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Stretching the Rules

BOOK: Stretching the Rules
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Stretching the Rules

B.A. Tortuga


When the rules force you to deny whom you love, it’s time to break them.


Jonah is sick and tired of hiding his lovers, Olivia and Hank, from his wolf pack. But being second in command to the Alpha means he has to follow them, right? His pack would reject him if they knew his lovers were a jaguar and a coyote…a man
a woman.


When danger threatens Liv and Hank, Jonah comes out to his Alpha. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to bring his two families together, and keep everyone safe.

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Out For You Series

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Chapter One

“I can’t spare you tonight, Jonah,” Boothe said. “We have a pack meeting tonight, and there’s unrest about the territory being invaded by those fucking coyote hybrids.”

Jonah stopped on his way out the door, his shoulders pulling up around his ears. “I told you I was out of pocket this weekend, Boss.”

“You’re my second. I need you there. Those damned coyotes are skulking around, stealing from the homes around the perimeter.”

He gritted his teeth, clenching his hand around his jacket, which he hadn’t even had time to put on before the pack Alpha had caught up with him. The urge to whine hit hard, and he stuffed it back down in his chest. He was no cub, begging for scraps.

“Sure. Okay. I’ll text my buddies and be there in a few minutes, yeah?” He hated the idea of disappointing his “buddies.” Again.

“It won’t take long. A couple of hours, tops. Tell them to keep their panties on.”

If Boothe only knew.

Boothe didn’t know, though, and Jonah intended to keep it that way. How could he possibly explain Olivia and Hank to his pack?

There was a text waiting for him when he opened his phone.
She’s dancing at 11.
Headlining. Meet us there?

Will try my best.
Eleven he might be able to do. Drinks at eight had been the plan, and God knew he wouldn’t make that.

Cool. Ready for our weekend. So ready.

Me too. Soon.
He would get his time in with Hank and Olivia if it killed him. Which it might.

Jonah sighed when Boothe bellowed his name.

This was bullshit. Utter fucking bullshit. He thought Boothe pulled these emergency meetings just to test him. His loyalty to the pack. The easy answer would be to choose a female, fuck her, and get her heavy with pups. Protect, procreate, and pretend to be happy as shit.

Problem was, he wasn’t sure he could lie so deeply.

Not with Hank and Liv waiting for him, his lovers made of pure sex, pure need.

The thought made him pant, made his cock try to rise. No. No hard-on. Meeting. Wolf politics.

Pack rules. Hierarchy. Position.

Fuck, he got tired of that shit. He was never gonna be the one to take over the pack. Not with his… boy and girl on the side.

Liv and Hank—they’d been together since they were teenagers, had been this wild, fierce pair who had seduced him without even trying. Once they’d drawn him in, he hadn’t been able to let go.

He was ashamed that he didn’t really even want to try. They made him happy, so much more than when he was with the pack. Oh, he loved his Alpha, his friends, but they would turn on him if they knew what he was.

He turned the sound off on his phone, then headed into the meeting. Hopefully he’d get to see Liv dance. He’d walk out early if he had to.

Someone had to be there to assure everyone remembered, burlesque, not stripper. No touching. Hank could tear up anyone who tried to get their girl, but his smaller stature made people more willing to start shit. Jonah’s brute strength drove them away.

Not that Ms. Olivia couldn’t defend herself. That woman would kick a man’s ass and make him love it.

She’d done it more than once to Jonah.

Hell, she’d fucked Hank so hard he screamed.

Jonah grinned, thinking about that night, and his fellow enforcer Cory clapped him on the back. “Come on, man. Quit grinning like a fool.”

“Why? Oh, yeah. I get it. That’s your job, right? The fool part.”

“Ha ha. You suck. Come on.” Cory dragged him into the meeting, and he groaned when he saw Alan Markman and Henry Law in there. Long night, ho.

Maybe if he stood next to the door…

“Let’s get this show on the road!” Alan shouted, and Boothe beckoned to Jonah. No such luck.

Damn it.

Surely they’d be done by ten.

He might even make it if it was over at ten-thirty.

Damn it.

Jonah took a deep breath before stepping up to Boothe’s side. The sooner they began, the quicker they’d finish, right?





Hank sat at the bar, right next to the stage, nursing his beer, waiting for Liv and Jonah to show up. The show was running late, so Liv wouldn’t dance for another ten minutes, at least.

God, he was bored.

He grabbed his phone and texted Jonah again.


Who the fuck knew what wolf politics thing had come up with Jonah, but Hank could use some nice, rough frottage in the dressing room or something.

on my way

Oh, thank the moon. He shifted in his chair, his erection making itself immediately and fiercely known. Hank grinned. Jonah would be loaded for bear, he’d bet, ready to tear something apart. Good thing Hank was good to go.


Slicked and plugged, a nice ring around his prick. Liv had his backside. She always liked to prepare him for Jonah.

He rocked side to side, swallowing as pleasure zinged up his spine. His breath huffed out in a rush, his nipples tightening.

A hard hand landed on his nape. “Are you being naughty?” Jonah asked.

“Aren’t I always?”

Jonah bent down and growled for him, right next to his ear. “Gonna beat you for that.”

Oh God. Yes. Please
. “Promise?”

“You know it. I need to take out my grr on your ass.”

“My ass is willing and eager,” Hank murmured.

“You make me want so bad.” Jonah stroked his back briefly before settling beside him in another chair.

“Tequila?” He looked Jonah over, admiring his big bad wolf. Jonah was Hank’s complete opposite. Tall and broad where he was lean, hair and eyes a dark, lustrous brown with gold mixed in. And God knew Jonah radiated pheromones.

