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BOOK: Seduced By The Son Of A Succubus (m/m paranormal)
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Rogue’s hands dipped low, squeezing Milo’s ass through his pants and forcing him close again in order to allow their still-covered erections to press together. Milo could no longer keep from moaning into Rogue’s mouth. The other man was making small noises of lust as well, body moving feverishly against Milo’s.

“Fuck me,” Rogue begged again.

There was so much power laced with the words that it made the fine hairs on Milo’s neck stand up. The sexual compulsion washed over him like a tidal wave, and he was not the only one affected by it. From the corner of his eye, he saw the dancers around them pressing closer together, more than one hand suddenly dipping beneath a skirt or into someone’s pants. And when Rogue ripped open Milo’s fly with a massive effort and went on his knees, Milo had absolutely no objections.

Rogue’s lips may have been cold, but his tongue nearly burned Milo’s skin as it traveled down his shaft. Milo’s belly tightened at once. Then the outsider swallowed his cock in one smooth movement, making Milo’s blood boil. All he could do was to grasp two fistfuls of Rogue’s hair and hold on for dear life.

It was the best thing he had ever felt. Rogue’s throat massaged him so good, and after several savage thrusts of his hips Milo realized that the outsider seemed to have neither a gag reflex nor a need to come up for air. His vision dwindled as he focused on fucking his lover’s tight, hot mouth like it was all that would ever matter again.

When Rogue drew back, the suddenness with which Milo crashed back into reality was painful. Disoriented, he stumbled. Surprisingly strong arms caught him just before he pitched forward, and eased him to his knees. Before he had fully figured out where up and down was, Rogue’s tongue was in his mouth again. Milo felt a tiny tugging sensation at his heart before the outsider stopped himself. Instead, his hands finished the task of dragging Milo’s pants down his legs, ripping fabric in the process. Milo hastily returned the favor, once more tried to taste the other man, but Rogue held him in a death grip as they kissed again.

“Now,” Rogue groaned into his mouth. “Need you now!”

That was the point when he heard the sound of more fabric ripping. Milo tore his lips from Rogue’s and turned his head, realizing Rogue’s control was slipping rapidly, his power going haywire. He saw a girl’s bare breasts being sucked on by two vampires while she moaned with pleasure, watched a woman lifting her skirt and sink to her knees in order to ride her companion’s face, witnessed a group of three men fighting over the cock of a fourth before they started taking turns in sucking it.

And in the very center of the sudden sexual mayhem were Rogue and him. The other man had gotten to his feet. He was now completely nude, and the sight would have made Milo fall to his knees if he hadn’t been there already. Rogue was endless legs, unblemished, lustrous skin, lithe and perfect body, and eyes so dark that there was no white left in them at all. The sight was almost frightening to Milo.

Swollen cock throbbing, Rogue stepped towards him. Finally he allowed Milo to crawl forward and taste him, to wrap hands and lips around the thick, hot shaft and suck as much precum from the tip as Rogue would give him. The outsider had covered Milo’s head with his hands and was holding him close, his body shivering with lust.

Then Milo was forcefully pushed back, his mouth ripped from Rogue’s cock as he fell backwards.

“Now,” Rogue gasped again, nearly screaming. He fell to his knees, straddling Milo’s chest with his long legs, grabbing hold of Milo’s hair and kissing him fiercely.

Milo’s hands groped blindly and desperately before he managed to cup the perfect, round globes of Rogue’s ass. He eased them apart, managed to slip a finger in between, and everything just felt like hot, slick velvet after that when Rogue arched his back eagerly. Then the outsider pushed himself up, breaking Milo’s grip, reached behind his back to wrap his fingers around Milo’s straining cock, and started to fit it into his tight hole.

Milo saw stars as his hips lifted from the floor in an effort to meet Rogue’s body. His lover was sinking down onto him with aching slowness, allowing Milo to invade him, to stretch him. Rogue was so tight that they had to fight for every inch they joined. Their bodies shook with the effort. Rogue had thrown back his head, eyes squeezed shut and lips parted in obvious and complete ecstasy.

Then, finally, Milo felt the other man’s weight descending on him all the way.

Rogue looked ready to collapse. His eyes were wide open, but he didn’t appear to be seeing Milo at all as he swayed, his arms shaking with the effort of keeping himself upright. Milo tried to reach for him in an effort to steady him, but Rogue shook his head wildly. The tips of his hair flung droplets of sweat in all directions.

Around them, bodies joined in the most carnal of acts. Nobody was left unaffected, not the outsiders, and certainly not the humans. The girl with the swaying, bare breasts was being taken by three men at once and seemed to be loving every moment of it. One vampire had bent another over a speaker, and a group of six men and three women was fucking wildly in one gigantic pile, fitted together every way they could manage. Milo felt Rogue’s power washing over all of them and suddenly understood why his lover was so exhausted.

