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Authors: Miranda Forbes

Seduce Me

BOOK: Seduce Me


A collection of twenty erotic stories

Edited by Miranda Forbes

Published by Xcite Books – 2013

ISBN 9781783750375

Copyright © Accent Press Ltd 2008

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, electrostatic, magnetic tape, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the written permission of the publishers: Xcite Books, Suite 11769, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY

Three's A Cloud
Roger Frank Selby
Yes, Tim
Sommer Marsden
Mistress To Slave
Morwenna Drake
The Pleasure Fixer
Candy Bagham
Shadow Play
Jennie Treverton
To Fly An Eagle
J. Manx
Fire Down Below
Landon Dixon
Karyn Winter
Candle Light
January James
Meeting Mister M
Evalina Frances
Lisa's Lessons
Izzy French
When Penny Met Daniel
Judith Roycroft
Ivana Chopski
Office Crush
Sadie Wolf
Alley Kat
Alcamia Payne
Red's Threesome Fantasy
Play With Me
Dakota Rebel
Merrilee And The PM
Eleanor Powell
The Nerd Herd
Sommer Marsden
Leading Lady
Alex Severn

Three's A Cloud
by Roger Frank Selby

‘Come in Andy,' said Bill. ‘Take a seat and don't look so worried!'

The Production Engineer of Swallow Fitness UK Limited, was lanky and quite handsome in the eyes of Olga but she pretended to study her clipboard as he folded into the armchair opposite her, facing the boss. ‘I'll come straight to the point, sales are still crap and I have to let more people go.'

Andy jerked upright.

‘But not you! I'd sooner close this factory down and start up again with just you, me and Olga. But keep that under your hat.'

Andy appeared to relax again, but gave Olga a dark look. Maybe he was jealous at her inclusion – after all, she'd only been here a couple of weeks. The boss was probably just being polite in her company.

‘There's a chance of that then, Bill?'

‘There is. More than a chance, it's a near certainty, unless we can come up with something really special. I've made the classic mistake of not diversifying my business enough.'

‘But we make four completely different types of exercise bike.'

‘Exactly, Andy. All exercise bikes! I should have branched out into other types of machine – or maybe equipment in a different market that uses similar production methods.

‘Olga has come up with an, er, idea.' Bill began to look embarrassed. ‘It's a pretty wild one, Andy, but it might just be our salvation …' He glanced sideways at Olga and blushed deeply. She had an impulse to cuddle him like a little boy.

Andy seemed annoyed. ‘With respect, Olga hasn't been here five minutes. She's just a temporary worker … I mean she hasn't accumulated the in-house experience to know which way we should go, product-wise …' He didn't look in her direction.

What a
but she let Bill do her talking for her.

‘A naturally cautious reaction, Andy, but we must throw caution to the wind! We have to come up with something radical – and this could be it. Olga used to work in Hamburg. Something she once saw over there gave her this idea … Hamburg can be a pretty wild town, you know …' Bill's embarrassment at her idea began to exceed his enthusiasm. ‘Anyway; Olga can show you … Give you all the “ins and outs” – in the production office.'

Ins and outs? she thought – With Andy's hostile attitude? But she smiled for Bill's sake.

Here was Olga in his production office, with its shiny row of exercise bikes.

Sitting on the corner of his own desk, away from his respected boss, Andy adopted his normal cocky style. ‘So what's with this Hamburg connection, Olga? Why was the boss so coy? Not about
, is it?' Her enigmatic smile faded a little. He pressed on. ‘Are we about to make sex equipment?'

‘Maybe I should not be talking to you with your rudeness today.' But the smile remained. ‘Perhaps I should take my idea elsewhere – I am only the

Andy was in no mood to play games. Sure, she was a very attractive girl, with all the curves very much in all the right places, but she was really pushing her power. ‘What did you do in Deutschland, Olga; did you work in the sex industry?' That wiped the smile off her face. She swung her arm to slap him. He stood and caught the arm easily; but only just blocked the groin-seeking knee-lift that followed.

Her attack brought him to his senses – he was harassing this beautiful woman! ‘OK, Olga I'm sorry; that was out of order.'

‘Insulting bastard! Let
of me – this moment!'

‘OK, but no more violence, promise? I
apologised.' He released her wrist and they separated, eyeing each other like a couple of sparring partners. ‘Suppose you show me this great idea?'