Jonah stared, eyes burning, almost glowing.

“She’s running late,” Hank said, knowing he stated the obvious, needing to fill the silence so he didn’t climb over on Jonah’s lap and ride.

He rocked back and forth again, sliding on the chair. Stop it, he told himself.

Jonah’s nose worked, nostrils flaring. “Oh, fuck, Hank. You’re making it tough to wait.”

“Sorry. Sorry, she revved me up.” Olivia had talked to him while she plugged him, stretched him, telling him how deep Jonah would take him, make him need.

Jonah growled softly, chest swelling as he sucked in air. “Did she fuck you, baby?”

“She got me ready for you.” His cheeks heated, the extent of how he’d become their bottom boy still embarrassing him sometimes. Still, he was a lucky son of a bitch, and he knew it. He wanted it.

They rocked his world to its core.

“I can just see that, baby. Her pushing a dildo inside you.”

“She was bitey today.” He shifted the collar of his shirt, exposing the blue-black bruise on his collarbone.

Jonah licked his lips, eyes ringed with bright gold now. “Fuck, yes.”

Music cued up, deep and throbbing, and the lights lowered.

Oh, God. Soon. She was there behind the curtain. Hank could smell her.

He whined softly, licking his lips.

“Shh. That’s her music.” Jonah squeezed his thigh.

“Uh-huh.” Chugga chugga. Driving like a train. Booty shaking music. Not that she was just a dollar-hustling grinder. Olivia did a class act. Art.

The lights came up, Liv’s bronze body exposed inch by inch, from the six-inch stilettos to the tiny green panties covering her sex. She wore a giant feather boa on top, barely covering her lush breasts.

Her ebony hair flowed down to her waist, the heavy mass shining like liquid silk. Hank’s fingers curled, itching to sink into it.

Jonah’s gaze fastened on her, watching every single move. She was an addiction no man could break once they’d tasted her.

She danced as if the world was empty, as if no one’s needy gaze was on her. Liv knew she had to please herself, or she wouldn’t make anyone happy.

Mmm. Liv. Pleasing herself. He loved watching that. Hank licked his lips, his hand wanting to touch his dick.

“Don’t do it, Hank.” The words were low, deep, and an absolute threat.

Hank glanced sideways at Jonah. “No?”

“Not unless you want to spend the night tied up, horny and just watching.”

“Oh.” That wasn’t fun. No bueno. Hank liked to be tied up and pounced on.

“Be good, baby. I’ll make it worth your while.”

“I promise.” He meant it too.

Liv’s eyes—green as glass—trailed over him, Jonah, and she smiled. Yeah, she knew who she was going home with, knew how much they wanted her.

She rippled, her entire body undulating, and the crowd moaned. The way her hips swiveled, her breasts pressing up and out, made him want to leap up on the stage.

The sequins on her costume sparkled and shone, making the light dance, dazzling as a disco ball.

Jonah hummed, one hand on the small of Hank’s back.

“I can smell her.” He could scent both of them, his lovers mingling into a heady perfume that only Hank got to experience.

“I know. She’s making the whole room nuts.” Jonah chuckled. “Especially me.”

The music sped, Liv climbing a set of stairs up into a huge martini glass filled with milk. Oh, good kitty. That milk had nothing on her smooth, bronze skin. Jonah groaned loud enough that Hank could hear. Someone was into that.

“She’s gonna taste so good,” he told Jonah.

“She’s amazing. Our slinky kitty.” Jonah chuckled, the sound dark, sensual, and he could tell Jonah had shed all his tension. Well, except for the sexual.

They clinked their glasses together, both grinning like idiots.

The music cranked up, the rhythm speeding, Liv’s gyrations more intense. She crawled to her knees, her butt facing the audience so she could wiggle and grind.

The cream dripped off her hard nipples, the sight making Hank’s mouth water. Fuck, he might explode before anyone touched him with purpose.

He watched Jonah’s nostrils flare, eyes glowing around the edges of the irises. The show had to end soon or Jonah was gonna go snatch her off stage. Which, okay, that had possibilities, but Marco, the gorilla that ran the show, would not approve.

Marco was a bit big to go against.

The cream splashed as she poured another bowlful over her skin and the curtain began to fall. Wolf whistles and applause started, the sound building to a roar. Jonah grabbed Hank by the collar and hauled him up, heading to the back.

“Pushy wolf.” Like he didn’t love it.

“Need you both. Back off, Marco,” Jonah growled when the bouncer tried to block the door. “The rest of the night is ours.”

Marco snorted, nose wrinkling. “Puppies, both of you.”

Hank bared his teeth, but he liked Marco just fine. Why fight, really?

Jonah growled, but bumped hips with Marco, and both men chuckled. Yeah, he could be fun. Marco let them through, and they all but ran back to Liv’s dressing room.

Olivia was already in the shower, the sound of water and the scent of her floral shampoo heavy in the air.

“Should we go in after her, baby?” Jonah asked.

“I’ll lock the door.” They didn’t need company. There was just enough room for them in the shower as it was.

“Do it fast.” Jonah began to strip.

“Done.” Hank stopped to sniff the roses as he worked his shirt off.

“Come here, baby.” Jonah pulled him close for a kiss, then reached down to jostle his plug.

He gasped, his cock hard as nails in his jeans.

“Get these off. I want to see what she did to you,” Jonah murmured.

“Uh-huh.” Hank yanked his belt open and off, worked his jeans open. He wasn’t wearing briefs—Liv wanted his cock to dig into his zipper.

“Oh, fuck.” Jonah traced the ring at the base of Hank’s dick with careful fingers.

“She was in a mood.”

BOOK: Stretching the Rules
9.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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