But then the outsider perched on top of him tensed and straightened up. Milo watched as Rogue’s lips formed a serene smile, as the near-translucent skin of his face began to shine with some inner glow. Milo stared, fascinated and confused at once.

But then he understood. Rogue was soaking in the raw sexual energy around them. It flooded back to him, creating something that dangerously resembled a feedback loop as his power kept radiating out through the entire room.

With a sudden burst of energy, Rogue started riding him. The rest of the world ceased to be interesting and faded out again as Milo focused on his own thrusting hips. He matched Rogue’s frantic pace as well as he could. The tightness and heat around his cock were almost too much to bear, but he clung to his lover and kept going on regardless, mindlessly. Sweat trickled down all over his body.

“Yes,” Rogue gasped. His eyes were shining. “Don’t stop, Milo, don’t…”

Milo was pretty sure he couldn’t have stopped if his life depended on it. But the fact that he could hear Rogue’s voice made him realize that the music had ceased, that the background noise now only consisted of a chorus of moans and groans and the sound of flesh on flesh.

He arched his back and lifted his hips higher in order to be able to penetrate Rogue more fully. He had no idea where he was finding the strength. The moment Rogue’s body once more descended onto him and his cock forcefully thrust even further and deeper than before, Milo’s blood turned to white-hot fire. His vision blanked out as the feeling seared his entire body. He thrashed uselessly. Some part of his mind was aware that Rogue was feeling the same, that the outsider was moments from orgasm.

Milo’s hips bucked wildly up and into Rogue, and the next moment he felt his lover’s hot cum spilling onto his chest.

When Rogue came, so did everyone else. Milo lost himself in the sudden torrent of emotions coursing through the room as semen and juices were released, as muscles clenched and released rhythmically. His own eruption was almost an afterthought. His hands had gripped Rogue’s hips, and he shot his huge load deep into his lover’s tight, hot ass before collapsing back onto the ground for good.

He had no idea how much time passed before his consciousness kicked in again. He was still on the ground, Rogue laying limply on top of him.

“Love you,” the other man was murmuring into Milo’s ear. “So much. Always did. Love you.”

“Love you too,” Milo rasped.

Rogue’ arms tightened around him, but then went limp again.

“Love you more,” he whispered.


Rogue laughed freely and rolled off of him. Blinking in the sudden brightness, Milo realized that someone had turned on the overhead lights. It took him at least another couple of minutes until he felt able to sit up and look around.

It was a sight like none he had ever seen. Every single occupant of the enormous room had collapsed - everyone on the dancefloor, on the stairs, up on the gallery. Few of them were still wearing any clothing, most were covered in sweat and cum and wrapped around each other, and everyone was looking dazed and exhausted. As Milo continued to look around, tired, happy smiles started to appear on more and more faces.

“Holy fuck,” he croaked. “Has that ever happened before?”

Rogue actually flushed a little as he turned his head.

“No,” he replied then. “I think I kinda lost control.”

“Yeah, no shit.”

Milo looked around for a moment longer. Then he reached out and laid his hand on Rogue’s shoulder. The outsider’s skin, usually so cold, was radiating heat.

Rogue turned his head and smiled at Milo. His eyes had reverted to their normal light grey color, but they were still full of emotion.

“Let’s go somewhere private,” he suggested.

Milo nodded in agreement and climbed to his feet with some effort. When he spotted the empty pedestal that had once held a dancing girl on it, he finally remembered Thomas.

“I should make sure my friend is alright,” he said.

Rogue blinked once, then looked around the room haphazardly.

“Okay. How do we find him?”

“Look for the guy that just fucked a snake demon.”

“Oh, her.” Rogue grinned. “I know her. She’s fun.”

“Maybe if you know what you’re getting yourself into,” Milo argued. “I guarantee you I’m going to have to play therapist for weeks.” Helplessly, his eyes wandered from nude body to nude body without any hope of actually making out Thomas anywhere.

“Sex therapy?” Rogue suggested hopefully, and fished shyly for Milo’s hand. With tension, drama and emotions out of the way, the outsider’s behavior was now far more reminiscent of the quiet but carefree boy Milo had once known.

“You’re impossible,” Milo sighed, and pulled his lover determinedly towards the door. With everyone still crowded on the floor, they had to step carefully.

“Yeah,” Rogue agreed, with one last look around the room. “I really am.”




About the author:


Violet Jessamy’s thoughts do not always revolve around sex - just most of the time. She believes that this fact, along with her hyperactive imagination, is to blame for her choice of secondary career. Having developed a passionate interest in erotica as soon as she figured out it existed, she credits the internet in general for allowing her to pursue said interest and tolerating her early attempts at creating the perfect arousing tale.

She also writes non-erotic fiction, but gets far more enjoyment out of writing smutty stories.

An incomplete list of her works can be found at




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BOOK: Seduced By The Son Of A Succubus (m/m paranormal)
11.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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