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Secret Cravings

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Secret Cravings

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Sara York





Sometimes a ménage ends up with one partner too many—but even a third wheel can find love in unexpected places.


Searching for anything to fill the void, Bryan stumbles into Silver Lace and finds the one thing he’d never thought he was looking for. After spying Luke on his knees blowing a man in the bathroom, Bryan can’t get him out of his head. But Nichole, the cute dog-walker girl, has his attention until Bryan and Luke hook up during a night neither can forget.


Luke hates whoring himself out and is looking for substance. But how can he find someone with a heart of gold when his own heart is empty? He knows Nichole will show him a good time, but Bryan draws him, leaving him desperate for more.


Nichole’s been kicked to the kerb, tossed out of her relationship and craving stability, but there are so many choices that she doesn’t see the one that’s right in front of her.







I have the best writing friends in the entire world. You rock. Thanks for your encouragement and support.



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Chapter One




Luke wanted to tell Christopher to piss off, but this last time would finally pay off his debt. The deal had included four blows—any place, any time. The agreement had landed Luke a sweet contract for a major motion picture and moved him further into position to secure his dominance as a top model and now, an actor. It had left him livid that Christopher had asked for sexual favours. But sex meant little to Luke. Everyone wanted a piece of him—not because of his personality, but because of how he looked and who he was.

People desired to touch, pet, and play with the beauty queen, but no one wanted to take care of him or love him. Ever. Christopher had proven once again that he was just another object, something to be passed around and toyed with. He could have said no to tonight, but Christopher had threatened to withdraw his contract and to spread rumours. It was easier for Luke to just get on his knees and blow.

Luke had ridden the relationship rollercoaster too many times to believe anyone would ever want him. They only wanted his fame. A night with the pretty boy would get them recognition—or they thought it would.

He pushed his private pity party aside as he sought out Christopher in Silver Lace’s main room. This dance club had transpired to be the hottest venue for the up-and-coming starlets in New York. Luke found the lifestyle to be barely tolerable. The music, the sweat-soaked bodies and the smell of spilt alcohol didn’t impress him. Sure, this place had cool décor, but he had totally awesome digs across from Central Park where he could be himself and not somebody’s toy.

A nice, quiet evening at home with some soft music and a fire in the fireplace would get him going, not this fake crap, but the people he hung with thought being seen was more important than substance. He’d grown up and matured over the twenty years he’d been modelling. Soon he would hit thirty, and the reality of his loveless life gnawed at his insides.

He saw Christopher and his dick shrivelled. Hopefully the jerk wouldn’t want to touch him too much because Luke couldn’t get it up for the guy. Not that he didn’t appreciate an occasional anal experience, but Christopher did nothing for him, especially not tonight.

Christopher stalked over and grabbed Luke’s hand. “Bathroom, now.”

Great. Talk about a jerk.
Hell, maybe Christopher would be done quickly and Luke could get out of there.


* * * *


Nichole Ansley flipped her pink hair over her shoulder and skipped down the block to the club. Her pixie-like frame and barely there clothes, along with her fuck-me attitude, would get her into Silver Lace for free. She’d found out last week, through friends, that the guy who ran the extreme dance club loved to fill the place with girls like her—fun and sexy, with a devil-may-care boldness. The deep pain she’d been nursing since last month was buried behind a wall of indifference and regret. The regret twisted in her gut whenever thoughts of Charisa and Derek surfaced, so she’d strapped on her pink corset and micro-mini and come out clubbing in the Meatpacking District of New York.

Silver Lace sat off the beaten path and hadn’t been around the last time she’d done the bar scene. Four years ago, when she’d turned nineteen, Charisa had taken her in and made her part of a family. She hadn’t meant to get so involved with the girl, but one thing had led to another. Then Derek had shown up and the twosome had become a threesome.

