Sister in Law (The Gardeners)

BOOK: Sister in Law (The Gardeners)

I want to thank family and friends who helped me with the proof reading and pointing out the punctuation and other ways I’ve murdered the English language.

I write for fun, not to make
large sums of money, so in the spirit of Indie authors all out there in the net, much of this is self-edited, and any errors found herein are my responsibility.

Although many places and people in this book are described, I’ve taken liberties here and there.  All characters in this story are fictional, so any similarities to any real people in this book are purely circumstantial.  All people portrayed in this book are of course, over the age of 18.

I Hope you have as much fun reading this, as I did writing it. 

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About The Gardeners –


Cory and Kara Gardener met in college, and like many folks who fall in love, were married upon graduation.  Their relationship both in and out of the bedroom was the envy of all of their friends.  They were the “All American” couple.  Nothing could ever drive them apart.


Kara would often brag on her husband’s sexual prowess to her girlfriends when they notice her walking around with a glow now and then.  On the flip side of it, Cory’s buddies would often joke about how his hot wife always wore his ass out in bed, and it was all he could do to get them to quit talking about her body parts.


Both became comfortable in life, in love, and with each other.  Life was going perfect until…


Chapter 1 –


Damn, even after almost 10 years of marriage we were attracted to each other.  We never knew what would set it off, a quick kiss, a shoulder rub or gently brushing your fingers across the back of the neck would sometimes lead to some epic sex, and I for one didn’t want to miss out on a chance for a quickie.  Even though I had great expectations for later on, I had no idea what the plans truly were.  Bar hopping, and I didn’t have to worry about driving, that’s about all I knew.  I hadn’t done that since college.


Whenever we were at my In-Law’s house, Kara’s parents would always joke that I was as sober as a judge.  It wasn’t that I didn’t drink (that’s definitely not the case) it’s just that I don’t drink and drive, and they live 90 minutes away.  So if I have a drink while we’re over there I always hold that in mind.  Apparently Kara and Sarah had wanted to do something like this for a while, but with baby Sam being born last year…


“Come on Baby.” Kara yelled to me. 


I don’t know why I was sulking.  My wife was being wonderful, had gotten us a babysitter for our newborn and we were going out to celebrate my new job promotion.  Everyone seemed in agreement that I needed to blow off some steam.  Everybody but me, I just wanted a quiet night alone to seduce my gorgeous wife. Kara was a natural blond, and after a having a baby at 35 she still took my breath away.  Everything about her was sexy and playful.


“I’m coming.” I yelled back to her doing one last spot check in the bathroom mirror.  No missed areas from shaving, shirt buttoned up right, brown hair combed.  Just a splash of cologne and I was almost ready.  That’s when I noticed Kara in the mirror behind me with a smirk on her face.


I turned around to kiss her, cupping the back of her head in my hands and breathing in the smells of her hair.  I could feel her breath catch and suddenly, pushing me back.


“Don’t start some shit just yet, we haven’t even gone out.”


“Maybe I want to start some shit.  We have the house to ourselves.” I reminded her pulling her close. 


“No, we promised my sister that we’d go out to the bar with them.” She said referring to her younger sister Sarah and her new(er) boyfriend Steve. 


“Great, so we get a babysitter so we can babysit your little sister.” I told her still sulking.


“That’s not fair.” She said laughing, “She’s 28 this year, and you had no problem pouring her a few shots for her 21
birthday party.  She just wants to hang out with us.”


“Like she did when she we first started dating.” I said kissing her softly again.  Damn, her green eyes were sparkling.  I know that usually means an interesting evening is planned.  My Kara loves to laugh and loves have a good time.  I think I married her more so I could come out of my shell sometimes.


“She was 18 back then, she just had a crush on you.” She told me.


I knew about it, but when your years older, and it’s your girlfriend’s baby sister who’s just out of braces and a training bra, no way.  I was always nice, but distant with Sarah.


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.  I just hate the dumb shit she started dating.  I swear, if he was a TV character he’d either be the Straw Man or Beavis.”


“Why's that, because he's clueless, or he's a dumb ass?”


“Probably a little bit of both, but who knows.  I just don't think Steve is ever going to amount to much, and your sister deserves better than that.” I told Kara.


“Rawr, now you're getting all protective.  A second ago you were talking about babysitting her, and now you're talking about perspective boyfriend qualities?”


“Forget about it.  Let's get this night going.” I told her.


