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The Auction:




Jaymie Holland



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The Auction: Sold


Christy Clarkson finds herself at an
exclusive charity auction where she’s agreed to be one of the
participants who will be auctioned off and will share a weekend for
two at a resort hotel with the high bidder. There is added intrigue
when she learns that members of an elite kink club are
participating in the auction.

Years ago, she broke up with Zach Nikas when
she found his pictures of bound women. She was naïve about what his
bondage interests meant and she ran from the relationship. Ever
since she left him she’s explored the kink only to discover that it
intrigued her, though she never actually participated.

When Zach show up at the auction as a bidder,
Christy is exhilarated to see him. No one no one else stands a
chance of winning her over Zach.

Her curiosity about kink is about to become

He’s hot and sexy, intelligent and
successful, and just happens to have a well-outfitted dungeon. A
dungeon where Christy learns what Zach and “play” are all






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Chapter 1



“I found a Navy SEAL I want to bid on.”
Leslie held her wine glass to her lips as she looked across the
room where the pre-auction wine tasting was happening. The small
gold triangle pin, signifying she was one of those here with
ulterior motives, sparkled in the lighting. “Watch. I’ll get

Christy set her glass on a table as she
followed Leslie’s gaze to see the drop-dead gorgeous man. She’d
noticed the SEAL bachelor in the charity auction’s program and he
was enough to make a woman’s blood run hot. “He’s not wearing a

“Neither are you.” Roni, her other close
friend, elbowed her in the side. “You need to put yours on.”

Christy bit the inside of her lip before
continuing. “I’ve never done this kind of thing before.” She’d
wanted to, had even been excited about coming tonight. But now she
was being a big chicken. Without her pin, she’d probably end up
with some nice, boring, vanilla guy. So why didn’t she want to put
on her little circle pin?

The red corsage on the shoulder of her black
sequined evening dress was to indicate that she was one of the
bachelorettes. The men with red boutonnieres were the

Everyone here who had an ornate triangle pin
or a beautifully styled circle pin belonged to a special club of
people who enjoyed a certain BDSM kink—K-Club, or KC as members
liked to call it. A circle pin meant the wearer was a submissive,
the triangle meant a Dominant.

Christy wrapped a strand of her long dark
hair around her finger, a nervous habit she’d had since she was a
child. It was something she still did despite being a confident,
successful businesswoman. “Being auctioned off to the highest
bidder…” She looked at Roni. “This is all your fault.”

“I accept full responsibility.” Roni looked
stunning with her gorgeous red hair and her barely-there little
black dress. Her own circle pin, which she wore proudly, winked in
the lighting. “I see some hot buyers on the floor. The mystery, the
excitement of it all… I can’t wait.”

Christy loved Roni. She was curvy in the all
the right places and her look combined with her personality seemed
to draw men in. She dressed to compliment her abundant assets. She
had an “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” attitude and she had a
confidence about her that she could get any man she wanted. She was
right more often than not.

“This event fits you both perfectly.” The
knot in Christy’s stomach grew tighter. “Me, on the other hand…I
think not.”

Because I’m a big fat chicken.

Leslie touched her hand to her white-blonde
hair that was swept up in an elegant knot. She was stunning,
sophisticated, and elegant. She wore a silver metallic evening
dress that complimented her pale beauty. If she wasn’t such an
amazing friend, Christy might have felt overshadowed by her. But
that wasn’t Leslie’s style.

She smiled at Christy as she said, “Relax.
You’re going to have fun.”

“I hope you’re right.” Christy took in the
glitter and beauty of the night. Women in evening dresses, men in
expensive suits. Only the elite had been invited to this auction
where the bidding would get well into the thousands since it all
went for a great cause. The entire room sparkled from the crystal
chandeliers to the champagne and wine glasses to the diamonds and
sequins women were wearing, to the pins on about half of those in

Somehow Leslie and Roni’s club had become
involved with the auction with the plan to make it a high-level
auction for those who were a part of a special community that
enjoyed a BDSM lifestyle.

“Yes, that SEAL is mine,” Leslie was saying
to Roni. “I’ve already imagined a few things I would like to do
with a man like that.”

“Not all men like what you like, Leslie.”
Roni said with a grin. “SEALs are extremely alpha. If you do win
him, I don’t think it’s going to be easy making him your boy

“What fun is easy?” Leslie said. “I will just
have to explore the possibilities. I have turned a few tough ones,
you know. I have my technique.” The devious smile matched her
sparkling eyes, a look that Christy always found amusing. “This is
a perfect venue for the start of the ideal time together. A
quasi-slave auction.” Yes, Leslie was beautiful, sophisticated, and
wealthy…and she loved to ensnare men in her traps. Literally.

“You are over the top, Leslie. I think I’m
glad that you don’t like women.” Christy said.

“Don’t speak too soon… When the light hits
you just right.” Leslie had up her hands in a rectangle as if
framing Christy in it.

Leslie was so fun and Christy knew her friend
too well to know she wouldn’t spend time with a woman.

