Sergeant (The United Federation Marine Corps Book 2) (30 page)

BOOK: Sergeant (The United Federation Marine Corps Book 2)
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ROE: Rules of Engagement


JAG: Judge Advocate General, the “lawyers” of the military.


Rockers: slang for the insignia of a staff sergeant. The “rockers” are the curves lines under the “stripes.”


LZ: Landing Zone


P2P: Person-to-person, a direct communication line between two people.


Heavy Grenade Launcher


Caic: rumor, scuttlebutt.


Pax: Passengers.


Brotherhood: The second largest confederation of planets. It has a religious basis and is a sometimes wary ally of the Federation.


EOD: Explosive Ordinance Disposal


Drug Sniffing Dog, slang for the E-334 EOD Remote Analytical Robot.


Magnostrip: A positively charged strip laid down to facilitate the movement of pallets, which were also positively charged. The repelling forces elevated the pallet, making it quite easy to move up and down the strip.


Confederation: The Confederation of Free States, a small loosely-aligned group of planets.


SGA: the Star, Globe, and Anchor, the emblem of the Federation Marines


DOR: Dropped on Request. Quit the training program.


NEO: Non-combatant Evacuation Operation


OpsO: Operations Officer. This is the individual who creates and runs an operational plan.


Triage’s Three B’s: A simple way to triage patients with “breathing” the highest priority, then “bleeding,” and finally “breaks.”


1MC: The generic term for the ship-wide speaker system over which word can be passed.


PW’d: Pussy-whipped. A man controlled by a wife or girlfriend.


PAO: Public Affairs Officer


Libo: short for liberty, when military personnel are off-duty and off base enjoying free time.


Toad: Slang for the E-559 Self-contained Slow Breaching Device, a high-intensity heat weapon that can be attached to an object and burn through it.


OP: Observation post. One or two Marines sent out in front of the unit’s lines to give early warning of approaching enemy.


Tarnkappe: slang, taken from a Grimm’s Fairy Tales description of a cloak of concealment, for the S-77 Shielding Blanket. The blanket shields against most sensors as well as from vision.


Facebook: a generic reference to any public relations media information for an organization or personal information for an individual.


LTC: Lutetium Tungsten Carbide


Dead Man’s Handle: the slang term for a handle on the back of each PICS that is used to pick up and carry it should the PICS become immobilized.

BOOK: Sergeant (The United Federation Marine Corps Book 2)
2.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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