one side I considered the reflection in the mirror. It looked a lot better without my skinny ass obstructing the view.

I finished tying off the condom and dropped it into the waste bin beside the night table, without taking my eyes off the reflection of Tan spread across the bed. Somehow looking at the cold reflection rather than the hot reality was doing interesting things to me. Tan was watching me watch him, our eyes met in the mirror and I grinned at him.

I looked away from the enticing reflection for long enough to grab the dildo and the lube. His hole was wide and red, still stretched and slick. I dribbled some fresh lube onto the dildo and slid it straight in.

“Fuck, that’s cold!” Tan stiffened and complained, but didn’t stop me. His eyes in the mirror were hot despite his words.

It took me a moment to coordinate my movements in the mirror. I settled on the bed beside Tan’s hips and rested my elbow in the middle of his back as I worked the dildo slowly in and out. It looked good. Very, very good. My free hand wrapped around my cock, which was really interested in the show, and pulled in time with the movements of the dildo.

“Fuck, that’s hot!” Tan contradicted his earlier comment, but I didn’t bother calling him on it. He was right. It
hot. He wriggled carefully, sliding back off the bed and taking more of his weight on his feet. I waited until he stopped moving to start the dildo gliding again.

“That’s even hotter!” I growled as Tan started to pull his cock in the same rhythm. He angled it down to get a better reflection and I watched the dildo slide in and out of his ass as his hand slid up and down his cock, his balls bouncing slightly with the combined movements.

“Lube?” Tan stopped pulling on his cock and held his hand palm up between his legs. I looked away from the mirror long enough to squirt a generous helping of lube into his palm. I scooped some into my own hand after tossing the container behind me.

Our hands returned to their previous positions and took up the careful rhythm of the dildo, which I was quite proud had remained fairly steady throughout. The fresh lube was cold against my heated cock and sent a shiver of sensation through my body. I could feel the pressure building slowly in my balls. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Soon!” Tan panted, his hand beginning to pull harder on his cock, no longer trying to match the rhythm I had set. Thankfully. I matched his strokes both with the dildo and my own hand. I altered the angle of the dildo slightly, aiming for his sweet spot and hitting it, if his shudders were anything to go by. I fought to keep my own climax under control. I wanted to watch him come all over the black towel.

Which he did. Spectacularly. His body bucked and jerked as jets of come striped the waiting towel, shining, pearly white on soft black. I tried to move the dildo more slowly as the last few spurts missed the towel and splattered on the floor.

I let the dildo slide out of his body and worked my own hand frantically as I watched Tan’s come drip from the towel, his hand just holding his cock now and his stretched hole winking at me in the mirror. I thought about moving and ramming my cock back in. The thought was more than enough to have my own come pulsing out of my cock and covering my hand, thighs and the floor.

I flopped back onto the bed, beside Tan, staring up at the ceiling. My hand still squeezed gently as the last dribbles welled out of my slit. Maybe a mirror on the ceiling wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

“What are you thinking about?” Tan asked reaching across me for the wipes and dropping a kiss on my shoulder in passing.

“Home improvements.” I accepted the wipe he dropped on my stomach and started a leisurely clean up.

“Home improvements? You’re thinking about that right now?” Tan’s face interrupted my study of the ceiling. He was frowning and pouting.

“Mm.” I grinned at him. “What do you think about a mirror directly over the bed?”

“Over the bed? Like on the ceiling over the bed?” Tan stopped frowning at me and rolled onto his back to stare at the ceiling.

“Mm.” I reached for another wipe.

“I think that you are a genius!”

“Thought you might approve.” I sat up to finish cleaning off, pitching the used wipes after the condom into the waste bin. I looked down at my shirt and tie. The shirt was only missing one button. I would have to search for it later. It was amazing just how far a button could travel in the heat of the moment.

