Secret: Passion (Submissive Romance)

BOOK: Secret: Passion (Submissive Romance)
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Copyright © 2013 by Mia Cardine

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


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Chapter One


She looked up and into his eyes. Her body cried out for him, she wanted to be touched, to be taken by him completely. Mark was her boss and the head of the company. He managed everyone, but had time for no one, or so it seemed. Anna had tried every trick in the book to get him interested, but nothing seemed to work. Until that night – the night of the Christmas party. Was it the story about the handcuffs that had done it? She couldn’t be sure – she just knew something had lit up in his eyes when she, roaring with laughter, had described an old lover losing the key to the cuffs during a steamy night she had described it seems, almost too vividly. The next thing she knew, they were in his office, their hands all over each other. Well, if it took a naughty story to get him going, she had plenty more of those.

lay back on the desk, the slight padding on the wood – meant to save forearms rather than her back, made her feel wonderful. She parted her lips as he pulled off her shoes, stockings and dress in swift movements that seemed to betray how much he wanted her. She hoped it was not only the drink talking.

“Fucking hell, Anna,” Mark looked into her eyes. “You’ve been hiding this body from me?”

“Good things come to those who wait,” she grinned back as he began kissing her thighs, working his way up past the lacy thong she still wore and up towards her navel. She giggled a little as he nuzzled her firm flesh, and she did her trick of flexing her abs, making the toned muscles stand out a little.

“Show off,” he said into her skin and then continued to trace kisses – deep, sucking kisses that left red marks – up her body, through her cleavage and then her neck. He dragged his teeth along her flesh and she felt goose-pimples rising on her arms. Her neck was her sweet spot and she melted with desire after it was kissed. With his hands, Mark cupped her breasts and squeezed firmly, letting the softness flow through his fingers, bringing those sensitive nipples to a peak. Anna sighed, letting herself be mauled about and played with – this was what she had wanted for so long.

Mark reached behind her and pinged open her bra, exposing her round, soft breasts. Her areolas were already tense and dark pink. They framed Anna’s sensitive nipples, which were erect and peaked temptingly. Mark could evidently not resist as he dipped his head and took one into his mouth, gently sucking on the sensitive bud and just nipping the flesh with his teeth.

Anna sighed and pressed his head into her bosom, wrapping one leg around his waist. He took hold of her thigh and pulled her closer to him – her flimsy underwear and his trousers the only things separating them from total penetration. The thought seemed to have crossed both of their minds, as Mark pushed her away from him and began to strip hurriedly, flinging his tie, shirt and trousers onto the ottoman in the office. Anna peeled off her thong and dropped it unceremoniously onto the floor as Mark turned, dropping his boxer-briefs.

The blonde woman’s eyebrows rose. Mark had obviously been concealing a weapon in his trousers – his cock was already erect and glowing on the head. She licked her lips and made to rise from the desk, but Mark pushed her back down by the shoulder, and parted her legs. She gasped as she felt his fingers part her already moist sex, and shuddered as he stroked up and found the pulsing, tiny nodule of her clitoris. Mark was evidently experienced and used both hands to both stroke her clitoris and gently slide softly into her vagina. Her entrance was slightly open, and as Mark swirled a finger around her folds, before dipping the digit inside her and delighting in her wetness.

Anna moaned as one finger was replaced by two, her passageway gently explored as he continued to stroke her clitoris, which throbbed sending pulses of pleasure along the insides of her thighs. She closed her eyes in pleasure, then opened them hurriedly as a new sensation was felt – Mark’s head was between her legs and he was using his talented tongue on her sex – the tip of her clitoris was buzzing with pleasure, sending sharp shockwaves of joy rushing over her skin. She bit her lip and tried to suppress her noises – in the office, the party continued.

Mark lapped at the tiny bud of pleasure, keeping his fingers buried inside Anna, pressing upwards to stimulate her spongy g-spot. She was close – very close.

“Oh god,” she sighed. “I’m… I’m going to…” she tried to reach for him, but he was too far away, and too quick for her. Giving her sex one last lick, he pressed on her clitoris with one moistened finger and took his digits out of her. The sudden emptiness she felt was acute, but quickly replaced with a hot organic pressure that made her wriggle in delight.

Mark’s large and immensely hard cock pushed inside her, parting her folds and stretching her out in ways she had not imagined. Anna threw her legs over his bare hips to allow him better access, and gasped as Mark buried himself deep inside her. She felt the delicious bump of him coming into contact with her cervix and grinned up at him. Mark’s dark eyes smiled down at her and he leant down to kiss her fiercely, his muscles bunching under her hands. With a hard thrust, he withdrew and pressed into her again, giving her a hot pleasure that coursed through her veins and flesh. She placed her hands on his hips and held on as he began pumping hard and fast inside her – sliding in and out of her passage effortlessly. Her wetness soaked them both, and made a delicious slapping sound as their flesh came together over and over again. Anna felt her orgasm approaching, and hung onto Mark’s body as best as she could, parting her legs still further so take as much of him inside her as possible.

Mark moved even faster, the slapping sound echoing into the darkness as he panted and dripped sweat onto her body. She squealed, no longer caring who heard and felt her internal muscles clench around the cock buried deep inside her. She turned her head to one side and moaned and sighed as her climax washed over her, so strong and so hard she barely felt Mark’s final thrust inside her. A hot injection of cum that filled her up and spilled over, soaking the desk and both partners as they lay utterly spent in the dark office, still buried inside one another.

