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It was a cold, shivery night but Chloreene felt like being out.  It wasn’t easy going out without other friends to join or much money.  Everyone was busy working or with family tonight so off to the coffee bar for Chloreene.  It was the kind of place many people came to alone. Perhaps because they were performing… On a cold night like tonight it attracted those looking for warmth.  Even better was when they were dressed sexy.


The next up was just that.  Light, latin, thick thighs with a bountiful breasts. When she spoke she had that sexy New York accent, probably more of a Brooklyn persuasion but that’s she could live with.


“Sucker Moms


The ones that talk about their kids all the time.  The ones that answer every single question, hanging on every word their precious darling says. Documenting so much of it on social media.  Every word, thought, emotion and situation laid out for community scrutiny.  Consensus is NOT your friend!


Moms that only buy for their children.  Moms that wear the same two pairs of jeans for a year while their darlings are outfitted in the latest from Gymboree or Justice.  Their every thought is to create an amazing space, a space from out of the pages of a magazine. A controlled environment, free of problems.


Moms that subscribe to every magazine on parenting available. Special articles dog eared and annotated. Moms that never have the news on in front of their kids. Moms that keep FOX news on most of the day.  Moms that are convinced paying full price, in season, equals quality. Not!


Moms that hold on to every tidbit of childhood.  Bins stuffed in the basement. Choosing to donate well after things are out of style.  Moms that throw away that painted handprint the same day it comes through the door. Moms that sell off every stitch of clothing they can get a buck for. Moms that hand you a William Steig 1st edition SHREK! because they “no longer need it”.


Moms that never yell at their kids, hardly speaking above a whisper.  They consider opinions of those outside their household in the highest regard.  They confer civilly with their spouse on topics ranging from chicken nuggets for dinner to the darlings trust funds.


Moms that demand results for their hard earned dollars.  Experience is great but trophies are better.


Moms that go for long walks with their kids.  Moms that include their kids in their lives.  Moms that support their kids. Moms that cheer and boast. 


Moms that are over-involved with teachers and staff at school.  Moms that bring goodies for people that get a paycheck.  Moms that want to make the favorable impression at any price.


Moms that won’t make a way for their child to save up for an expensive “want” but will buy many cheaper unnecessary items.  Moms that give Santa a lot of credit.  Moms that “do” Santa and those that don’t.


Moms that are members of churches but won’t open the bible.  Moms that really want to connect but are afraid.


Moms that advocate for girls to “be strong” “be fierce” but communicate be anything other than “a mom”.  Terms like  “mom jeans” “mom mobile” come to mind.  Whatever you do girls, don’t grow up to look “like a mom” and certainly don’t internalize that “like a girl” stuff.


Moms that make mistakes. Moms that love their kids.”


The young woman took a step down from the podium.  She maneuvered around the thundering applause to her seat near the back of the room.  It seemed she was avoiding Chloreene’s unwavering stare.  The young woman had heard it was the best way to build up a memorable experience for the viewer.  So much of performing the spoken word was showmanship.


As she relished her success and started gathering up her things, a woman walked up to her.


“Hi… I really liked your flow”


“Oh, thanks so much” she smiled.  She had a gorgeous bleach white smile and red lips.  Very tempting…


“Do you want to grab a quick something to eat? maybe a pizza or Chinese food?” Chloreene asked.


The young woman hesitated… she was hungry since she hadn’t eaten all day but going out with somebody this late did carry some risk.  “It’s kind of cold… I guess I could grab a pizza next door… that would be ok”


“Ok, next door it is then… ok, come on…” Chloreene said.


As they walked next door Chloreene asked lots of questions in an attempt to show her how interested she was.  “By the way… what’s your name?”






It was New Year’s Eve and Chloreene bustled around her tiny apartment. As she stuffed her oven mitts in a drawer, the doorbell rang.  It was Melinda, her latest love interest. Chloreene could barely contain her excitement.  She was always careful not to let her interest show too much in her eyes.  Tempered enthusiasm was the look she was after.  Melinda was in a tight fitting red velvet dress, her bosom full, her curvy figure accentuated.  Her eyes were the brownest mocha Chloreene had ever seen. She couldn’t help stare in amazement, her jaw dropping betraying her true feelings.


After an awkward spell of time, Chloreene blurted out, “come on in”


Melinda smirked and stepped in.  She looked around the apartment looking somewhat pleased. Her manner and her style of dress emboldened Chloreene.  Before this moment she was not sure Melinda understood the nature of her interest in her. The choice of dress was definitely a step in the right direction.


Melinda put down her coat and purse and stepped over to the window.  “I always like to be up high. It feels like you’re closer to God when you’re up high like this.”


She smiled, still looking out the window.  “Sure looks like a piece of heaven from where I’m standing”, Chloreene said.


Both of them laughed. It was a good time. Broke the ice a little bit.  Melinda kicked off her high heeled shoes and plopped herself down on the sofa.  Chloreene felt relieved and congratulated herself for washing the slipcovers and pillows.  Everything looked as good as it could.  Just then the oven timer buzzed.