‘I can take you out, Mr Production Manager! I can take care of myself.'

‘I believe you, Olga! You nearly took care of me just then … Look, we really have got off to a bad start. Call me Andy, please? And, for Christ's sake just show me this idea!'

She took a deep breath and his eyes couldn't help lifting to the rise of her breasts. They were pretty big without being too big. Probably a D-cup …

‘My idea starts with a two-seater machine …'

‘Is that it?' he interrupted. ‘An exercise tandem? Olga, that's old hat; it's been tried before.' He sat down wearily and raised his arms in dismissal. ‘They just don't sell.'

That is not it, Mr Production Engineer!' She strode over to the office door and seemed about to make a slam-door exit.

She locked the door instead. Before he knew what was going on, she was pulling her blouse up over her head. Underneath was a semi-transparent white brassiere, pink nipples showing quite clearly through the material. She threw the blouse to one side, unhitched her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

Andy's jaw followed it.

‘I'm just going to show you something. Do not be frightened; nothing will happen to you.'

She walked with long legs over to the bikes. Olga in motion was a gorgeous sight, her bra just controlling the jiggling of her well-formed breasts. She mounted the nearest bike and began pedalling. Andy watched fascinated.

The pedalling rhythm moved her entire body in a wonderful way. Tiny, high-cut panties nicely displayed the rolling motion of her bottom, and linked by their brassiere cups, her lovely boobs bobbed around with a side-to-side oscillation.

‘Now get behind me and imagine you were sat close behind, as on a tandem,' she ordered.

He jumped up and did just that.

‘No, get closer. Imagine another set of handlebars just below my saddle, and that you're sitting on another saddle close behind. That's it; that's the first stage – what I call “Normal Tandem” You would pedal too, of course.

‘For the second stage, those handle bars under my saddle are quickly removable. You have nothing to hold onto except me – so you hold my waist.' He held her slim waist while the orbs of her bottom rolled below – with panty material beginning to twist up into the valley between them. He felt his body becoming embarrassingly interested.

‘Your hands go no higher, Andy – but imagine we were both without the clothes. What could you touch and hold from that position during second stage?'

She was way ahead of him. He mentally got a grip on himself. He so wanted to get a grip on her, those luscious tits wobbling around, just inches above his hands ‘Every part of you Olga! And the

‘My saddle is removed completely, like this.' Her bottom lifted from the saddle and moved rearwards, swaying as she rode just above his lap. His discomfort was becoming painful as his growing cock tried to drill through his jeans to get between those mobile cheeks. ‘Now there is nothing at all to stop the man behind from entering the bare, pedalling woman! So what do you think of
Mr Production Engineer?'

‘I have to admit it Bill, it's a killer idea. The tandem is not an obvious sex machine until you see a woman like Olga riding – then
, you can see the concept straight away! The best approach to fabrication would be as an add-on kit … Bill?' Bill had a strange, hypnotised look.

‘Sorry, Andy. I was just visualising Olga riding that bike. She must have looked … How far did she go?'

‘She didn't strip right off, if that's what you mean, just down to her bra and panties. But that girl has one hell of a body! Talk about “X-rated!”'

‘I know.'

‘You do?'

‘Well, ah, anyone can see that.' He thought for a moment. ‘Do you think she would..?'

‘Would what, Bill?'

‘Well, er, strip right off?'

‘Not for me, she wouldn't. There's not much love lost between us. It's World War Two all over again! But the fact that she did what she did, shows she might be up for it. But why should she?' he shrugged. ‘What's the idea?'

‘Well, we can't afford an expensive brochure for this bike. We'll have to use our regular printers and produce the artwork in-house.'

‘Yes, but why …'

‘I was thinking of using Olga in the brochure; she's a photogenic girl – er, I would imagine. She could model all the bikes in normal sports clothing …'

‘… And then the tandem with

‘Well, I can just imagine the Germans getting away with that, Andy – can't you? Maybe for once we could beat our competitors to the market with a new idea
a sexy brochure – if she agrees. Even just bra and panties might be enough.'

‘I think they would, as it's Olga – but what a turn-on for the customers if she went that bit further – the same girl that they all saw dressed in her sports gear on the regular bikes, pedalling nude on the tandem! But will she do it, Bill?'

