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“Is that something a mystic might do?”

She looked at it distastefully, “Yes.  It isn’t
something I would do, but this is an earth spell of sorts, no doubt it would
block your visions, it also covers up the scent so other wolves or even
vampires wouldn’t be able to use the victim to track them down.”

My phone vibrated, and there was one word,

That meant it passed her smell test both for my benefit, and meant the council
wouldn’t be upset.  Since that agreed with my first impression and where
my powers were leading me…

“Alright, is there anything you can do about that?”

Selene frowned, “I can try a breaking spell to destroy the
block, but I’d need access to a victim.”

That wouldn’t be easy to arrange at all, we’d have to come
up with something.

“I’d like to be allies, what do we do?” I asked.

Sierra grabbed my hand, and I couldn’t help but return her
bright smile when I looked over her way.

Selene answered my question, “There is a full moon ritual
but we can just act as if it’s already in place until then.  I hope you
didn’t have anything planned for this Saturday night?  Full moon is on the
twenty first this month.”

I shook my head, “I’ll be here, what time?”

Derek replied, “Not until nighttime for the ritual, but come
around five for dinner, the whole pack will be here.”

“Alright, I can do that, and if I find a way to get access
to a victim I’ll let you know.”

I stayed for another hour or so and chatted with them about
pack life.  I learned they could shift whenever they wanted, didn’t run
much alone unless they had to, they were very social.  Derik was alpha,
and his word was law, but I got the impression he didn’t abuse that, nor did he
have to be aggressive at all for the pack to listen.  A whisper would be
more than enough to ensure compliance in the pack.

I wasn’t sure what was going on with Sierra, but she never
did give me my hand back until it was time to leave, and I’d felt no
compunction to take it away either.  It was a bit confusing, because like
before I wasn’t sure if it was just pack affection, or if my more human point
of view to holding hands held any meaning to her actions.  The truth was I
wasn’t even sure which reality I would prefer to be true.


Wednesday, May 18
, 2016, 06:08 PM

On the train back to the city I caught up with Mike and
Aiya, but neither of them had come up with anything on Amy’s missing friend
Cindy.  I also checked the picture of her again, and all I could get was
vague feelings about her being out of reach.  It was very strange.

I was about ten minutes late to Mike and Jenna’s, and just
opened the door and walked in when I got there.  They’d finally convinced
me not to knock anymore, but it still felt a little odd to me as I walked
through the living room.  No one was out front so I walked through to the
kitchen, it looked like Mike and Jenna were putting the last touches on dinner.

Mike grinned, “Finally made it did you, grab a beer.”

Jenna said innocently, “Our other guest is late as
well.  Should be here any minute.”

Mike looked my way and rolled his eyes as I reached into the
fridge for a beer, which earned him a slap on the arm, apparently Jenna had
eyes on the back of her head.  A normal person might have given up by now,
but she’s been trying to set me up for years now, every few weeks like
clockwork she suckers some poor unsuspecting woman here to meet me.  She’s
nothing if not determined.  If I didn’t enjoy their company so much I’d
have probably stopped coming myself.

Good friends weren’t easy for me to find, I tended to come
off a bit odd, so for the most part it was worth the hassle.  Still, it
had gotten even more awkward since I gained my power, which is why I thought
that had something to do with me not feeling any kind of chemistry with Aiya,
who was just about perfect in my mind otherwise.  It seemed like I could only
feel that kind of connection to a supernatural woman, although it could be just
coincidence so far, or my power making it happen somehow.

Sometimes it sucked not having someone to answer all my

I took a sip of beer and aimed a grin at Mike, “So no
warning huh?”

He shrugged helplessly and his eyes darted to Jenna.  I
smiled bigger and he scowled at me.  Mike and Jenna actually had a good
balanced relationship, she was not a harridan at all about most things, but he
messed with Jenna’s matchmaking efforts at his own peril.

I heard the doorbell and Jenna asked, “Be a dear Ben and go
get that.”

