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Seduced By A Wolf

BOOK: Seduced By A Wolf
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Seduced by a Wolf

Zena Wynn

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This is an explicit and erotic novel

intended for the enjoyment

of adult readers. Please keep

out of the hands of children.

Seduced by a Wolf

Copyright © 2011 by Zena Wynn



Cover Art © 2011 by Niki Browning

Edited by Adrienne Jones


First Edition October 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-60659-636-4


Published by:

Phaze Books

An imprint of Mundania Press LLC

6457 Glenway Ave., #109

Cincinnati, OH 45211


All rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher, Mundania Press LLC, 6457 Glenway Avenue, #109, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211, [email protected]


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The publisher does not have any control over and does not assume any responsibility for author or third-party websites or their content.


No part of this book may be scanned, uploaded or distributed via the Internet or any other means, electronic or print, without permission from Mundania Press LLC. Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. ( Please purchase only authorized electronic or print editions and do not participate in or encourage the electronic piracy of copyrighted material. Your support of the author’s rights and livelihood is appreciated.

Everyone has secrets...

Von Washington has a secret. She never stopped being pen pals with her fiancé Derrick's former army buddy, Sean, and now he's come to town to visit.

Master Sergeant Sean Jacobson has secrets. He's been in love with his former army buddy's girl, Von, for years and believes she feels the same. After his last disastrous mission, he's ready to do something about it. Then there's the other thing that happened to him...

But some secrets are deadlier than others...

Minister Derrick Wilkins also has a secret, and his might get one of them killed.

Passion, love, betrayal... Have you been seduced?

Chapter One

A knock sounded at the front door. Eight-thirty.
He’s right on time

Von Washington wiped sweaty palms on her plum colored lingerie and took a deep breath to settle her nerves. Counting slowly to ten, and then to twenty, she waited until his second knock came, this one more impatient than the first.

“Coming!” Hands trembling, Von mussed her hair before going to the door. After a quick glance to confirm her guest’s identity, she flipped the locks and stood to the side, allowing the wood to partially hide her.

Derrick Wilkins Jr. strode inside. “What took you so long to answer the door? And why are you dressed like that?” he added the moment he spotted her, his displeasure evident.

Von closed the door and gave a fake yawn, raising her arms above her head in a manner that caused her thigh-length satin robe to gape. As planned, Derrick’s gaze scanned the length of her scantily clad body.

“Sorry, honey. I didn’t sleep well last night and things got so stressful at work, I forgot you were stopping by. All I wanted to do when I arrived home was take a shower and relax. I must have fallen asleep.” Von sent up a silent prayer, repenting for the blatant lie.

His expression immediately changed from stern to concerned. “If you’re that tired, I should go.” Derrick spun around on one foot and headed back toward the door.

Alarmed, Von spoke quickly. “Don’t be silly. You’re here now.” She placed her hands on his arms as he drew even with her. “Besides, I want to hear how the meeting went.”

His eyes filling with the passion of the fervent, Derrick allowed himself to be led further into the living room and over to the couch. He unclipped his phone and laid it on the coffee table before sitting, all the while launching into what turned out to be a thirty-minute dialogue on the mission trip to Haiti their church planned to take and the good he hoped to accomplish.

Having heard it all before, Von settled beside him on the couch and listened with half an ear, interjecting encouraging sounds at the appropriate moments. Mentally she considered her next move. This seduction business wasn’t as easy as the television and movies made it sound.

Arms stretching languidly, she opened her mouth and arched her chest in an exaggerated fake yawn, shifting closer to him as she relaxed. Still he talked, hands gesturing as he expounded on his favorite theme—helping the rebuilding of Haiti, particularly the schools.

About halfway into Derrick’s monologue, Von turned sleepily toward him, casually resting her arm along the back of the couch while lifting her leg onto the couch cushion. Her knee now lay centimeters from his muscular, khaki encased thigh. As planned, the position caused her robe to fall open, revealing a long, lean, shapely brown thigh.

Finally Derrick laid a hand on her exposed skin, rubbing slightly as he murmured, “Listen to me, boring you by going on and on about my day.”

Tenderly cupping his narrow jaw with its five o’clock shadow, she disagreed. “You didn’t bore me. You’re passionate about what’s important to you. I like that in a man,” she finished with a mischievous grin.

His gaze traveled over her again, lingering on the tantalizing amount of cleavage bared by the short, low-cut chemise she wore. He slid his arm around her waist, pulling her to him as he said in a deep, husky voice, “You’re very important to me and I find I’m extremely passionate about you.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” she managed to say before his lips claimed hers in a scorching kiss.

Von circled his neck with her arms and moved in closer.

When her satin covered puckered nipples made contact with his chest, Derrick groaned hungrily. “You’re killing me,” he complained as he dropped kisses along her jaw.

She leaned her head to the side to give him access. So far, so good. Maybe this time... She immediately shut down that thought, not wanting to jinx herself.

Derrick buried his face in the curve of her neck and sent his hands skimming all over her body. He shoved at the robe until she lowered her arms, allowing it to drop off her shoulders. As he caressed the skin of her back, he murmured, “Your skin is so soft, like silk.”

