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BOOK: Seduced (Royal Expat Series Book #1)
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“What?” Damian blinked, looking at Matilda as if he had never really seen her before. “You’re what?”

“A princess,” Colin repeated helpfully. “Or at least the daughter of a prince. She’s a member of the British Royal Family.”

“A royal?” Damian repeated, still looking into Matilda’s face. She looked into his eyes miserably, and saw the conflict there.

“I wanted to tell you,” she said. “I just didn’t want you to define me by who my family is.”

“But you lied to me,” Damian said. “A royal…”

“I’m still me,” Matilda tried.

“And you’re still coming home,” Colin said decidedly. “Your father has organized a private plane at the nearest airport. Unfortunately I can’t accompany you, but I’ll be sending all my best wishes.”

Matilda knew that there was no way to protest. She was illegal, and there was no way to stay here without breaking some extremely serious laws. She looked at Damian, who still had an expression as if he had been punched in the stomach. Her heart felt empty, as if all his love for her had suddenly been grabbed and pulled out.

“Damian?” she asked. He looked at her, but his gray eyes were vacant.

“Ah yes, now Mr. Knight,” gloated Colin. “I asked the police to arrange an arrest warrant when I thought the worst and feared that you had abducted our Royal Highness. Now, if that was the truth of the matter, I will press charges and make sure you never see the light of day again.”

“It’s not true,” Matilda shouted out, fear grabbing her once more. “I went with him willingly. I love him!”

“Manipulated,” Colin said sadly. “Anyway, princess, your father would never allow you to attend the trial. If, however,” he addressed Damian again, “this was all a tragic mistake, I’ll be lenient.

“All you have to do is agree never to try and lay a finger on our princess ever again, and you’ll walk free. What will it be?”

Matilda looked desperately from Damian to Colin. It was a terrible ultimatum—
prison or never being able to see each other again. Either way was hopeless, but even so, somewhere in her heart she hoped that Damian would pull out a trump card. He was her white knight. It was the time for him to save her.

Without so much as looking at her, Damian said, “I’ll go free.”

“Just like that? You won’t try and make trouble?” Colin asked.

“She lied to me. How can I trust a woman who lies?” Damian said. “You can take her.”

Matilda gasped. It was as if an iron fist had torn through her chest to grab her still-beating heart and crush it into a gooey pulp. Hot tears ran down her cheeks as she heard those cruel words spoken in his voice.

Just a few hours ago, they had been planning a new life together. Now, suddenly, it had all been ripped apart. Damian did not love her. He had run at the first sign of danger, reluctant to be with a royal. Couldn’t he understand why she had hidden it?

But it was too late to reason with him. Given the all-clear from Colin, the spokesman of an English prince, the policemen were letting Damian go. He walked away from their scene, his broad shoulders tight, not looking back. It was all Matilda could do to hold back her sobs. Her reason for going on had turned his back on her. It was over.

The next few hours went in a blur. She was driven to the airport, her suitcase with all her stuff in it miraculously packed and sent off with her, and she was whisked onto a private jet, the only passenger apart from a few slightly baffled personnel who were wondering why the craft had suddenly been commandeered to fly a young, upset woman to England.

Colin waved her goodbye as she stepped onto the airplane. His entire face was a picture of triumph. Maybe he had never got to sleep with her, but he had managed to ruin her life, scupper her hopes, and he still had one final trump card to play whenever he felt like it.

As the plane took off, sending her back to England to feel the wrath of her father, all Matilda could think about was the set of Damian’s shoulders as he had walked away from her forever.






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BOOK: Seduced (Royal Expat Series Book #1)
7.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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