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Secret Gifts (Steamy Version)

BOOK: Secret Gifts (Steamy Version)
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Secret Gifts

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Dear Reader,

I have really enjoyed writing the love stories at Castle Mountain Lodge, and my biggest goal has always been the romance of the story. However, I have always wondered about how the characters would have reacted to a little more ‘heat’ in their stories.

After hearing the same question from some readers, I decided to go ahead and explore a ‘hotter’ side of Castle Mountain Lodge. If you’ve read these stories before, don’t worry, the heat level isn’t over the top. But there are sexy scenes, similar to my other series, The Springs.

If a sweet, clean romance is more your style, the original versions of The Castle Mountain Lodge Series will always be available and I will continue writing them.

I do hope you enjoy the sexier side of Castle Mountain Lodge.

Happy Reading!



The moment Megan Powers saw the note on her desk, she knew what it was going to say. And she wasn’t going to like it. A memo from her boss, Lois Grace, the head of the Grace Agency, a top Los Angeles PR firm, was almost never a good thing. Especially when that memo was requesting your presence in her office as soon as you got in. Especially when that memo arrived the day after you broke up with her son. The one everyone, including yourself, thought you were going to marry.

Megan dropped her head to her desk, and tried her best to think of what she could say. But it was hard to think on only a few hours sleep, and she’d need a pretty good explanation of why she’d broken Ryan’s heart. Better than the “I just don’t love you enough” excuse she’d given Ryan himself. But that’s only if she knew about it. And how would Lois know about the breakup when it had been less than twenty-four hours? Really, it was hardly even official. There would be no way Lois had heard about it.

Except Megan knew the chances of that were slim. Lois had eyes and ears everywhere. It was eerie how she knew everything all the time, but that was part of what made her so successful with her clients. Most of the time, Lois could figure out what they were going to do before they even did it. Megan hit her head lightly against the desk, trying to figure something out. Despite being omniscient, Lois also had a reputation for being a hard ass. But she was fair, too, and for the last five years that Megan had worked for her, they’d always had a good working relationship. One that was only made stronger when Megan had started dating Ryan, and Lois began talking about a family business and expanding the firm. But that was before she’d crushed her little boy’s heart.

“Good morning. Is there some reason you’re giving yourself a concussion today?”

Megan jumped up at her assistant Cindy’s voice. She smoothed her skirt and rubbed at her forehead where she was sure she’d have a mark.

“Well, you don’t have to quit on my account,” Cindy said. She snapped her bubble gum as she waltzed into Megan’s office with a stack of files and her morning latte. “Here.” She handed her the coffee. “Looks like you could use this.”

“That bad?”

Cindy nodded and dropped into the chair across from Megan. She blew a big bubble and popped it before flipping open her portfolio.

“You know I hate the gum, right?”

Cindy nodded. It wasn’t the first time Megan had mentioned it and if she wasn’t such a great assistant, she might have actually done something about it. As it was, some battles weren’t worth fighting.

“Hey,” Cindy said. “It’s the gum or the smokes. I pick gum.” She clicked her pen and poised it over the paper. “So, are you ready to get to work, or what? I have your agenda for the day.”

Megan took a sip of her coffee, praying the caffeine worked quickly. She’d done nothing but toss and turn, wondering if she’d made the right decision by breaking up with Ryan. He was sweet and kind. Funny and handsome. Successful and…he was perfect. But not for her. Which was why it’d been so hard. And to watch his face, usually so strong and handsome, crumble when she told him it was over—it was heart wrenching.

But she couldn’t change her mind. Despite the hours of talking, and tears from both of them. Ryan wanted to get married. And that wasn’t happening. No way.

“Earth to Megan.” Cindy was waving a piece of paper in front of her face. “I get that you had a rough night, but you’ll get over it and in a few days everyone will stop talking—“

“Wait.” Megan snapped to attention. “What are you talking about? A rough night? How did you know and what do you mean, everyone’s talking about it?”

Cindy blushed and looked down at her paper where she was furiously drawing circles. “I didn’t really say that everyone was talking about it, but—“

“About what?” They knew. Megan’s stomach clenched into a knot and squeezed.

“About you and Ryan breaking up,” Cindy said and looked at her with pity.

“How does everyone know?” Megan asked despite already knowing the answer. They were a PR firm. Knowing things was their business.

“If it helps, no one is blaming you, not really,” Cindy said. “And Ryan isn’t in yet. But his assistant said—“

“Stop.” Megan held up her hand. “I need to think.” She took another sip of her latte, not caring that the hot liquid burned her tongue.

“I really am sorry,” Cindy said. “Is there anything I can do?”

Megan reached across her desk and handed Cindy the memo. “Yes,” she said. “Tell me what I should do about this.”

Her assistant scanned the note and to her credit, didn’t brush it off. Instead, Cindy let out a low whistle. “You think she knows?”

Megan nodded.

“And she’s probably not very happy about it either,” Cindy added.

