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Jordan Silver

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I drove through the gates of home and down the long winding
driveway that led to the eighteenth century antebellum mansion. Every light in
the house was on; she's back. I felt the anger that I'd been holding at bay for
the last two weeks surge up within me. Slamming out of my
I headed up the stairs and through the front door. Throwing my keys on the
entrance table, I walked through the house not calling out for her. She was in
the kitchen puttering around. My heart gave that little thump it always does
when in her presence for the first time after an absence no matter how long or
short. She turned with a shy smile, which died as soon as she got a good look
at my face.

I walked over to her and without even a hello, grabbed her
by the
and led her out of the room.

"Stryker what...?"

I didn't even bother to answer her.
didn't deserve my words. I led her up the winding staircase, but instead of
turning right to the master suite we'd once shared I took her to one of the
seven guest rooms down the hall. Pushing the door open with my foot, I pushed
her into the room and over to the king sized mahogany sleigh bed with its rich
burgundy coverings and mountain of pillows.

The buttons of her silk blouse went flying when I gripped
the material between my fists and tore. Her breasts were barely covered in the
Demi bra she wore which strained under the weight of such bounty. Her
slacks were next. I tore them down her legs before pushing her back on the bed
with a hand to her chest. Her eyes widened on me as I released my eleven-inch
cock and without a word spoken between us, lifted her and slammed home. She wasn't
prepared to take me and for the first time in our year and a half marriage I
didn't care. I wrapped my hand around her throat as I fucked into her in anger.
The tears in her eyes did not sway me. Anger ruled my movements,
and the pain of betrayal. I felt the first flush of
liquid heat as her body answered mine. At least that was something. Her body
still knew mine. She opened her mouth to speak but no words would come. That’s
maybe because I was cutting off her air as I squeezed my hand around her neck.
I didn't want to hear it. I fucked her as though she was nothing more than a
receptacle, there to please me. To be used for my pleasure with no thought to
her own. It had been too long for me going without pussy so it wasn't long
before I felt the fire burning. It started at the soles of my feet and made its
way up my legs to my thighs and into my spine. Before the first drop could
explode inside her I pulled out and with my free hand jerked my angry cock over
her body, spraying my seed across her stomach and tits. When I was done, I
shoved my still hard cock back into the confines of my pants and walked away. I
heard the first sob before I cleared the door. Too fucking bad, I'd only just

In my bathroom, I shed the rest of my clothes and jumped in
the shower. With my hands on the wall and the power jets hitting me from six
different angles, I let my shoulders relax for the first time in fourteen days.
Fourteen long fucking days of worry, anger and fear. For the first two days I
had no idea where she was, or who she was with. It was only after I got my
security team on it that I learned she was holed up in a hotel in Paris. She'd
left the fucking country without a word to me. And why? All because she’d got a
wild hair about some shit that she never gave me a chance to dispel. I’m a fair
man when it’s all said and done but there are some things I just won’t fucking
stand for. Like being questioned by my wife, that’s a game she knows I won’t
play. If she thought running off and hiding for two weeks was going to give her
control over my balls she was out of her fucking mind. I love my wife but
there’s no way I’ll let her rule me, that’s my place. I’m the man in my house
and the sooner she learns that shit the happier she’ll be. Now she’s cost
herself her freedom. I’d put shit in motion for when she got back, she had no
idea but she soon will. The next time she tried to leave she’d be stopped
before she even reached the gates. I’d changed the codes on everything. Her
credit cards that had been limitless only a few short weeks ago now had a five
hundred dollar limit. Instead of the countless number she’d had she was now
down to only one.

The only reason she didn’t know any of this as yet was
because the net hadn’t been tightened until she’d set foot back home. By
tomorrow morning, her world as she knew it would be forever changed. If she
wants to get her hair done at the fancy salon she liked to frequent she’d have
to get permission first. Everything was on lockdown who knows for how long. All
her movements were going to be curtailed until I stopped being pissed the fuck
off. Spoilt little bitch.

I left the room and headed downstairs, she’d come back down
and was sitting at the kitchen table looking a little shell-shocked.

“Stryker I…”

“You don’t talk until I tell you to.” I pointed my finger
at her my face set in stone. She buttoned up her lips and went back to sipping
her coffee. I poured myself a shot of cognac from the sidebar and watched her
from my place leaning back against the counter.

“Where’ve you been?” I already knew the answer to that one
but I wanted to hear her tell it. Plus there were two unaccounted for days.
Days when I lived in terror such as I’ve never known thinking someone had
snatched her. That one of my many business deals had so pissed off a competitor
that they’d struck out at her to get back at me. She’ll never know what those
two days took from me. I’ll never give her the power to do that shit to me


“What were you doing there?”

She looked down at her hands and didn’t say a word.

“I asked you a question Nadia.”

“I was just relaxing.”

“Did you find any answers to your questions while you were

“I’m sorry.”

“Kill it. Who were you with?”

She looked up at me in surprise.

“No one I was alone.”

“Lucky for you or I would break your fucking neck, now let
me tell you what this little stunt has cost you. You’ll find out soon enough
anyway so I might as well. In about an hour from now all the security codes on
the house and the vehicles will be changed. I see I’ve got your attention. The
gate will only open at my command so that little remote you have won’t work and
you can’t walk out. You can’t climb over because it’s too high so you’re stuck.
The house phone is locked except for emergencies or a direct call to me.” I
left the room when she opened her mouth to speak. Did she have any idea what
those first two days had done to me? How they’d stripped me bare? I’d suffered
like I never had before and never wanted to again. If I didn’t love her so
fucking much it wouldn’t have mattered but she owns my heart and she’d fucking
torn it out of my chest and trampled it under her feet. Never again in this
lifetime will she be allowed to do that shit. If I had to hold her prisoner
here then so be it.


