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Seeking Caroline

BOOK: Seeking Caroline
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Seeking Caroline

By Allison


Copyright 2011
Allison Heather


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Dedication and

This book like my other
books written and to be written are a silent homage to all those
who have dared and would dare break taboos. I am struggling to do
so myself... probably one day I would accomplish that and join the
ranks of brave and wonderful. Until then, for me pen [keyboard] and
imagination are two very strong tools.

The book contains strong
adult theme and should be read by those who are open-minded and
like challenging imaginations. Best Wishes and thanks for picking
up [rather downloading] this book.

Happy Reading.

Allison Heather.

Feedback and suggestions
are very welcome.



Chapter 1

I woke up once again late
night suddenly- not just awake but wide-awake. This was happening
too often over the last year. I immediately reached for my husband
and realised that his side of bed had been empty and cold for the
last decade. I lost my husband ten years ago and lost the huge man
I loved with each fiber of my being. Brad was not only huge
physically but lived life on the same scale. When he was around
there was never a 'crisis' just an annoyance. He put himself in
front of me whenever any storm came in our direction. He was father
of two most wonderful sons and founder of one of the most
successful Internet retail chain. He left us rich-very

I missed my husband. I
missed his giant frame crushing me. I missed his insatiable sex
drive. He and I would have sex every night he was at home. He would
take me during day in bathroom, garage and in the wooded land
surrounding our exclusive mansion. I loved Brad since I was
fifteen. We were virgins when we made love for the first time. I
nearly screamed when I saw and held Brad's monster cock. Even at
that young age we were, he had a huge cock that grew even more over
the ensuing years. In the age of free sex and promiscuity we never
ever were with any other person.

Brad was killed in flying
accident ten years ago. He was flying the plane he loved. He loved
the open sky and if there were one way he would have liked to go
that was one of them. I, I would have, liked to be given a chance
to offer myself so he could still be here - guiding our sons,
modeling them as he was.

I missed Brad even more
when I see my sons looking more and more like their father with
just enough of me, making other mothers jealous. My older son,
William or Will was nineteen. He was already six feet four inches
tall with lean muscles making him look handsome with a youthful
beautiful face. My younger Daniel/Danny was two years younger and
was of the same height. He was as big as his older brother but had
a face of boy who was incredibly good looking.

I looked at my sons and
missed Brad. I had an ache that bore a hole in my chest. Will and I
shared our birthday and when he would be twenty his old mother
would be forty-three. Even though my sons were just boys they
shouldered the loss along with me like men. Both were so easy to
look after. I never had a memorable spat as they reached teens.
They were possessive of their mother as I was of my gems. I felt
the spirit of my husband in the room when my sons. I never even
dreamt of finding another man. The huge shadow of my departed
husband dwarfed all men.

Moreover, my two boys
became men overnight. They became my chaperones and escorts to all
social occasions. They grew like wild grass and were towering over
my five feet five inches petite but full frame by the time they
were thirteen. I started to rely on my sons for grown-up
conversation and grew away from my friends' circle without

I sighed as I turned from
one side to another in my dark huge bedroom and my thoughts swirled
once again. Brad was like a friend to our sons and so was I. I took
over roles that their father played. I did some successfully,
others with comical awkwardness. My sons humoured me when I tried
to play baseball with them. I rectified my mistake and did allowed
my sons to be the 'men' in our house but with a loving

I could feel they doted on
me. My eyes filled with tears of happiness. Boys and I did
everything together. We continued to shower whenever we could as
they did with their father. They would jump in my bed some mornings
and sleep for another few hours. These mornings were the highlights
of my days. I would listen to their deep breathing as they slept,
so big for their age.

I sobbed as my emotions ran
wild. As the boys grew I felt as if Brad was coming back in small
measures. I felt a shiver along my spine as sometime my sons would
engulf me in their arms and kiss my neck. That mad me sob silently.
Brad did that whenever he found me alone.

I was not exactly the woman
I was ten years ago. I had put on some weight. My large breasts
grew bigger and heavier, now 38DD, and drooped ever so slightly. My
waist became rounder and full. My ass was fuller and ample. I was
more curvaceous than before. I was more of a mother than I ever was
and also I was celibate for a decade.

Even when I did not wish I
was hounded by men assuming I needed looking after and would jump
in bed in gratitude. Some saw money waiting to be fleeced-sick. I
ignored all and concentrated on my sons. My dated eventually
vanished, frustrated by my 'frigidity' and I found myself
masturbating more and relishing my sons even more than that. I was
happy, as my sons were my friends, my beacon, my responsibility and
my saviours. They were so close to me that there were no secrets of
teenaged boys. Sometime I blushed with too many details that made
them laugh at me in good-natured derision.


Chapter 2

I slipped on my light silk
bathrobe and quietly tip toed down the hall so as to not disturb my
boys. I wanted a drink and planned to read to try fall asleep

I noticed a dim light
shining through Will's bedroom door where it was not completely
shut. Apparently he was awake and watching TV. It was Friday night
and boys usually tended to stay up late. I went down to the kitchen
and had two glasses of water and then in moment of naughtiness had
a short helping of vintage scotch that my Brad loved and I became
to lie as much.

On my way back to bedroom,
I found the light still shining out of my older son's bedroom. Just
to make sure he hadn't gone to sleep with the TV on I crept up to
the cracked door and prepared to peek in when I heard voices. Both
my boys were in the room, watching something, and whispering. The
first thing I recognised was the cheesy rock music soundtrack that
normally accompanies a porn movie. I snickered to

My boys were watching porn
late at night. It made me think of the time I found a couple of
Penthouse Magazines stashed in Danny's closet with the a few of the
pages stuck together. Boys! But watching porn together was a little
different, it seemed, more intimate, more intense.

And then I could begin to
make out what they were quietly saying to each

"Look at her. Damn she has
nice tits. And they look even better with all that cum on them," I
heard Will say.

"Yeah. She sure is a babe.
Where did you find this tape anyway? I've never seen one with women
mom's age and guys our age. This is real hot! Better slow down, I
don't want to cum too soon." Danny sounded older than his

Two things struck me about
this. First, that my sons were watching porn about older women and
younger men. I would have assumed they would be drawn to young
women their own age. Second, what did Danny mean by "slow down. I
don't want to cum too soon?"

BOOK: Seeking Caroline
5.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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