Melinda said, “something sure smells good”. 


“I hope you like ribs” Chloreene said as she pulled the ribs out of the oven. There was no need to tell her that Mrs. Munoz had actually done the work and Chloreene was just reheating.


“I sure do”


They ate and talked well into the night. Laughing and sharing stories of the good old days. They laid on the sofa, touching feet. Chloreene was so sleepy from all the overtime she’d been doing.  There was a slight lull in the conversation after a few hours and Chloreene did the unthinkable.




“Did I make it to 11?”


“No, you fell asleep shortly after 2200…  Don’t worry, I did the dishes and fed your cat… hope that was ok, she seemed really hungry.”


“Thank-you, that was wonderful.  Sorry you had to go to all that trouble. I don’t know what got into me… just that I’ve been working all these long hours… Christmas was very good to me this year.  I really need this time off I guess.”


“I guess so” Melinda said.  “What were you planning the rest of the day?”


“I don’t have any plans, oh, I guess I should say,  Happy New Year Melinda!”


“Happy New Year Chloreene. I hope it will be a great filled with love and friendship.” Melinda winked and it was just then Chloreene noticed she was wearing a pair of her pajamas. It didn’t look like she had a bra on. Once Chloreene noticed that little fact she could think of nothing else.






“...So? what do you think?”


“What? Think about what?”


“Do you want to go visit a friend with me? He may have some work for me to do…”


“Ok sure, I’d like that. Where does this friend live?”


“Oh not far from here, won’t take long.  Listen, can I borrow some clothes? I can’t go with the dress I had last night. He might get the wrong idea.”


‘...Wrong idea about what?”


“Nothing Chloreene. So... can I get some clothes?”


“Yeah, sure, pick out whatever you like.”


Much to Chloreene’s surprise, Melinda pulled the pajama top right off, her long black hair raising and landing perfectly on her left breast.  Her breasts were large and beautiful, full and robust.  Chloreene could wait no longer.  She pulled off her shirt exposing her bra.  When Melinda licked her lips, Chloreene knew it was a go.


She walked over to Melinda, putting her hands out to touch her elbows.  Pulling her in gently, intently. Melinda parted her lips but Chloreene needed to know one thing…


“Have you ever had a girlfriend before?”


Melinda hesitated, parting her lips to speak when Chloreene could wait no longer…


First kiss. 


Chloreene could not believe her good fortune.  This was really happening.


They caressed each other, kissing gently for the 20 minutes or so.


After a while Melinda grew restless.
Why do I always end up with the “nice” girls? I wish she’d just take this up a notch. Seriously, kissing for an hour?  I’ve heard of foreplay but this is lousy. BORING


Chloreene must have felt Melinda’s impatience. She tried to pull at Melinda’s pajama pants but Melinda pulled away, breaking off from Chloreene’s embrace and kiss.


“I’ve got to get going…”


“Oh… uh… ok…” This was a huge hit to Chloreene’s self esteem. She did not want to see Melinda go.


Melinda jumped up and started to get dressed in her clothes from the night before.


“I thought you were going to borrow some clothes from me?” Chloreene said.


“It’s probably better I don’t, I’m not sure I have time to visit with my friend now.  Anyway, I’m sure you have things to do.”  She glanced in the mirror and then headed for the door.


“Wait…” Chloreene put herself between the door and Melinda. “I thought I could go with you. You know - meet your friends.”


“Listen, you’re better off not getting involved with me.  I’ve got a lot of work to do and not much time to do it.  Besides, I’m going on vacation soon and I don’t  want to get too serious.

“That’s fine with me, I don’t want to get into anything serious either… I’ve got lots going on” Chloreene said with her lips but her eyes and body language betrayed her.  She could fool no one, she’d love to get serious and settle down.  Especially with someone like Melinda.


“I’ve got to go…” Melinda walked past Chloreene, through the door and down the hall. 




Chloreene went in to work the next day.  She couldn’t keep her mind on what she was doing.  The candle section was in disarray but Chloreene could not will herself to care.  She blew it with Melinda. The best prospect that has come around in a long time and probably wants nothing to do with her now.
I need to see Melinda.  The way she looks and feels has got my mind wandering.  Why didn’t I try to go further? She’s so beautiful, that’s why. I was scared she’d stop me.


As Chloreene stood wallowing in her own sorrow, her supervisor, Carla walked up to her. Carla looked at the candles and made a facial expression that let Chloreene know she was not pleased.  “Chloreene, this aisle is not following the planogram. This goes here, and this… this one goes down here… please pay more attention to detail. This is important, if corporate conducts a random audit… well, I don’t even want to think about it.  It is very important, seriously important…”  Carla took a very long sigh and looked at Chloreene as if she were deciding the fate of an imprisoned inmate.  She always made Chloreene feel strange but especially this time. 


Chloreene looked her in the eye and cleared her throat… “sorry about this, I’ll redo it real quick”  taking the planogram in her left hand and rearranging with her right.  Hoping this display of work would appease Carla and she would leave but it did not work. 

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