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Jennifer Salaiz


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Jennifer Salaiz


To Jinger, an amazing designer, friend, and artist, who, from the mention of this book, was just as excited as me to see this story’s release. Love you, sweetie!



Copyright © 2010

Chapter 1

Walking through downtown Corpus Christi, on what everyone considered “Club Street,” wasn’t originally what Nicole planned for her one-year anniversary with her boyfriend. The night was supposed to consist of candlelight, red roses, and intense make-up sex. A deserted apartment is what she got instead when she arrived home from work.

True, Michael and she had been in the middle of a big argument, but she decided to give in and move on. So much for that idea.

Nicole pulled herself from her thoughts and focused on her surroundings. There wasn’t a business along this street that wasn’t playing loud music or holding some type of light show.

The combination of both looked to be a strong aphrodisiac for the younger crowd, who were practically fucking in every dark corner they could find.

Nicole’s pussy ached watching them have that kind of freedom.

Never could she imagine herself being able to let go to that extent.

She’d been a good girl for far too long now. It was time to meet the woman who was trying to claw her way out of Nicole’s body.

After finding the devastating note describing how Michael couldn’t be with her anymore, she knew she needed someone, anyone.

At age twenty-nine, this was becoming a common occurrence in her life. Now that she had come to terms with the fact that Michael wasn’t

Jennifer Salaiz

coming back, she felt determined to find out who she really was.

Nicole knew she wasn’t bad looking. She may not have been the most gorgeous woman alive, but she knew she was attractive, smart, and could entice a man with her curves. So why was everyone always leaving her?

Well, she decided she wouldn’t worry about that now. All she needed to focus on was discovering her body and finding out what truly pleased her. Experimenting would help her discover exactly what that might be.

Since she always met men through acquaintances, Nicole never tried to have a one-night stand, but at this point, she didn’t care. After going over everything, she needed to make changes. Most people lived very content lives as a couple. A part of her even longed for a connection to someone that would last, but another part pleaded for something more than traditional. She needed to have the overpowering sense of awe for her partner.

Stopping, she watched as a man walked under one of the lights, silhouetting his tall frame. A feeling stirred inside of Nicole and, for the briefest moment, she thought he looked right at her. From a distance, the stranger looked well built, and his height was a plus. She couldn’t really see what his face looked like though.

Pulling down her tight, knee-length black dress, she quickly crossed the street and walked to the entrance. Flipping her dark hair over her shoulder, she took a deep breath. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her at the curiosity to see this man. She wasn’t sure what the criteria was for a one-night stand, but who cared? If he was fuckable, then she wanted him. After all, it was a start. It wasn’t as if there wouldn’t be other times for her to go out and find someone else, if this particular man couldn’t satisfy her.

Walking into a club called Essence, she watched the stranger from afar. The tiny table for two she sat at hid her from his direct view.

Through the darkness, Nicole stared at the white shirt that glowed brightly against the black light. The stranger’s shoulders were wide,
Stalk Me


displaying muscles through the thick cotton as he leaned forward to order a beer.

The minutes ticked by while she watched, looking for any reason why she shouldn’t approach him. As hard as she tried to take the coward’s way out, she couldn’t find anything wrong.

A blonde woman in a pair of light denim jeans and a shirt that barely covered her large breasts slid off the tall barstool beside him and left. Nicole saw her opportunity. Clutching her shaking hands tightly, she walked over and sat down at the available stool.

Looking around casually, she tried not to make herself appear too obvious. The club was packed from wall to wall with college kids.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him. He was definitely not a college guy, upper twenties, she was guessing. But she could be wrong. She hadn’t got a close-up look of his face yet, which was starting to aggravate her.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to still her racing heart.

Just look, Nicole

Out of her peripheral vision, she could see him looking at her, but it was the feeling she got when he turned in her direction that sent her heart racing even faster. His heavy gaze caused her whole body to shake.

“Can I buy you a drink?” His voice was deep and husky. The sound traveled through her body making her feel things she couldn’t understand.

Slowly turning in his direction, she caught her first close-up of his features. They were proportioned perfectly. His eyes looked almost black in the dark setting, and his nose sat straight. The fullness of his lips held her captivated. They were the most kissable lips she’d ever seen.

His attractiveness was evident, but he wasn’t normally her type.

The stranger’s gaze held a dangerous glint that any other day she would have run from, but now, in this moment, it definitely got her excited.


Jennifer Salaiz

Nicole could feel herself growing wet at the possibilities the night held. But more than that, the longer she stared the more something pulsed through her body. This stranger opened a door, some new place she’d never been before. Caught in the stunned sensations and emotions, she answered him as best as she could.

“Yes, that would be great. Bud Light, please.”

She smiled seductively at him, surprising herself at how calm she suddenly felt. It seemed her instincts were right. He was different and new, and exactly what she’d come looking for.

At her response, his eyes lit up even though his face never made any recognizable expressions. He ordered her drink and turned his focus back to her. Nicole pretended to look around the club once again but caught his gaze raking over every inch of her body, leisurely undressing her with those dark eyes.

“I didn’t take you for a beer drinker. I figured you for a Cosmo girl. I’m glad to see you proved me wrong.”

“Looks are sometimes deceiving.” She could feel herself growing braver. She slid her index finger along his thumb, cold from the beer he was drinking.

“What’s your name?”

The music made it almost impossible to hear him. If she hadn’t been looking at his lips, she might not have heard his words.

“Nicole.” She leaned closer toward his ear so he could hear her.

He shook his head as if assessing the name. Picking up her hand, he lifted it to his lips, lightly brushing the softness across her knuckles. The new feeling shot through her body. She stared at him, fascinated with the way he somehow silently called to her body. The unexplainable pull, just by his touch, left her wanting to wrap her body around him and promise him things she knew sounded insane.

“Ayden,” he said, putting her hand down after a few seconds.

Nicole’s stomach tightened at the gentleness of his lips. The gesture alone set her heart beating wildly again.

His wicked expression held her spellbound. The smile lighting his
Stalk Me


face told stories beyond what she could understand. She almost reconsidered her plan. The dangerous feeling enveloped her again, and she let it engulf her body.

Something about him had her wanting to pull him through the door of the crowded club and take him home. Yet another part of her wanted to run away as fast as she possibly could. Regardless, she couldn’t deny the connection she felt toward him. She couldn’t place her finger on it, but the thought of leaving without him triggered something deep in her chest.

The bartender handed her the beer, and she brought it up, slowly letting the foam tickle her lips. The taste took over her senses, causing her to partially close her eyes. It had been a while since she drank beer. Michael only indulged on wine, so he always made her drink whatever he decided to have.

BOOK: Stalk Me
4.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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