“Funny you, Leslie,” Christy said with a

Leslie looked around the room. “So many hot
men here tonight to bid on, but I need to meet that SEAL and see if
he’s a candidate for my proclivities. If he is, a weekend away with
someone like that would be perfect.”

“Yes.” Christy’s insides fluttered and she
held her palm to her belly. “The weekend at the resort does
actually sound nice.”

A tall, almost intimidating man came up to
them. He looked like he did some major working out, had a goatee,
and was bald—a seriously sexy bald man—and he wore a triangle pin.
“Hello, ladies.”

“Well hello, Garth.” Leslie went up to the
man, a seductive look on her features. “Have you changed your mind?
I would love to have a little time alone with you.”

Garth laughed. “Only if that alone time
involves you on your knees, Les.”

Leslie gave him a little pout. “You know I
love them strong... And at the end of a leash. You wouldn’t do that
for me?”

“Not for a moment.” He smiled at Roni. “Good
to see you here, Veronica.”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” She smiled and touched
Christy's shoulder. “This is our friend, Christy Clarkson.” She
turned to Garth. “And this is Garth Mason, one of our board

“A pleasure to meet you.” The big man took
her hand and his grip was firm as he greeted her. “No pin?”

Her face heated. “Not tonight.”

“She’s a little bashful right now,” Leslie

“Too bad.” His eyes held sensual meaning. “I
think I’d be doing some bidding.”

Christy’s face grew hotter and he winked at
her. She decided to change the subject in a hurry. “I’m a little
confused on how this all came together.”

“The Uptown Charity has put on this auction
for the last five years,” Leslie said. “Garth is on the board and
he is also a part of KC.”

Roni nodded. “The charity needed more
participants for the auction so Garth thought it would be a great
idea to quietly put the word out to the kink players to participate
in a high-level auction. A number of kinksters from KC have been
discreetly incorporated into the auction for charity.”

“He said nothing to the charity board, of
course,” Leslie said. “He privately approved any participants so
that he would know they would be safe. So the charity board isn’t
aware of our group’s participation.”

Roni tucked a stray lock of red hair behind
her ear. “We could help a good cause while having a little fun at
the same time.” She touched the circle pin on her dress. “It was
Garth’s idea of giving these pins to club members so that we could
recognize each other. Not everyone goes to all of the

“And everyone who doesn’t have a pin is a
vanilla.” Christy nodded in understanding. “Vanilla meaning they’re
not into kink.”

“KC members can choose to wear the pin or
not,” Garth said. “There are a few who are too discreet to wear
them. The pins are meant to help each of us ID each other for those
who choose to wear them.” Garth gestured to Christy. “I am pretty
good at reading people. Let me guess, you have a circle pin with

A hot flush swept over Christy. She hurried
to avoid the question. “But people in the club can still bid on

“As long as they understand the rules. It’s
all about consensual,” Garth said.

“We’re supposed to mingle.” Leslie smiled and
set her wine glass on a server’s tray. “I intend to do some serious

“I bet you do,” Christy said with

“Go get him, girl,” Roni said.

Garth shook his head. “Be easy on the
vanillas tonight, Les.”

“Now what would be the fun in that?” Leslie
gave a sensual smile. “See you later, ladies. Gentleman,” she added
before turning and moving gracefully through the crowd, in the
direction of the SEAL.

Christy looked at Roni who said, “The guy
won’t know what hit him.”

With a smile, Christy said, “So true.”

Garth was still looking in the direction
Leslie had disappeared in the crowd. “Someone seriously needs to
give that woman a spanking.”

“I’d love to see the man who could do it.”
Roni grinned. “I really, really would.”

“I need to move on and talk with some of the
other buyers and bidders.” He touched his triangle pin. “Make sure
everyone is ready.”

Christy smiled. This guy was friendly but had
such an intimidating presence about him. He would scare her to
death if he bought her tonight. But she said, “It was nice to meet

“See you later, Garth,” Roni said.

He gave each of them a nod before turning and
walking into the crowd.

“Isn’t he hot?” Roni pointed to Christy’s
purse. “You really should dig out that pin. If Garth wasn’t like a
big brother to me, I’d be all over him. You would get quite the
introduction to our kind of fun if he bought you.”

Christy swallowed at the thought of being
that big man’s sub. “I don’t think so.”

Roni gestured around the room. “There are
some hi-profile bidders from K-Club who have been involved with
members of The Uptown Charity and are wearing pins. A couple of
congressmen, a senator, and other politicians from the D.C.

“They’re into it—bondage?” Christy asked.

“Oh, yes or at least some form of dominance
or power exchange as we call it.” Roni lowered her voice. “KC is a
very elite group kept highly secret. There are different levels of
the group due to discretion. I would not have known about some
elite parties for the members if I had not been invited into KC.
That includes exclusive private dungeons, and the like.”

“How did you become involved?” Christy asked,
but figured she knew the answer as she added, “The congressman you

BOOK: Sold
11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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