“Merry Christmas, Anna,” Mark whispered into her ear. She turned and smiled at the man who until now had only been the boss she lusted for.

“And a happy new year,” she said, hoping the implications would be clear. Mark looked down and twitched his lips a little. Was he suppressing a laugh? She hoped not as he began kissing and sucking on her neck once again, because she could feel herself falling for him, well and truly, in the light of the blinking computer monitor and the sounds of cheesy Christmas songs drifting up from the party downstairs.


Chapter Two


The New Year rolled around and even though everyone returned to work, there was no sign of anything happening between Mark and Anna. In fact, Anna struggled to convince herself that the night in the office had actually happened. Mark had returned to his stoic, unavailable stance in the office, with eyes that passed over everyone he was not interested in talking to – Anna included. Well, almost. There were times when he seemed to have been staring at her, only to look away when she noticed. She held out hope until Valentines Day, assuring herself that the office Valentine party would end in the same way as the Christmas one had done, but Mark did not even attend the event – he was away, they said, at some sort of Retreat. He appeared after the weekend looking refreshed and calm – indeed, as though he had spent the two days away at some sort of spa. The day after his return, Anna had a bouquet of flowers delivered to her desk. There was no card, but when she got them home, she discovered that the box the flowers were standing in was stuffed full of expensive lingerie. She was glad she had not opened the box at the office, as she suspected who the sender of the gift was. Was he too shy to talk to her? Or was there something else at stake?




              “He’s a bastard, isn’t he?” Maria said quietly to Anna as Mark collected a coffee from the canteen and swept out without even nodding a goodbye to anyone.

“Mark? I think ‘bastard’ is a bit strong,” Anna stirred her coffee and kept a straight face. If she mentioned the sex at the party to Maria, the staring eyes or the underwear, she might just explode with excitement.

“He never talks to anyone – you know, there’s a rumour going around that he’s into really weird shit outside work…” Maria dropped her voice further. “You know, like stuff that ought to be illegal.”

“What – sex stuff?” Anna’s mind flickered to the pair of crotch-less knickers she had received. Did she have to send a thank you card, she thought?

“Yeah. Apparently it’s not just a spa he goes to,” Maria continued as she raised her eyebrows with the air of someone cradling a large bombshell. “It’s some sort of sex club, like wife-swapping and stuff.”

“Is he married?” Anna felt confused rather than intrigued.

“Well, maybe they let single people in as well. Don’t you think he’s got the air of a swinger about him?”

Anna rolled her eyes. “I’ll be honest, I don’t know that many swingers, so I can’t compare him to anyone.”

“Uh, you know what I mean,” Maria said, draining her cup. “Still, bastard or swinger aside, you would, wouldn’t you?”

“Ha, you would,” Anna laughed. “You probably have.”

“No, I haven’t,” Maria sighed in an exaggerated fashion. “Though, I would!”

“Shit, you really would fuck anyone,” Anna laughed. The two women finished their break and went back up to the office. Mark was having an angry phone-call in his glass-lined cubicle, and seemed to be making stabbing motions with one hand at a piece of paper he was reading.

“It’s all go around here,” Anna said, feeling a pang of regret. She wished she could talk to him alone, but he was always surrounded by phonies or phones. Would she ever catch a break?




As the end of the financial year came closer, Anna had to admit defeat. She had even taken to trying to talk to Mark after work, but he looked at her as though he had never seen her before, usually blushing. She felt as though it was more work to place her hopes on him than to give up.

But even when she came into work with a change of heart, wearing her ordinary, non-sexy clothes, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She was aware, without even looking, of where Mark was at all times. She knew his routine and could even tell that he was in the toilets or the canteen. She shook her head to herself. She had to stop – it had been a one night stand, that was all. As long as he wasn’t telling anyone, which he seemed not to be, and he wasn’t treating her badly, which he wasn’t, she would just have to get over him.

But as firmly as she kept her resolve, there seemed to be a rule she wasn’t aware of. As the talk of the end of the year started to pick up, Anna found herself having to share an elevator with Mark. As soon as the doors clicked shut, he pressed a button on his phone and looked at her. She looked at him, recognising the longing in his eyes, and knowing hers said the same thing. They didn’t speak, but their lips connected as though magnetised, only pulling apart as the elevator slowed. Their eyes stayed firmly on the silver elevator doors as they opened, and Mark stepped out. Anna let the doors close again and buried her head in her hands. Why was it so hard for her to tell him how she felt?

The end of year party was approaching, but according to Maria, Mark was not planning on attending. Anna wondered vaguely if he was going on one of his Retreats, and whether her friend was right about the sort of thing he really got up to. She shook her head. It didn’t matter.

As it was the end of the financial year, Anna was kept working late, like several of the office inmates. Mark was also there, storming about with sheets of important-looking paper and his hair on end from running his hands through it. Anna recalled how he had run the same hands through her hair and over her sex. It was dark out, and the lights of the city glowed through the blind-less windows, making it difficult to read the computer screen. She didn’t notice as someone approached her from behind and planted a hand on her chair.

“Anna,” came the deep tones of her boss. She spun around in the swivel chair and her eyes swelled as she saw Mark standing behind her. He had a strange smile playing on his lips, as though he had enjoyed making her jump.

“Mark, I’m sorry, did you want something?” she said, planting a fake smile on her face.

“You could say that,” he said. “Will you be going to this… hideous end of year do?”

“Well, I had been asked,” Anna nodded. “I’ve not been asked anywhere better,” she left the implied neglect hanging in the air.

BOOK: Secret: Passion (Submissive Romance)
3.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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