The woman didn’t even blush about it, she was shameless.

I took another sip and then headed toward the door. 
When I opened the door my smile fell and I almost dropped my beer at who I saw
there.  Aitheria was no help, she was laughing so hard she almost fell off
my shoulders, of course, no one else could see her there, not even the new

Tara White, the witch who wanted my baby said sultrily,
“Well Ben, are you going to let me in?”

I frowned and considered saying no for a moment, but despite
me dodging her advances quite frequently, I didn’t really need another enemy,
and she had helped me before.  I fought off my second inclination to run
for it and pasted a smile on my face before letting her in. 

Tara was about five foot five, and had long red hair, green
eyes, and a body that was hard to resist.  She was definitely a
complication, because I did feel quite a bit of chemistry between the two of
us.  Calling her attractive just didn’t cover it.  Voluptuous and
incredibly alluring came to mind as she walked by me, and her salient assets
were just a bit oversized for her smaller frame.  The light green dress
she had on was gorgeous on her, and it drew my eyes exactly where she wanted
them to be.

I’d often considered giving in to the woman, I wasn’t into
one night stands, but I wasn’t a monk either and it had been a while since I’d
had a girlfriend.  The problem with that was I got the idea she didn’t
want me at all, just my magic and the powerful child we could create together,
so it just wasn’t happening.  I wanted a relationship, not to be a onetime
sperm donor that wouldn’t be involved in my kids upbringing.  Still, she
was temptation personified tonight. 

 But the thing I was worried about most, is what was
she doing here, in my human friend’s house, and where had Jenna met her? 
There was no way this was coincidence, was there?

“Drink Tara?  Beer or wine?” I asked in a dry voice.

She smiled, “White wine would be nice, thank you Ben,” she
said lightly.

I was relieved she backed off on the sultry, her voice only
showed a light interest now.

I asked curiously, “How do you know…” I trailed off.

She smiled wider as if reading my mind, and put her hand on
my arm, “Don’t worry, no magic was used, just a coincidence.  I am a white
witch Ben.  I wouldn’t go to such lengths.  She… is a customer of
mine.  That’s all I can tell you though, it’s her business.”

I nodded feeling the truth and honesty of her words, but
still wondered why the hell Jenna would need to go to a magic store, while I
went over to the table and poured Tara a white wine.  Perhaps I was being
a little to judgmental.  It was hard not to be when I felt more like her
prey instead of someone she was attracted to, but in all other ways she did
seem to be a good woman.  She’d even helped me on occasion without
charging for it. 

Maybe if I made an effort, she’d make a good friend or ally and
the… flavor of our interactions would change so to speak.  Sorcerers were
mostly loners from what I’d figured out, maybe her aggressive behavior was just
her trying to get what she thought she could?  Okay, I doubted that, but
it wouldn’t hurt to be nice and the dress she wore was hurting my ability to
think straight.

When I handed it to her I complimented, “You look beautiful
tonight,” with a small smile.

She looked startled for a moment, and then murmured a thank
you under her breath.

Jenna came out carrying some food to the table and said,
“Can you go help Mike in the kitchen?”

I nodded and headed that way, giving the two women privacy
which is what Jenna really wanted.  When I got to the kitchen Mike had one
eyebrow up in question.

I laughed lightly, “I know her.  She’s actually really
nice, not to mention gorgeous, but I don’t think she wants a relationship with
me at all.  She runs that magic herb shop close to where I live.  How

Mike put a finger to his lips and shook his head, and said
in a low voice, “You know we’ve been trying to have kids for years, yet it
never works out.  Jenna gave up on the doctors, she’s been trying
alternative medicine.  Whatever you do, don’t mention it in front of her,”
Mike sighed.

That… I didn’t even realize but should have, that they were
having trouble with it.  Maybe Tara could actually help with that, but
would she do that for a human, or just sell her non-magical herbal
remedies?  I also considered I might be able to help, if I knew what I was
doing that is.  Air magic was the healing kind, it restored, it was the
element and reason vampires didn’t age, and why I’d have such a long life if I
managed not to get myself killed.

