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She Likes It Hard

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Shane Tyler

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Some people like their women and short and
stacked. Not me. I prefer them long and lean, fit and athletic. Not
necessarily muscular (although I like that too) but toned and
tight. Long legs. Firm ass. Washboard stomach. And fake tits.

I know, I know, I’m in the minority on that
last part, but I just love them perfectly round, firm but not hard;
as long as they’re not too monstrous I totally dig them.

There’s another tangible advantage to
athletic women too; they can take an incredible pounding. Because
they work out all the time, pushing their bodies to the limits,
they’re used to pain and discomfort, relish it even, and this
applies to the bedroom also.

Obviously it’s impossible
judge a
book by its cover (I’ve been with plenty of short, stacked types
who loved to get pounded too) but as a general rule, if you’re into
rough, aggressive sex, find yourself an athletic woman. But be
forewarned; they often like to dish it out as much as they like to
receive it, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, if you like
your women submissive and weak, then you should probably look in
another direction.

That being said, looks aren’t everything
when it comes to having fun in the sack. I’ve been with many
average-to-below-looking women and had a great time fucking a good
many of them. But if you can find a hottie who is great in the sack
then you’ve got the best of both worlds.

It’s hard to quantify what makes someone a
great lover. Obviously, attitude is part of it, but it’s more than
that. And while looks don’t have a direct effect on how good
someone is in bed, it’s certainly easier to get excited the better
looking someone is. But looks are far from the most important

No, what makes a great lover are the
intangibles. Flexibility, willingness to do absolutely anything,
the ability to be intense or playful or just plain fun, not only
from one day to the next but even within the same session. The best
lovers enjoy being dominant just as much as being submissive, and
will willingly take on whatever role the situation calls for. Add
great looks on top of that, and you’ve got something special.

Luckily I recently found a women with
everything. Her name is Tracy.

She’s incredibly hot, with the tightest,
most insane body I’ve ever seen. Long and lean and athletic with
fake tits and the face of a model. Plus she’s nasty as hell,
willing to do absolutely anything at any time. She’s funny, she’s
smart, she’s self-deprecating, she’s well-spoken, kind-hearted, and
pretty much everything else good you can think of. And in the sack,
she’s a magician. It’s as if she can read my mind; she knows
exactly what I want at that particular moment, even if I’m not sure

It’s incredible, really, how perfect a woman
she is. And even more incredible that I somehow got hooked up with

I fondly remember the first night we spent
together. It was a chance meeting. We were at a party put on by a
mutual friend and were both in the back yard having a smoke. We got
to talking and realized we were both in the same situation; drunk
and bored out of our asses. So she suggested that we go over to my
place and hang out.

It seemed harmless enough at the time, and
although I was hoping something was going to happen, I was by no
means expecting it. But as soon as we entered my house, she
surprised me, grabbing me and pulling me close and touching her
lips to mine right there in the kitchen. It wasn’t long until we
were making out like animals, our tongues exploring each other’s
mouths with reckless abandon.

After a couple minutes, Tracy pulled back.
Smiling, she looked directly into my eyes and said, “Before we go
any further, I have to warn you about something.”

What’s that?” I

This may seem a little
strange, but I like to get it out into the open right from the
start, before things get too crazy.”

O-kay,” I said, not sure
where this was going.

I like to get a little
crazy in the sack,” Tracy said. “I’m not one for just regular,
boring old sex.”

I broke out in a smile that matched hers.
“Just a little crazy?” I said. “Well that’s too bad, because I like
to get a lot crazy.”

Did I say a little?”
Tracy replied, smiling like a demon. “What I meant was I like to
get insane. Otherwise I figure, why even bother?”

That’s funny,” I said.
“Because I like to get insane too.”

Good,” Tracy said,
continuing to stare at me. “Then I guess I chose correctly this

That you did,” I replied.
I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head towards mine
and we started to make out again, more roughly this

Shortly after we started up again, Tracy ran
her hand down my chest and grabbed ahold of my cock through my

In reply, I slipped my finger under her
skirt and was going to rub her pussy over her panties when I
realized that she didn’t have any on. But I pushed ahead anyway,
rubbing the outside of her pussy for a few seconds to get her
warmed up before sticking two fingers inside her and finger-fucking

Tracy broke off the kiss and stood there
looking up at me with her wide eyes full of excitement, watching my
face intently as I continued working her pussy with my fingers. Her
bottom lip was tucked between her teeth and her breath was growing
more and more rapid as I increased the pressure and depth of my
fingers inside her.

Do you like that?” I
asked. “Do you like having my fingers inside your

I love it,” Tracy

Do you want another one
inside you?”