The tie had gained a crooked white stripe and selection of splatters. I unknotted it but left it in place as I undid the last button at my throat and slipped the shirt off. I balled the shirt and tie and tossed them into the laundry basket that now had a permanent place in my bedroom. I never realized that having a boyfriend, and a regular sex life, would mean so many changes in my simple lifestyle.

“So was this for an article? Or your column?” I turned to watch Tan finish cleaning himself off. He got into some inspiring positions in the process.

“It was going to be the column,” he admitted without any embarrassment at all. “But if we do get a mirror over the bed that might make an article.”

“Some people would find it very tacky and off-putting to have their sex lives be a means of research for some journalist,” I pointed out with a glare.

“Then I’m really lucky that you aren’t like some people, aren’t I?” Tan sat up, his abs bunching distractingly, and kissed me. “You get off on this as much as I do!”

“Hn.” I wasn’t about to admit to that. Knowing Tan, he would want to start filming us if I admitted the slightest weakness. Having a freelance, exhibitionist journalist as a boyfriend did have certain drawbacks.

“I’ve got a few more ideas for the mirror we already have.” Tan smirked at me.

“Maybe later.” I wasn’t sure I trusted that look in his eyes, and I was hungry. My stomach rumbled in support of the idea of food.

“Did you forget lunch again?” Tan asked as he bundled up the sticky towels and swiped at the floor.

“Probably.” I shrugged. I got distracted at work sometimes and forgot to take my breaks. It was no big deal.

“I’ll finish clearing up,” Tan offered. “You go and find some dinner. Here!” He tossed my pajamas to me from under the pillow.

“I’ll wash up first,” I said, clutching the slippery silk pajamas in one hand. Another one of those little changes in my lifestyle. My pajamas had always been sensible, warm flannel. Now I had black silk pajamas and needed Tan to add the warmth. It was a satisfactory arrangement most of the time. “I’ll wash this while I’m in the bathroom.” I brandished the dildo at him and slid off the bed.

“Nice view!” Tan called after me. I replied with an abrupt gesture with the dildo and he laughed.

I filled the basin in the bathroom and dropped the dildo in to soak while I soaped the last of the residues off of my body with a hint of regret. Drying semen was icky, and dried semen was itchy, but it was a reminder of past pleasures. I always felt a bit awkward about cleaning up because part of me wanted to keep the reminder on my skin, itches and all.

I scrubbed and dried the dildo and left it standing upright on the toilet cistern. I would put it away later, if Tan didn’t. I knew it standing there where he would see it while having a pee would amuse him, and hopefully inspire him. Not that he really needed inspiring.

I pulled on my pajamas and headed for the kitchen. I didn’t bother buttoning the top. Pajama buttons might be easier to find, but they were just as much of a pain to sew back on. I should really get some wrap over, belted tops, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to explore the alternative uses of long silk belts. Not yet anyway.

Tan had been busy today. There was a pan of spaghetti sauce simmering on the back of the stove and another pan of water on a low heat at the front. The spaghetti was lying ready on the counter. Fast food at home. I approved and so did my stomach. I fed the spaghetti into the water and put the kettle on while I waited for it to cook. I even switched the coffee machine on for Tan, seeing as he had left it ready to start.

I decided to check the hall for shirt buttons and collect any stray clothes. The living room door was shut, which was unusual. I spotted the shirt button as I was going to open it and check if there was a problem in there.

I snatched up the shirt button and carried it triumphantly into the bedroom to add to the small dish on the dresser where I kept stray buttons until I could match them to a shirt again, when I felt like sewing them back on.

“Any more missing?” Tan asked as he watched me drop the button into the dish.

“No, it was just the one this time.” I shoved the rest of the clothes I had collected into his arms and stole a quick kiss. “Got to get back to the kitchen and check the spaghetti.”

“I won’t be much longer!” He yelled after me.

He sauntered into the kitchen as I was dishing up. He poured himself a coffee before sliding into his seat, which gave me time to notice the damp white patches on the brown cotton of his pants. I smirked at the memory of those pants beneath my feet as I watched him come.

BOOK: Scary Package
11.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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