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Sleeping Lady

BOOK: Sleeping Lady
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Sleeping Lady

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© 2013 by Cleo Peitsche. All rights reserved worldwide. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means without permission in writing from the author. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, events, locations and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. This book is for entertainment purposes only.

This book contains mature content and is solely for adults. 

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Georgia finished filling out the papers and handed them to the chipper redhead who had been staring at her since she arrived.

The woman treated her to a warm smile, then read the first page of Georgia’s application. Her brow furrowed in concentration.

“What’s wrong?”

The woman held up a finger and pursed her lips as she turned to the second page. She scanned it quickly, then slid them both into an envelope. “I’d say you’re perfect! You’re pretty, and you’ve got a healthy relationship to sex. The questions are to screen out anyone who would be unhappy working here. You’re simply perfect.” She tossed the envelope into a wire tray labeled “Applications.”

“Oh, thank goodness.” Georgia wiped her damp palms on her jeans. She’d fibbed a bit about her sex drive. The ad had said, “Attractive woman with low libido needed for Sleeping Lady section of sex theme park.” No one had ever accused her of having a low sex drive, but for such a good salary, she’d fake it. “So now what?”

“Now you audition. You’ll be in the first room up the stairs, but you change down here. Use any of the open lockers for your stuff.”

Georgia started to walk away.

“Wait!” The redhead rooted around under the desk, then handed plastic-wrapped clothing to Georgia. “Billy is running things today. He’s very nice.” She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “He’s hot, too. I’d audition if I knew I’d get him evaluating me.”

Georgia didn’t expect privacy, not at Adult Fantasy Playland, the world’s largest sexual amusement park. But she wasn’t used to getting naked in front of strangers, so she turned to face the wall as she changed into the uniform: black panties and a loose, cotton shirt that brushed the tops of her thighs. 

A row of bathrobes hung along the wall, so she grabbed one and slipped into it, securing the belt tight around her waist with a double knot. Sure, it was all going to come off in a few minutes, but she’d take comfort where she could.

“Wishin’ you luck,” the woman said as she scratched her ankle with the eraser end of a pencil. “Just remember that the first time is always the hardest, but Billy is gentle with newbies. After a few times, you might even enjoy it.”

Georgia nodded meekly and went up to the audition room, finger-combing her wavy, shoulder-length chestnut hair. When she raised her hand to knock on the door, her fingers were trembling noticeably. She stared at her hand in surprise; she hadn’t realized she was so nervous.

The door swung open, and a naked, very tall man with swarthy skin and luxurious dark hair that reached his collarbone was standing in front of her. Looming over her was more like it. He had to be 6’2”, and there wasn’t an ounce of spare flesh on him; she could see every muscle in detail. 

She looked down because she was staring at his firm chest, then she immediately looked back up, but the image was burned in her mind: his cock, sleepy but still impressive, was nestled atop a dense mass of curls. She looked down again when movement caught her attention. 

His cock was growing, slowly filling out and becoming erect.


She nodded and stared at the floor as her face burned red. The stranger’s voice was so deep that she felt the vibration in her toes.

“I’m Billy,” he said, all business.

She nodded again. When he stepped back and motioned for her to enter, she did, but not without another glance at his cock. It now stood at half-mast. All of this just from seeing her in a bathrobe? 

And the size of him … how the hell was anyone supposed to pretend to sleep through

The trembling seemed to have spread from her hands to her legs, so she focused on the room, trying to distract herself from thoughts of the erection and the hot stud only a few feet away. The room was cozy and actually looked like a real bedroom, like someplace she wouldn’t mind living. The jute wallpaper and rich, beige carpet were soothing. No overhead light, just the lamps on either side of the bed casting a warm glow. The bed itself wasn’t terribly huge, which surprised her. Not a lot of room to work, that was for sure. The pillows looked soft and inviting, and the rose-print duvet had been partially pulled back, revealing cream-colored sheets that looked crisp.

Billy pressed a hand in the small of her back, propelling her forward. “When you’re ready, go on and get into the bed.”

She moved quickly, but Billy laughed. “Without the robe.” 

She fumbled with the knotted belt.

“Let me.” Billy’s large fingers deftly worked at the knot. Standing close like that, she couldn’t help but notice how he smelled. He was yummy, and not like chemicals from a bottle, either. It was a primal scent, fresh and clean but earthy. She closed her eyes and inhaled—


The belt hung loose in its loops. “Thanks.” She shrugged out of the bathrobe and fled under the covers before Billy could see what she looked like. He draped the bathrobe over the back of a chair and closed the door.

“What you have going for you is that you look very innocent,” Billy said, crouching next to the bed. “Assuming you enjoy the work, I think you’ll do very well in the Sleeping Lady area of the amusement park.”

“I’m not innocent, though,” Georgia said, turning to face him. 

Billy laughed. Now that the light shone in his face, she saw that his eyes were dark, but one was black and the other was a mocha brown. It was mesmerizing … she’d never met anyone with eyes like that. He smiled, and she noticed his dimples. God help her, sexy and masculine but with dimples. Lethal. 

“Get comfortable. Pretend that you’ve been in bed for an hour, that you’re sleeping soundly. Go ahead, close your eyes.”

She did. It was so nice, being in the cozy bed, that only Billy’s deep voice stopped her from floating away.