Yes please,” she

I slid a third finger inside her pussy and
angled my wrist upwards to rub the edges of her clit as I
finger-fucked her.

What about that?” I
asked. “Do you like that too?”

I fucking love it,” Tracy
said between gasps. Her other hand made its way down to my groin
and started working the zipper, pulling it down and negotiating my
hard cock out of my boxers and jeans until it was sticking straight
out of the little slit in my pants. Once my cock was free she
started to jerk me off.

I returned the favor by slipping my pinkie
insider her, joining the other three fingers. It was a tight fit at
first but she quickly loosened up as I moved my fingers inside her
dripping wet snatch.

Just a few seconds later Tracy’s entire body
started quivering and she let out a low moan as an orgasm passed
through her, soaking my fingers even further.

But even though she came, I continued
working her pussy, even going at it more aggressively now. She
responded by jerking me off with more vigor.

In return, I reached out and grabbed ahold
of her tit and squeezed it while my other hand continued working
her pussy.

She too took things to another level,
cupping my balls with her free hand and squeezing them.

We stood there, face-to-face, staring into
each other’s eyes, playing with each other for a full minute before
we were ready for something more.

I suddenly yanked my fingers from her pussy
and stuck them into her mouth.

Tracy licked her pussy juices off my fingers
until they were totally clean, still staring directly at me,
continuing to jerk me off the whole time. Not saying a word, just
staring with a little grin on her face.

Do you like the taste of
your pussy?” I asked her.

I fucking love it,” Tracy
dropping to her knees, right there
in the kitchen
. “But now I’m ready to
taste your cock.”

If you insist,” I

Oh I do,” she said. “I

Then be my guest,”
I said, smiling.

Tracy undid the waistband of my jeans and
pulled them and my boxers down to my knees without any hint of
restraint. She wrapped her lips around my stiff cock and took the
whole thing in her mouth, effortlessly deepthroating my cock for a
full 5 seconds before backing off to take a deep breath.

Holy shit you’re good at
that,” I said, barely getting the words out of my mouth before one
of her hands went to the base of my shaft and grabbed on tight
while the other cupped my balls. She looked up at me and flashed me
a dirty smile then spit on my cock and started jerking me

You like that, do you?”
she asked, jerking me off while she talked. “You like it when I
take your cock down my throat? When I swallow the whole fucking

I love it,” I

Tracy’s hand was still working my cock and
her eyes were locked on mine. “You want me to swallow your cock
again, don’t you? You want me to stick it down my throat as far as
it will go. Don’t you?”

Smiling, I nodded.

Damn right you do,” Tracy
said, smiling like a animal. She slapped my cock against her tongue
a couple times then started blowing me again, her lips moving up
and down my shaft with her hand, sucking and jerking me off at the
same time. Choking noises escaped from her mouth as she took my
cock deeper down her throat. And then her hands were gripping my
ass cheeks and she made my cock disappear.

Oh my god,” I said as
Tracy held my cock in her throat for at least ten full seconds
before gagging and finally pulling her mouth off. She took a couple
of deep breaths then spit on my cock and started jerking it some
more, her saliva coating my shaft, making it extremely

Tracy shifted her body, sliding further
beneath me, then started licking my balls. With her free hand she
squeezed my sack tight, trapping my balls in a little sack, then
went to work on them, sucking on them one at a time.

The pressure was so intense that my legs
were shaking. I had to grab the counter top to keep from

Suddenly Tracy released my balls. Looking up
at me with her hand still around my cock, she said, “I want you to
fuck my face. Do you think you can do that for me?”

I think I can manage,” I
said, my smile growing.

Tracy put her hands behind her back and
opened her mouth wide. Her lips were mere centimeters from the tip
of my cock.

I took a deep breath then put my hands on
the back of her head to keep it steady, then stuck my cock back
inside her mouth and started immediately pumping her face. Gagging
sounds come from her throat as I pummeled her mouth but she kept it
open no matter how much of my cock I gave her.

Holy fucking shit,” I
said, thoroughly enjoying myself as I looked down at

Saliva was pouring out of her mouth,
dripping down her chin and neck and coating her chest. Tears ran
from her eyes and down her cheek, smearing her dark mascara.

My cock was slippery as hell as I continued
to give her the whole thing, from tip to base, relentlessly
slamming it in and back out of her throat as she gagged and

With her tear-stained, puppy-dog eyes still
turned up to me, I face-fucked her for another half a minute before
I needed to stop lest I take things past the point of no return. I
yanked my cock out of her mouth and gave it a couple of smacks to
calm it down.

BOOK: She Likes It Hard
10.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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