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Laying his hands on her shoulders, he
whispered into her hair, “What can I say?”

Lifting her head, she brought herself under control.
“No, that isn’t quite true.
You could say you’ll still be my friend.”

know I will.
But I’m not sure how that
really helps you.”

trust me when I say it does.
I know a
lot of people, but very few of them are my friends.
And even fewer really know who I am.”


turned back to him, an uncertain smile on her lips.
“Have you told Kate about me?”

I’m determined not to have any secrets this
She even knows about Jenny.”

I wish I could be that
I keep everything in here.”
She laid a hand over her heart.
“I haven’t found anyone I trust that much.”

stung his eyes.
As in every other moment
Peg had seemed in need, he felt the overwhelming urge to respond.
If he gave in now, he’d lose everything he’d
gained in the past eight years and everything he stood to gain in the
Reaching for her, he gathered
her gently to him and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“I have
to go, sweetheart.
We both know I don’t
want to, but staying would be a huge mistake.”

And I’ve made enough of those.
Take care of yourself.”


his arms, he made it to the door before turning back for one last look.
“I meant what I said, Peg.
You still have the best part of my heart.”

high, she smiled, a single tear glistening on her cheek.
“Always and forever?”



About the Author


Karen Welch was born in Richmond,
Virginia and grew up in nearby Amelia County.
After a twenty year sojourn in North Florida, she now lives in Southeast
Kansas with husband John, and children and grandchildren nearby.


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[email protected]
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BOOK: Shannon's Daughter
2.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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