Story of K: An Infinite Golden Light (Sci Fi Action) (Space Fiction) (Robot Fiction) (6 page)

BOOK: Story of K: An Infinite Golden Light (Sci Fi Action) (Space Fiction) (Robot Fiction)
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Chapter 3 She Can Do That!?


Joe: “Okay, we’re here, let’s go!”

Beauty: “Get back in here! This isn’t our floor.”

Joe hopped back into the freight elevator and looked at the
button panel.

Joe: “But it says we’re at the ground floor. We can’t
go any lower.”

Beauty: “Shhh.”

Beauty ran her fingers through her hair and produced what
looked to be a keycard. She took the keycard and inserted it into a small
slit on the back side of the elevator. Three glowing squares popped up in
the middle of the small glass display on the wall. They were marked UG5,
UG6, and UG7. Beauty pressed the square for UG6; the elevator began to move and
the display disappeared. The card reader ejected Beauty’s card and she
grabbed it and placed it back amongst her dark tresses. Joe wondered
where exactly she had put the card, but didn't linger too long on that
thought. He had other things on his mind.

Joe: “Do you have a gun or anything? Seems like all
these guys might have guns.”

Beauty: “No, I don’t need ‘em. I have everything I
need right here.”

She touched the earrings on her ears. Joe didn’t know
what she meant or how her missing earring was back on her ear.

Joe: “What will you do with those? They’re just

Beauty: “I’m tricky. They won’t even see me coming.”

The elevator had finally come to a stop. For some
reason Beauty was still facing the back wall. Joe went to tell her that
they had reached their stop, but was halted when the back wall of the elevator
suddenly slid completely open. Joe gaped down the hall to see if there
was anyone there, but didn’t see or hear anyone.

Beauty: “Just follow me, Joe.”

Joe: “Okay, but how do you know my name? I haven’t
told you yet.”

Beauty: “You look like a Joe. A real average Joe, as
the saying goes. Now come on.”

Joe followed her as close as he possibly could. He
figured that even if he somehow lost his sight he could still follow her as
long as he had his sense of smell. The woman smelled as delightful as she
looked, and Joe was taking it all in. It was one of the perks of
following a woman, he supposed.

Beauty: “Remember to watch me and not my superbly sculpted
buns, little guy. I need you to be alert.”

Joe snapped to attention and looked mortified.

Joe: “But I … I mean I wasn’t.”

Beauty: “Save it. Let’s go!”

Beauty ran down the hall with the speed and grace of a
creature of the night. Joe had never seen a person move like she
did. Complete confidence in her movements, she hugged the walls as if she
were a part of them whenever she checked her surroundings. Joe felt
awkward and clumsy as he tried to keep up. He wasn’t used to sneaking
around, and seeing Beauty in action just made him feel like the kid he
was. In that brief moment, he felt oddly uncomfortable in his own
skin. A very strange thought crept into his head. He imagined some
small creature piloting his body and now cursing itself because it didn’t pay
attention to lessons in human piloting school. The creature also cursed
Beauty’s pilot for being a know-it-all goody-goody and an overachiever.
His daydreams ended when Beauty signaled him over to her side.

Beauty: “I’m sure this floor was successfully
evacuated. I didn’t see anyone up ahead, but we should have company
pretty soon. Let’s clear this hallway and I’ll lead you to our

Joe: “Okay, but what do you want me to do when we get

Beauty: “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know soon. You’ll
come in handy.”

They ran down another hall filled with doors that mostly led
to empty rooms. Joe had no clue what these rooms could have been used for
or even why the stadium had hidden floors to begin with. None of it made
sense. Far behind them Joe heard the elevator doors slide open, and
shortly after heard voices as well. The sound hadn’t escaped
Beauty. They turned a corner and entered a large room filled with lockers
that seemed like the coldest part of the building. Joe wondered if it was
a backup locker room for the sports stars, but couldn’t see a visible showering
area nearby. He did spot one thing though, a beautiful blonde girl bound
with rope and gagged. She wore some sort of blue security pants with lots
of big pockets and a white tank top but no shoes. She had a few bruises
on her face and upper back near her shoulders.