Von hid a small smile as she helped the satiny material slide all the way down so that it pooled on the cushion behind her. In the process, she
maneuvered one of her loose spaghetti straps so that it fell to the crook of her elbow, leaving one breast almost completely exposed.

Derrick immediately noticed, staring like a man in a trance. For a moment he seemed frozen in place. Then he lunged forward, knocking her back to the couch and covering her body with his as he latched onto her nipple, suckling hard.

She clutched his head, holding him to her and moved restlessly beneath him. That hard part of him pressed right against her mound, showing her how much Derrick wanted her. The sensation of his mouth tugging at her breast while his hips rubbed insistently against her clit caused the crotch of her bikini panties to dampen. Derrick switched sides, lavishing the same attention on her neglected nipple as he had the first, and he sent his hand tunneling between their bodies and into her underwear. Von moaned her approval as she willingly and eagerly spread her legs wider, opening herself completely to him.

Yes! Now they were cooking. It was about time.

The only sound in the room was their heavy breathing, grunts and moans, and the hiss of air escaping the couch cushions as they moved around. Derrick rose to his knees above her and wrestled with his belt, his eyes glued to her body. She glanced down, aware of the picture she made: breasts exposed, gown hiked to her waist, thighs spread wide, panties low on her hips with the barest hint of pubic hair showing. She looked like a complete and utter wanton and that’s exactly how she felt.

The buckle jingled as he finally managed to pull it free. His hand was on the zipper, the button already undone, when Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus blasted out, jarring in the heavy silence.
! Von’s wide-eyed gaze met his. Derrick visibly struggled with himself. His glance bounced back and forth between the phone on the glass coffee table and her body, laid out like an offering.
Pick me. Just this once, put me first
, she mentally pleaded.

On the fourth ring, he lunged for the table and scooped up his phone. “Yeah?” His body jerked straight, almost coming to attention as he stood. “Yes, sir...No, sir...I was in the bathroom...Vondalyn, sir?” His guilty gaze slid to her and then darted away. “I was just leaving...” He tucked the phone between his ear and shoulder and began rapidly straightening his clothes. “Tonight?” His voice rose in pitch and he half-turned his back so she couldn’t read his expression. His shoulders bunched. “No, sir, I didn’t mean to raise...yes, sir...” His grip on the phone tightened. Von frowned. “...okay—I mean, yes, sir...all right...goodbye.”

Derrick bent his head, shoulders slumped dejectedly. He seemed almost resigned as he sank slowly onto the couch beside her with his eyes closed. If he held that phone any tighter, it would break. She wanted to ease his tension but didn’t know what to do. Instead, with an inward sigh, Von propped up on her elbows and waited, already knowing what came next.

When he opened his eyes, he looked everywhere but at her. “Cover up,” he ordered harshly.

Von tugged on her panties, pulling them back into position. The act of sitting up caused her nightgown to fall around her hips. Then she pulled on her straps so that her breasts were covered.

He bent over at the waist with his hands dangling between his spread legs. “I’m sorry I pounced on you,” he said, his gaze on the carpeted floor. “You’re a real lady, a virtuous woman. I should have restrained myself, not forced my animalistic passions upon you.” Derrick cast a quick glance in her direction then jumped to his feet. “I’ll see myself out.”

He was gone before she could get her mouth to work.


“Sooooo, how did it go?” her cousin Marketta asked in a silky voice.

Von growled and buried her head under her pillow, phone still held to her ear.

“That good, huh?”

She pushed the pillow out of the way and rolled over onto her back, covering her eyes with her forearm. “He came over...”


“I had on the lingerie, the set you helped me pick out. Acted like I fell asleep and forgot he was coming over.”

“Good, good,” she said encouragingly. “Did he believe it?”

Von rolled her eyes. “Of course he did. I’m a
good girl
. I’d never set out to seduce a man.”

Marketta laughed. Then Von told her the rest of what happened.

“Let me get this straight. That bastard had you spread out before him like a Christmas feast and got up and left because

Von winced and briefly pulled the phone away from her ear. “Watch the eardrum, please.”

“Sorry, girl, but dang...”

“His father, the pastor,” she reminded Marketta.

“Whom he’s deathly afraid of, but girl, it shouldn’t have mattered if it was the Pope calling if he was about to get—”

“Derrick isn’t afraid of his dad. He simply has a great deal of respect for him. You know he plans to take Pastor Wilkins’s place as head of the church one day. That’s why he went to seminary.”

“Yeah, yeah, praise the Lord and all that jazz. Von, you two are
, and have been for six months. God is the one who created sex and he made it
. ”

“He created sex for marriage,” she corrected.

“You and Derrick are in a committed relationship,” Marketta continued like she hadn’t spoken. “There’s nothing wrong with you taking a test drive. We’re talking
here. That’s a long damn time. It’ll be too late after saying ‘I Do’ to realize you made a mistake, and with
father and
soft heart, divorce
an option.”

BOOK: Seduced By A Wolf
13.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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