Of course, I’d never used it to heal, and wouldn’t even know
where to start.  I also doubted it would be unnoticeable to Jenna while it
happened, which would be another complication since they can’t know what I
am.  I’d have to think on it, but right now it just wasn’t a possibility
for me to even try.  I loved them like family though, and they would make
fantastic parents.

“I won’t.  You think we’ve given them enough time?”

He smirked, “Probably, shouldn’t you know that already
though?  Grab a couple of plates.”

Oh great, psychic jokes.  I snickered and picked up
some of the food and headed out to the table.

The night went pretty well, much better than I’d expected,
and at first Tara seemed a little shell shocked by the way Mike and Jenna
treated me more like a younger brother than a powerful sorcerer.  It was
actually one of the best blind date nights I’d gone through at the house, since
of course Tara didn’t even beat an eyelid when the whole psychic thing came up,
and instead was engaged and interested.

I had to firmly remind myself on several occasions that she
was toning down her normal aggressive behavior toward me for the sake of our
human hosts.  I’d hope and try for a friendship, then see what might
happen after that, if anything.

It also helped to remember Sierra’s genuine seeming interest
toward me earlier in the day, I didn’t doubt that she saw me for who I was, not
just what I could give her.  Not that I didn’t have reservations there as
well, the werewolves were almost tame today, and clearly had showed themselves
to be allies.

But I knew there was another side to them, after all, I’d
seen Sierra rip heads off of vampires with her teeth, and she’d clearly been
enjoying it at the time.  Life was not simple for me.  I couldn’t
afford to throw stones either, according to Diana I was the most powerful being
in Chicago, well I would be once I figured out all that I could do.  I
also had to admit to myself, I’d quite enjoyed separating that rogue vampire’s
head from his shoulders to protect Caroline and her son.

What relationship didn’t have problems anyway? 

All I knew was I had three women in my life that for some
confusing reason or another wasn’t or couldn’t be with me.  Truth be told
I was leaning toward Sierra right now, I’d really enjoyed our time together
today, but I didn’t quite understand where I stood there.  I was having
fun with Tara tonight, but I was still a little skittish and her motivations
were definitely suspect.

When the night wound down and we called it a night, I walked
Tara out to her car.

Tara took my arm and walked very close to me, her voice was
thoughtfully pleasant, “That was eye opening.  Family’s very important to
you isn’t it?  I’d thought I was losing my touch, I’d expected you to take
what I offered, a moment of pleasure, and disappear from my life leaving me
what I wanted, but I think I understand now.  Most sorcerers are entitled,
and selfish, or so the stories go.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that, her blunt honesty had
taken me off guard, and my voice came out a little accusing, “I can see that,
but why would you want that?”

She squeezed my arm lightly and her voice was sincere,
“Every parent wants more for their children than they have.  For a witch
the measure of that isn’t money, or a better career, it’s power.  Family
is important to me, but for a witch the core of that is mother to daughter, not
a family unit how the humans view it.  We aren’t immune to the softer
emotions, but more often than not a witch will pick a man to father her
children based on his power.  We rarely get married, but we do take lovers
we care about… we just don’t marry them, or bear them children.”

That… pretty much removed Tara from the running in my mind…
didn’t it?  She’d basically said straight out all she wanted was a sperm
donor, raising the child would be exclusively how she wanted and for her to do.

But then she added in a soft wistful voice that shook my
certainty, “It’s very rare that we find a man that can be both,” she leaned up
and kissed my cheek softly, “Goodnight Ben,” she added softly as she got into
her car and drove away.

Or not?  Life was so damn confusing… or at least the
women part of it was.



Wednesday, May 18
, 2016, 10:31 PM

I was deep in thought when Aitheria sent, “
Where are you
going?  Home is the other way, did that witch scramble your brain?

she teased, which jarred me back to reality.