I ate alone that night not even wanting to look at her. As
long as she was here where I could get to her that was all I needed. I was
feeling mean and angry when I went looking for her and found her in the tub in
our room. That’s another thing that was about to change as well. She had to
earn her place in my bed again.

Without uttering a word to her I lifted her out of the
water and releasing my cock from the confines of my jeans just dropped her down
on it. Her little scream of pain didn’t deter me from my course and I pounded
up into her as forcefully as I could with all the anger and pent up frustration
I had inside. I pulled her legs up under my arms to open her wider for deeper
penetration. She had trouble taking me at the best of times, so I could imagine
forcing all eleven inches into her in this position couldn’t be too comfortable
for her, but that was too bad. She’d had the loving tender husband and she’d
thrown him away on a whim. Now she could deal with the hard ass everyone else
knew. She was the one I’d chosen to show my heart to, the only one I’d trusted
enough to let in, now she will pay for betraying me.


“Shut the fuck up.”

Walking over to the nearest wall I leaned her back against
it and slammed into her. Her head hit the wall and her legs shook but I didn’t stop.
I fucked her like a low-grade prostitute not even a kiss to soften the blow.
Tears ran down her face as her pussy finally caught up and clenched around me.
I loved knowing that I could do that to her. That no matter how I took her, how
rough and depraved, her body still answered mine, and it was about to get even
worse. There were things that she’d been afraid to try. Things that out of
respect for my wife I never pushed for, those days were gone. She’d take me as
I am, all of me and I wasn’t asking anymore. Fuck that. Until this bitter taste
left me she would bear the brunt of the beast she’d unleashed.

I pulled out of her, my cock red angry and spitting pre

“Come.” I didn’t wait for her consent but instead pulled
her out of the bathroom through the bedroom pass our bed, out into the hallway
and back to the guestroom I’d taken her in before. Maybe now she’ll see the
significance of that. Pushing her down on the bed, I got behind her and
positioned her how I wanted her.

“Stay there and don’t move, you move it’s your ass.” I went
back to the master suite to get the lubricant; we were going to need this.
Though I should just fuck her raw but I didn’t really want to hurt her, just
punish the fuck out of her for making me look like a fool.

Back in the room, I climbed back onto the bed and lubed up
my cock. With her on her side, one leg hanging off the bed the other knee bent,
I led my cock to her ass. She never let me fuck her there before. She was too
much the proper maiden for that. Not tonight though and never again, from now
on I wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“If you tense up like that you’ll only make things worse
for yourself. I’m getting in there no matter what, so you might as well relax
and take it.”

“But you know I don’t want this.”

“I thought I told you to shut the fuck up.” I reached
around and squeezed her mouth hard.

It took some effort but I was finally able to get my cock
head pass her sphincter and with a pop I was in. Fuck that felt good. Two years
I’ve been dying to fuck her in the ass and for two years she’s held me off.
Poor thing she has no idea what she’d unleashed. I’d been pretty much willing
to let it slide. I’d prepared myself to never enjoy one of the things I loved
most about sex for her because I loved her. No more.

I gave her body time to adjust, at least I could give her
that much but that’s where the tenderness ended. As soon as her ass relaxed
enough for me to get another few inches in I thrust forward and buried my cock
to the hilt. She howled and tried to throw me off but I held her hip in place
before I started fucking into her ass deep and hard. I reached around and
shoved two fingers into her wet pussy, why? Because I wanted her to enjoy it, I
wanted her to realize that I controlled her body completely. That she couldn’t hold
anything back from me. I knew she would hate it; she’d always described anal
sex as perverted and depraved. Something she’d learned no doubt from the ass
backward puritanical mother of hers. We’ll see what she had to say after I was
finished bringing her off with my dick stuffed in her ass. She couldn’t help
her body’s natural reaction to the stimulation and when I went after her clit
with my thumb her body jerked, taking me even deeper inside. I gritted my teeth
to keep the words of praise from escaping. She loved being told how good she
was during sex. I won’t be giving her that little boon tonight either. I sawed
the fingers in her pussy back and forth in time with the thrusting of my cock.
I could feel them rub against my cock head from the other side, which soon had
me at the brink. She was no longer fighting me but reaching for her own
fulfillment. I eased off whenever she got close, making her mewl in
frustration. Good now she knows how I felt for those two weeks lying alone in a
cold bed. It would serve her right if I’d gone out and found someone to take
her place. The very thing she’d accused me of before she’d run off but no, that
wasn’t my style. I’d taken vows, vows I meant to keep. I didn’t let her cum for
the next half hour. Each time she got close I pulled back until it was time for
me to cum. I off loaded in her ass and pulled my fingers out of her cunt wiping
her juices off on her hip. When my cock had deflated I pulled it out of her and
hopped down off the bed leaving her lying there with tears rolling down her

I went to the master bath and grabbed another shower before
heading for bed. Tomorrow was going to be another long day. I locked the door
just in case she didn’t get the message. I had the best night’s sleep I’d had
in a long time knowing she was safe at home in the room next door.

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