“So? What do I do?”

Cindy handed back the note. “If I were you, I wouldn’t put it off much longer,” she said. “Besides, how bad could it be? Lois is a professional.”

Those were the words Megan kept in her head as she walked down the hall. How bad could it be, really? After all, Megan was one of her top agents and that wasn’t going to change just because she wasn’t going to marry Ryan. She’d continue to do a good job, and they’d continue to work together and everything would be fine.

She’d almost talked herself into believing it by the time she arrived at Lois’ office. Her assistant waved her right in as if she’d been expecting her. Which she no doubt was. With a deep breath and a tug at her jacket to pull it into place, Megan walked through the doors.

Lois, blond hair pulled back into a low bun, makeup meticulous, and looking much more like Megan’s sister rather than her almost mother-in-law, was reclining in her chair, twirling a pen between her perfectly manicured fingers when Megan walked in.

Megan tucked her own chewed-to-the-nub nails behind her. It was a bad habit she thought she’d broken, until a few hours earlier when she’d walked out of Ryan’s living room. “Lois,” she said, doing her best to go for calm and relaxed. “Good morning.”

“It is,” Lois said coolly. “There’s nothing quite like a California morning, is there?”

Megan nodded, and gave her a smile. She walked through the room and tried her best to get a read on Lois. Did she know? Was she mad or ready to demand answers out of Megan? She couldn’t tell. Lois was practically impossible to read—it was one of her best traits—but at the moment, Megan was finding it exceedingly troubling.

“You wanted to see me, Lois?” Megan sat across from her and crossed her legs. She was careful to make eye contact the way she normally would because she was determined not to let her personal life impact her career with the Grace Agency. She’d worked too damn hard.

“I did,” Lois said. “Thank you for coming so early. I know you’re very busy, but I thought it important for us to meet right away.”

“Absolutely.” Megan leaned forward. “Lois, I have to tell you…I didn’t intend for—“

“I have a problem, Megan.”

“A problem?”

“Yes, I think you’re the woman to handle it for me. And it’s really quite time sensitive.”

“It is?”

“Yes.” Lois looked at her strangely. “That’s why I called you in this morning, Megan. Did you think it was something else?”

Megan assessed the other woman. It was almost impossible to tell if Lois knew about her and Ryan. She debated for a few moments about saying something. She opened her mouth to tell her. But tell her what? Megan closed her mouth and shook her head. “No,” she said finally. “I wasn’t sure what you needed to talk about.” It wasn’t exactly a lie. “So what is this you need my help on?”

Lois narrowed her eyes and let out a long breath. It was in that instant Megan realized she’d been tested, and she’d failed. “I wasn’t sure you’d be right for the job until just this moment,” Lois said.

Megan tried not to cringe and let her panic show on her face.

“Lois, I—“

“I need you to run damage control with Gage Mitchell.”

It took a second for Megan to catch up with what Lois had said. She shook her head. “What?”

“Gage Mitchell,” Lois repeated. She clipped her pen and started making notes. “Hollywood’s hottest new thing. Star of the summer blockbuster,
.” She looked up and stared directly into Megan’s eyes. “Please tell me you saw it.”

Megan nodded. She’d seen it with Ryan. It was the typical blockbuster with shoot ‘emup action, and aliens or some such threat to the world and no real story line to speak of. But Gage Mitchell, despite the terrible writing, had somehow risen above and managed to shine against the backdrop of special effects and cars blowing up. There was no doubt, he was the real thing. And it wasn’t just his six-pack abs that were a hit with fans. He’d proved he had the skills to make it. “I saw it,” she said. “It was…good.”

“It was terrible,” Lois said. “But Gage was great. And he’s also one of the agency’s biggest clients right now.” She rolled her eyes.

“That’s a good thing…” Megan struggled to make the connection with what Lois was saying and what she’d need her for.

“It would be if he wasn’t such a huge party boy and a total train wreck right now.”

“That’s pretty normal,” she said with a shrug. “What’s the problem?”

“The problem?” Lois slapped both her hands against the desk and leaned forward so she was practically in Megan’s personal space. “The problem is that he’s one of the Grace Agency’s most important clients right now and his party boy ways are going to get him fired from the biggest job of his career if he’s not careful.”

Megan shook her head. “I don’t follow.”

“Megan, are you not paying any attention at all to our industry?”

Ouch. That was a hit that hurt and Lois would have known it. Megan’s clients were primarily musicians and literary wonders. A completely different species, if you were to ask anyone in the agency. Movie stars were not her specialty. They required a completely different skill set. One that typically involved running interference and handling damage control.

Without giving Megan a chance to respond, Lois said, “Gage has been given the starring role in
. It’s a new Western series set to premiere in less than a month. It has the top producers, directors, and a supporting cast any show would kill for. The writers are top-notch and there is nothing standing in the way of it becoming a huge hit. Except, of course, for the stars themselves.”

BOOK: Secret Gifts (Steamy Version)
10.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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