“First things first, drink this.” She said holding up one of my large glass beer mugs I kept in the freezer.  It had some sort of blue fizzy liquid in it.


“What is it?”


“It's supposed to be called a green monster, but I bought the wrong kind so you'll have to have the blue monster.” she said with a laugh.


“With the way this night is looking, it'll be blue balls too.” I said with a sigh and downed it.


It wasn't bad really, and the booze hit my bloodstream in a flash.  Maybe this night wouldn't be so bad after all.


“Now let’s get your cute ass into the car.” Kara said grabbing me by the waistband of my jeans.


“You sure you don't want to start some shit?” I asked her...



Chapter 2


That blue monster sure hit the spot.  Kara poured another 32 ounces of it into a travel mug and told me to hop in her Acura.  Maybe this wasn't going to be all that bad of a night.  I sat back a sighed.


“You know, my family thinks that you're a lightweight, even after 10 years.” Kara told me after driving in near silence for 20 minutes.


“It's not that, I'm just not the same guy when I get drunk.” I told her.


“Oh I know.  Suddenly MR. Uptight becomes the nudist.  Oh my god, I still can remember the look on my mom’s face when you hopped in the hot tub nude, with Sarah and I, and it was our wedding night!.” She said laughing.


“That wasn't a hot tub that was a Jacuzzi bath tub...” I started.


“Irrelevant...” I hate it when she gets all brainy “you took your clothing off and jumped into the big ass bubble bath.  In front of my mother and my sister.  Without your clothing on.”


“I was drunk, and your mom woke me up from a nap.  I took it as an open invitation.” I told her.


“She just wanted you to take a picture of us with the soap all over.  We had our bathing suits on you freak.”

“Ha ha.
I didn't know that.” I told her with a grin.  This was an old story they always teased me about, and I think that was the night that Sara’s crush on me was cemented.


Since that night I had always wondered about Kara's little sister.  See, when we got married, we all flew down to Orlando and got a townhouse not too far from Disney and got married in some botanical gardens.  It was beautiful.  To cut down on costs, we split the cost of the townhouse, My In-Laws in one side, and Kara and I in the master suite.  The place was plenty big enough for the five of us, and it was party central for the rest of the family in the afternoons.  The pool was always full.


Well, the night before the wedding I got up to use the bathroom when I heard something.  I'll be honest, I'm not the most courageous person in the world, but I was curious, because I could hear moaning and quiet sighs coming from the living room area.


Sarah had been wearing her night robe when she went to the room she shared with her parents, but what I found; well she must have thought she had a little privacy.  She was laid out on the lounge chair in front of the TV.  The robe was open in the middle, and OH MY GOD, she could almost be a carbon copy for Kara.  High, firm tits, a thin waist and hips that flared out nicely and rounded. She was quickly masturbating herself into a huge orgasm; her right hand was rubbing the areola of her right tit, pinching the nipple every now and then.  Her left hand however...


Her movements suddenly became erratic and her whole body starting convulsing.  Instead of quickly rubbing her clit she was now pushing her index and middle fingers deep into her wet pussy, moving faster and faster.  This whole time I knew for sure I was going to get busted but I didn't look away, probably because I'd never had this happen before.  Instead of rubbing and pinching at her breasts, she grabbed one hard, suddenly she gasped and squirted all over her night robe on couch.  Never saw that happen in real life, although I'd felt Kara do that often enough.


I realized I had been holding my breath during her solo performance and let out a deep gasping breath.  She bolted upright and pulled the robe together.  I stepped into the shadows a bit and closed my bedroom door trying to be all nonchalant.   It didn’t look like she bought it.


“You saw that?” she asked, hurt, embarrassed and brain fuddled. 


“I don't know what I saw. I was just heading to the kitchen for a drink” I told her lamely.  


I tried not to meet her gaze.  I had just peeked on a deeply private moment, and in all honestly, probably watched silently for a couple of minutes.  I didn’t want to admit it to myself at the moment, but I was almost as hard as I had ever been in my entire life.  It was truly painful. 


Trapping myself with the excuse to keep drinking, I quickly poured tequila and downed it.


“Well, if you weren’t watching, you wouldn’t know I needed one of those now too.” She said shyly.  Shit.  Neither of us has ever mentioned that moment since then, but it remains burned in my memory.


I poured her the drink, and like I said, the next day was the wedding and my wife who talks a mile a minute already teased me about the Jacuzzi. 

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