Sexual Games [The Heroes of Silver Springs 8] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Sexual Games [The Heroes of Silver Springs 8] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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The Heroes of Silver Springs 8

Sexual Games

FBI agent Jackson Graham is tired of playing games. He wants Mallory Stone and he’s made his intentions clear. While Mallory is burning hot for a night of passion, she won’t give him her heart, and he won’t settle for less. He’s warned her when his tie comes off, it’s really going to be time to play. He has some new games in mind, and the prize will be more than her delicious, sultry body.

Why can’t no-strings-attached sex be enough for Jackson? Jackson knows Mallory wants him in her bed, but he won’t let it be that easy. He wants her heart. A life spent knowing the consequences of love has put her heart under a lock she simply cannot allow to be broken. But when a case puts her in danger, fears swap sides, emotions run wild, and they find themselves playing a game they both might lose.

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
77,237 words



The Heroes of Silver Springs 8






Tonya Ramagos










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To my fans who have contacted me through the years since
Twin Games
was released asking when Jackson and Mallory would get their story. This book is for you.




Silver Springs, MS is a fictional city existing only in my imagination. Any liberties I have taken or mistakes I have made in regards to fire department, police, FBI, DEA, and military procedures are my own for the sake of the story.


The Heroes of Silver Springs 8



Copyright © 2012






Chapter One


The barrel of a gun poked FBI Special Agent Jackson Graham in the small of his back and his mind took a freight train to the past. Instinctively, he started to go for his sidearm, but the memory, coupled with the voice, stopped him.


Don’t. Don’t move. Don’t pull your gun. She’s in charge.

Yeah, he’d been here before. Well, not exactly here. The last time he found himself in this particular situation he’d been in the bay of the Silver Springs Fire Department instead of the parking garage at his apartment in Waterston. He hadn’t known the woman holding him at gunpoint. He definitely hadn’t known how the night would turn out.

“Okay, you have my attention.” His attention, his cock, and his heart. Said cock boarded that speeding train and brought it back to the present, hardening to stone in an instant. After all these years, Mallory was finally ready to play.

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.

And, apparently, not just play. He’d warned her when his tie came off, and he had no doubt it would in his immediate future, he would take more than her delicious body. He wanted her heart, her soul, and tonight was step one in finally wrapping up this case.

“Where to, sweetheart?”

“I, um, right. The blue Impala. Stay by the wall. Walk slowly.”

Jackson heard the slight confusion in her softly spoken words and gave himself a mental kick in the ass. He needed to stay in character. They were strangers, one being kidnapped at the gunpoint—most likely a water pistol or banana—by another for a night of bed-burning sex. His sense picked up that it wasn’t a water pistol or banana stabbing him in the back. Why use a toy prop when his fellow agent had a sidearm of her own? The safety would be on, of course, and Mallory Stone knew how to use a weapon as well as any man in the bureau.

Okay, so play it right, no endearments, and definitely no calling her by name.
He didn’t want to ruin this for her.

“Look, lady. I’m an FBI agent,” he said, settling into his role as soon-to-be hostage. “Do you know what happens to people who kidnap federal agents?”

She answered him by nudging him harder with the barrel of the gun. Apparently her role in this required her to only give orders in two- or three-word sentences. He turned to his right, spotted the Impala, and lifted a brow. Mallory drove a Lexus. Apparently, she’d decided to make tonight as real as possible by not using her own car to play out this little game. It would have been an instant giveaway. He wasn’t supposed to know that, so he didn’t ask who she borrowed the Impala from.

Instead, he walked toward it slowly, as ordered, keeping close to the wall. He noted she’d parked in the opposite corner of the garage from him, in the only other spot the security cameras didn’t reach. He’d had a conversation with the building manager about the security system in the garage, but since the area was practically a crime-free zone, his warning had fallen on deaf ears. He’d taken to parking in the least secure spot, leaving the safe ones for the not-trained-to-kick-some-ass tenants just in case.

Years as an FBI agent had his gaze flicking to the dealer tag where the license plate should be. “You bought a new car?” Okay, so that ripped him out of character but, come on, what happened to her Lexus? His step faltered at the surprise and confusion, and the gun poked harder into his back. She didn’t answer, so he kept walking, stopping at the passenger door of the Impala.

He readied himself, knowing what would come next.
Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Don’t think about the dark.
He needed to think about Mallory’s sea-blue eyes as she stared at him while she removed his tie and shirt. He needed to think about her pink, glossy lips as they planted soft kisses on the flesh she uncovered. Better yet, he needed to think about her sinfully curvy body finally becoming his playground as he got his hands on her the way he’d been dying to for years.

“Don’t move.”

The gun shifted and she reached around him, dipped a hand into the inside pocket of his suit jacket, and took out his phone. Okay, this was new. Angelina hadn’t patted him down when she’d played this game, unknowingly kidnapping him instead of his identical twin brother, Jason, that day in Silver Springs. He supposed he couldn’t expect everything about tonight to be the same, which was a good thing considering he’d ended up sharing Angelina with his brother that night, and no way in hell would he ever share Mallory with anyone. Jason had held onto Angelina the next morning, too, while Jackson walked away. He didn’t plan on walking anywhere tomorrow morning except further into Mallory’s life.

Her hand went for his sidearm next, pulling it from his shoulder holster. Jackson bit back the protest that sprang to his tongue. Mallory knew there was nothing more debasing to an FBI agent than to be disarmed by an assailant. Could that really be her intention, to humiliate him? He’d started suspecting several months back that the key to winning Mallory was to relinquish control. He’d learned a lot working a case in Silver Springs at Club Vixen, a BDSM club across the water. Those lessons had come from a true dominatrix. He’d played the role of DEA Agent Christa Hutchens’s submissive. Christa had never demeaned him in any way, but she’d told him some Doms got off on doing it to their subs.

Did Mallory?

Her hand moved from around him, taking his cell phone and gun with it, and the gun at his back lowered. He steadied his breathing as a strip of black cloth stretched in front of his face next. He fought the urge to grab her wrists, to stop her from tying on the blindfold. Instead, he closed his eyes, for the first time in his life welcoming the dark, easily battling the panic that clenched in his gut because he knew this part of the game. He wasn’t supposed to see where she was taking him, couldn’t know who held him captive, until they reached their destination.

She tied the blindfold tight then gripped his arm above his elbow, guiding him back and to his left a few steps. He heard the sound of the car door opening and let her gently push him forward.

“Get in. Lay down.”

Something else new. Angelina had put him in the passenger seat. “I hope we’re not going far. That’s going to be pretty uncomfortable.” At six-foot-one, he’d have to curl into a ball to get his whole body to fit.

“Trunk?” Though she made the word a question, it sounded more like a threat.

Okay, backseat it is.

BOOK: Sexual Games [The Heroes of Silver Springs 8] (Siren Publishing Classic)
13.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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