“Good. It’s better if you relax your jaw. Open your mouth. Relax your chest, too … and your arms. Good.” He rested a warm hand on the flat area between her breasts. “Breathe deep. Think about how you feel when you’re about to fall asleep. Think about people you’ve seen sleeping, about how relaxed they are.”

After a few minutes, she had relaxed enough that Billy removed his hand. “You’re doing great so far. Now we’re going to move into the more challenging part.”

He walked around the bed, and Georgia opened her eyes to look at him.

“No, keep your eyes closed. The trick is to imagine that everything that happens is part of some strange, sexy dream. So you don’t ever open your eyes or wake up, but responding in little ways is a good thing.”

Georgia had to turn her head because she was smiling. She didn’t know how the men who visited the Sleeping Lady areas of the park would look, but Billy was smoking hot.

Her breath quickened. Pretending to sleep might not be so easy after all.


Billy was silent for a long, long time, and Georgia started to drift into that fog between sleep and wakefulness. But she snapped right out of it when Billy leaned on the mattress. However, she kept her eyes closed.

The covers shifted, and she felt cool air on her knees and thighs. Billy continued to pull back the sheets until only her ankles were covered. Then he leaned forward—she could smell him in all his deliciousness—and brushed his lips so gently against hers. 

Then again. Just a whisper. She fought back the moan in her throat. This was not a job for a woman with a high sex drive! When Billy slid the tip of his tongue between her lips, she mentally willed him to kiss her thoroughly.

Instead he moved back and very slowly began pulling up the bottom of her shirt. When he went to move it over her hips, she raised up a little.

“No,” Billy whispered. “Let me do it.”

After she lowered down, he rolled her to the side, gently, slowly, then the other side, all the while working the shirt up and over her breasts. Her nipples hardened, and she blushed.

Billy made a satisfied, male noise. She knew she had nice breasts, large enough that even when she was lying down, they were still full and perky enough that they didn’t just slide toward her armpits. She waited for him to gather them in his hands and taste them. 

But instead he slid a finger in the waistband of her panties. Unbelievable. No man had ever seen her breasts and not immediately touched them. If he’d been semi-hard when she came in wearing a bathrobe, he should have a raging erection by now.

She was dying to take a peek and see what his fully-erect cock looked like, but she didn’t dare. She needed this job.

Billy moved from the waistband of her panties down between her legs. Somehow he had pulled the panties low enough that they allowed him enough room to run a finger gently over her sex. Georgia stopped breathing for a second.

She hoped she wasn’t getting wet. Getting wet so quickly was one of the things that Sleeping Ladies weren’t supposed to do. But she couldn’t help it, especially with someone like Billy messing around near her pussy.

She exhaled and turned her head a bit, just like she was having a sexy dream, like Billy had suggested. Billy’s hand stilled.

Oh my gosh. It was so hot. And despite her best efforts, her pussy was wide awake. She could feel the heat burning down there, making her ache. But maybe if he didn’t press a finger inside her, and maybe if he didn’t move her around too much or look too closely, he’d never know that she was so turned on.

Too bad they didn’t have a Sleeping Harlots area in the amusement park. She’d have no trouble snagging that job.

Billy slowly pressed on her knee and opened her legs a little wider. Now she could feel the fresh air against her delicate skin. And a moment later, that wasn’t all she felt. Billy was licking very gently just above her clit.

She stifled a moan against her arm. Apparently Billy didn’t notice because instead of reprimanding her, he licked a little lower, caressing her clit with the tip of his tongue.

Now how on earth could she stay quiet during something like that?

Unfortunately—or maybe fortunately for her—Billy stopped. The mattress shifted under his weight again, and a moment later, something very hard was brushing against her erect nipples. She couldn’t say for sure that it was his cock until she felt his balls, warm and heavy, come to rest on her ribs. His balls were big. He must have a gallon of jizz for her.

The mattress squeaked a little and then that same hardness traced over her lips, so faint that she almost could have imagined it. His cock was smooth, the skin completely taut, and when he dragged the head along her lower lip, she almost grabbed him and directed him right where he wanted to go.

“Keep your jaw nice and loose,” he whispered. “You’re doing great so far.”

She was? That gave her motivation to keep fighting her arousal. She relaxed, and Billy very slowly pressed the head of his cock between her lips. He didn’t go any deeper than that, just moved in and out. Her lips made a soft sound, almost like a very faint kiss, every time he pulled free. It was so sexy the way he restrained himself. Of course that assumed he was as horny as she was, but even with her eyes closed, she could recognize a cock that demanded attention.

Then he entered a little more, though still only just inside her lips. He was angling himself so that her lips, from corner to corner, were touching his cock.

He exhaled and moved away. Now she could feel that he was trembling, too. It must have taken a lot of restraint not to plunge right into her warm, wet mouth.

He pulled her panties all the way down her legs, but by her estimate, he wasn’t being nearly as careful as before. Then he moved one of her knees over, and his fingers stroked between her legs.

Georgia almost slammed her legs closed, but it was too late. He knew how horny she was. She opened her eyes, sure the audition was over, but Billy was looking down, staring at her pussy with the most unbridled lust in his eyes. She’d never had a man look at her like that. Ever. 

And his cock! It had to be over eight inches, and he was so hard that she could clearly follow the veins that twisted around the shaft. Shame he hadn’t let her suck it.

BOOK: Sleeping Lady
10.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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