I looked around and was confused for a moment.  I went
left when I should have gone right two blocks back.  I shrugged and kept
going, it seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m not sure, I’ll let you know when we get there.

She snorted in my mind but held back any further
comments.  Wherever it was, it was a far walk, but eventually I got the
sense it was about Cindy.  I still didn’t know where she was, or even if
she was still alive.  It’d been a full twenty-four hours though since she
went missing.  So I allowed my power to guide me, and it brought me to
Clark and Lake.  I was staring at the stairs going underground, the L
wasn’t all elevated, there were a few stations underground, which I avoided for
obvious reasons.

Yet here I was staring down into the Earth, and I felt my
gut tighten.

Aitheria said sharply in my mind, “
You are not going down

It took me a while to figure out what my power was telling
me, “
I think this is where Cindy went after the party.  She’s missing
to my power because she never came back up from underground, the one place air
magic can’t go.  This must be the last place her presence was noted by our

Aitheria sighed in my mind, her voice stubborn, “
still can’t go down there, and certainly not by yourself.  Call Sierra,
she’ll help.

That thought did make me feel better, so I didn’t argue and
pulled out my phone.  I wasn’t a coward, but me going underground was like
taking a candle underwater and expecting it to stay lit.  The idea was
terrifying to me, even if I would still have access to fire.

I was also pretty sure now that it wasn’t simply because I
was a sorcerer of air.  After all, I was also a fire sorcerer, and I had
no trouble getting into a pool of water, or swimming in the ocean.  No, it
was more than just the fear of losing my power, it was the ball of elemental
air magic inside of me which made me different.  I literally didn’t belong
underground, or as Aitheria preferred to say, I belonged to the air, and I
could feel it in every part of me.

I just didn’t know why, or what it meant.

Sierra wasn’t answering, so I left her a message.  I
stared down the stairwell one more time and then reluctantly turned away and
headed home.  I might have overcome my fear if I felt I could find her
quickly and I knew that she would be okay, but the truth was if I went down
there right now, I’d just see a mostly empty platform, and my power of air
would be useless to track her down.

I’d need Sierra’s nose as well as her backup before I went
down there…


My mind was bouncing around between the two cases I couldn’t
solve right now.  The invading wolves were under the cover of an Earth
spell until I could get near a victim, which wouldn’t be easy, I wasn’t even
sure how to arrange it.  I suppose I could volunteer my services as a
psychic, but how would that get Selene close enough to do the spell? 
Worse, according to Derik earlier in the day the wolves would pick off his pack
mates if they could, before a direct confrontation.

I’d have thought they’d be more direct, but Derik explained
wolf packs were hunters.  Derik’s pack would be more direct about it,
because they were on his land, but we had to figure out where they were
first.  My biggest fear was we wouldn’t get access to a body until there
was a new one, and only then if we could get to it before the feds did.

The other case of course was Cindy, I felt a little helpless
about that.  I’d do the best I could though when Sierra called back, even
I couldn’t save them all, but all the others I did save didn’t seem like enough
in my mind.  Especially in this case, since it struck close to home with

On top of that I had women on my mind, obviously.  I
wasn’t one to play around with multiple women, and if I did start dating one of
them I’d step back from the others in my mind, but right now I wasn’t with any
of them.  Diana couldn’t really be in the running right now, or possibly
ever, but my mind kept bouncing back and forth between Sierra and Tara, both
were captivating, and both came with an airport’s worth of luggage of different
kinds, and although the indications were there I wasn’t sure they really even
wanted me.  I could just be reading into things.

I’m probably obsessing over it, but I am just twenty-one and
hadn’t been with a woman for longer than I’ll admit.

Add in all the questions I had about my powers, my nature,
and my elusive enemies that killed my mother and it’s amazing I’m not a total
nut job.

It was getting late, so I set up the morning coffee and went
to bed.  Needless to say, it took a while for my mind to quiet enough for


BOOK: Sorcerer: Trouble with Werewolves: Power of Air Book 2
5.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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