Nichole pushed thoughts of her old lovers from her mind as she pasted on a megawatt smile, flashing her cleavage at the bouncer as she danced in through the front door. The energy of the wall-to-wall crowd smothered her depression, pounding through her body and thoughts. One word came to mind.


She moved to the centre of the floor and dancers gyrated around Nichole, touching her back, her butt and her boobs. Men towered over her, their smiles predatory. She wouldn’t fuck any of them tonight, nor would she mess with a woman. The breakup had been too recent and her emotions were still too raw.

A deep sadness filled her when a tall, blonde woman who looked like Charisa slid past and winked at her. Her body wouldn’t move for a few seconds and three different people bumped into her, knocking her against a short man. She brushed off his advances and retreated to the bathroom.

Her tears had dried before she even glanced in the mirror. Crying over her failed relationship with Charisa and Derek wouldn’t soothe her pain. She’d tried that route earlier and nothing good had come from her trouble. She cleaned herself up and headed back out to the dance floor, determined to have a good time.


* * * *


Christopher pulled Luke behind him, still heading towards the bathroom. Luke brushed past a doll of a girl and she caught his eye. A surge of desire shot through him. He looked again and realised the girl was Nichole, the dog-walker he’d been talking to every Monday for a while. He hadn’t seen her for the last month. Perhaps she’d moved. Before the night ended he wanted to speak with her. She’d been the only woman in his life who had talked to him like he was a normal person and not a life-sized Ken doll. He adored her for that.

After they had squeezed through a crush of people, Christopher stopped to talk to yet another guy, so Luke searched out the dance floor for Nichole. Now
was someone he could get interested in, but did he want to ruin her impression of him?

The music changed and he caught a glimpse of her pink hair as she danced farther into the crowd, but then Christopher’s hand came down on Luke’s shoulder, interrupting Luke’s musings. He dragged Luke closer to the bathroom, then stopped to chat with another couple. Thank God Christopher had attention problems. Maybe he would forget about this last face-fuck and give Luke a bit of a reprieve.

Luke examined the people nearest him. Short guy, tall woman—they all blended together. Fuck, he felt so empty tonight and he didn’t want to be here, especially not with Christopher. Had he come out here on his own and not been attached to the jerk, he probably would have gone up to one of the guys and made a connection—but not with the danger of Christopher tossing around his power and making sure others knew Luke was his bitch for the night. Thank God that would be over with soon. Then he’d spend a few weeks totally alone, locked in his apartment, ignoring social obligations that sucked the life from his soul.

Christopher tugged his hand again and off Luke went, following the bastard to the bathroom. Now the dirty work began.


* * * *


Amy Metz wished she’d gone to another club tonight. Sometimes there were plenty of girls to play with, other times it was Hetero City. She knew it was important to her own mental health to be a good sport so she danced, flirted and had a good time, but she wasn’t into the scene. Two girls were making out in the corner, but they weren’t sharing.

The music thumped and she moved with it, only half paying attention to the people around her. Her thoughts bounced from work to Julie, to her family. She had two major projects to complete with cases going to court this month. From the clothes she was wearing tonight, few people would even guess she worked for one of the city’s top law firms. Every extra penny she made—well, after she bought shoes—went to pay off her school debt, hence her need for a roommate.

The roommate situation wasn’t going so well right now. Her current roomie had said it didn’t bother her that Amy was gay, but the first time she’d brought home a girl, Julie had freaked out. God, just because she was gay didn’t mean she’d do anyone—she had some standards.

The couples closest to her parted, and Amy saw her. Adorable, pink and all dolled up to look like a party slut, but the pain behind those baby blues told a different story.
Damn, what a hottie.

Amy thought about following her, but held back. The pained expression on the girl’s face stopped her. Even if she got together with the cutie, it wouldn’t last. She’d been in relationships like that and hated the drama. A good-looking guy grabbed her hand and she couldn’t say no, though she kept her eyes on the pink girl, watching everywhere she went.

BOOK: Secret Cravings
5.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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