Beauty: “She’s still in here. This makes things a lot

Beauty quickly ran over to the girl and tugged at her ropes.

Beauty: “What an amateur. I can’t believe you got
caught like that. You’ve made my job one hundred times harder.”

Joe: “I don’t think she can hear you.”

Beauty: “Can’t a girl vent her frustrations? This girl
really mucked things up for me.”

Joe: “Sure but what made you both come here anyway?”

Beauty: “I guess I can tell you that. I have no clue
why she’s here but I’m here to get something precious to me. It’s
supposed to be down here somewhere. I thought I’d free her in the process.
She got caught, a few weeks ago.”

Joe: “Who is she?”

Beauty: “Ask her yourself whenever she wakes up. Here
take this.”

She handed Joe her elevator card and grabbed the earring
from her ear. It looked like she was squeezing it but when she opened her
hand Joe saw a shiny curved knife there, not an earring. She took it and
sliced through the ropes cleanly as if she were using a katana and when she was
done the knife turned back into a little earring and she put it back on her
ear. Joe couldn’t believe that he wasn’t dreaming right now. The
woman tried shaking the girl awake, but to no avail. She looked over
towards the back row of lockers and only saw one that was lockless.

Beauty: “Okay, I need you to listen very carefully,
Joe. A group of those guys that were shooting at me earlier are going to
arrive here any minute now. I need you to do a few things for me.
Starting off, I need you to hurry and tie me up.”

She lifted the girl off of the chair that she was sitting on
and gently placed her on the floor.

Joe: “But I—”

Beauty: “No time to explain, Joe. Just do as I
say. I’ll be just fine.”

Joe nodded his head and waited for further orders.
Beauty picked up the rope that had bound the blonde girl and handed it to
Joe. Joe was shocked to find that the rope had none of the cuts on it
that Beauty had made earlier, but he decided not to linger on that thought.

Beauty: “Make sure you do that nice and tight, country
boy. Knot it good. Once you finish that, I want you to pick up
Sleeping Beauty and head straight to that locker over there — I’m staring right
at it — and hide. Once the room clears out, I want you to wait a few
minutes — at least until you don’t hear any more voices — and then I want you
to escape with her.”

Joe: “Who is she?”

Beauty: “She’s important. I need her alive, and if
anything happens to her I’m going to find you and besmirch you.”

Joe: “Besmirch?”

Beauty: “Now go. Hurry, we have no time. Make
sure you stay hidden.”

Joe grabbed the mystery blonde and walked himself and the girl
to the only locker that he saw without a lock. He opened the locker and
saw nothing but a Pantera t-shirt inside. He lifted the cute blonde up
and placed her inside first. She kept falling to the bottom of the
locker, so he leaned her up and propped her at an angle.

Beauty: “Hurry up!”

Joe hastily draped his legs over the girl’s slumbering body
and squeezed in as best he could. It was definitely a tight fit, and it
was definitely uncomfortable. He could feel the girl’s tiny breaths on
his chest, and could feel the weight and warmth of her body against his
belly. The only girl he had ever been this close with was Kate. He
peered out through the slits of the locker and nearly dropped his jaw.
Where Beauty had sat before, there was now another blonde girl. No … the
same blonde girl, but that was impossible. Joe looked down again at his
locker mate and examined her face. He then looked at the girl in the
chair and saw that they were identical right down to the bruises they shared.

This was madness. More importantly, where was
Beauty? Joe had only looked away for a few seconds and had lost
Wait, something was off
, he thought. The clothes didn’t
match up. The girls wore completely different outfits. That’s when
he saw it. Before his eyes, the blonde in the chair’s outfit changed from
the one that Beauty had worn to the same blue security outfit that his locker
mate was wearing. It was then that he knew.

Joe: “She isn't like us.”

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BOOK: Story of K: An Infinite Golden Light (Sci Fi Action) (Space Fiction) (Robot Fiction)
11.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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