‘I think she might if you asked her – after all, that's how she showed you her idea.'

‘Not in the nude, unfortunately … I don't know … You're the boss; why don't you ask her?'

‘I couldn't … You ask. I'm fairly certain she fancies you.'



‘But Olga, It was Bill's idea. I'm just the engineer, remember? He gets a bit bashful around women – but he's a very good businessman; he came up from nothing …'

‘… And he goes back to nothing.' She looked a bit sad at that thought.

‘He will do, if we don't help him through this. You came up with this clever idea; now we have to have a great looking model to sell the concept – you again! It won't be such a big deal; just start off modelling the regular bikes in your normal sportswear and see how it feels?'

She looked as if she was considering that.

‘Then, if you feel like it, try a few shots in your underwear – just like when you showed me. You didn't seem too worried then.'

‘I was angry – and no one was taking pictures! Who
taking the pictures?'

‘I don't know. Our regular man, I guess – The one who did the last brochure.'

‘But that brochure was so boring! I know a good photographer. He is the amateur, but he's excellent and I think he would do it if I ask.'

‘But what would he charge?'

She smiled a secret smile. ‘Oh, I don't think he'd charge us anything.'

‘A boyfriend?'

‘A friend.'

He shrugged his shoulders. ‘OK … great, Olga! You would do it then – if it's this photographer?'

‘Well, like you say Andy, just as far as I feel like going, but this I promise you. The brochure will look so very good with this guy taking the photos … and Andy?'

‘Yes Olga?'

‘I think
are friends now, Yes?'

God, she was beautiful when she smiled like that. ‘Oh yes! I'm sorry I was such a prick to you before.'


‘Er, that's like, cock … You know …'

‘But cock to me is nice, Andy.'

A few days later the tandem was ready, and so was Olga in her bright sports gear. Now there was a real back seat for him to sit on, Andy could hardly wait for Olga to be sitting there in front of him. They were back in the production office for an after-hours photo shoot, and their surprise photographer was converting the place into a studio.

‘Hey, I didn't realise you meant the boss, when you mentioned your photographer friend,' Andy whispered, as Bill set up his backdrops and lights.

‘I know, but I model for him before – swimwear at his photography club. That's how I meet him. He's OK with the women once he has the camera behind which to hide.'

‘I had no idea he was into photography.'

‘He is thought of very well at the club – one of those who use the real film on Glamour night!' Her giggle was infectious.

Hearing the laughter, Bill looked around nervously. Andy felt compelled to say something to include him in the mild joke. ‘Olga was just saying that some of the guys in your club don't bother with film on Glamour night.'

He coloured a deep red. ‘I never did see the point in that … Anyway, we're all digital now … OK, Olga, we'll do a few warm-up shots first of all, with you in that sportswear.'

‘OK, Boss.'

She was pleased to be right. Once behind the camera Bill was a different man. He kept up a continuous stream of chat that relaxed her, and mirrored her own thoughts as he moved her around, posing her with all the machines. After ten minutes or so he probably had all the sports clothing shots they needed.

‘Olga, if it feels right – and it
a bit warm in here – I'd like you to shed your top clothes – down to bra and panties if that's OK with you?'

‘Yes Bill, that is fine by me. I'm OK. It feels good for me, with just you and Andy here.' It really did.

While Bill attended to his cameras and rearranged the lights, she slipped out of her sports clothes, aware of male glances, but feeling pleasantly cooler in the warm studio. She saw herself in the mirror. She looked good under the lights. The white underwear accentuated her creamy skin, but there was nothing understated about her shape, she thought, ruefully.

‘Wow, Olga; you
the best!' Bill whistled softly, ‘a real “hourglass” figure!'

Andy seemed really surprised at his boss; he'd probably never known him so relaxed with a woman before.

‘You have seen it before Bill – at the club,' she reminded him.

‘I know, but underwear is more intimate, somehow, and it will show in these pix.' He raised his camera. ‘Now keep moving around Olga … that's it, pose by it … good. Other side now. Lean in … get astride … now right on the tandem. Ride it. Yes! Make love to it … keep pedalling … great!

They worked liked that for several minutes, then stopped to rest.

‘I wouldn't have thought bra and panties would look right on a girl on a bike, but … they do on you!'

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